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It is our pleasure as the Unified Whole Command within the 144thdimensional frequency to communicate with each of you in this moment. We are Master Thoth, the Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein overseeing the entire focus of the Creative Source of Oneness.

We come to you in the presence of much change within elements of increased stability. It is up to each of you in how you will experience these elements within your life.

As 2017 has arrived, it has brought with it the old fragments of what has occurred in 2016. This can cause much speculation and lack of faith that this new year will bring to humanity what it promises.

But the truth shall reign through all the kingdoms to realize the potential of what this new year will bring unto Gaia and all of her inhabitants.

So we ask of you, what is your truth?

Is it a moment when you think of something in your mind and say that is my truth?

Is it a moment in which you reflect deeper unto yourself which is a step above the previous moment?

Or is it a moment in which you take a breath, go into a higher consciousness beyond your physical mind or your physical emotions and realize the potential that can be?

This is truly what needs to be acquired in your present state of movement. No individual person can no longer live just by what they think alone. It is an important moment when a physical human self realizes that they have been driving themselves through their mental concepts and not pulling upon the soul’s essence, the one that has the answers from a higher state of consciousness.

Oh, many of you may think you are in this higher state of consciousness because you feel love, you feel the ability to have empathy towards another, but that can be a contradiction within your own mind set. Even the most highly developed ascended masters in body have to double check themselves continually to make sure that they are not speaking from the lower self, the physical mind as it takes great patience and deliberation to hold the higher essence within the physical self through the many changes that are occurring within this planet.

This year is no different; there is no magic formula that is going to be created so that the world will come into a peaceful condition. It must be earned and it must be acquired through the diligence of the Higher Mind being the only element that is in control. Without this element in place then every person will have a false sense of who they are being in any given moment.

This year of 2017 represents New Beginnings Coming Into Oneness.

This doorway is a huge opening for every soul upon the planet to realize the potential to step into that Oneness, that essence of being part of a greater whole within a higher reality. It is not the magical thought that all will step into this new essence. It represents the POTENTIAL to do so.

The pathway of moving into a unified whole with all sentient beings can represent many elements that will occur. One can think they desire Oneness but is every person upon this planet within that definition of being One with all things? This is a very important realization to have within yourself.

There is great potential at this time.

Let’s look at some of the planetary alignments that are happening. Presently all planets within this universal structure around earth are moving forward very slowly. This means that there is no constriction of karma having to be re-written in a sense. But if you look at each of the planets themselves, they don’t all represent 100% success in any fashion. It just means that they are slowly rising to move into a future state of existence. This means that their interaction with each other can be very powerful as they are at their highest state of existence.

Each of these planets represents a different aspect of life on earth. Together they give you the characteristics of mental communication, change, transformation, having the drive and energy to move forward, love and attraction, dreams becoming a reality, a strong discipline to look at elements that do not fit and seeing the growth and wisdom that occurs through such a unified front around the atmosphere of the Earth.

So if we put all of these characteristics into one sphere of light it allows for any life form that adheres to these energies to receive all of these elements within oneself. Separately, each of these planets can create harmony or havoc depending upon the other elements that are in place. So, when they align together, they become synchronistic within each other. They look at the relationship they possess with each planet so that wholeness can be achieved. As their relationship grows within this 30 day period, they realize the potential they have to assist Earth in her present evolution.

It is during this stage that Earth is going through a huge change of how she will react in any given situation and each of the other planets are adjusting their energetic status to accommodate Gaia in her transformation.

You see, it is not just a period of connecting to the Source of Light, the Oneness, it is how that interaction with one another will affect the other party or in this case, planet.

Now if you take that revelation of what is occurring presently and add the mix of the Sun and the Moon they are the reflection of the overseeing agents of how this will effect Gaia’s position within the Universe. As the New Moon is fast approaching it brings to light the elements that have been created during the Full Moon on January 12th, 2017. That alignment represented the Masculine and the Feminine now coming out of darkness to work together cohesively.

The New Moon of Aquarius occurs on January 27th, 2013 is another step toward self-awareness. It brings forth the ability to step forward into the unknown and allow the gift of sharing and then receiving to be accepted into your world. This totally relates to the balancing energies of the Masculine and Feminine Divine so it brings forth the energies that has already been exposed this month to continue to bring forth the Divine Essence of Oneness to be recreated within your world.

Now each of these planets is going through this process. Yes, the alignment is occurring within all planets so all planets will be affected. As these planets are circling around Earth bringing forth the highest qualities of harmonization to be realized, then they in turn will feel the same. It also brings the Sun and the Moon into a more stabilized state even if their attributes, at this time, may not reflect that energy.

Everything is shifting around the Earth and within the Earth. The same is true for each of you.

You see, this process of the Alignment of Planets is to help the Earth and each of you in advance. The ability to understand that the movement of coming into wholeness is not a momentary element but one that is a true beginning for Gaia.

