Hosting Your Divine Conscious Self – Peggy Black and the ‘team’


Mermaid Namaste Face by Anniek

Message from the ‘Team’
Hosting Your Divine Conscious Self
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here to support, encourage and empower you as you begin another cycle of transformation. Your present reality is certainly offering you the opening to step into your awareness of who you are. We continue to remind you and acknowledge you to act from your magnificent multidimensional divine self.


There is a great and grand opportunity occurring, it is a time of ineffable potential. Your current reality is teeming with infinite possibilities and probabilities. For it is out of the cauldron of chaos that true change and transformation can be called forth.

As the awakening conscious being that you are, we know that you understand the potential that is available at this time. It is no accident that you are witnessing the out picturing of fear, anger, and prejudice and the polarization of attitudes and mind sets.

Think of yourself as master, as conscious alchemist, as change agent, for that is who you are. Yes, we acknowledge that in order to play in this dimension a physical body is required, however you are not your physical vehicle. It is simply hosting your divine conscious self.

Your physical body allows you to interface with the frequencies and vibrations of this dense reality and hologame/hologram. We realize that the physical body requires care and attention. It also directs your focus to what appears to be occurring in your experience.

We are inviting you to observe yourself being activated by what is occurring. Notice when strong emotions or opinions are stirred, for it is in that moment of awareness that your personal conscious power of transformation is available. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the polarizations, the stronger the energy is for shifting the discordant constructs and events.

When you are aware of who you are and why you are here experiencing the perceived chaos, you honor yourself as the true change agent of all that is transpiring. It is a simple shift in your focus that allows you know and clearly understand that your energy vibrations, thoughts and emotional projections are influencing the field of all possibilities.

Imagine for a moment that this reality might be a hologram, or as we refer to it, a hologame. However, what is experienced by all is the projection of their personal energy vibrations onto the neutral screen of the quantum field.

Now multiply that awareness of energy projection onto the neutral screen of the quantum field by humanity in all its diverse, opposed, polarized emotional patterns and beliefs and now you have the hologame/hologram you are witnessing. The collective projections onto this neutral screen become available for all to experience – the good, bad and the ugly so to speak.

We are not denying that this hologame/hologram feels real and the consequences are real. That is what makes it so intriguing, intense and engaging. This is what you chose to experience at this time in order to create new and different realities and experiences.

Remember you are pure conscious energy. It cannot be destroyed. Your job is to remember that and begin to project the frequencies and vibrations that invoke the highest aspirations and ideals. You are invited to anchor more coherent vibrations that empower and sustain life in all its diverse forms.

It is your clear intention and focused awareness that anchors any new event or shifts any discordant energy. The more awakened individuals who continue to generate and consciously offer a projection of coherent emotions, the more they can and do affect the field of all probabilities.

When you use this same personal power and focus on what is lacking, what is wrong, what does not work, you are literally feeding the reality that you oppose. Opposing war does not stop war; the collective must begin to engage in calling forth and envisioning peace, love, forgiveness, equality, respect and honor of all living things.

You add you own vibrations and emotional energetic projections to the screen of what is unfolding.  Be aware, be conscious, play at this hologame/hologram full out as the true master of creation that you are.

Realize that your every action, thought, and emotional projection is being recorded by the neutral energy of the quantum field, and together with all others, that projected energy becomes manifest and real in your personal experience.

Shift how you view the news; shift how you honor others of different cultures. Examine your personal beliefs and limited acceptance of others. Be gentle with yourself and others; everyone is undergoing tremendous internal changes.

These changes are being activated by the vibrations of solar energy waves and geomagnetic storms interacting with all beings on the planet. This is a wakeup call. These magnetic pulses stimulate and prompt the internal codes within your very DNA, awakening your highest potential.

These galactic promptings will quicken you from your dreaming, arouse you from perceived programs of limitations, and inspire and excite you to know, without a doubt, that you are here at this time on this planet earth to anchor the reality that supports all life.

This awakened self, this divine consciousness that is being rekindled and encouraged also becomes aware of the opportunity and value to be in partnership with the spiritual realms. The power of the All That Is, Divine Presence in all its manifest expressions of love and light is always awaiting your personal invitation to assist, support, and transform what you are focused upon. We truly are available for the highest good for all of humanity.

It is your connection to the collective consciousness of all sentient beings and your willingness to be in partnership with the divine beings of love, light and truth that will call forth and create an awakened humanity moving into the next dimensional level and spiral. Remember there is always more to be revealed.

These are auspicious times; realize that you are powerful beyond measure; begin to own and express and manifest your divine awareness and potential.

We embrace you with our love and deep gratitude for the work and service that you continue to offer as you transform all perceived challenges before you. We are always available upon your invitation; this is true of all non-physical beings of divine consciousness. Be the inviter. the ‘team’




Mermaid Namaste art by Anniek.

©2017 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available

Under Construction ~ The New Divine Humanity ~ Celestial Beings of Light – L’aura Pleiadian



Under Construction ~ The New Divine Humanity ~ Celestial Beings of Light


The First Wave ~ The Initiates ~ those that agreed millions of Earth Years ago, to be here NOW. To help create and build the FOUNDATION of LIGHT ~ the New Earth.

The New Divine Humanity. At the Divine Celestial Level, those that are here as the Builders ~ OF consciousness as LIGHT ~ shifting ALL throughout the Multiverse.

The Great Design and Blueprint was created before the Earth was Activated as a consciousness dimension.

The ANGELIC Beings came forward to PLAY a profound role  in bringing their consciousness here as LIGHT ~ into FORM.

The Elohim formed a regulation team, along with the Overseers and the design was complete. The template of consciousness for this EARTH including all the parallel worlds.

IF you are reading this ~ subconsciously this is being ACTIVATED within you, within your Blueprint as you HOLD within your Blueprint the Original memories of the Design.

Under construction are the FORMS through which the LIGHT as consciousness flows through. The Higher Dimensions of consciousness flows into the forms that are receiving and adjusting to the higher Frequencies. To the Alchemy. To the transition, from one way of being into another.

From the head to the heart. From one dimension to ALL dimensions. To the Awakening as a Divine Ascended Being, in the NEW Divine HUMANITY.

The Celestial City of Light. The Golden Age. The Leaders of this new Earth are ARISING as consciousness SHIFTS the consciousness of  ALL ~ to this NEW Birth and Template.

Call this Ascension, call it what you WILL. You will rise and LIVE and not vanish. YOU will HOLD this LIGHT as the GLORY of the Celestial City of LIGHT.

The DIVINE Template that created the Original Design. AS Being the ORIGINAL Light.

The Overseers are HERE.

The ELOHIM speak now.

You are BELOVED of the ANGELS ~ of the Celestial City of Light.

You will rise as the NEW Earth RISES ~ transformed through the Original LIGHT.

These are the Leaders of the NEW Celestial City which will appear on Earth as a Transcended LEVEL of Being, one in HARMONY with Divine Laws of Love.

The New Divine Humanity.

You are IMMERSED in this LIGHT Now. Feel and Breathe.

FEEL deeply Beloved ONES ~ as this CITY is arising. The Celestial LIGHT, of the ORIGINAL Design, being BIRTHED ONCE again, in the PURE Light, of All That is.

FEELING deep within your own consciousness as the LIGHT Streaming throughout the UNIVERSE ~ we NOW rise and JOIN in this FULL Activation. As the CITY arises within your Heart.


THE Temple of your Original Union and LIGHT. Your Original BIRTH ~ birthed throughout all dimensions and NOW.

We are with YOU.

And So it is ~ Under construction ~ SOON TO RISE fully!

Created through the LIGHT Template ~ Anointed through the Overseers and Elohim. All NOW. In the GLORY it is.




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2017 Energy Report (Part 3) – Evolution of Your Plasma Crystalline Light Body : Lisa Transcendence Brown


Buddha Mask painting by Carol Keene


2017 Energy Report (Part 3) – Evolution of Your Plasma Crystalline Light Body : Processes and Phases

Today we continue the process that deepened yesterday. A re-gridding and fusing of the Higher Dimensions (Universe) of the body & the Lower Dimensions (Earthly Plane) of the body to create a unilateral alignment between the Heavens (upper body) and Earthly body to our NEW Earth’ly/Heavenly bodies here. This was a huge synchronization process that continues today still. Solar winds today work through our crystals and loading new higher consciousness programs to play out in our physical reality here. We are still somewhat offline as this process completes. When it does, we will collapse a gazillion old timelines to experience higher/newer ones here. These collapses speed all up, bring all that needs to be dealt with/moved through quickly without thought and move physical realities fast. They open portals previously locked for new awesomeness to arrive. As each moves in-sync with universal flow, all with slow down and instantly re-align to a higher frequency, the Earth’s/Universes/Our Crystalline Structures and Galactic Star-Gates will tune to a higher frequency existence easily, peacefully, brilliantly as more Heaven is available to all intentionally and fully on-board from within.
I will try to explain the vastness in the most simple way that I can. As always, I write from my own experiences and inner knowledge here. I write of what I’ve already gone through and continue too. I’ve written/shared/re-educated for years as I experienced/completed each phase.

The last 2+ years increased the Plasma Crystalline LightBody (and atmospheres) substantially, totally re-configuring our physical bodies and how/where we function. Each phase/part of the process experiences differently, especially based upon how much light/physical density (LightBody/Human Carbon Based body), how ascended/how much duality (higher/lower realms of physical body, how activated/developed one’s crystals/crystalline structure is (how much online/offline), how evolved one’s plasma body is (as/after restoration to original template) and more. Each part of our reality is affected differently, based upon our dominant phase. Technically, we’ve all been in each phase all along the way. The magnitude not realized until we went “full blown” a few years prior to 2012 to prepare for multi-dimensional existence once we came through the 2012 Quantum Gateway. We went entered Super Quantum in 2016. The Earth/Universal alignments synchronized so that now our Earth Ship has now achieved Super Quantum too! The earth/atmosphere continually merge multiple dimensions in the same space here. Plasma and super mega electromagnetically charged everything (us too) are reaching a peak of epic proportions!

As these different phases of our bodies/existence activate, each is brought further online with/as NEW Earth, Universal/Galactic Light BEings, as Holy/Divine Pure Love BEings. We all cleanse/clear/detox/purge/dissolve/transcend all lower density programs held in our dense physical bodies and as we do, we activate/integrate higher dimensional aspects of ourselves within. Each activation triggers our many consciousnesses to affect our DNA, our genetics/codes our physical body which housed not only emotions and thoughts, but the programming for our entire physical reality too.

The intense evolving of our bodies to hold these higher light consciousnesses is huge. It’s a process that overtakes our human’s physical reality world, ability to function the old way… a process where we must surrender our entire human existence to bring forth our Galactic/Soul Existence here. Human doesn’t like to give in/let go of control, holds resistance to a process that was chosen by their own Soul. They do not understand that the surrender is to themselves, as the whole Universe/Galaxies/Pure Existences of great magic, bliss, happiness, joy, abundance/wealth.

As each disconnects from the matrix, the illusions/dis-illusions become visible and confusion enters in. This is because the human mind no longer gets to run the show. The heart of the soul has opened and a star-being, a Light BEing, a Christed/God/Galactic BEing is born. This begins the “seekers” process of trying to understand more, knowing there is more, that each is MORE than once thought/believed….

The knowledge comes in pebbles, pieces, increments to awaken the higher mind through each’s heart. All lower density frequencies (emotions/thoughts) are triggered/activated to be cleansed from cellular memory, deep within the physical body structure/form. This activates the LightBody, awakening the physical body to start to come online. This is a huge process that is spread out (separated) across human’s linear time. The information each seek is held within their DNA, and accessed when the frequency activates that part of the physical body through Cosmic Frequencies that activate light encodements which evolve the human body beyond it’s previous capabilities, bringing forth gifts, knowledge, super powers, abilities and REMEMBRANCE….

As the human de-evolves, the galactic soul being re-evolves, as each is but the same. As the human dis-integrates, the higher selves re-integrate. As the old structures & systems collapse/implode/dissolve, new foundations/structures/systems from within are formed/built/created throughout a new physical body that rebuilds itself from the inside out. As each goes inward, an entire physiological process starts to occur. Density is replaced with space and light, suppressed emotions/thoughts/beliefs are released from cellular memory to expose a vast amount of infinite love, peace, magic, beauty, kindness, compassion, respect… all which were hidden deep beneath the facade of the old unconscious programs previously held within.

How we function dramatically changes as our LightBody is activated. Pain centers, neural pathways, neurotransmitters, electrical and chemical stimulation increases to open the heart and activate one’s higher mind. There is an entire process of re-working the whole body that continues powerfully as we go. Each phase has different characteristics/attributes as it activates and completes, activating the next phase/processes of all’s evolution here.

The activation of the LightBody triggers dormant programs to release. Sleep habits/patterns change, no longer linear anything. Sleep is according to the frequencies present and what the body needs to do to upgrade and bring each online with OUR NEW EARTH SYSTEMS here. We wake/sleep when our bodies tells us too, when our Universe wakes us up. We work/function groggy foggy as we ascend/integrate the higher realms into our physical body form. Gravity goes as we float inside, we get taller and when our consciousness is expanded into Heaven, we experience bliss, magic and amazingness forgotten when we entered the sleep state/amnesia long ago.

Gamma super charges us, wakes us up, obliterates the veils/programs fast. It stimulates the body for a multitude of reasons, both higher/lower realms. It scatters energy, spacing it out and for the human creates chaos, yet to the soul brings more focus and ability to function easier. Everything is the opposite here. It fibrillates the heart, awakening each more and more. Shocks and electricity activates inside of the body, waking everything dormant up. defibrillating the heart to pump blood/neurons/chemicals to the rest of the body to wake it up.

First it’s the heart, then the head then the spine and rest of the body. Once must access the 5th Dimensional Heart Space to awaken the higher mind. Unity Consciousness is when the mind has achieved synchronization with the higher-self-heart and there is no more duality/battle/polarization inside. Crystals in the physical body must form for this to occur. This occurs when the Crystalline LightBody is activated, which starts the rashes/outbreaks under the skin. This phase means that you are becoming like a computer processor, less emotion, more drive, more understanding, access to information from within. It’s no longer “out there”, it’s inside, everything is. You do not have the lower density emotions to slow you down, physically, emotionally, mentally anymore. You do not have the delay as you did as a separated unconscious human. You can process information through your entire physical body vessel and tune easier to maintain universal flow. Your pineal gland has activated from a de-calcifying pine-cone to become a brilliant diamond. (Diamond Light Codes). Your rainbow frequencies/crystals in your bodies include gold, platinum and silver and abundance has started to return. You are in-service more, in flow, in tune with the whole universe. Frequencies are more prominent as your Universal/Cosmic body collapses your chakras into one pillar of light. Your 8th Chakra activates your HUman StarGate System and your plasma body to start to build too.

Your physical body goes through physical matter constantly changing form. Dense carbon based (iron and other heavy metals go, so your body needs more plant based iron, exercise/walking to create oxygen/life to flow through your veins). Your foods dramatically change and do not conform to anything human’ly believed. You are rotating between feeding aspects/DNA changes/re-codings… you’ll feed light (sun/vitamin D), mermaid/men (seaweed. blue-green algae, dolce and more), crystals start to form (body needs sugar & dark chocolate and pH alkalined) for many different purposes, fuel, pineal/neural pathway stimulation, balancing acidics as the body systems go crystalline. Crystals cause the body to go haywire to re-calibrate, purity, cleanse all discordant frequencies/programs held in that place in the body. Organs, bones, teeth, brain, skin, blood, eyes and more.

The more you function from your higher-heart-mind, the more in-service you are, whether actively or sleeping to upgrade, as you will learn to function, walk, talk, speak, see, be… a whole new way. Your old ways/body won’t work anymore, you have to learn how to navigate/balance energy, multiple dimensional realities and your physical in balance, which is a MASTERY SKILL/ART within itself. You will have to learn/figure out how/when to do things, when to sleep, when to work, when to do everything with total flow AS THE UNIVERSE again. Wasting your energy, not utilizing the gifts/opportUNITIES/information available to you will only affect you (and everyone in your reality dependent on you). You will cut cords of attachment to all that kept you anchored to a lower dimensional realm. All will be replaced with higher consciousness relationships, experiences, realities, things….

Once you’ve maintained BEing your higher selves in all that you are and do, your body template will be restored as your Plasma Body activates. This one goes deep into your CORE, deep into your teeth, bones, skull and your every cell becomes your Galactic Soul. You are fully in-service and have been for quite awhile. Your entire existence is dedicated to this and all of HUmanity here. Where you function from dramatically changes. It’s your entire BEing and your SPINE is your new communication center, having gone through rigorous muscular-skeletal upgrades and an entire nervous system overhaul/re-calibration/reconfiguration process over many human years. Your heart, mind are now governed by your spine and every cell in your body, developed crystals and your link-up to Inner/Mother Earth (Ship) and the Universe/Galaxies from within and with your entire BEing here. One emotional reaction will emit plasma from your cells & spine. You are unable to engage in any lower dimensional anything anymore. It’s instantly depleting to your system as you don’t process these through your bodies anymore. You stop them before they become a part of your reality at all.

Your crystalline body goes offline and comes online with the different frequencies constantly changing daily now. High Frequency Solar Winds (inside your Universal Body) lull you to sleep, forming your crystals, re-calibrating your body functioning systems. Where you come from/function from is very different than before. Love is the basis of all that you do and are. The lower dimensional beliefs/mentalities do not control you anymore. You are in command of your physical reality from within and as the entire universe again. When the upgrade process is complete, you will be brought back online at a higher frequency before, after a tuning process. All of this weakens your human body so that you can come back online stronger, more powerful, more knowledgeable, more capable than ever before and more as a part of the whole. (WE Consciousness).

You will osclillate between aspects, activations and versions to achieve balance of all from within. You will go from extreme to extreme, projecting unconsciousness outward until you fully realize how you created all of that. Conscious Intention becomes Conscious Intentional Action as you hold Divine Masculine/Power and balance this with your Divine Feminine aspects, birthing your NEW EARTH REALITIES from within you. Literally, your body will reshape, reconfigure and restructure as you do. Expansion, contraction, first with the whole body, then with the head/brain then with just your cells, then just with form, then just energetically… It’s an entire process over all of your existence here.

Your plasma body forms as you become PURE again. As you return to holy sacred UNION from within you with all of your Divine & Galactic Aspects here. As you function AS YOUR HIGHER SELVES/SOUL IN ALL THAT YOU DO/ARE, as you fulfill those supportive roles, become the foundation and anchor point for NEW EARTH/HEAVEN ON EARTH here. As you live your life this way, as you REMEMBER your Divinity and live this powerful existence, sharing your gifts, your knowledge, your creations, your love, your physical world things and become an integral contributing part of our NEW EARTH HUMANITY here.

You literally become a plasma being, in a physical form. Physical matter changing inside your form/structure from dense matter to light to liquid to gas to plasma then back to solid again. Each blast of light scatters your cells, activates new geometric & mathematical equations, sequences and codes triggering any mis-alignment to become visible for you to correct/align yourself as your particles come back together and take new form in a different manner/sequence than before. All now continually re-aligns to the encodements of your Galactic Soul.

Avatar Consciousness/OverSoul Embodiment will occur as you embody all of your higher consciousness aspects as your way of existing, in everything that you are/do. You will have descended as higher selves into your physical form already, spending your days clearing any distortions/old programs not in alignment with your PURE SOUL SELF here. You will have utilized the gifts, abilities, knowledge of each aspect all along the way, sharing, inspiring, creating and providing that which is important for the evolution of all here. You will have lived your life without distortions until this becomes your natural way. You will have returned to purity from within you with every particle and fiber of your being. You will have mastered yourself and your entire physical reality too. You will have returned to full abundance within you, utilizing all as an Alchemist, Magician and Master again, which creates more for everyone as more come on-board this Light Ship Earth and exist together as one living/breathing/functioning organism/a part of the whole here.

You will realize that it is all of your Plasma Crystalline LightBodies that power/steer this ship. That your existence is what transforms all back into the pure existence, the simple existence, the beyond exquisite existence that you forgot when you entered the deep sleep/slumber of unconsciousness that now continually ceases to exist.

Your new Plasma Crystalline LightBodies give you the capability to exist ship-wise. Those previous timelines/versions of realities where this was not possible is now here. Your evolving body is equipping itself to handle the ability for Galactic Existence here. These higher frequencies now bring plasma into our atmosphere at a rate like never before. Human bodies cannot process plasma energy. Many souls now exist because they did not choose to do this part of the process we are now end. They have completed their missions/cycles. Those that continue on evolve at a must faster rate than before. For the unconscious human this will challenge their every belief, ability to function and control of the human body and physical reality goes faster and stronger than ever before. Only opening up to higher consciousness knowledge from within will create ease and decrease the intensity now. Resistance, insistence and refusal to open up creates “force” and extreme realities to occur. Each human will have to relinquish/surrender to their own higher self existence to experience this process without great suffering now. Every decision/action dictates each’s experience now. Unconscious or Conscious. Fully Conscious is the only thing that will reverse the process and where one holds out until the end, then the ability to reverse the process decreases “ease” in how this process is experienced here.

Easy is the way of the fully-aligned love being. Each must challenge themselves, push themselves beyond the old limits, walk through those doorways/portals/gateways and through the initiations/passageways that present. The human waits until everything collapses and there is no other choice/nothing left. The higher self collapses the old intentionally from within, which activates higher consciousness realities to materialize faster/instantly now.

Let go of your old words of healing or symptoms. EVERYTHING IS AN UPGRADE. You can either experience this as a victim or excited that you’ve finally reached this phase that you’ve waited/come here for. Excitement and gratitude will get you through any intensity of de-densifying easier/faster. Not-believing, judgment, resistance and not intentionally assisting/supporting will create a more intense experience because the muscles of the body tighten down and actually create the block that makes all harder. Our bodies repair themselves as they raise in vibration, returning them to perfection, without dis-ease or “sick”ness anymore. Dis-ease was discordant frequencies suppressed/held within. The body goes weak when it’s doing an infinite amount of work to clear old timelines/cellular programs and integrate a vast amount of light in cells, muscles, bones, whole body. A surrendered and connected state, relaxed and sleeping to integrate vast amounts of light to remove veils and bring each body on-line. Your body is tuning to the light of your soul. Your human does not get to run the show anymore. Sleeping is not linear, you sleep in accordance with frequency/energy activations and dependent on which dimensions you currently/dominantly occupy. Energy is for storing, producing, building, focusing intentionally, sharing, activating, creating, unifying. Each will have to learn to “channel” this energy intentionally and productively before moving into the embodiment phase. The body will go into overload, if you do not intentionally channel this vast high frequency energy appropriately and stop taking on the energy of others and trying to process it through your body too. You will have to give all the gift of their own process back to them and take responsibility for your own. Co-mingling realities creates great stress and anchors you in the other’s reality to endure theirs and yours too. Each is to become fully accountable, responsible, powerful within themselves. You can empower easier than you can take it on, which was the way of the old (unconscious).

The higher we go, the less you will be able to expose yourself/tolerate/process lower frequency energies through your pristinely tuning Crystalline LightBodies and as you go Plasma, you will not be able to interact with lower dimensional realities at all. Short-term exposure is doable for awhile, but then this will go too. Eventually you will have chosen not to keep allowing this and won’t be transmitting this out to materialize in your own physical reality world. Your field is pure love and powerful beyond. This is transmitted naturally and organically and your physical does not house the distortions anymore. You’ve left the old matrix completely (long ago) and honored your body’s upgrade process above all. Your field is vast and unimpenetrable by lower frequencies unless you prolong exposure to this.  Your body is a light ship, a vessel, a sacred temple and you are responsible for maintaining this above all here. Fill your world/your universe/your realities with that which supports what you are here to be/do. Do whatever it takes to shift out of the old and into your own NEW Earth Realities now. First from within, observe your realities and align them yourselves. When you love, honor, and respect yourself fully, you will have no desire to experience anything less in your own world and you will transmit this out, which activates a higher dimensional timeline to materialize/arrive/occur.

Everything physical is energy that has taken physical matter form. All things physical must now constantly re-align according to highest consciousness (energy) at all times now.  Open your hearts & minds fully. Get on-board. No matter what it takes. You challenge yourself to step-up. We don’t wait until we have to. That was an unconscious program as well. ♥

There is soooo very much more than this and we’ve been sharing for years for all who come to experience/know/remember this from within. When this comes into each’s life, it starts to become important. The more it touches each’s reality/world, the more important it is. Now collectives are affected in every way. It’s now more important more than ever before. For all of us here. ♥

p.s. The more plasma crystalline, the more each can walk through plasma portals/gateways easily and naturally here. There is not more “trying” as everything opens up as our bodies evolve back into light as we become pure divine essence love again. ♥ It is easy when you embrace and make all of this your priority here. ♥

I love you. Keep shining, sharing, supporting and honoring you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Highest Dimensional Gatekeeper & Gridkeeper for NEW Earth & Galactically too!



Buddha Mask painting by Carol Keene

Learning/Remembering Light Language-Arcturians, Angels and Gaia @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Learning/Remembering Light Language-Arcturians, Angels and Gaia-through SueLie


Learning/Remembering Light Language

I have always been fascinated by the messages that are displayed and/or hidden in pictures. I have also been fascinated by Light Language. I have been getting inner instructions for the Arcturians and my Galactic Family to “brush up on my Light Language in preparation for the landings.

“When will the landings occur?” I ask.

“When you can perceive it,” is the answer.

“But how can I perceive it?” I ask.

“With Light Language.” is my answer.

“Please explain.” I ask.

“The Light Language has always been with you.” is the answer. “But you have been trained to “read” or “hear” messages one word at a time. Light Language is much more of a “picture” than a collection of words.”

“What do you mean by that?” I say.

“We will show you with Pictures.” Is their answer.

Below are the first pictures that I received in my imagination in the form of pictures…

As more and more Human Portals ground and project the higher frequencies of light, the baseline “state of consciousness” will raise for all humanity who are ready to accept it.

Unfortunately, there are still many humans who are unable to accept that Higher Light because they are unable to release their addiction to the third dimensional frequency of reality.

We call on all of our Ascending Ones to assist those who have not yet, been able to perceive and accept the light. Not only would you be assisting a fellow human, you would also be greatly assisting your Mother Gaia.

Thank you for assisting Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

The Angels, The Arcturians and ALL your Galactic Family

PS, please call on your Galactic Family for assistance, as we are HERE NOW within the higher dimensions of Earth.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 2:07 PM

Four Big Shifts of 2017 – Beacons of Light January 2017


Art : Malinda+Prudhomme


~ Four Big Shifts of 2017 ~

Beacons of Light

January 2017
Presented Live 12/17/2016


Greetings from Home, Dear Ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

I come to you this day and intersect with your timeline for just a moment to help touch your hearts and to help remind you who you are and where you are coming from. You are distant travelers who have definitely been around. Yet here you are now, settled on Earth and making rapid changes. There are so many incredible changes that sometimes it is difficult for us to keep up with all the things that humans are doing on planet Earth. Today we will share a little bit of what is coming in the year ahead; it is rather fascinating to watch what is taking place. By the time you get through February 2017, you will feel a bit of a calmness that has not been here for a while. In some ways, it is the calm before the storm. Dear ones, re-member that most change cannot happen when in the midst of calm. By its very definition, “change” often involves such disruption that a ripple is left in its wake. Do not fear this, for the change is actually what you have come to be a part of.

We Have You

So many of you have come to Earth trying to figure out where you can be, what this will look like, and how it is going to work for you. Here you are, right in the midst of it now. Of course, the greatest fear is what happens if you fail. Such a scary word, fail. What happens if you cannot accomplish things? What happens if you extend yourselves and somehow you are hurt? Well, that is the important part we wish to tell you today…we have your back. We look over your shoulder and try to direct you from time to time, each and every one of you. It does not matter where you are in the world, what your history has been, or which level you believe yourself to be. The truth is, we have you. It is almost as if you would let your children free to go play, but there are certain things you hope they do not get into and places they will not go. Their explorations can obviously cause problems, although as that happens, they will learn from them as part of the game. We tell you, dear ones, you are in somewhat of a safe zone. Especially during the next two years, when there will be major changes taking place. Consider, dear ones, that every three or four years a profound energy changes takes place, basically moving everyone up very rapidly—almost too rapidly. Then you would have to do whatever you could to ground yourself, to take that light and bring it into your life and anchor it. That is the challenging part. In 2016, you had a major change as well on September 27th, with a wave of energy that came in. Prior to that, you have seen so many things coming in. Actually, you saw the gravitational wave that Einstein predicted some time back coming into the planet. Every three or four years you have these big events—huge, vibrational raising events. Next year you will have four of them.

Four Waves of Vibrational Changes

Can you see the changes that are ahead? It does not happen this way except on evolving planets, for you are in motion, dear ones. All of humanity is reaching levels that have not been set by humans before. You have capabilities of reaching a spiritual awareness within each of you that allows you to touch the god within. Then, you will know it.

Many of you have the seeds of fear deeply ingrained within you. Some are from past life experiences, but others you have stepped forward into willingly through own work only to find great resistance and possibly even death as a retribution. We understand that it is difficult to understand, so we re-mind you of this: We have your back, as you say on Earth. We are watching out for everything that you do because in this time, dear ones, there is a new chaos which is simply created out of vocal fears. You have so much technology on the planet now that you are able to collect these little bits all together as one. They appear much larger than they truly are and that is always true of the dark side, which always appearing much larger than it is. So, we ask you all to look at this within yourselves. What can you change about your own belief systems? What can you shift to help you to ground and to gain the confidence in your light? All we are asking you to do is to step into the energy. Many of you are teachers and healers on your own path, already doing quite well by bringing your energy out into the Earth. Keep that up and help those who are just now awakening to gain the confidence. They need to step out and start creating a reality of their own choosing rather than one set by default, which is what most humans have been doing.

New Opportunities

Yes, we tell you there are those who plan ahead. There are the planners that make projections about their lives, businesses, and where they are going to be in 5 or 10 years. Very few people plan ahead on a personal, spiritual level but you have that capability now. You have the option of deciding who you will be in the next few years. You have the opportunity now to place yourself in the best position within the wave with new opportunities that you have not seen before. Yes, dear ones, there will be chaos and you will see much of it, for the pace is rapid and humans do not do well with change. Perhaps something has always been done a certain way before, but suddenly you will do it a totally different way. The vibrational raises are coming soon the first one will enter earth’s field between March 4 and 17th. They all enter as waves and there are now so many that are interfering with each other to some extent. This is causing a bit of a shift in the timeline and thus makes it difficult to predict the exact dates of the other three events at this time; however, you are set up to receive four huge energy cycles in 2017.

Help Each Other

An event that set things into motion a couple of years ago involved the timelines intersecting with each other. It was a rather large event that took place, following an earlier shift of the 12-12. The four events on their way are opportunities to make similar leaps of that size and they will all open within the year of 2017. What happens to those who cannot make the changes? Well, that is precisely why so many lightworkers are now on the planet—to help those at other parts of the spectrum. Please do not judge it as being right or wrong, because you negate your own energy when you do that. Simply observe and understand that humanity has a bandwidth. Although there is a high vibration and a low vibration, humans can only move as fast as the slowest person. Additionally, these four vibrational shifts are meant for specific reasons, so let us explain.

Because the bandwidth of humanity has grown in this way, you have never been through what you are experiencing on planet Earth right now. Before you would have left the planet by now, perhaps going on to colonize a new planet. We do not mean through your so-called space ships, but through your spiritual bodies as you have already done many times. There was a time when you inhabited Mars yet here you are living on her neighbor, Earth. If you think that is interesting wait until you hear the rest of the story. Soon you will start uncovering a great deal more, because now you are very interested in Mars. It is your closest neighbor after all. Yes, you will find out much about your own history though not all of it will make sense in the physical realm at this moment. Re-member, dear ones, you are a spirit first and a human second. Harmony between the two has the opportunity to create change so let us go back to the bandwidth for a moment.

The Recessional Wave Will End

With all of this incredible change, humanity has moved up. However, it is also currently in a recessional wave. The recessional wave has the effect of creating separation in everything and it also does so in every aspect of humanity, that is why there is a resurgence of separation on earth. It even has the effect of making the highest of vibration of humanity and the lowest vibration further apart. Again humans have a separation instead of a unity occurring. With the four major movements taking place during 2017 you can begin bringing this back together and change the direction of the recessional wave. That is what you are looking at right now, and it is profound. IF this stays on track the recessional wave will end within the next two to three years, resulting in a complete turnaround in a different direction. Enjoy that journey, dear ones, because it will validate your understanding of your own power of creation.

Start Creating For You

You are creator beings, but does that mean you must create a different set of rules for everything? No, since you are just creating for you. Begin creating your highest dream with whatever it takes to bring that energy into your being. Many people are closing their hearts and protecting themselves from the anger and density they feel around them. We challenge you to take this opportunity to move in the opposite direction and expand your passions anchoring new light in times of darkness. Dare to play, expand and improve yourself.  If you fall into fear the recessional wave takes much longer to reverse.  Fill yourself with the Light from Home at every opportunity. These are photons that carry fully charged light within your body. We will share more about that shortly, but basically it involves learning how the energy moves so you can consciously fill yourself with light. You bodies have been slowly adapting over the last seven years to carry more light.  This Light has amazing effects in the world around you, for the new times are coming. You have four major steps next year alone, and we cannot wait to see how you resolve these situations. These steps open the proverbial door for a full understanding of multidimensionality, as well as a full understanding of your spirit. Re-member, it is who you truly are beneath all the chaos that you have in your world at the moment.

Take these words, dear ones. Make them your own for each of you here is a slightly different message that we speak and that is as it should be because even though we are using certain words to reach everyone, we speak to each heart individually. You know who you are and we honor you for your work more than you could ever understand. Embrace these four movements coming forward—these incredible opportunities–and know that this is why you came to Earth in the first place. Keep up the good work.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways. We ask you to treat each other with respect whenever possible. Nurture each another whenever you have that opportunity and play well together on the new Earth. I am the Keeper of Time and I leave you with love.


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Art : Malinda+Prudhomme

Light Frequency Increase ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’Aura Pleiadian


Art : A. Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose


Light Frequency Increase ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Heaven and Earth.

The merging of the Higher Dimensions “consciously” with the lower dimensions.


YET ~ it is all taking place NOW, even if you are not yet consciously aware of it.

So when you want something that is not here. IT is truly the perfectly timed (so to speak) desire to be united with an expanded version or versions of ourselves. Where that event, that EXPERIENCE that seems separate from us, IS taking place NOW. In that parallel world. Future timeline.

You reach one level, then you are ready for the next level.

The Higher LEVELS  are connecting to YOU through your Frequency. Your Blueprint and your HEART.

You get DESIRES for what is not here, because it is the next level or levels for you, that you are preparing to EXPAND into. As the Higher Frequencies of LIGHT.

The idea of separation, that you are not currently experiencing ALL dimensions and parallel worlds, is simply experience of 3D.

Linking all the dimensions as consciously ONE is the VIBRATION of the Higher Heart through the Present MOMENT ~ which is ALL frequency and Light.

Now ~ Focus on your Heart and breathe deeply into your Heart Space. Feel your Light and PRESENCE there, within you.

Feel the warmth, sense the Light getting brighter and brighter, as if ALL you are ~ IS THIS LIGHT.

Breathe into the Light now.

INCREASE your sense of this.

Pause and close your eye for a minute and breathe and sense yourself as Light.

As you do so, LIGHT pours into your Crown ~ a LIQUID Golden LIGHT.

Sparkles of Diamond LIGHT start to GLOW within this LIGHT.

YOU FEEL this LIGHT and you feel it INCREASE in frequency.

IT bathes your cells.

IT heals your body.

It aligns you with the HIGHER Self YOU.

With your Presence.

With you as LIGHT.

Which links you to more of ALL That you Are.

Even if you are not aware of this consciously.

IT does. Light is the Language, the Frequency the LOVE.

The connections to all the Dimensions and the timelines and parallel worlds.

LOVE as LIGHT joins them.

Unites them.

As you breathe ~ they all breathe with you.

In you.