This does not mean that everything that has occurred moves into wholes; just the opposite. It represents the restablization of energies to occur. Within that element it can cause transformation, elements to arise that were not apparent before, much change through the process, bringing forth the essence of wanting to attract more desires to become a reality. There may be moments of desiring to walk through challenges and fears while being very disciplined in the process. You may not even know why you feel this why but there is a potential for elements to come into the sphere of light that have not been revealed previously.

As these changes occur and you start to see that you can change what you thought you could not previously, you will become more influenced by the Light of the Source. This means that your soul essence becomes your priority and not just a connection when you have time.

What needs to occur individually is for each of you to see this process within yourself. It is not something that is going to occur globally if each soul does not allow the potential that they can be to be shown to them. This is the beauty of the alignment of the Planets – they are working cohesively together to bring all elements that have been lost to be realized within each individual self.

This means that the kingdoms of the earth will awaken to a new part of themselves. In order for the New Earth to occur it must be achieved in this way.

The downside to these energies that the transformation, the change, the drive to create change can also effect all individuals that are not able to handle this new growth cycle. So there will be more of the same, deaths, undue hardships that will be experienced, and the lack of understanding. Arguments can result very easily and the elements within the Mental Body that needs to be healed will surface so that energy will be exposed and very raw. Many individuals will not fare well through this stage as the healing needs to occur from many different areas.

All is being revealed in your world to give you the grand opportunity to change. The more that you fight what you do not like, the more the battle will continue.

It is up to each of you in the Lightworker Community to realize the potential you have to change within you. Just because you are an awakened individual does not mean you DON’T NEED TO HEAL YOURSELF. Do not allow your physical ego get in the way.

Remember this is cycle of alignment with the planets will be ending very shortly. The planets are in a state of higher frequency to help bring about these changes. STABILITY is very important at this time.

As each of you grow within your own soul’s essence, then that energy is going to be sent outside of yourself into the One’s that cannot do it on their own. Remember, you are the Earth angels and all angels need to always see their own mirrors everywhere they go. That is how the healing will occur.

We have a lot of cleanup work to do. Many think that this is the beginning of the New Earth and in a way it is. It is a period of Resurrection – to change what has been lost.

The ability to effect change within yourself is very great and substantially this will go out into the world. Then it will be returned to you ten-fold.

These are the elements you fully want to put into wholeness during this period and allow the other particles that do not reflect these energies to be brought to your attention:

Mercury – How you communicate through your mind to others;

Uranus – Ability to work with change;

Pluto – The Power of Transformation;

Mars – Where is your drive, the energy you exhibit by showing courage;

Venus – Being able to attract the Love by being the Love within;

Neptune – Allowing your healing to be most important and accepting your dreams are your reality;

Jupiter – Having Self Confidence to realize your growth and wisdom of any given situation;

Saturn – Having the Discipline to face your fears and challenges.

These are the pre-requisites of staying within Oneness and moving forward as each of the planets are doing so presently. This will allow the alignment of the Masculine (Sun) and Feminine (Moon) energies to fully coming into the required state of equilibrium and balance.

As this alignment has been ongoing throughout the month and continues till February 7th, it is now time to realize the potential that you have to continue the process. Understanding what your foundation represents is an essential quality to have fully in place. This was a grand opportunity for each soul to realize their potential upon this planet. The window will be shut very soon, but the effects of what you experienced will be with you continually if you allow it to be your reality.

Take the time to truly realize the potential you have within yourself for change upon this planet. Be an example by not creating more negative energy to flow through the dimensional frequencies. Each individual truly needs to find their own Divine Creative Essence within themselves as it is the most important focus that will assist Gaia in her transition.

It is a very raw beginning but it is time for each individual to realize the potential they have to elicit change. Let us work together to help the planet and others to see that the transformation has just begun.

In blessings and love, we walk with each of you: We are The Great Divine Director, Master Thoth and Master Einstein within the Unified Whole Command at your service to this Earth and all her inhabitants.

~ Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel

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“Your Energetic Paterns of Light” – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson


Amethyst Angel – Healing Angel Art at Etsy


Message from Archangel Zadkiel ~ February 2017

Transmitted Through Linda Robinson

“Your Energetic Pattern of Light”


Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst, and we greet you with Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss your energetic pattern of Light.

You are a magnificent Being of Light.

When you burst forth from the Creator, you contained all of the attributes of the Rays of Light. You were imbued with all of the qualities needed to manifest your missions across the aeons. In each lifetime, you drew from your storehouse of attributes the qualities that were needed for that particular incarnation. Each time you worked with one of these qualities, it became stronger and brighter. This became part of your scroll of life in the akashic records.