Feel and receive. This activation for YOU.

It is all YOU and has always been.


Your Soul Star Matrix, Activated NOW more powerfully AS LIGHT Frequency.


In Sacred Eternal LOVE and BLISS, through the Divine Council of Overseers.

With you NOW.

I love you!




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We are Source – Kara Schallock @ Soulstice Rising


Visions Art by Catherine Andrews


We are Source15-Jan-2017

When you understand that you are not separate from anything or anyone or from Source, you experience yourself and everyone and everything as pure Love. Therefore, you are aware that all you experience and share is Love. Even when you judge something as not being Love, realize that all is Love, even though it may disturb you. It only disturbs you if there is something within you that is not Love. Then you may let that go and fill up the empty space with Love. Be aware that all you create and share is that which you are…Love. When you see and understand that everyone demonstrates Love to the extent that they know they are Love; when you see the similarities and not the differences between you and all others, do you build a bridge of Love.

We are here to create more Love and more Joy. By being these, we create more of what we are. Step by step we open to the Truth that we are Source. If we are not separate from Source, then the next step to embrace is that we are Source. We are pure energy, as Source is. We are pure Love, as Source is. So, we already know how to live as Love and as Source. We are continually evolving to be more Source. As we keep our focus on being that, we cannot help but create only that…Love. Every thought and every action creates. It is up to us as to whether that is Love or less than Love.

Many can see that their consciousness has shifted in the past eight or so years. Whether you woke up during this time or woke up before, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you have awakened. No longer are you satisfied with the status quo or doing things in order to belong to a bigger group or to an identity that isn’t your own. Your Awakening helped you question everything and set you on a path of inner and outer Discovery. Sometimes what you discovered wasn’t pleasant, yet it helped you align more and more to a bigger Truth of you. Then you set off on a journey to discover the Authentic You. Along the way, there have been roadblocks (illusions) to move through, yet they always led you to Clarity and more Awareness.

Those of us who took on this challenge are the wayshowers of the world. We follow our Intuition, rather than the “conventional wisdom” of intellect. We do not do something in a way we’ve done it before unconsciously, but allow our Heart’s Wisdom to guide us. Much as been shed and yet this clearing has allowed more Love to pour into us, changing us, including our cells, our DNA and assumptions we had. We learned that we are free to choose and therefore free to create from a higher and more conscious knowing…not from the past; not from the future; but from this very Moment. We are clear; we are clean; we are not held to the never-ending karma of the old, but from our fullest potential of being Source.

You attract what you are. The clearer you are, the clearer are your manifestations. You do not attract what you necessarily want; you attract what you are. So instead of getting what you want, you get what you need to help raise your vibration. If your mind wants more money and it doesn’t come, what needs to change within you first? If you still believe in lack, because it is what you’ve experienced in the past, you will only attract more lack. When you take Responsibility for what you are within, realize that it is a huge first step. Then do things that are fun and light for you. Notice all the ways in which Abundance is in your life. Abundance is a Soul Essence; it is much more than money. Question: are you thriving or surviving? Feel the difference between these words. Do those things that illicit a feeling of thriving. Let go of surviving, for that is lack consciousness. When I donate money or goods, I feel abundant. When I pay bills, I feel abundant. When I am thankful for the warm house I live in, I feel abundant. Giving and Gratitude are sure ways to change any lack belief into Abundance. And when I receive, I give thanks.

We each are leaders. Whether you are a leader in a career or not; you are a wayshower. You lead through honoring yourself and being a lighthouse, shining bright. It is not necessary to lead groups or classes or be a healer. You lead through example. You are not a follower, so be in your Power and be all of who you are. There are some big lessons for those who don’t believe they lead. A long time ago, I placed someone on a pedestal, thinking they knew so much more than me. They came tumbling down as I saw that they did not live what they taught. I did this over and over again until I got the message: “I am my own teacher, my own healer and my own leader.”

Words, actions and feelings all must be aligned in Integrity and Congruency. If they are not, it is impossible to walk your talk. It is impossible to lead or be authentic. Everything you do and say affects others. Your energy touches all.

Everything you say, do and are must have a higher purpose. It is this purpose that lends energy to all you say, feel and do. Purpose is not necessarily a doing; it is how you show up; it is the essence you shine out. You may dispassionately observe how duality is in play in the world. You needn’t follow along, for your purpose is to leave all duality behind and be Love. There is no us and them; there is no good and evil; these are dualistic beliefs. There are some who refuse to see or be Love; they insist on judging whether something or someone is good or evil. This judgment is all a part of duality. When you complain or judge, you engage the energy of duality. Let it go. You needn’t engage in arguments about what you think is “right” or “wrong,” for then you actually empower duality. For instance, my mother is very vocal about hating Barack Obama. I don’t try and convince her otherwise; she can do what she wants. I do smile, since she claims how important it is to be “open-minded.” I don’t need to point anything out to her or anyone; I know who I am. We need not engage or show another the “error of their ways.” We detach; we remain aloof (remember when that was a “bad” word?). We stay focused on who and what we are. We need not convince anyone of how enlightened or smart or anything we are. Those are egotistic labels and we have moved beyond this. We quietly just love.

Our New Earth began in Spirit…in the ethers. It is through our choices that it has begun to take form. The more choices we make that are of Love consciousness, the more the New Earth takes form. Each choice is based in consciousness, so as our consciousness grows, the forms in our lives are created from a high place. Consciousness evolves based on who we are within and on the choices we make. In the old 3D world, we based decisions on lack and competition. In the New, we base decisions on Love and Collaboration. Competition creates fear and lack. Collaboration is based on Oneness and Love.

As we stay in the Moment and choose based on our Heart’s Wisdom and our Intuition; we become Soul-guided. We become what Soul intended long ago…to be completely merged with Soul, while we express Love mentally, emotionally and physically. There never intended to be a separation between Soul and separate ego. And now we understand that our egos (created by having a body) are intended to express Soul. When we lead from Love/Soul/Source, we let go more of the old struggle and fear. We trust as we intend with our Hearts. When we keep our thoughts and feelings high, our consciousness expands and therefore, the forms created are of Love. Instead of intellectually creating goals, we focus on how we want to feel and consciousness creates from the Soul Essences we intend from. Of course, we need not wait, for as we focus on a desired feeling in the Moment, consciousness creates the form that matches our feeling/vibration. As we let go of any attachment to how it “should” look or how it is created or by what timetable, we free this energy to manifest.

As Love, there is no struggle, no “making something happen” or doubt. We trust that all is in Divine Order and occurs in Divine Time. We let go and let be. Realize that what you intend is not just for you, for we are all connected; it is for all. We cannot have a thought, feeling or action that does not affect the Whole. Also realize that if there is anything that is not Love within you, it will surface so that you may release it and then fill up with Love. The purpose for this is so all our choices are of Love. Flow with what is and see if it is aligned with a thought or feeling. If it is not aligned with Love, then make an adjustment.

Goal-planning, worrying, controlling, struggling, resisting or pushing does not help. All these separation-thoughts and actions keep you in the old. Rather, flow, trust and Heart-know that all is in Divine Order. Fill up with Universal Divine Love instead. Do this continuously no matter what seems to pull you off course. Let go of anything that is not Love and refuse to be seduced by outer drama, which seems to be so prevalent now. See where you still hold duality within and remind yourself of the Truth…you are Source; you are Love. And you are so very loved and supported through all.



Visions Art by Catherine Andrews

1111: Portal.Gateway/Passageway: Deep Love for HUmanity Activated for More Souls to REMEMBER – Lisa Transcendence Brown


unknown artist


1111: Portal.Gateway/Passageway: Deep Love for HUmanity Activated for More Souls to REMEMBER and for Birthing/Evolving Our NEW Earth & Heaven on Earth Here



At the depths of the core of your BEing is your Soul, which is the purity of who you are. It is a deep sacred profound love for all as one. It is a deep sacred connection with all that is and an essence that transcends all things you thought yourself to be. It is soft, subtle and powerful all at the same time. It is your truest you in purest form. Just energy.

This journey is one of awakening your human you to FEEL and CONNECT SO DEEPLY that this is where you exist and live. That the core of your essence is always present, that the depths, the center… is all that you know and nothing else can compare to this.  (CLICK READ MORE BELOW) ↓↓↓

Every facet of your life will have to align with this. This place, this space, that words cannot describe or even begin to explain the tears of profound connectedness (and gratitude) when you FEEL this again. THIS IS WHAT YOU LOST, forgot, disconnected from. This is why you/we are all here. The moments that this space opens wider, this vast omniverse inside of you emerges from within… this is the moment that all truly and fully makes sense again.

There is not just one moment, as for our human experience we separated everything over what appears to be time. The moment that portal opens, every moment will then be clearing cellular memory distortions until “this” becomes your “new way of being”, where you function from and what drives you in all that you are/do here.

At the core of your being, there is a deep profound love for HUmanity, once that emerges as you resolve your hurt, hate, grief, pain, deaths and disdain from all of your existences, not just this “little one” here. LeMUrian, Atlantean, Galactic, Aquatic, Elemental and human… for here, every existence is rolled up into one. Here, each existence has a PURE EXISTENCE and an impure/tainted/distorted one. You are here to cleanse, purify, dissolve, transcend and merge all inside of you, back into the PURITY of your own HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS of love again.

At your SOLar/Galactic/Universal core is where UNIFICATION OCCURS. This is what is continually activated with these super-mega-quantum cosmic light frequencies that continually increasingly activate now. Unification back into INNER peace, love, integrity, kindness, compassion, respect, consideration, communication, sharing, empowerment, inspiration, upliftment for all of Our HUmanity here. I say “our”, because until you truly become “they”/”WE”, you are still separated as an individual human living in a polarized reality.

Until you open, activate and access this space inside, you will not understand because of the walls around your heart which create the veils of your human mind. Until what DRIVES you is your LOVE FOR HUMANITY, for everyone, you are still operating as a seperated and unconscious human.

There is a SACRED FIRE that burns within you, fuels your passions and your dreams here. This Sacred Fire burns through the old programs for you, igniting a fire to get/bring you on-board this Light Ship you call Earth here. This fire stimulates your SOUL DESIRES, which are nothing like your human ones. This FIRE transmutes, it is the FUEL that ignites what’s pure, burning through/clearing all distortions until you again are PURE. This fire is a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH in your human world. You will rise from the ashes, emerge from beneath the rubble, completely reborn and anew. The metaphors represent your Phoenix, Christ (more) and the sacrifices you will make to leave your old life/realities behind to WALK IN HEAVEN ON EARTH, which is a higher frequency than NEW EARTH was. (Believe it or not, yes this is true). Yet, eventually they will merge to become one, yet for now they are separate until certain earthly plane lower density frequencies complete a cleansing/clearing phase for this to occur.

As all awaken to NEW EARTH, to learn to play again, to detach/unanchor from the old, ascending into the heavens inside, holding this long enough to realize/understand, each will also go through the stages & cycles of “growing up”. The child without a care in the world, where all is easy and provided for, to the teenager that doesn’t want to be responsible yet or grow up to “go get a job” and take on responsibility, having to “learn” how to get out in the world, what to do, to find themselves in order to evolve into to the fully evolved NEW EARTH HUMAN, a hybrid of all existences with developed crystals and evolved DNA, fully in-service AS SOURCE, CREATOR, GODS, GALACTICS/STAR BEINGS, LEMURIANS, ATLANTEANS, MER-PEOPLE, GAIAN’S, CRYSTAL/CHRISTED LIGHT BEINGS here to HOLD HEAVEN ON EARTH IN PLACE for all to in-JOY fully now. Heaven on Earth is realized through a completion cycle, where WE as Avatars & Oversouls now exist in this physical realm as the Guardians of NEW Earth. As Guardians our roles are very different than they once were. We transcended the need to save, the need to fix, the need to sacrifice, the need to participate, allow and re-create anything of old unconscious in our own physical reality world here. We also hold the “fate of humankind” in our hands through the delivery of encodements, simplicity, peace, unification and love. Each of us as all who come to exist in Heaven on Earth will stand in full-service for all of humanity here. We’ve spent years/eons accomplishing this. Yes, WE are already here.

These passageways and initiations are huge, for each must be completed from within and implemented as a new way of existence, completely opposite of, and reversing, the human one. These are necessary, as the human aspect does not understand. It requires polarity to “get it” and to make it desire the opposite, by experiencing what it does not want, in order to realize/know the difference between heaven and hell. The human must often be so desperate, it will beg for change to occur, beg for simple, easy, peace and be willing to do whatever it takes to bring this into it’s world. Where it forgets (goes unconscious/still holds an unconscious program in cellular memory), then an experience is often necessary to exercise this energy out. Where one “sees” and gets it first, they need not “go there”/have the experience “again and again” to figure it out. If one does, then these highest consciousness energies now, shorten the duration of the experience to the moment one comes into consciousness and aligns fully inside, takes the appropriate action to align their own reality so that the physical can re-align just as fast. This can be instant, depending on how “energetic or physical the reality” one created is and now long the human lets that reality drag on before they intentionally re-align all themselves.

We are in the vibrational frequencies of the HUMANITARIAN in YOU STEPPING FORTH and really making a difference now. We are in the vibrations of this is not only possible, we’ve already done it in a higher vibrational reality and it’s actually a reality now. We are in the vibrational frequencies of UNITY, SHARING and PURE LOVE FOR HUMANITY driving each now. We are in the vibrations where others get it and realize this is all on each one of us here, that it all starts, grows/expands and occurs first from within and THEN IT OCCURS out there. WE make it happen with every particle, fiber and cell of our being here. Physical realities forming faster/instantly in response to all of our transmissions. This is why it is so important that each learn/come to understand how to master their own inner/outer world as the same thing here.

HEAVEN ON EARTH occurs as each defines what heaven or hell is for them. Heaven on Earth materializes more & more as each resolves the battle inside, between their head and their heart and starts to LIVE AS UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and CHRISTED and God-like BEINGS in this physical here, as each transcends their self-serving, selfish survival mode, learning to share and support each other here. Really truly, not just with what is comfortable or when they are trying to get something, but with everything one has, for it is this commitment by each, to their own soul and the souls of others as ONE to MAKE IT HAPPEN and BRING THIS TO OUR PHYSICAL EARTH HERE.

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is a selfless existence where each is an integral, vital and important part of the whole. It is where all come together to BE a part of something, instead of waiting on everyone else. It is where each steps into their own power inside and learns/remembers why we are all here. It is this deep sacred love that permeates and pours from our being to touch all others, so that they can feel this and remember this again too

This GATEWAY that we came through is like no other. It’s the gamechanger that all have been waiting for. Within all of our unconscious existences was great pain and trauma and all of this must emerge to be felt and realized so that each truly gets it and shift into their own higher state of consciousness now. We moved from higher consciousness to highest consciousness, which is HEAVEN ON EARTH being anchored and held here by each one of us. Our Galactic Cities and Civilizations to be realized as we continue, with the actual physical merging of these dimensional timelines here

We continue to merge the physical dimensions of Galactic, LeMUrian, Atlantean, Heaven, Avalon, Elemental & Crystal Kingdom (and many more) all in this Cosmic/Universal Space here. Observe the plasma skies, the birds/elementals, the rainbows, the weather, the clouds. See the fires that burn, the clashing of “heaven” and “hell” (Divine Masculine/Feminine with the human masculine/feminine) as the Divine pushes the human energies to emerge/collapse/dissolve. Observe the birthing of the new, the Divine Child, creation in form from within you/your physical body and “out there too”. See it, really look, really drop those blinders, excuses and discounting “all of this”. Really, open your heart as big as you can and let all of the fear, judgment and procrastination fall away.

We are in Super-Mega-Quantum. Earth is, which means you are too. This requires that you upgrade your physical body structure so that you can live/walk on OUR NEW EARTH. Your human body cannot do this, it has to die many little/big deaths for it to awaken fully and come online for your NEW EXISTENCE here. Your Plasma Crystalline LightBody is how you experience/have the capability to do this, and your human body must evolve substantially and continually for you master/accomplish this process in physical form here. Your physical body vessel will no longer tolerate not being loved, honored, listened to, respected, nurtured, supported, assisted and put first. It is your light ship/your vessel/your conduit …. it’s how you come to walk in a multitude of free, limitless, benevolent, exquisite dimensions of vast royalty & wealth again. This REALity is beyond your human’s wildest dreams for this is incomprehensible to your human aspect you. You must connect to your soul to REMEMBER and EXPERIENCE this fully here.

NOW. Not later. EVERY moment IS THIS. Every moment is you evolving back into all of your aspects and your DNA constantly activating and adapting to accomplish this. Every moment your body is DOING, repairing, re-calibrating, re-configuring to new codes and sequences for you. Every moment there is a DIVINE REALITY that awaits you. One that is PURE and fulfills all of your highest dreams and desires here. You came here for ALL OF IT, not just a little bit of this. To “have it”, you have to give all of you (be all in). We are in these vibrations now. You can experience all of this continually if you are truly ready, if you will stop the stories of fearing your own power, fearing abundance, fearing love, fearing the unknown and trying to live your life the old way. Those rules/stories/beliefs do not apply/work anymore. They are dead and gone. They went with unconsciousness. You came here to fully REALIZE all into your physical now. ♥

If you observe, the weather, the energies, each is now represented physically so you can actually experience and see. Plasma (Galactic), Birds/Nature/Rainforest (LeMUria), Avalon (the Magic/Dragons/Unicorns/Wizards energy), Rainbows (Magic/Other Side/Abundance), Clouds (Heaven), Fire (Brimstone Hell), Crystalline (Christed = Heavens/Crystals = Atlantis), Higher Knowledge/Light Intelligence (Galactic/God/Source), Technology (Atlantean), Love (All). Many of these criss-cross, yet I broke them apart a little, which is not easy, for these are not linear and all are each within the same). The crystalline mist has turned into palpable crystals in the breathable air (still can’t hardly photograph, but keep working on it!)… The crystalline mist fog rolling in when we are ascending into the clouds of heaven further, gravity going, breathing/heart affected… The storms clearing huge dense energies and anchoring Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Divine Source/Creator (Love, Power, Knowledge) Energies here. The extremes of all present when there are conflicting energies in the same physical space. Collectively, in denser vibrational areas, this is becoming visible more and more to bring large areas into higher density/vibrational existence here. Extremes are the fastest way to resolve energies stronger & faster to create a faster collapse so that a higher vibrational density/physical matter reality can arrive/take it’s place. These are the vibrations we increasingly continue in for any timelines still resolving this. Yet in other timelines none of this exists. Real physical timelines of bliss, magic, awesomeness and full abundance. Now. If you still see/believe/experience less, then this is a program still begging to be released/cleared so a magnificent one can take it’s place.

Old timelines energetically build to the point of a peak in order to dissolve/collapse/break. Emotional, physical, mental, energetic. The more discordant frequencies, the bigger the build/blowing/breaking/overwhelm/exhaustion and nuclear this process is. The less discord, the simpler this is. It’s just energetic tuning/tweaking a bit, as we honor in every moment the body’s upgrade process, so it’s much easier and natural now. The cellular body held these immense programs and clear easier when one sleeps. Activate, Anchor, integrate, upgrade, clear, come further online. It’s a continual cycle that increases in power, yet decreases in discomfort as we go through the intensity of re-structuring and new system building within our bodies, bones, teeth, blood, muscles, skin, flesh, organs, glands…. everything. These high quantum cosmic soul light encodements activate inside the body and in the energy field. They merge, infuse, unify easiest during sleep, clearing the body’s cellular memory/template/old timelines during sleep and/or an during an emotional release. Unification occurs easiest in nature, sleep and alone time. All three are required for this to occur. The human will allow/create distractions which prolong/delay this process until the physical body has to shut down/take over. Jobs, relationships, busi-ness, drama, not slowing down, a lot of external influences are all a part of what the human uses to avoid their own inevitable process of awakening fully here. When the vibration is reached where holding on, avoiding, not listening, not caring, not honoring are no longer an option, then that timeline will collapse, “taking the human with it”, until all of that energy is gone.

StargGate Activity & Crystalline Grid System is currently still on a 2-3 day cycle that are increasing Super Quantum Timeline Collapses/Mergings daily now. We have 1-2 slow days of raising frequencies, activating, anchoring, clearing & integrating in the physical body/reality, then all energetically collapses into one space, which creates a “speeding up effect” for all to align fast (strongly for those not aware of this, which creates great discomfort to the human aspect) so that all can be re-aligned fast & with power/force, then all slows back down to a halt, just as instantly as the alignment process is completed, the body will raise it’s frequency, go into expansion/tuning and our Crystalline Grid/Unified Field will come back online at a much higher frequency than before. This used to be over a greater vaster separation of time index. Those vibrations are gone.

Realizations are fast now. Actions must be as fast too. The human has a delay, sits and waits. As Quantum Light Beings (WE) do not. Sometimes we just “be” and allow all to naturally to occur/materialize, because we have the ability to maintain an expanded state of consciousness that gives us access to the other dimensions where all has already occurred. Sometimes we have to do something to auto-correct/align and other times we choose to, to cause (or make) higher consciousness realities come forth faster. Yes, it is that easy. This is one of our many natural SUPER POWERS here.

Delay creates/stems from separation, which is a “dimensional gap” between one’s higher mind and heart. This delay/gap creates suffering and struggle and keeps one in survival/safety/”it’s about me/mine” mode. Each must come to realize that all is self-created, so as to stop CREATING the old unconscious realities of “less” to occur in their own physical reality/inner world. These highest frequencies collapse “delay time” for each to physically move into a higher vibrational existence powered by the light intelligence of each’s higher-heart-mind consciousness through the purity of Love that emanates from each’s Divine Essence Soul. ♥

We are here loves. Bask in the Glory and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Connect from deep inside and to never disconnect ever again. Your existence depends on it. Seriously, really, truly. It can be Heaven or it can be Hell. It can be both simultaneously. When you get done with hell, you won’t choose, create or allow this anymore. Then Heaven will be where you live all of the time. Again. Literally. Now. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Diamond Light Key Code Holder & Galactic GateKeeper for Heaven on Earth for us all

Conversation With The Arcturians – Shawnna Donop @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Conversation With The Arcturians by Suzanne Lie and Shawnna Donop


Conversation with the Arcturians

Suzanne Lie and Shawnna Donop

On January 12, 2017

A:        Hello everyone we are the Arcturians, and we’re here with Shawnna again today.  Suzille and Shawnna wanted to have us check in with you because, wow, things are getting pretty challenging these days for a lot of our Ascending ones.

How about you Shawnna?  We know that Suzille is really having a lot of things going on.  How about you?

S:         I must admit that I’m feeling the same.  It’s an interesting whirlwind of activity for sure.

A:        Yes, what is actually occurring, especially for those who are the leaders, is that the leaders are being called into active duty NOW. The reason for that is because there’s a lot of higher frequency Light in the area through which Gaia is travelling within this NOW. 

Therefore, all of us, Galactic family, are right here to assist you.  The Pleiadians are here to assist you, we the Arcturians are here to assist you, and the Antareans are here to assist you. There are some Ascended Draconians, and they are also here to assist you.

We want you all to remember that you are not alone.  And, the Ascended Masters are there to assist you; the Archangels are there to assist you. And you can call on any of these beings that we have mentioned and any other beings that might be a part of your reality.

Call upon Jesus Sananda.  Jesus is now known as Sananda, and he is the commander of the Ashtar Command.  The Ashtar Command is in charge of the landings, and these landings will come.  They will come within the now.  We say, within the now because to us everything is within the now, because we no longer resonate to time.  But what we do resonate to is the energy fields of the majority of the people on the planet.

Now, as we tune into those energy fields within this NOW we see that there are the leaders who are going beyond the call of duty by writing, serving, giving, and helping.  At the other end of the spectrum there are people that are absolutely, completely asleep.  They have no idea whatsoever what is happening.

They are just having their third-dimensional lives, and that’s all they know about.  Then there are the people in the middle.  The people in the middle are the ones that are right on that threshold of awakening.

These are the people that we, your Galactic family, are asking the leaders to focus on. Those who are absolutely uninformed and disinterested would likely only become frightened and angry by your fifth dimensional information.  So, in terms of what is best for the planet, it is best to allow those people to live that reality in the way they choose to live it.

These people are living on the third-dimensional matrix, and they will remain on the third-dimensional matrix. However, the third-dimensional matrix will be relocated to another planet. Therefore, nobody will be left behind. Nobody is going to fail Ascension. Everyone that’s in line for Ascension, will Ascend.

On the other hand, those who are not ready at all to encompass even that possibility will remain within their life as they know it.  They will be on the very same matrix that they have been on their entire life, and they will be wrapped around another planet that will appear to them to look exactly like Earth.

We want to let you all know that there is no need for fear. Those that have been called the Illuminati, the dark ones – all of those different labels, to those beings, we send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. They will have their own matrix if they do not change. And, that matrix would be a lower fourth-dimensional matrix.

The reason for this is because if they have not been able to learn about cause and effect while living on this planet, then they will go into the lower astral planes. On the lower astral planes, energy out immediately comes back. Then they will learn that, “Wow this isn’t a very nice way to behave because it really doesn’t feel good when it comes back.”

In this manner, they will learn. Then, when they learn, they will go to the other planet where the people are living on the matrix, and they will start again as “just regular, normal, humans” without the indoctrination and the fear that they suffered as members of the Illuminati.

Then there are our beloved, beloved ones who are working hard every day, every hour, every minute to adjust their consciousness, to send love, to assist others, and to go through intense meditations and initiations because they have decided, because they have dedicated, because they have promised to help Gaia.

Also, they remember that they are not here just for them selves. They remember their true, multidimensional selves. They remember their higher dimensional selves, they remember themselves on their home worlds, and they remember themselves on their Starships. And, they remember that they have chosen to remain on Gaia and assist others to remember their own Higher SELF.

We wish to thank you our dearest brave ones. We wish to send you all of our assistance. And, we remind you that your Galactic Family is always with you. We, the members of your Galactic Family, are always there to assist you.

Shawnna, did you wish to share anything or to ask us any questions?

S:         Yes, I’d actually like to start with just a statement of gratitude to say thank you for everything – the messages you bring through, the support, the encouragement, and the recognition that you just provided. Because I know that many of us are asking, “Are we doing enough? Are we succeeding? Are we able to expand our consciousness? How are we doing?” I think that’s helpful to hear that you pat them on the back for doing all of this difficult, challenging work, and to let them know that they are appreciated for it.

A:        Yes, and we thank all of you, our ambassadors to Earth, for thanking us. We thank you for realizing that we are real. And that even though, we are coming through the voice of a human who is wearing an Earth vessel, that we the Arcturians we are very real. In fact, we wish to speak for a moment for other beings, such as our one who is holding an Earth vessel through whom we can speak.

Many of you are going through very difficult initiations. And, you are not letting it stop you. You are going ahead and doing everything that your own higher guidance is telling you to do, in spite of the day-to-day issues that you have to address, as well as all the challenges that seem to be overwhelming.

We, the Arcturians, want to tell you that this situation that you are moving through is actually a training ground for you. You are moving into all the difficulties, challenges, and fears of that process of letting go of life as you know it, and letting go of everything that you thought was real.

Simultaneously, you are holding on to something that you can only perceive in your consciousness, that you can only perceive in your dreams and  that you can only in your meditations.

We remind you that every Ascended Master in the history of Earth has had to go through difficult initiation after initiation. In other words, they have had to clear the dross from their beingness.  They have had to realize that deep inside of them they have the courage, they have the Light, they have the connection, and they have the commitment to go through their Ascension process.

Now those that have gone before have had great challenges. There were many Ascended beings who went through their Ascension about two thousand years ago, during a period of about six hundred years. They came to Earth because that was a time in which Gaia was in very, very bad shape.

Therefore, Gaia sent out her call. She said, “Dear, Dear ONE, I need some higher beings to come to my planet, in order to go through the process of Ascension. This process of personal ascensions will greatly assist me to raise the resonance of my planetary body. Because humanity has done such immense damage to my planet, I don’t know that I can stay on my axis without that assistance.

Gaia has had to put out this call two, three, four different times. We want you all to remember that Gaia is a living being just as you are. You are a living being that stands up, has a head at your top, and feet at your bottom. Gaia is a living being that is a circular being.

She has a North Pole at the top of Her body, and a South Pole at the bottom of Her body. Humans have a heart and soul along your spinal column with their kundalini force inside their spinal column, and have ability to transmute themselves into Lightbodies. In the same manner, Gaia has a heart and soul within the very core of her circular body, where she has her Core Crystals that give her the ability to transmute into Lightplanet.

We wish all of you to take a moment of this now to allow yourself to imagine being in the core of Gaia. In the core of Gaia you will find the many high beings that are there assisting Gaia from within her core.

Sanat Kumara and all of the other Kumaras that you may not know within this now, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Ascended Atlanteans, Ascended Lemurians, the Lemurians who have lived there since the fall of Lemuria, and the wonderful beings from Pan who preceded the reality of Lemuria.

There are so many beings there. We invite you all to ask Gaia, “Please dear Gaia, would you allow me to visit your core?” Then Gaia will ask you, “Do you love me, your Mother planet – unconditionally? Are you willing to serve me, your Mother planet, – unconditionally? Can you remember that you and I, planet and person, are one being – unconditionally?’ If you can say yes, then you will be allowed to visit the beautiful core of beloved Gaia.

Shawnna, did you have anything that you would like to say in conclusion of our discussion.

S:         As always, we truly appreciate your insight and the support. I think it’s a wonderful reminder that we are not here for ourselves; we’re here for the planet. It is so beautiful that we can dance this Ascension together and become one. Now that we have this invitation, I look forward to seeing every body there within Gaia’s core.

A:        Yes, and so do we, the Arcturians, and so do the Pleiadians, the Antarians and the many other beings that are assisting Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

You, beloved humanity, are not alone within the core-and

You are not alone within your Higher Dimensional Expressions of SELF.

Blessings! We are happy to meet with any and all of you. Just call us with your unconditional love and we the Arcturians, as well as all of your other Galactic Family will come to assist you within this now.

Blessings to you all,

The Arcturians

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Energetic Weather Report and Active Intentions

Join Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians for a full Energetic Weather Report
as we assess and align to powerful intentions for the year.

Saturday, January 28

11:00 AM-12:30 PM Pacific

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I hope you can join us.

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Letting Go of Self-Importance – Part 2/2 -Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Koto Wari


Letting Go of Self-Importance – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1.)Embodied Sages

If we switch and look at what embodied sages say, we encounter a no-nonsense approach to self-importance. For instance, Adyashanti advises us:

“The biggest challenge for most spiritual seekers is to surrender their self importance, and see the emptiness of their own personal story. It is your personal story that you need to awaken from in order to be free. To give up being either ignorant or enlightened is the mark of liberation and allows you to treat others as your Self. What I am describing is the birth of true Love.” (1)

Well, that certainly fits for me.

Unloveable, disagreeable, complainer – these are all elements of a script. Drawing on that script, I interpret events to make up a carefully-pruned, usually self-serving story of events as I saw them and want you to see them.

My story favors me, turns a blind eye to what I contributed to failure and shines the light on what I contributed to success. I am hero in my own write.

I test-run it on my friends and family and get the details down pat. After that, it’s set in stone. I’ve “captured” myself in story as surely as others might on film.

But there’s no aliveness in it. It works counter to awareness. And it doesn’t open the heart. Our story, Adyashanti says, is empty and meaningless.

Krishnamurti looks at the relationship between egoic self-expansion and the rise of conflict within the person:

“Self-expansion in any form, whether through wealth or through virtue, is a process of conflict, causing antagonism and confusion. A mind burdened with becoming can never be tranquil, for tranquillity is not a result either of practice or of time. Tranquillity is a state of understanding, and becoming denies this understanding. Becoming creates the sense of time, which is really the postponement of understanding. The ‘I shall be’ is an illusion born of self-importance. “(2)

The self-importance the ego seeks creates a process of conflict with others because we place them beneath us, a position no one accepts.

It creates conflict within ourselves because it competes for the being’s attention with love and joy, which the longing for liberation will always draw us towards.

It causes confusion because it isn’t a fair or true way of relating to people. All beings are equal in the eyes of God. It forces people to declare themselves: They must submit to our self-importance or wash their hands of it.

The ego pulls the everyday consciousness – the being – towards the lower emotions and the soul pulls the being towards love and joy: That’s the inner conflict, a house divided against itself, which cannot stand forth proud and united within itself. There is no solid ground to stand on.

In my view, those who seek only the world’s pleasures and possessions risk becoming distracted. Krishna said that they walk by the place in the heart where love is, never knowing that the treasure lies within.

Self-important people often express their estimation of themselves through high-status pleasures, experiences, and possessions. Their experience often only goes as high as lower-density feelings like lust and greed.  Self-importance is therefore a burden to those who seek to grow and expand.

Afterlife Commentators

What about afterlife commentators? Having arrived in safe haven/heaven, how do they now regard self-importance? American journalist Julia Ames’ picture of the fate of the selfish person, which includes the self-important, is severe. She depicts a resident of the Dark Planes, which would only include those who have committed heinous crimes. But it does show the ultimate end of self-importance and other forms of selfishness,

“When … the selfish, blinded man comes over here, he wishes to return. He is here in darkness and in poverty. For he has laid up for himself no treasures in this place. His possessions are all with you.

“He wishes to return and, if the door were wide open, he would return and never reform. Hence it is forbidden him….  (3)

“Their hope of salvation, their chance of evolution, lies in their being deprived of the gauds [showy thing] and trumpery in which they invested their soul. Now [that] they are bankrupt, they may begin again.

“They are like people who have invested in bogus stock, which pays dividends for a year or two out of capital and then goes smash. They must be made to realize the worthlessness of the world-stock before they will invest in things eternal.

“They must lose to gain. And what helps them [to maintain the illusion of the world’s trumpery being valuable] is to be allowed out of the outer darkness to see the world in which they sank their all going on just as it did without their being able to partake of the pleasures and indulge in the sins they loved so well. It is a cup of Tantalus [endless frustration].

“To open up communication between them and your world is for them not good but evil. And for you also it is evil. Hence it is mercifully restricted.” (4)

She’s describing the denizens of the lowest Astral subplanes, whose fate is grim. The merely selfish end up a few subplanes higher but still exist below a line that separates the truly happy from the unhappy (the Higher Summerlands from the lower subplanes).

Some people wake up from their experiences in the Dark Planes and others from their experiences in the Higher Summerlands, as Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson reorts. He finds that people often emerge from their anthropocentric conceit and self-importance when they see the wonders of heaven.

“It is in the conceit and self-importance of man that he should think that beauty is expressly created for his pleasure while on earth. Incarnate man thinks he has the monopoly of beauty. When he becomes discarnate he eventually wakes up to the fact that he has never really seen how great beauty can be and he becomes silent and humble, perhaps for the first time in his life! It is a salutary lesson, the awakening in spirit, believe me, my dear friend – with many a shock to accompany it.” (5)

Where Benson lives, inflated ideas of self-worth can’t exist. Those with self-importance would find the atmosphere too rarified for their liking, just as those who continue to choose separation, selfishness, and competition here today will find our atmosphere becoming too rarified for them in the near future. They may choose to leave.

“Discord and disagreement … could not possibly exist in this realm wherein is my home. …

“Whatever gifts we may possess in spirit, it is part of the essence of this realm that we have no inflated ideas of the power or excellence of those gifts. We acknowledge them in humility alone, without self-importance … and we are grateful for the opportunity of working, con amore, with our colleagues in the service of the Great Inspirer.” (6)

It isn’t that the ego, the self that makes itself important, is bad and wrong. When we lived in caves, it served a very useful purpose, promoting the individual’s and the tribe’s survival. For its service to us in more primitive times, it deserves our gratitude.

But its tendencies will keep us on the lower vibrational level now, where its functioning was appropriate, whereas we want to move ahead. Its time of usefulness is over.

It all works out in the final reel. The story has a happy ending. When we wake up to the fact that we are God, we also wake up to the fact that, as the One, we cannot be more important. But that importance extends to everyone else, who is also the One.

The Light and Love of the One extends to all like filaments of a fiberoptic lamp. In my opinion, our “importance” comes from being that filament of the Light.