As you prepared for each successive incarnation, you and your team of spiritual advisors in the Higher Realms reviewed what had been accomplished in the previous incarnation and what you wanted to work on in the upcoming one.

In some cases, it was a balancing and strengthening of particular attributes. If you had not accomplished what you desired in your last incarnation, you were given an opportunity to work on that quality in a future lifetime. Thus, your energetic pattern of Light developed over time.

As you reviewed each completed incarnation, you were able to see your energetic pattern of Light from a higher perspective. You could see that each time you strengthened a quality or successfully worked through a challenge, that part of your pattern of Light became brighter.

You began to see that these qualities and experiences formed what could be called an energetic pattern or matrix of Light. This was and continues to be your personal vibrational pattern of Light. It is the vibrational pattern by which you are known across the dimensions. When it is viewed from afar, it may appear to be a single vibration. However, upon closer inspection, it resembles a matrix or pattern of Light.

This is not a static vibrational pattern. Rather, it fluctuates and changes according to your experiences and your responses to them. It could be pictured as a floating and vibrating matrix or pattern. An earthly comparison would be a filmy piece of fabric fluttering gently in a breeze. Just as the fabric is composed of different threads to form the overall appearance, your vibrational pattern of Light is much the same. Each strand of Light in your pattern represents the qualities and experiences and your reaction to them.

All of your beliefs and emotions affect your pattern of Light. When you change one of your beliefs or attitudes, a slight ripple goes throughout your pattern of Light, and a new, refined pattern is formed. Each time you express unconditional Love, your energetic pattern becomes brighter and more attuned to a higher vibration.

These changes can occur gradually, or they may change literally overnight. One day, you may be attracted to certain television programs, items or situations. The next day, they hold no fascination or attraction for you. It could be compared to taking off one set of clothes and putting on another set that you are more attracted to. You have changed a belief, an attitude or an emotion, and this has changed your energetic pattern.

If you find yourself experiencing one of these shifts, you may wish to pause and reflect on what has occurred. You may find that you have gained a higher understanding and a wider expression of Love for all. You may find that you have refined what is really important to you.

As you go through this review, you may want to give thanks for the higher understanding you have gained. Each experience has contributed to your pattern of Light. It has allowed you to decide what qualities you wish to carry forward and what situations support your new, refined pattern of Light. The expressing of Love allows you to transmute and transform any less than positive aspects of a previous situation. You may wish to surround the situation with the Violet Flame as part of the transmutation process. When you give thanks for what you have learned, the transmuting process allows the energy to be transformed into higher Light.

A periodic review of what is important to you can assist in this process. Begin your review from a point of Love. This can be done by focusing on your heart center and your Divine Spark of Light. As you continue to focus on your heart center and your Divine Spark, your entire Being will be surrounded with an aura of Love, and your vibration will rise to a higher level. Each time you repeat this process, your Divine Spark of Light becomes stronger and brighter, and you can more easily tap into the higher vibrational levels. This leads to a higher understanding and perspective. Your vibrational pattern of Light becomes more and more refined, and you continue to rise gently to higher and higher dimensions.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are increasing and refining your vibrational pattern of Light to higher levels. You are a shining Light across the multidimensions.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

© Copyright 2016. Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:


Note from Linda

Dearest Friends,

I would like to share my personal thoughts about the message this month.

I had always wondered how preferences and desires could change literally overnight, so I was thrilled when Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst brought me this explanation.

One of my most memorable instances of an overnight change occurred early in my spiritual journey. At that time, I loved watching soap operas. I would record them each day and watch them when I came home after work. I didn’t want to miss a single episode!

Then, I had a deep spiritual experience that changed everything. On a weekend trip, I was listening to one of my favorite New Age musical selections, and suddenly I saw myself in some type of spiritual initiation. I saw myself in a chapel with simple wooden pews and left and right aisles. I was wearing a long, white dress. The only other person in the chapel was a very high Ascended Master, who was presiding at the altar. I saw myself gliding down the left aisle to the altar. When I reached the altar, I took some sort of vows, and the spiritual figure / Ascended Master placed his hands on my head. I felt transformed.

This vision was profound, and the feeling stayed with me. When I returned from my weekend trip, I found that I had no desire to watch soap operas any longer! It was a permanent change. I was amazed at how profound this change was, and I wondered how it could have happened so fast. There was no conscious decision involved. It just happened.

Now, with this explanation by Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, I understand that when the energetic pattern or matrix changes, preferences for activities can also change, literally overnight. My energetic pattern of Light was rearranged, and it no longer included my previous desire for watching soap operas.

I can now look back and see how this has occurred in other situations. It has given me a higher understanding of the importance of monitoring my thoughts, feelings and activities as they relate to my energetic matrix of Light.

I hope this explanation and understanding will help you to apply this concept to situations that you may have experienced.

Much love and many blessings,




Amethyst Angel – Healing Angel Art at Etsy