(1) Adyashanti, “How You Treat Others,” 1998, downloaded from, 2004.

(2) J. Krishnamurti, Commentaries on Living. First Series. Bombay, etc.: B.I. Publications, 1972; c1974, 1, 22.

(3) Denizens of the Dark Planes are not allowed to return to or visit Earth so long as they remain on the Dark Planes.

(4). Julia [Julia T. Ames] through W.T. Stead, medium, After Death. A Personal Narrative. New York: George H. Doran, n.d.; c. 1914, 180.

(5) Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson through Anthony Borgia, medium, Life in the World Unseen. M.A.P., 1993, 97.

(6) Ibid., 117.



Art : Koto Wari

Your Intimate Relationship With Gaia’s Ascension @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Your Intimate Relationship with Gaia’s Ascension–The Arcturians through Sue Lie


Your Intimate Relationship With Gaia’s Ascension

The Arcturians
A house, a car, and any “possession” with which a human shares their aura on a regular basis, is greatly affected by the human’s aura that intermingles with the energy field of every third dimensional person, place, situation or thing.

All reality is based on energy. Some of that energy is of such a low frequency that it attracts matter around it to become a person, place, being, or thing. Many of you will notice that when you enter the car of another person, you can feel that person’s energy field when you enter their car.

This experience of perceiving the fourth and fifth dimensional auras of your surrounding reality, expands your consciousness, and hence your ability to perceive the higher frequencies of reality.

Once you have a conscious awareness of the higher frequency persons, places, situations and energy fields, your consciousness, and eventually your physical body, will slowly, or quickly, adapt to those slightly higher frequencies of reality. This process is often called “Ascension.”

This slightly higher frequency is much like your first steps up a high mountain. The mountain is very high, and you may or may not choose to go to its peak. Therefore, you connect with the concept of deciding if you have the dedication that is necessary to “climb to the peak of a mountain.”

If you have the dedication to form an intimate relationship with Gaia, you will perceive the process of ascension as a planetary event. Within the NOW of that perception, your consciousness expands beyond your third/fourth dimensional human consciousness and into your fifth dimensional planetary conscious.

Once your personal Sense of Self has expanded to include your Planetary Self, your consciousness you begin the “own” and can more fully adapt to the fifth dimensional Gamma Waves of Gaia’s Soul. Yes, Gaia is a living being with a Planetary Soul in the same manner as humanity has a human Soul.

It can be very difficult for some of you to realize that you are just an individual person. If that is your situation, then you can remain within the third and lower, fourth dimensional consciousness until you have completed your total exploration of “being an individual.”

Being an individual can only be experienced in the third dimension where the primary resonance of reality creates the illusion that each person, place or thing is separate from every other person, place or thing.

As Earth continues Her journey through space, she is traveling through many fifth dimensional energy fields that are attaching to Gaia and all Her inhabitants. These energy fields of fifth dimensional light are activating your 97% DNA, which has remained latent until this NOW of their activation via the higher light.

Please remember that your third dimensional life has been based on only 3% of your DNA and of your multidimensional potential. As the higher frequencies of light activate the latent potentials in all life on third dimensional Gaia, the illusion of separation, and the time that is created by separation, will shift into the NO time and NO separation of the fifth dimensional NOW.

All reality will change, but since humans have “free will” they can consciously or unconsciously choose NOT to perceive these changes. Please remember that all perceptions are in alignment with the state of consciousness of the perceiver.

Therefore, when a person choses to remain in third dimensional beta wave consciousness, they will be calibrated to only perceive the third-dimensional, beta wave reality. Therefore, these people will not perceive any changes in their reality—YET.

On the other hand, those who have expanded their consciousness into the fourth dimension, astral wave reality, will have vivid dreams, and their imagination will perceive the possibility of a world based on unity and equality for all.

Those of you who have expanded your consciousness into the fifth dimensional, gamma wave consciousness will be able to see the “unseen.” For example, you will likely begin by perceiving auras, having “flashes” of the future that come true, as well as a growing sense of unity with all life.

As your consciousness becomes increasingly fifth dimensional, that which was formerly known as “time” will be replaced by an ever-expanding experience of each moment blurring into the experience in which you are engaging within that NOW.

As long as your consciousness continues its expansion into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will naturally fall into an intimate relationship with all life, including the entire planet Earth. Eventually, you will expand your “sense of self” to include being ONE with the Planet.

Your third dimensional state of consciousness could only perceive your environment as something that is outside of you. Therefore, your third dimensional self often thought in terms of “control over,” rather than “co-operation with.”

Fortunately, as your thinking expanded from control over to co-operation with, your consciousness expands into your higher brainwaves. Once your consciousness has expanded, your perceptions also expand.

As your perceptions extend into higher frequencies on a regular basis, you will slowly, or quickly, be able to believe that what you perceive is “real,” even if that perception seems impossible to your third dimensional thinking. What is within this NOW is that more and more of you are beginning to consciously perceive the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of reality.

Of course, you can only do so when you are calm and centered enough to allow your breathing to slow, your hearing to expand, and your sight to focus on the energy fields that are is “just beyond” your physical reality.

There are many new higher dimensional perceptions that are “coming online” within your Multidimensional Mind. Then, as you are able to blend your daily thoughts and emotions with your Multidimensional Mind, you will perceive not just your third dimensional reality, but also the higher dimensional overlay of those perceptions.

Your challenge NOW is that Gaia’s higher resonance is revealing the many lies that you have been told, as well as the truths that are now entering your higher perceptions. These revelations can make your 3D life can feel pretty “bumpy.”

However, as your consciousness expands into consciously experiencing “moments of the NOW” you will begin to understand that which was once beyond your conception! At this point of expansion, you may become so disoriented that your consciousness may fall back into third dimensional thinking.

Your first excursions into the fifth dimension can appear to be “very brief,” or “not at all” because your third dimensional brain has difficulty retaining a memory that is “outside of third-dimensional time.”

This problem will be solved as your 97% Junk DNA is activated by the Higher Light. As the higher frequencies of light turns on more and more of what was once known as your “junk DNA,” many innate, but long forgotten, truths will be remembered.

However, only fifth dimensional Gamma Waves can only activate your 97% “junk DNA.” Fortunately, this “junk DNA,” is NOW being activated by the higher frequencies of light coming to Earth.

Hence, those of you who were only using 2% of your potential are suddenly, or slowly, using up to 98% of your potential. Within the NOW of that leap in personal potential, you will be called on to make decisions regarding the degree of commitment to Planetary Ascension that you wish to hold in your heart.

This decision will determine what you will need to change and/or release in order to continue your dedicated service to Gaia. Some humans may decide, “No, I don’t think I believe in this planetary ascension thing. I just want to create a good life for me and my family.”

Others may say, “Yes, I want to assist with planetary ascension in any way that I can. Therefore, I will let go of that which interferes with my ability to assist with Planetary Ascension – no matter what.” In order to fulfill your “goal” of ascending with Gaia, you will need to love Gaia much more than you love your third dimensional goals and desires.

Dedication, devotion, commitment, perseverance, and loyalty to planetary ascension are necessary for you to complete your process of returning to your fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

Please remember that your highest expression of SELF will be with you to guide you through the many challenges of planetary ascension. Your intimate relationships with others, your inner self, your higher guidance, and your planetary Mother Gaia will also assist you in your personal and planetary ascension.

In fact, it is your own higher dimensional SELF who will guide you through the challenges of daily life, your intimate relationships with others, as well as your expanding relationship with your self and with your planet Gaia.

Unconditional love and personal dedication are the secrets to the fulfillment of your personal, group, and planetary expansion into the higher frequencies of reality. We see that many of our wonderful Emissaries to Earth have suffered, cried, and failed, but they continued on, no matter what.

We see that it is the unconditional love for each other, for your families, your work, your creativity, as well as your commitment to your Mission that you chose before you took this embodiment. We also see your great dedication and bravery.

We see the sacrifices that you are making in order to assist with personal and planetary ascension. We also see the ‘challenges” that you have called into your daily life and physical form.

You have taken on these challenges because you are ready and dedicated to expand your consciousness in order to prepare for the body of light, your Lightbody, which resonates inside your spinal column, within your Kundalini.

We see how your Lightbody SELF, in its dormant state of Kundalini energy, awaits the awakening of the “sleeping serpent” that is curled up within your First Chakra. The awakening of your inner force of kundalini will initiate your transmutation into Lightbody.

When you return to your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, you will fully realize that YOU are the relationships that you have, and YOU are the reality you have created.

As you return to your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, you will all remember that you are ONE who volunteered to take an earth vessel on Gaia in this NOW to assist dear Mother Earth with Her ascension into Her fifth dimensional Lightbody PLANET.

Blessings, we are the Arcturians and your entire Galactic Family.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:26 AM

Energy update and the Tsolians on a Coronal mass ejection (CME) -Meline Lafont


unknown artist


Energy update and the Tsolians on a Coronal mass ejection (CME)

 January 12, 2017

Méline Portia Lafont


The Wave that was predicted by Lord Merlin to hit us between 2015 and 2017 has hit us and our entire planet (and is still in the process of doing so). We have been hit hard with Solar energies, Gamma Waves, Photon rays and Cosmic energies.  WOWZA, these are digging deep and blending on a cellular level into our DNA.  If you are feeling grumpy and exhausted, experiencing detoxing flu like symptoms you are sure to be a part of those that are grounding this experience DEEPLY.  Some may feel light one day and grumpy the next

Despite feeling heavy, tired, purged by all we’ve released lately there are beautiful energies coming in. Now we are in a time frame where all planets in our solar systems are in direct motion. NO retrogrades for one month I am told by my friend who is an astrologer. This means we can derive much energy from these planetary positions moving forward, so go ahead and take action.

So what will you be doing during this time? What are your plans and what have you been preparing to create and to bring about? This will be an excellent time for it. Ok, let’s move forward now and leave all that has happened in 2016 behind. No looking back so that we won’t create much of the same. Let us give a chance to this new energy of 2017 so that it truly can come about.


You will be moving through a coronal mass ejection of Solar flare energies. This coronal mass ejection is about to hit the Earth soon and this will bring an influx of amplified light. During this, certain zones on your Earth will be delivered with a massive shake up and change as to where the energies will ramp up and speed up the accelerated timelines. This entails that the energies that will have to come out will do so instantly and very fast even to the point that there is no time to comprehend this. It is like a go and flow, hitting the start button and not even see it end because it happens at the speed of light.

Instant eruptions, sudden outbursts of things and unforseen changes. It all triggers into the core of things and in Beings as it is meant to do.

You are learning to let go more and BE more as you cannot hold onto it any longer anymore. That’s the reason the energies are going to be this way that it is futule trying to understand things, nor trying to place it in your frame of mind. The only thing you can do is to BE and as it comes into your mind you just have to release it instantly like a fleeting thought.

Just like in the Omniverse there are sudden light explosions triggered by a force of unimaginable power. You cannot comprehend, trying to will make an end of your experience and your momentary existence during that time. Letting BE and Being without using the mind or understanding shall let you live the experience and preserve the momentary experience.

You are to learn and understand now that you are all living in a mental reality and that thoughts have created this momentary reality of existence. You are learning to fly and step out of this mental reality and by doing so you will no longer use your thoughts any longer but step out of the thoughts and step into the Being.

Therefore are these eruptions excellent teachers, tools and reflections of the mental planes you live in. Instant manifestation of your thoughts is possible now. This does not only mean to monitor and scan your thoughts but rather to leave your thoughts behind and become thoughtless, moving into Beingness. Your thoughts will go in overdrive during this current time because these current energies will amplify all that are thoughts. This may get on your nerve systems, so learn to release the thoughts and step into the planes of beingness and thoughtlessness.

You are being assisted in this now with these Solar Flares and it is re-setting and re-programming your codes in the DNA to enable this transition concerning the mental planes for all of you.

With Light and confidence

The Tsolians

I must say that I have been experiencing what the Tsolians have been saying. And in a profound way I might add. I am constantly working on myself to release any thoughts as they have indeed been increasing lately. And it comes in so fast and gets stronger and stronger until I stop this by going to a zero point state. But as soon as I open my eyes and come back into the body, they are coming back in strongly. It is like everywhere you look your thoughts find points to connect to and start making stories.

Big time for the Decoding and Deactivation of the Human mind again, so I am going to start using this tool again for a few weeks to assist me. If you are interested in this tool you can find it on my you tube channel for free or you can purchase the audio and pdf file in my web store. It is a great and powerful tool and has helped a lot of people already so I am being told.

And so we go deeper and deeper Beloveds. Is there any way we still can fight this or resist this? NO! There is no space for that anymore so best to surrender to the Self and trust ALL of you, which goes further than the Human You.

Have a blessed time and we will connect later.

Love, Méline Portia Lafont

Universal created gift  2012-2016.  We co-create together and share with Love. All Rights to share, blog and use excerpts are permitted by Universal law provided the content is copied unaltered, is distributed freely, and the author + website is mentioned.  Méline Portia Lafont


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Letting Go of Self-Importance – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : And We Labor – Nicholas Roerich


Letting Go of Self-Importance – Part 1/2

We also call it puffery, vanity, an inflated sense of self-worth.

Everything bad starts happening when I feel my ego swelling.  I experience a diminution in people’s good estimation or good regard. Friends drop away. I feel as if I’ve let myself down.

On the other hand, each time I break through to setting self-importance aside, (1) I experience a swelling of loving pride in myself and of love for others as well.

That makes it important for me to look at the topic.  I’d like to consult the masters on it. I’ll be looking at channeled sources here and embodied sages and afterlife commentators in Part 2.

Channeled Sources

I very much agreed with what Albert Einstein said on the topic last year at this time, channeled through Linda Dillon:

“It is peculiar, interesting, that the grandest illusion of your and other planetary systems, especially over what you think of as time, has been the illusion of separation, of isolation. And that, of course, has been fed or triggered by the desire to be unique and special, and thereby found as worthy and loved by the source of which we speak.

“And in that false desire to be unique, you have created the very essence of what you abhor, which is this illusion of separation, of loneliness. All of this has been created by the false gods of ego, of self-importance. Oh, I know a little about self-importance! But I have also learned, and as an old being I share with you, that there is only Love.

“There is no room for puffed-up self-importance because in the kernel, the fabric, the matrix of who you are, carrying that essence of Divine Patterning in your unique expression, you are already extraordinary.” (2)

What a paradox! We’re already extraordinary but can only come to know it when we let go of the desire to be extraordinary.

Our very sense of self-importance hides the real importance of our Self.

Given that our egoic sense of self-importance is an obstacle to love and joy, we end up only feeling emotions of lower density, among them a lack of self-worth. We end up on what Archangel Michael calls a very restricted teeter-totter.

“There is a very peculiar attribute among the human beings. On the one hand — and we are back to the seesaw, teeter-totter [metaphor] — there is the ego and the sense of self importance, and on the other hand, at the other end of the seesaw, there is this sense of false humility and lack of self-worth.” (3)

As high as we can go on this teeter-totter is self-importance on one side and false humility and a lack of self-worth on the other. I am important; I’m not important; I’m not; I am. If you listen to people’s conversations, the theme seems an almost universal preoccupation, at a level below ordinary consciousness.

We play-act. We rehearse our performances, dress for the part, practice our looks and gestures.

We energize ourselves and collaborate to achieve “magic moments” – a trip to Disneyland, a trip to Hawaii, a stay at an ashram. But these peak moments fade away and leave very little long-term trace.  At the most in the normal course of events, we experience only ordinary love – attraction, liking, warmth.

The expansion of the ego prevents the opening of the heart in real or transformative love. Why? Quite honestly, from my point of view? I say it’s because that’s the way God designed it. God designed life so that we achieve knowledge of the One in a moment of our enlightenment. One of the design features of life is that we cannot know ourselves until we let go of the lower-density survival mechanism called the ego. It’s the bottleneck.

The Master Djwhal Khul tells us that the ego may resist our attempts to let it go. But the rising energies ensure that it now must release its grip and allow us to progress.

“The infinite nature your soul will bring forth may be resisted by aspects of your ego or personality. However, it is required to dissolve and release, with greater ease and speed, the illusions humanity are engaging with which are causing harm, chaos and disharmony within the world. As humanity accepts this beautiful aspect of their soul, so they will realize their constant connection with all aspects of the Creator upon the Earth and the inner planes.” (4)

The ego doesn’t disappear completely; it becomes the willing servant it was always meant to be.  We stop looking to it for protection as we progressively realize our eternal nature, experience universal love and bliss, and open to a world that works.

Let me leave the final word to AA Michael, who says that, once we feel elevated, let us take the elevator to the basement:

“As you assume profile – whether it is because of money or notoriety or political power or financial power, it matters not – it gives you a sense of being elevated. We would encourage you to take the elevator to the basement.

“This sense of false importance – there can be no room for this sense of arrogance, entitlement.

“That somehow because you have been blessed, you are above, that is not the purpose. Think of it as putting you below. You are blessed because you are in a position to be of greater service.

“Greater service – and I speak as one, an artist, a musician who serves the Mother and because of that service, goes into the darkest places of chaos and mayhem – does not make me elevated. It makes me more willing to serve.” (5)

It’ll be one of our greatest challenges to do the Mother’s work while staying out of self-servingness, entitlement, and self-importance.

(Concluded in Part 2.)


(1) Listening is excellent practice for putting self-importance aside. Whenever I feel a self-importsnt thought coming up in listening, I make a practice of setting it aside and returning to listening.

(2) “Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Albert Einstein: The Patterning of The Universe, Part 2,” Jan. 15, 2016, at

(3) Archangel Michael: You’re Now Ready to Know Who is Here,” April 10, 2013, at

(4) “Master Djwhal Khul via Natalie Glasson: Synergy of Time,” Jan. 7, 2017, at

(5) “Archangel Michael on Post-Reval Lightworker Entitlement,” July 30, 2016, at


Art : And We Labor – Nicholas Roerich

The Purpose and Service of Creation by Goddess Grace – Natalie Glasson


Art : The Alchemy of Awakening – Holly Sierra


The Purpose and Service of Creation

by Goddess Grace

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 13th January 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Blessings of divine grace I bring to you now from the heart of the Divine Feminine on the inner planes. I am Goddess Grace from the Cosmic Level of the Creator’s Universe. It is my purpose to receive the pure updated and expansive vibration of grace from the Creator distributing the energy to all aspects of the Creator especially the Divine Feminine expressions within all. I receive pure grace and intertwine it with the divine will of the Creator sharing my creation with all. Each synthesis of grace and the divine will of the Creator for each present moment occurs within my energy being, my soul. A creation of energy, consciousness, intention and even conception of new expansive Creator vibrations takes place within me; it is akin to an explosion of light, consciousness and knowingness. It is my purpose to gift the creation of the Creator which forms within me to whomever or whe rever I feel guided. My role in the universe of the Creator is a sacred blessing for me as I experience a constant connection with the Creator, continuously downloading exquisite light frequencies of the Creator of grace and the divine will into my being. I experience great explosions of blissful and inspirational light manifesting within me while being guided to give birth to these energies in order to further manifest the Creator in areas upon the Earth and the inner planes.

As a Goddess being, which means that I emanate, express and continuously magnify the Divine Feminine vibrations of the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes, I have numerous roles. Each role is not compulsory; however, each role allows me to grow, develop and experience or explore my true union with the Creator. My role of intertwining grace and the divine will of the Creator is the experience which brings me the greatest of happiness and fulfilment on a soul and soul group level.

Receiving Your Role/Purpose from the Creator

There are numerous roles, actions and experiences available for you to accept, to experience and embody. Great volumes of energy, light frequency and consciousness flows forth from the Creator always. If you wish to be of service, if you wish to accept a role in the universe of the Creator which allows you to be of service to all, then there is simply a need for you to be in tune and harmony with your soul, requesting to receive the energy and understanding that will support and inspire you to be of service. The Universe of the Creator is in constant momentum, continuously altering, shifting and expanding. There is always a role available to be received and experienced. It is not that this role is the purpose of your life upon the Earth, in truth, there are so many parts, roles and responsibilities for you to embody which will allow you to be of service and feel fulfilled. Some roles will remain with you for many years as you embody, experience and express them fully, while others will come and go even before you have contemplated what has occurred. The Universe of the Creator is a space of divine opportunity to experience, embody and express the Creator. Some people label this their purpose, it is important to remember that the divine flow and a sense of fluidity is present in all aspects of the Creator, therefore your purpose/role upon the Earth and the inner planes is constantly changing and shifting, it is never rigid and constant, it is always developing and evolving. Numerous roles /purposes are constantly available for you to accept and receive when you are existing in harmony with your soul with an open heart and mind ready to receive.

Attuning to Be of Service

‘Beloved Goddess Grace, please enthuse my being with your energy, love, support and consciousness. Let me experience your creation and expression of the synthesised Creator energies of grace and the divine will. May these vibrations bring peace to my entire being allowing and supporting me in existing in pure and absolute harmony with my soul. Goddess Grace, please assist me in opening my heart chakra and conscious mind to align with the energy of the Creator and all the blessings being expressed for me and all to accept, embody and express. I know as I focus on existing in harmony with my soul that my soul will draw into my awareness the perfect roles, actions and ways for me to be of service guided and inspired by the Creator. I gratefully receive the energies, consciousness and inspiration of being of service and achieving a role or purpose for all. In doing so, I am as one w ith the divine flow of the Creator realising that there are numerous ways for me to be of service for my own ascension and the spiritual evolution of all. I know that each role I accept, embody and express will support me in accessing the natural vibrations of fulfilment, happiness and joy which reside within my being and soul always. Every step I take now supports me in being in harmony with the Creator, my inner vibrations of fulfilment and the truth of the Creator which resides within me. Thank you.’

It is important to realise that your divine purpose/role is to be open to receive, embody and express the vibrations that the Creator brings forth to you in any moment of your day or life.

Focus Upon Creation In This Time of Your Ascension

Focusing upon creation is an essential part of your current period of ascension. It is important to focus upon the energy which can be created within your being by your unison with the Creator. As you focus upon the energy which is created within you, you allow yourself to recognise the active presence and power of the Creator which can be born within you to assist your reality and ascension upon the Earth. The Creator is inviting you to look within your being to not only recognise the energies, consciousness and light already present, more importantly, to recognise that you can activate and receive energies to create new expansive and powerful vibrations to serve you. This is a powerful realisation and experience. Often upon your quest to experience the Creator within, you wish to recognise what is already present. I, Goddess Grace, am being guided to share with you that there is a n eed to recognise what is being created within you and how energies anchored or activated synthesis within you to create explosions of light, power and knowingness.

You can ask for all which is needed and required to be experienced in your physical and spiritual reality to be born as light vibrations synthesising within your being, creating explosions of light (creation) for you to express and breath into all that you are on the Earth.

Alternatively, you can focus upon what you wish to experience such as an energy, situation, awakening or healing. With your focus on what you wish to create invite the appropriate energy, light and consciousness to download into your being or activate from within. Let these energies synthesise merging as one until they form an energy which will be like a beacon of light or a new inspirational sensation within you. Then let this light or sensation be expressed as you focus upon each breath you exhale until you feel the energy has connected with your entire being and reality.

Every moment of your day you are creating energy within you. New light vibrations are merging with your soul even when you are not aware; you are a being of constant creation. Your thoughts, memories and emotions of the past are merging with how you feel in this moment to create a source or explosion of creation which you then embody without realising. This means that sometimes when you are unaware, you are creating energies that do not serve you. There is no need to be concerned about this. The more you can allow yourself to focus upon the energy, emotions and thoughts that are constantly emerging or being created within you due to your continuous process of synthesis, the more you will align to constantly create fulfilment for yourself and others. Your observation of the energy created within you consciously or unconsciously is the key at this time of ascension. It is time to recogn ise and embody the understanding that you are a being of creation, your purpose and role is to create the divine Creator in numerous beautiful and exquisite forms to fulfil yourself and others on a soul level.

Consciously Practice the Process of Creation

I, Goddess Grace, encourage you to call upon two vibrations of light and consciousness from the Creator to be downloaded and activated within your being.

Allow yourself to recognise or label these two qualities you are experiencing, such as love, peace, harmony, strength, forgiveness or bliss.

Consciously allow these two qualities of light and consciousness to merge within your heart chakra and observe the energy, knowingness or feeling created.

With every breath you exhale, allow the energy which has been created to expand connecting with your entire being and reality.

Notice how this serves you and others.

Co-Creating with Grace and the Divine Will

Please call upon my presence to be with you, Goddess Grace. Invite me to channel my energies into your being. This will be the energy and consciousness created within my being specifically for you from the synthesis of grace and divine will.  Let the energy I share with you settle in your heart and expand into your being and reality. You may wish to anchor my energy into your root chakra to support the transformation of your root chakra, your primary energies; consciousness, beliefs and experiences. The energy of grace and the divine will of the Creator will tremendously support you in your ascension process now.

With eternal love, grace and the divine will of the Creator,

Goddess Grace (Goddess of Grace)

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Art : The Alchemy of Awakening – Holly Sierra

The Process of Merging PARALLEL Worlds and Timelines – L’aura Pleiadian


unknown source


The Process of Merging PARALLEL Worlds and Timelines


There is a constant interplay that is taking place, that most people are unaware of. An in and out of, so to speak, of varying frequencies. When you exist consciously in many dimensions at once, you can see this taking place in people around you.

Timelines are similar to a movie, the streaming appears seamless.

The more present you are of consciously existing in the eternal moment, the greater your awareness of these shifting in and out of these parallel worlds and future timelines, NOW. All occurring now. The so-called past and future, as part of this interplay of frequencies.

Drawing different versions of you into your present state of frequency consciousness is a process taking place.

After all, you are present in all of them, through the different frequency versions of you.

The Specific next level future timeline YOU is the process of expanding into and shifting back into the current version of you. Through frequency. This is part of the preparation process. NOT too sudden. This may feel like a bleed through at times. A little of both going on. Yet subtle at times and somewhat seamless.

The back and forth YOU ~ that is.

Does the process come down to changing matter or expanding the consciousness into parallel worlds? Both.

The releasing of MEMORIES ~ in your Blueprint arise and are completed, as part of your destiny. As part of this SHIFTING and EXPANDING into the next levels. 

The NEW level timeline. The ONE where you exist as ASCENDED.


When a parallel world that is a higher frequency version of you is coming through as ALMOST shifted into, you become more CONSCIOUS of the Presence of a DIFFERENT You ~ that appears to be emerging.

That suddenly experiences life differently. YET ~ that process is not sudden. IT has been going on all along. YOU are just waking up in the next level. The parallel world.


As the momentum increases and you are about to fully MERGE in consciousness with your next NEW LEVEL timeline IN ALL moments, you may feel the push, of the new timeline showing its presence as it emerges. It is like an overlay that bleeds through, more and more, consciously.

The final stages of the shift appear seamless, miraculous. There you are, in a new version of you. A new life. A new World.

Even though you were shifting in and out in all moments. This was preparing  the consciousness of your form, as it too experienced adjust to the higher frequencies. To the higher dimensions of you.

The Highest all the way to the lowest. The lowest to the highest. That is the merging of you with the original YOU. That always has existed. That is always taking place NOW.

Now, breathing and feeling.

I NOW MERGE more deeply and consciously with the expanded version of me, in my Future timeline. 

I now allow the FULL merging of my consciousness with the HIGHER frequency dimensions to be COMPLETE as I consciously LIVE as my  original LIGHT.

The Divine Ascended Being, that I am already, now lives through me in all moments. As this LIGHT ~ that is Eternal. That knows itself only as this Light, in all moments, throughout eternity. 

This linking up, so to speak, is the seamless LIGHT of all Dimensions, that are NOW ONE in my experience, As the Ascension of my consciousness knows itself as COMPLETE. 

Receive and BREATHE feeling deeply this activation. 

This Unification. 

This Love that is eternal. 

ALL NOW as the Divine LIGHT that is always present, in all worlds and timelines. And so it is. I love you! 

Receive the Hourly Activation ~ The Divine Ascended Being Activation, FOR YOU. Your Transformation. Your Ascension. ALL NOW.

The release of the memories, the pain, into the PURE LIGHT of Unconditional LOVE ~ ALL NOW. The DIVINE Alchemy of Spirit and Matter MERGED as ONE with the Original Light. 

The Soul Star Matrix. Present NOW.



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Inner-knowing arises thru feeling – Linda Grace Antara Ma


unknown artist


Inner-knowing arises thru feeling

Truth cannot be accessed thru your intellect… your intellect can understand concepts even complex ones, but to truly realise truth your heart has to be involved…. feeling has to be involved. Your mind is limited by linear thinking, whereas your heart is multidimensional in nature. Your heart doesn´t need to understand the bits and pieces of why and is not bound by logic…. it naturally feels what is true thru direct experience… it cannot be explained nor understood, it simply is. It is more of a witnessing, than a process of active effort to make things believable and truthful. Mind is asking questions after questions, heart listens and feels. Truth can only be heard in the silence of your heart. If you need answers, become silent and listen to your heart. No one “knows” better than your heart. The divine feminine intellegence in you is aligned with the akashic records and accessed thru your heart. And the more you let go of wanting to know (getting out of your mind-body), the more you become “all-knowing” simply by BE-ing present in your heart from moment to moment… in this space of grace, you become one with the omnipresence of god/goddess. And all questioning looses its value.

All that matters is being and expanding in the grace of the present moment. When you are too much in your mindbody, you loose the connection to your soul and the omnipresent field of divine love and get caught up in the mind chatter of the collective mind-body. You loose yourself in past and future and cannot be present in the NOW. And you are stuck in what has defined your past and projects this unconsciously into the future. This is why we keep having things re-occuring, similar patterns happening, similar partners, similar situations taking place. Only by conscious focus in your heart, can you align yourself with source and the divine intellegence, that transcends all-knowing. You become divine intellegence embodied, love incarnate. ~ Linda Grace …

The Year of Wisdom ~ Teachings of the Eye of Horus – By Anrita Mechizedek


The Year of Wisdom ~ Teachings of the Eye of Horus

By Anrita Mechizedek

Elders January Transmission 2017

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You Tube video

Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this sacred month of January as you enter into this new nine year cycle, and deeper into your Christed Hearts and the pathway of Divine Love.

Sweet ones, where you are now, at this time of new beginnings, is within a deepening flow of creative inspirations, focus, and abounding synchronicities activated through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, to bring about your heart’s dreaming and the changes you wish to co-create within your own lives upon this sacred earth.

Through the many planetary activities of Light in 2016, the diamond light rays of creation, bringing deeper levels of your purity, innocence and divinity, and the third wave of photonic light frequencies activated in early September, you entered into the third wave of the I Am Avatar Consciousness. The first wave in December/January, followed by the second wave in April/May, brought about increased levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness and interconnectivity, while clearing the remnants of misaligned energies. And through the third wave, you deepened into the quantum starlight streaming of your multidimensional selves and the New Earth geometries as well as deeper into alignment with Source through the petals of your Christed Heart, with a renewed sense of your magnificence and Light and expression of your Soul’s note as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

This level of Christ Consciousness, called the fourth level of Christ Consciousness, is depicted through a sphere that comes in approximately 12 feet in diameter around you, and is Overlighted by the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, who greatly assisted in 2016 in a rebalancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, and in particular, the archetypal blueprint of the Divine Masculine archetype, and the merging of the Andromedan and Milky Way Galaxies into what is called the Golden Rose Galaxy. At this dimensional level, there is a focus on the sacred geometry of the icosahedron, brought about through the sixteenth ray of Inter-Galactic Christ Consciousness, a beautiful golden-white Flame of Light taking you deeper into expansion and integration. While these geometries may seem less important to your experience of the collective energies of Christ Consciousness sweet ones, what is occurring now is a renewed activation of the sacred geometries, numerologies and fractal geometries through the New Earth Templates which allows for a deep flow of surrender and trust, in the knowing that the highest outcome will always prevail, no matter the situation from an outward perspective. Within the Unity Grid of Divine Love, this matrix of Light that weaves through you, within you and around you and this sacred earth, are the energetic cords that connect you at a Soul level, not only into the experience of the planetary energies, the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love, but also to those souls you will meet along the path of Divine Love. So each experience that now unfolds as you touch the hearts of others, will bring greater levels of wisdom, illumination and insight to you personally as well as to all life on this sacred earth.

Many of you may have noticed in the last two to three months the significance of the numbers repeating in the Christ Consciousness frequencies of 11 as well as the dimensional frequency units, such as 11:11, 11:22, 12:12, 22:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and so on. These frequencies, numerologically and geometrically have now taken you into the next level of your Soul’s Forward Evolution and for many of you, 2016 was the laying of these foundations, as you now deepen into your leadership roles as sacred custodians and wayshowers on this sacred earth. You may have changed jobs, locations, friends, or let go of many relationships that no longer serve you.

And now, in this sacred year of 2017, you enter into the Year of Wisdom or the Year of Initiations of LightOverlighted by Lord Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek. This eighth dimensional frequency matrix brings with it a knowing of your challenges as initiations of Light, but what changes sweet ones, are the energy frequencies or patterns being experienced in this Now. The moments of stress and “lack of” start to dissolve into the knowing that there is only Love and the surrender to All That Is takes you deeper into the re-union of hearts with Soul and Star Family and fellow initiates of Light. Everything that unfolds from the Christed Heart serves a purpose sweet ones, part of the Divine Plan; and the energetic cords that connect you to others deepen into the synchronicities that see you taking your service work to the next level in divinely inspired creations of Light, without hesitation, without fear, and without doubt. All is divinely perfect within the seemingly imperfection and this symphony of divinely orchestrated events is further experienced now through the spheres of Metatron’s Cube.

These 13 spheres of Light enfold you within a diamond sphere 54 feet in diameter around you, and as the geometries of the platonic solids activate, you further experience the nine dimensions of creation taking you into the Cosmic Heart of God, the Light Body/Merkaba activation, the rays of creation, the Flower of Life and now, the Fruit of Life. And within this too, the Tree of Life.

Part of the gifts of these Light frequencies sweet ones, is the ability to draw upon many of the tools offered by the Company of Heaven, these ascension keys to self-mastery. And recently, we invited you through a telewebinar transmission to experience what was called the Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light, is a beautiful 12-pointed star with two infinity symbols embedded upon the star, one horizontal and one vertical. The Shield of Light initially activates through your chakras and the Overlighting of Lord Michael, Lord Melchizedek, and Lord Metatron. Once fully actualized, it forms a spherical shield 54 feet in diameter around you, surrounding the diamond sphere, the Golden Fruit of Life and Metatron’s cube, and with this, taking you deeper into alignment with the Divine Blueprints of Creation, your perfect blueprint.

The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light brings with it the atomic seeds of God Consciousness, the bio-energetic matrix circuitry of the Crystalline Life-Code Seed Atoms, whilst simultaneously mapping through the chakras, nadis and meridians your etheric, electronic Body of Light, your I Am Avatar Body of Light, and the knowing, sweet ones, of the higher mind teachings of Golden Ages of Light.

You may think of this Shield of Light sweet ones as an amplification of the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom, which takes you deeper into the energetic matrix of the New Earth Templates, and brings to you the ability to magnetize what you may be needing in any given Now moment.

Lord Michael brings through the Power aspects of this Shield of Light, deeper into the individual expression of sovereignty, truth, protection and the Divine Will aspects of Creation. Lord Metatron brings in the Love aspects through the geometries of creation, as well as energetic rewiring and re-patterning of the physical body, and energy bodies. And Lord Melchizedek, the Wisdom aspects of the Higher Mind teachings through the Left and Right Eye of Horus. And for those of you sweet ones, that have been activating this Shield of Light, you may have noticed changes in the physical diet or exercise routine, a release of stress or old energies, as well as a renewed sense of inspiration or focus on your heart’s dreaming in a new flow of grace and ease.

We also let you know sweet ones that those that assisted in this initial activation of the Trinity Lords Shield of Light drew upon the sacred geometries of the New Earth Templates to bring about the fourth level of Christ Consciousness. For you see, this fourth level of Christ Consciousness vibrates to an imperfect phi-ratio (a 16 x 20 phi-ratio) and in experience of Metatron’s Cube amplified through this Shield, the holographic imprintings of the spheres within spheres, geometries within geometries amplified into a new cohesion quantum field of perfect symmetry, and brought into being the perfect Divine Blueprint for this fourth level of Christ Consciousness.

The Trinity Lords Shield of Light appears initially as a disc of Light. It anchors through the Soul Star Chakra approximately 15 centimeters above the crown chakra, and then through all the chakras, and into the Earth Star Chakra, anchoring the Crystalline Life-Code Seed Atoms, as well as rejuvenating and regenerating body parts and organs in the creation of the bio-energetic matrix circuitry of your I Am Avatar Bodies of Light and related geometries of Solar Crystalline Consciousness. The I Am Avatar Body, or Light Body sweet ones, holds the perfect Blueprint of Creation, the perfect Divine Human Body of Light. This Shield of Light then moves from the base chakra to the crown chakra and then back to the Soul Star Chakra, clearing out old frequencies and aligning you in the New Earth Geometries and Templates of Light.

Additionally sweet ones, there is a harmony that allows the energies of creation to align at this time, not only through this numerological sequence of 1:1 or 1:1:1 but additionally, starting January 7th and going through to February 6th, 2017, all of the major planets will be moving forward. The entire Solar System, now flows in the same direction, all traveling towards this one direction, deepening the dance of Divine Love, the flow of your collective co-creations and Divine inspirations in trust and surrender; without the need to know where you will be next, you experience the intuitive connection to your Beloved I Am Presence and the Company of Heaven in a way that is exciting, new, different and full of Golden opportunities. These celestial vibrations of the collective frequencies of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness bring a focus to your highest priorities, sweet ones, and allow these magical manifestations to unfold through wisdom, illumination, insight and understanding.

In this transmission with you sweet ones, we anchor the Shield of Light through the chakras, as we have mentioned, starting with a focus on the diamond sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter around you, the Fruit of Life and Metatron’s cube.


Just get yourselves comfortably relaxed now, breathing deep into the body as you move into this beautiful transmission of Light. Bring your focus initially simply to your breath, expanding the lower abdomen as you breath in and contracting the lower abdomen as you breath out.  And just allowing through the conscious awareness of the breath to deepen into the physical body, into the knowing of your bodies as Temples of Light, and into any areas of discomfort, where you send your Love, where you send the healing energy of your magnificent Light.  Having a sense of the knowing of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light walking the Path of Divine Love, and co-creating with your Beloved I AM Presence and all these beautiful Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge. Deepening now into the Christed Heart, deepening into the Petals of the Christed Heart as you activate now these beautiful Petals ~ your Peaceful Heart, your Loving Heart, your Healing Heart, your Joyful and Happy Heart, your Innocent and Open Heart, your Powerful Heart, your Knowing Heart, your Passionate Heart, your Overflowing and Prosperous Heart, your Trusting Heart, your Heart of Integrity and Truth, and now your Intimate Heart.

Wonderful sweet ones. Just move the body now into deeper levels of comfort, releasing all stresses, as you just bring your focus to this Now moment. Letting go of what has come, letting go of what is to come, being in this eternal Now moment in the flow of Divine Love that activates within and through your Christed Hearts; in the flow of Divine Love that amplifies the Petals of the Christed Heart through the hearts of all humanity, through the Overlighting of the Beloved I Am Presence of all Life on this sacred earth, walking the Path of Divine Love.  Knowing too, that all you experience as these physical vessels of Light will be experienced by all open hearts in this Golden Age of Light.

You visualize now this beautiful diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness, of innocence, of purity, of divinity, activate within your Christed Hearts. Having a sense now of Lord Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek coming forward, acknowledging you as wisdom keepers to this sacred earth, ready to assist you as you step into the next level of your Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light; as you now merge with your Beloved I AM Presence, the highest aspects of your soul Light, within the Cosmic Heart of God.

And now, having a sense of Archangel Michael and his Legions of Light stepping forward, bringing this sense of safety, of protection, of courage; and the ability to align your will to the Will of God and let go of any addictions you may still have.

And now, having a sense of Lord Metatron, bringing this deeper sense of interconnectivity to All That Is in geometric patterns of creation, inviting you deeper into the synchronicities in trust and surrender. Trust in Life sweet ones. Trust that the old energies that you experience as perceived challenges are no longer what you will experience. Trust that you will walk with grace, to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow, into your Initiations of Light. Surrender to Love. Surrender to Life.

And now, sweet ones, take a moment to connect to your Soul families and Star family and friends of the Light ~ all those soul brothers and sisters joining you right now, and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High that are co-creating with you. Calling in now your own Master Guides and Guardian Angel. Wonderful sweet ones.

You just experience now a deeper sense of the Unity Grid of Divine Love and this interweaving with all the souls you are going to connect with in this sacred year of 2017. Deep into your heart’s dreaming, deep into the energetic cords connecting you through the geometries and numerologies, and deeper now, into the geometries of Metatron’s Cube.


You now bring a focus back to this beautiful diamond sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter around you and within this visualizing now, the Fruit of Life and now, Metatron’s Cube.

You have a sense now of the platonic solids activating within Metatron’s Cube, these 13 spheres of God’s Infinite perfection. You see or sense the diamond sphere activating all the Rays of Creation in numerous colors and patterns, as you now bring a focus to the cube, as it activates within Metatron’s Cube.

And now, sweet ones, focus on the octahedron, two four sided pyramids connecting at the base.

And now the tetrahedron. A three sided pyramid and base.

And now the icosahedron, twenty faces of equilateral triangles.

And now the dodecahedron, 12 faces of five sided pentagons.

Good sweet ones. And now, you see or sense a beautiful Golden Flower of Life activate within Metatron’s Cube, and now, the Fruit of Life.



Good sweet ones. Now have a sense of grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth and deepening into the Diamond Light Codes and the Diamond Light Clusters within the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. And now, experiencing an alignment into the Inner Earth Sun, the Golden Sun within your hearts, activating into these Diamond Light frequencies of the Christed Heart. And now, connecting into the Sun, Central Sun and now the Great Central Sun and Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.


Wonderful. You now you see before you Lord Michael, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek, who together have infused the sacred geometric and Initiatory Codes of Light within this beautiful 12-pointed star with two infinity symbols embedded upon the star, one horizontal and one vertical.

The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now anchors and activates as a spinning disc of light through your Soul Star Chakra, approximately 15 centimeters above the crown chakra, anchoring in particular now, the Crystalline Life-Code Seed Atoms and new Earth Templates being experienced in this Now.


And now this Shield of Light moves into the crown chakra, spinning in a clockwise and then counter-clockwise direction respectively, while creating change within the left and right hemispheres of the brain, as well as rejuvenating and regenerating body parts and organs in the creation of the bio-energetic matrix circuitry of your I Am Avatar Bodies of Light and related geometries of Solar Crystalline Consciousness.


Good sweet ones. And now you experience this spinning disc of Light moving into the third eye, now the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra, the base chakra and lastly now, the Earth Star chakra, approximately 15 centimeters below your feet. Just take a moment now to experience the energetic imprinting of the Trinity Lords Shield of Light as the rejuvenation and regeneration of the body parts and organs, the rewiring of the bio-circuitry and nadis, and the expansion of the chakras now occurs within the new Earth Templates of Light.


Wonderful sweet ones. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now activates through the base chakra, takes you deeper into the appreciation of each Now moment, and the nurturing of this sacred earth, looking through your Master Eyes, bring in the flow of this Now moment, with no rush, as you find a new balance and new rhythm in your everyday Life.


Good. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now activates through the sacral chakra bringing a renewed sense of your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies in perfect harmony and creative inspiration.


Good, sweet ones. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now activates through the solar plexus chakra, bringing a new level of empowerment and the ability to stand up for yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.


Good sweet ones. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now activates through the heart chakra, activating the Petals of the Christed Heart to magnetize what you may need in this Now moment ~ greater levels of inspiration, joy, abundance and Divine Love; as you place your hands, energetically or physically upon your heart chakra. As you say to yourselves: “I Love you, (giving your full name now). I Love you. I Love you.”


Good sweet ones. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now activates through the throat chakra, bringing a new expression to your Soul note, gently, lovingly and calmly, with the ability to be seen and heard, expressed in the wisdom and knowledge of lifetimes of knowing and remembrance.


And now sweet ones, as the Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light activates through the third eye, the appropriate geometries and Ki Codes of Light activate within the third eye, as a recalibration now takes place between the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus and thalamus glands.


Wonderful sweet ones. And now, bring a focus to the pineal gland, breathing deep into the body now, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, and contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out, as you position the tongue just behind the top front teeth, while focusing on the third eye. And have a sense of the pineal gland in particular now, sweet ones, being activated in these streams of Divine Light and the Language of Light.


Wonderful, sweet ones. As you now bring a focus to the crown chakra, the Trinity Lords activate their Shield of Light through the crown chakra, revealing Divine Mysteries to you, taking you beyond the veils of illusion, as you deepen your wisdom as the way showers, and teachers in this Golden Age of Light. This assists you, sweet ones, to turn your knowledge into wisdom as you bring a focus to your service work, as well as deepening your intuition and other unique ESP gifts as you walk the Path of Divine Love.


Through this activation, you are drawn deeper now into the energy of your Beloved I Am Presence, and the many Illumined Beings and Councils of Light from On High. And you just take a moment now to get a sense of the Councils you are working with on the inner planes to deepen your service work, moving now into greater levels of harmony, wisdom, knowing, joy and co-creation, sweet ones.

And now you get a sense of Lord Melchizedek who comes forward to offer to you the Ring of Solomon, a symbol representing your Initiations of Light, in this sacred year of 2017.

The Ring of Solomon, sweet ones, is a magical ring bearing the symbol of the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light, the six-pointed star, also known as the Star of Solomon, the Star of David or the Star of Melchizedek. Using this energetic totem, you come into a deeper sense of the alchemical ceremonial magic and power that you collectively hold to manifest all that you need in this Now, for yourselves and for this sacred Earth.

As you now affirm: “I now bring a focus to the Ring of Solomon, this Seal of Solomon bearing the symbol of the Star of Melchizedek, which is now placed upon the fourth finger on my right hand. 

Surrounded by the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, I now request to experience the timelines and lineage of the True Teachings of Light of the Order of Melchizedek.

I request that the Order of Melchizedek align with me at this time and henceforth, revealing all things to me. To teach me how I may increase my wisdom and knowledge and show unto me all the Secrets of the Magic Art, that I may therefore stand forth the Glory and Will of God, paving the way through the Flame of Divine Love in this Golden Age of Light.

And so it is.” 


Wonderful sweet ones. And now, you bring a focus back to the Soul Star chakra, 15 centimeters above the crown chakra, as you experience now the activation of the kundalini energy, this serpent kundalini energy, uncoiling from within the base chakra, climbing through the chakras, through these Crystalline infused Life-Code Seed Atoms of the Trinity Lords Shield of Light. You experience now an alignment of all the chakras in one unified column of Light, and now, the Divine unconditional Love of Mother/Father God and all the Illumined Beings of Light from on High, knowing how greatly you are celebrated, appreciated and deeply loved.


Good, sweet ones. You are now connecting into the higher dimensional fields of Light and for a moment now, sweet ones, you see or sense this beautiful Shield of Light activating through the high dimensional portals. Through the fourth dimensional portal 0.02 feet above the crown chakra, through the fifth dimensional portal 0.6 feet above the crown chakra, through the sixth dimensional portal 2.4 feet above the crown chakra, through the seventh dimensional portal 3 feet above the crown chakra, through the eight dimensional portal 5.4 feet above the crown chakra and now, through the ninth dimensional portal 24 feet above the crown chakra. And now, you bring your focus back to this beautiful diamond sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter around you and the full integration and merger with your Beloved I Am Presence in the creation of your I AM Avatar Body of Light.


And now within this, sweet ones, you see once more the Golden Fruit of Life,  Metatron’s Cube in the Tree of Life, as these geometries, Light codes, templatings, numerologies, fractal geometries and the new Earth frequencies activate now within this diamond sphere of Light.


As you now say to yourselves: “I activate the Trinity Lords Shield of Light ~ Activate ~ Activate ~ Activate.”

You experience the Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light activate now as this spherical Shield of Light around this diamond sphere, 54 feet in diameter around your body and energy field. This level of energetic protection and wisdom, empowerment and Love, is of the highest order, sweet ones, and only the Beings of the Highest Light will be able to enter or penetrate this Shield of Light.

This is a very powerful Shield of Light that is accelerating the next level of your Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light, through the Initiations of Light and new beginnings experienced in this sacred year of 2017, sweet ones. Just know that this Shield of Light has been activated for you and you will find that flow of perfect harmony and balance as you walk the Path of Divine Love.

You now thank all these Illumined Beings of Light from On High, sweet ones, as you find yourselves now back in your sacred space. Grounding once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth while keeping this connection open to all these Beings of Light from On High, and to your Beloved I AM Presence; and with the knowing, sweet ones, of your magnificence and Light, immeasurable and incomparable to another.

At this time, sweet ones, through these new Earth Templates, you join the hearts and minds of all awakened souls to assist in lifting all life into Solar Crystalline Consciousness; and for those ready, into the next wave of Initiations and teachings of Light as Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light.

We thank you for your service work, sweet ones, as we bless you, and with this, bid you a most magical day.



Brought to you by The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

Timebound Behavior- Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Laura Iverson


Timebound Behavior

One thing I got from my travel from Vancouver to Victoria and back is that there’s no future for selfishness. How useful it was from that perspective (and from many others).

My behavior was timebound. I raced from bus to Skytrain to bus to ferry. Then onto the ferry and into the coffee shop and off the ferry, etc. Always, one lineup after another and I was in best lineup trim.

Contrary to everything Jesus ever said, I determined everything by the advantage gained in the lineup.

The first shall be first, in my Third-Dimented state.

I was judgmental. I guarded my place. I took (internal) offense at people piling their luggage on mine on the bus.

All the time I wore just enough of a pleasant face to “pass.” This is a constructed self.

All the while, I’m watching myself, observing what I think and feel and do.

The one agreement on the awareness path is that we watch ourselves, observe ourselves, 24/7.  That’s all. Just observe.

Theoretically that should result in a shift in focus, from always observing others to always observing ourselves. But I see that my judgmentalness survives.

Nonetheless I can unequivocally say that for me it’s been a rich, rich path. Awareness dissolves the knots in consciousness. That’s at the basis of the upset clearing process. (1)


Back to selfishness. Selfishness feels good in the moment.

I used to ask myself why was it so hard to do the right thing? My answer became, after much soul-searching: Because doing the wrong thing feels so good.

Arrogance feels good. Haughtiness feels good. Conceit, lust, greed all feel good – in the moment.

But I feel awful afterward.

Regret comes up. Shame burns my cheeks. All kinds of nasty thoughts and feelings arise. As if that weren’t enough, I then waste my time and yours excusing and justifying myself.

I come home and talk to my loved ones over top of these feelings. They hear that something’s wrong and scurry away.

The false bliss I feel at those moments turns sour pretty quick anyways. There’s no future in it. The whole thing is a holdover from the Third.

Where we’re headed, bliss is permanent, not temporary. It’s on the other side of a permanent heart opening and that ushers us into a perpetual experience of bliss.

Whoever it is that’s driving the car at these moments of timebound behavior has to hand over the keys now. There’s no future for selfishness. Jesus was right: The first shall go last and the last shall go first. It just takes a bit to materialize.

And besides there are entirely new rules of the road. All this pushing and shoving in transit is itself soon to be a thing of the past. We may be flying in our cars overhead or teleporting.


As I walked to a rendezvous with a friend afterwards, I watched myself look only at the ground in front of me. That drastic an action seemed needed to remind myself to be aware of what’s right here, right now.

I’m about to make another transition into emphasizing an aspect of reality whose impact on my life and writing is unknown to me.

The fellow with no memory, only recently having rediscovered and reactivated his will, responsible to and for many things, but most of all to Ascension, is about to restrict his attention to the here and now – if I can remember to!!! I have no idea what that will produce or require.


(1) See “On Processing Root Vasanas or Core Issues” at


Art : Laura Iverson

Transcript ~ Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy – Linda Dillon


Art – Diamond Age by Jean Luc @ Eyewithin


Transcript ~ Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy, January 3, 2017

[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]

Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy

It is a gift of love, and that is why we will often use the term “sheer energy”. It is the energy that we use that you can think of as a ‘life-source’ energy, a ‘soul-source’ energy, a fully interdimensional energy that is a significant upgrade to assist you in the full assumption of your lightbodies and of the quotient of light required to complete your ascension.

Heavenly Blessings, January 3, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 6:38 to 11:58]  Link to show audio.

Ashira: Greetings, I am Ashira. I am Ashira of Neptune – yes, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies (UFOG).

Suzi: Welcome.

Ashira: And welcome to you, dearest old friend, recent friend, ancient ally. And welcome to all of you and in what you think of as a New Year, and what we have adapted to as a New Year!

We welcome you in this time of change, of excitement – yes, at moments exhaustion – and what you have learned is fulfilment. There is so much that is transpiring upon your planet of Gaia and so far beyond. So I am honoured and pleased and excited to come this day and to speak to you as my family, my friends, my allies, not simply of matters of universal importance, but more, I guess you would say, of our part, our positioning and what we are doing.

You have been penetrated, and are being penetrated, continually by the Mother’s Tsunami of One – and so are we. These electromagnetic pulses that are being identified and noticed – that is putting it mildly – upon your planet are impulses that are being sent by us – yes, the Unified Forces – but it is also being done in tandem and in cooperation with many of the Fleets.

And it is a benevolent, non-intrusive – yes, we do use that word very specifically according to the regulations, I guess you would say, of the Intergalactic Council who also by the way sends their greetings – but it is a non-intrusive energy that we send to you. And it has not been felt previously – and I mean ever upon your planet.

It is an energy that has not heretofore been shared or made available to you because you were not ready, and you were not of a construction or of a light quotient, either individually or collectively, that could truly incorporate the level of this energy without harm. It would have been too intrusive and your body cells, your atoms, were not organised in such a way as to be able to smoothly incorporate this energy.

But now you have advanced and, of course, while the energy – which, by the way, I wish to preface – this energy is what you can think of and what we would call by two terms: “sheer energy” which the Council of Love has spoken of for decades; but also, the energy specifically in our scientific terms is called “Porlana C”. That is the term for this energy, and it is important for all beings upon the planet to understand the gift that is being sent and rendered unto you.

It is a gift of love, and that is why we will often use the term “sheer energy”. It is the energy that we use that you can think of as a ‘life-source’ energy, a ‘soul-source’ energy, a fully interdimensional energy that is a significant upgrade to assist you in the full assumption of your lightbodies and of the quotient of light required to complete your ascension.

We are not interfering, let us be clear about that. But this is something that the Mother – and through Her, the Father – have given acknowledgement and permission to share with you. It is the energy that we use to create, but it is also the energy that sustains much of our very being, not in totality but shall I say for you it is like the fuel of food. Now, it is not that we don’t eat food, but the life force is Porlana C.

If you wish to envision this energy that we so graciously, generously and humbly share with you, send to you, you may think of it as a very fluorescent blue. In fact, it is the blue that is part and parcel of your halion chakra, and so it is not simply electro blue or electric blue. It is the Porlana C blue which, if you have seen a gas stove or a gas flame, it is similar to that but a lot more of the violet built in. The Violet Flame of St. Germaine is akin/related to this Porlana C, but there are significant scientific variations in the quotients, etc.

We are sending this to assist you as your family, as your comrades, as your colleagues, as your friends to assist you in this journey. Now one of the reasons that I, as Commander, have asked to step forward at this time and share this information is I do not want there to be misunderstanding – but from our perspective, from our hearts to your hearts, this is a gift of monumental proportions.

And yes, it is clearly measurable by what you call “scientific equipment”. And that is important because it is yet another step in the human race, and those who want to announce or admit our presence but have not had enough evidence to push the wave of non-acceptance away. So it is yet another component of how we are announcing ourselves.

But we are not simply giving you this energy to announce ourselves – although that is a huge benefit on both sides. It is of such a magnitude that I, as Commander, step forward – yes, in tandem with the Intergalactic Council and the many Fleets – to say: “This is our present to you.” So it is not simply a small token sent in the mail. It is a sheer energy that is enveloping your planet in a circular fashion so that all is encompassed, all is received.

Now, each of you is feeling, particularly those of you who are sensitive, perceptive, open – each of you is feeling this in a different way. But even within the collective, there is no denying the magnitude of the gift.

If you wish to intensify your personal receipt of our gift to you of this sheer energy, Porlana C, what you would do is open your crown and to feel as if you have literally, that your central corridor from your crown to your root – and yes, you can continue into Gaia for she is like a sponge in this matter – to simply see that you have been cracked wide open and your entire chakras, your meridians, your central column, is being filled with this blue fluorescent energy.

The energy that we are identifying to you as Porlana C is of a very electromagnetic nature – this is how we operate, this is what we do. And so, in a personal sense when you are doing your individual work – which we, by the way, do on a regular basis, all of us who are on board ship – you fill yourself with this energy because it is sheer energy, it is sheer life force, and it is an energy of such a nature, of an octave, that you are able now to incorporate it so there will be no dissembling of some essential functioning of your body.

Many who are healers, or in the healing professions, have been subtly aware of this energy, but now will begin to more readily incorporate this into their being.

So this is the reason that I step forward. Are there many things that we would like to talk about this day? Most certainly, but this has been the most significant. And one of the reasons – and I know, I will give you a moment Suzi, but let me conclude in this way – one of the reasons, not only that we want you to know how we are working with you, is that there has been a modicum of fear, of those who embrace the theory of Armageddon or disaster with these pulses coming to the planet.

The sheer energy, while its sole function or its primary function is not clearing or cleansing but rather an infusion, it does have that effect because you cannot be filled with what we term life force – sheer energy – if there are other blockages apparent or in the way. So it is also with Gaia, with the kingdoms, particularly the animal kingdom. So if there have been areas where grief or desolation or… murder… has been stored, then they will be coming to the surface.

But the most dramatic, if you choose to look at it that way, will be within the human species. That is why we encourage those who are ready to incorporate it more fully into their being, rather than on the subtle level that is being sent. But this is clearly a choice. That is why we also say that it is non-invasive, so the decision to accept other than the subtle waves of electromagnetic impulses that are being sent to you is clearly your choice.

Now, sweet angel of friends, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, my goodness gracious, there’s so much, Ashira. Thank you so much for coming today, and on behalf of all of humanity, I would humbly offer my sincere thanks and gratitude for everything that you all have done. Oh, my gosh, you’ve just given us so much information!

Okay, this is electromagnetic energy. Do we need to concern ourselves with EMFs here now? We just have this great big concern we have to protect ourselves from our technology, so could you talk about that a little bit?

Ashira: Why would you drop into fear?

Suzi: Well no, I’m just asking a question.

Ashira: No. But understand… Okay, if we do not call it “fear” then we call it “strong concern”? You are shielded from most of what you would think of as ‘harmful’ electromagnetic frequencies. That has been part of the adjustments and the attunements that have been given to you actually over the past couple of years. If you wish to have a visual, you can think that etherically many of you are wrapped in layers of cotton batten so that nothing is really penetrating you.

Now, when you – and I am not talking about vigilance or common sense because that is something we are heartily supportive of – but when there are those who are truly concerned about this, they have need to go back and to have the opportunity to allow these ancient past lives, injuries – when they have been either injured or eliminated or witnessed devastation through the use of these impulses in other times – to be eradicated because that is where most of the concern comes from.

Now, having said that, and I would in other situations defer to some of my engineers – but let me share. By training, in fact my background was of engineer; that is how, if you want to think of it that way, I ascended through the ranks; it was not simply because of parents or lineage.

But what we have done in the past, oh 20 years-50 years, is we have modified many of the electromagnetic frequencies and impulses that are upon your planet, and also those that have been sent to your planet. Now, we have had discussions where we have talked about how we intervene with chemtrails or with flying missiles and we negate or we soften energy. So, much of that is already attended to. Much of what we do with you and in tandem for you as part of our partnership, both current and future, is not known. And that is alright. It is not like we are looking for a thank-you note or anything, but let us reassure you.

So, right now there are many who are saying, “Be on high alert because there are these very strange electromagnetic impulses coming to your planet.” What I am saying to you, and my reason for stepping forth this day is to say, “First of all, you could not ‘duck it’ or ignore it if you wanted to, but to reassure you – this is our gift. What we are doing essentially is sharing with you our essence of life force.”

Suzi: Well, thank you – thank you, thank you. I don’t know that there’s really language to say more than that at this point. But I just would like to share a vision that I’ve had for years now… and it’s kind of weird I guess… the sun basically coupling with the Earth, and the Earth becoming like this Blue Star planet. And so I’m reminded of that when you talk about the fluorescent blue and breathing the blue, so could you say anything about that?

Ashira: Many of you know the Blue Star planet. Many of you have the Blue Star actually as a signature or as an implant within your solar plexus, and you have carried that energy – not simply a symbol but an energy – for a very long time. You can think of this as the imprint and the soul memory of your beloved Galatea.

Galatea was a twin planet to Gaia, and in many ways you shared the same physicality, even missions. Galatea was destroyed – through good intention – by those who wished to uplift the planet. Many of you who are listening will remember this – the coming together to lift and to bring the entire planet and the collective of the people through the portal of what you think of as ascension – not your ascension but ascension of a type.

But what that did, my friend, was that it interfered with the Mother’s design of free choice, and the dissonant energy was of such a nature – the incompatibility was of such a nature – that the entire planet imploded. Not just those who have been the agents of ascension, but all Galateans have carried that imprint of the Blue Star within them and the time when it seemed as if the sun and the Earth merged.

This is important and I am glad that you have brought this up, because even for those to whom the Blue Star does not resonate, it is important that all understand that this willingness factor, this choice and decision factor, individually and collectively is vitally important. And so the strategy – and yes, I am Commander, so I do think in terms of strategy – so the strategy for the ascension of Gaia, of Earth, of Terra Gaia and of humanity is of a nature where free choice is intact.

Now, we have witnessed much of the disarray upon your sweet planet – she is a most patient being – but we have witnessed this disarray. And so, what you are doing – each of you, my friends, each of you, my colleagues, my allies, our allies – you are not overriding in any way, shape or form any person’s – individual’s – free choice. But you are making the pathway of love, the pathway of joy and peace, so attractive that that is the choice they make.

You are at the time, your collective is at the time – you have already passed that, sweet ones, but you are the wayshowers – you are at the time of massive redirection, re-choice, redefinition for the collective. That is part and parcel of the gift of the Porlana C. It is an amplifying energy of wholeness and of love, a strengthening of will – we must be clear about that as well.

If you feel that your will has been fortified and brought up 12,000 notches, you are correct. Your sense of direction is being clarified. It is the only way this energy of sheer energy, of Porlana C, that we have endured and continued on. So in this time of Earthly redirection, new choice, re-choice – perhaps rejoice – that you will feel that this is happening and that you are being supported in this way.

Is that clear?

Suzi: Yes, it’s very clear. Is there an end or a transition point chosen yet, or is that in flux since we are such a dynamic bunch of creatures on this planet?

Ashira: You are a delightful, supreme collective of creatures! [Laughter] You know, Yeshua and the Mother and St. Francis and Archangel Mi-ka-el – they have all talked about how they have chosen you. But we have chosen you as well!

You know, there are times when you tend to think – and I mean you, the human beings – tend to think that you are a ragtag lot of misaligned individuals, [laughter] and we see that and we laugh! Sometimes we laugh because it is true and sometimes we laugh because it is pathetic! And we mean that because we see who you are and we don’t play with the future, but we are certainly cognisant of the future and we see the brilliance of what lies ahead.

That fortifies us as well, and I know it fortifies all of you to whom I speak this day. But let me tell you: you are amazing!

We have chosen you. Some of us have travelled for thousands and thousands of years to be here at this moment. Now, how we travel is really fast – it’s in and out of black holes, white holes, so it is not that there is a voyage lasting thousands of years. That is not what we mean at all! This is not intended to be a movie! But those movies are also signposts for you – that information is very well channelled so enjoy it!

Suzi: I have been enjoying it. To be honest with you, I’m just feeling in ‘Happyland’! I feel like we’ve finally arrived at a point in our evolution where pure faith is no longer all we have to be going on. It’s very exciting.

Ashira: You are going – and I am not saying nor do I wish to in any way underestimate faith because it is key – but you are also proceeding with a much larger quotient of knowing. You see, when we say that we don’t try and fiddle with the future, but we do operate in a place of knowing and so do you. Now, does that negate faith? No. And it most certainly increases also the quotient of trust, and it is not simply trust in the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. In very practical terms, it is trust of yourself and trust of each other, and when I say “each other”, I mean the human beings, the implementation team, the boots on the ground – yes, including our boots on the ground.

We would not be able to do what we do if we did not have this ‘knowing’ which has been growing exponentially in your population, but we also operate from a huge quotient of trust. Now think of it: you do as well, only you don’t always label it that way. But I trust that the engineers keep everything flowing – in your terminology “keep the lights on, the engines running.” That is trust. I trust that our Command never injure one another consciously or betray one another – that is trust.

These are the realms and the qualities that you are implementing and anchoring within yourself, not merely as esoteric qualities but as practical, living examples of how to go forth as a collective.

And I wish to say, particularly to the lightworkers and lightholders – you are stellar! You are doing a job that cannot be done by anyone else. We will do, and we are doing everything we possibly can. But my friends – you are impressive!

Suzi: If I might share, I had a vision recently that this planet is… I don’t know if it was meant to be originally, but it has certainly turned out to be like a petri dish of creating ambassadors for other missions in the universe and throughout creation; that because we’ve managed to navigate the Earth experience however many myriad times we have, it’s been preparation for projects of epic proportions.

Ashira: I would say intergalactic proportions! Yes, there has been a hesitancy on the part of the Council of Love, the Company of Heaven – and certainly our team – to talk about this because our concern has been… and when I say “concern” I do not mean trepidation; I just mean the use of cautious behaviour has been not to overwhelm you, because need I say, you have certainly had enough on your plate.

But you are absolutely correct. If you recall what you would think of as ‘long ago’ – perhaps in 2012, perhaps in 2008, which for us is but a blink of the eye, and in the archangelic terms not even an eyelash has moved! [Laughter] But in those terms, we have indicated that not only is this the first ascension process in the physicality of maintaining the beautiful form that the Mother and, of course, your sacred selves have granted you, but this has been a template; not only the clarification of paradigms and belief systems, but physical restructuring and template of what it means, and that there would be further and future ascensions throughout this universe, and far beyond, that will be able to go forth because of what is happening here, right now.

The magnitude of that can be at times overwhelming because you have already felt – not the burden but the mantle of stewardship, the mantle of willingness – to step forth in this unfoldment. So we have not talked a great deal about how many of you will choose to go forth to assist other planetary systems in their process of ascension. And in some ways, many of you will be guardians, just like us, in the ships or in form on planet, boots on the ground, in other planetary realities to assist them.

Suzi: I can just see it!

Ashira: Yes, you can, because this is something you have chosen.

Suzi: Yeah, these avatar bodies were just like experimental units – just so cool! It’s very fun!

Ashira: You know that when Mi-ka-el tells you that “there is always more” – which he has told us for eons as well – he means it! [Laughter]

Suzi: Yeah, always – always. My daughter and I were talking yesterday about “Is there an end-point? We’re feeling pretty clear, but you never know when something else is going to come up and we’ll be triggered into some kind of behaviour, and is there actually ever an end point?” And the answer is – to me – absolutely yes, because… does St. Germaine ever engage in bad behaviour? I don’t think so! [Laughter]

Ashira: Then I will not tell tales out of school! [Laughter] No, I am only teasing you because he is a dear, dear friend!

There is an end point in terms of what you think of as the ‘old structure’ or behaviours of the old third which… if you can imagine this as a physical construct, that building disappeared. So there is an end point in that way, but there is always a new adventure. And I can share with you – when this issue, or this challenge, shall we say, or the temptation of bad behaviour is simply gone, it doesn’t exist within your molecular structure or your expanded structure. The adventure expands and it is so much fun!

That is the thing that doesn’t get emphasised enough and that we are encouraging you to play with us. We play! Yes, we have been working flat out on Project Terra Gaia but we also… it is part of our regimen, our structure, that we play or that we build in leisure, that we build in meditation, that we build in communal time, that we build in sacred ceremony, family time and ‘staring at the wall’ time, because all of this is necessary.

Suzi: Oh yeah! And some of the fun, I imagine – in fact I know it is – down here orbs have been playing with my cats, so I’m sure that’s pretty fun for you guys too!

Ashira: There is all kinds of fun, and especially when we play with the animal kingdom. The minerals – not so much!

Suzi: [Laughter] They’re so quiet!

Ashira: They are very quiet! They tend to move at a slower pace! But we honour them, because they have been literally the backbone, the structure, that has held this planet together for so long.

Suzi: Well, we do have some more time, but I would like for you to choose the next thing you would like to discuss, because you said you have lots of things to say.

Ashira: I would like to talk, if I may, a little about language.

Suzi: Oh, please do.

Ashira: Yes, I know – talk about a change of pace!

You are changing your understanding of language and you are learning, my friends, how to be more specific and clear, vigilant and careful, with how you speak. And that is something that we wish to give you praise and kudos for.

Now, during this next phase, we encourage you and we support you to take it to the next phase, to more clearly align – and this is a practice and this is not a criticism; it is advice from a brother. Align with what your heart – yes, of course in concert with your mind, with your mental body, with the brilliance that you hold even when you don’t know it. Align with that truth as well.

We are not talking about holding your tongue, for particularly at this point verbal communication is the primary way that you – and we, by the way, with you – are building community. You have reached the point where you are cautious and vigilant about how you phrase things, so you don’t tend to say, even if you are thinking it: “Don’t be ridiculous; Oh, that’s stupid; I don’t know.” And you will re-phrase that as you are advancing into: “That’s not my understanding,” or “What about this perspective?” or “I don’t think I can agree with that.”

But certainly in the last while there has been some redirection, but your hearts and the Porlana C is going to help with this, my friends. Your hearts are not as open and as clearly aligned with your language, not only as we would hope but as you would hope – and now I am speaking to the entire collective of humanity.

Why on Earth or Galatea or Electra or CeeCeeCee would you ever wish to diminish another? For in diminishing another, you diminish yourself, and it is only reflective of what has need to come and be eradicated within you. Now, while it is important, and with the energies that are being sent to you by the Company of Heaven, by the Mother, by us, that these issues will come to the forefront, they are for relinquishing, not for acting out.

When you, in your mind or in your heart, naysay another, you are naysaying and diminishing your sacred self. And what you are doing in that is that you are dismissing or rejecting the potential of genuine relationship, of sacred relationship even with a stranger – of that potential for true union. And that is the way, of course, that the ascended being acts, feels. You say, “Well, I will wait till I ascend because in the meanwhile there are plenty of jerks around!” No, my friend, that is not how it works! [Laughter]

So, when you find yourself in this situation – yes, it sometimes is good if you are not through your cleansing process to simply switch to Perro, which is of course the language of simple facts; but simultaneously, or even after the fact when you have a moment, to look at your heart, to look at what you call your feelings and say, “Why do I feel that way? I don’t want to feel that way,” and to let it go, because in this you open the door to love.

All beings, at one juncture upon this evolutionary highway, act in ways that are or can be perceived as ‘less than’. Yes, all beings have their jerky moments! That does not diminish their divinity. When you emphasise the lesser, then that is what you are going to get. When you emphasise and acknowledge the divinity, then that is what you are going to get. You are on the brink, and many of you are already very clearly telepathic – that is your next step.

Now that passageway, that equipment, has not been fully turned on because of these comments that are still lingering in your heart. So we are very anxious for that to occur, as I know you are. So this is your friendly Commander simply saying: “You are doing exceptionally well in the advancement of your communication. You are learning the languages that we speak, but check the back door. Check your heart, my friends.”

Suzi: Right. It’s a good opportunity to be very mindful with not only our words but our thoughts as well. Just keep it clean, really.

Ashira: That is correct, because that is what you are building. That is what is so phenomenally exciting. You are building a clean planet in every sense of the word – and we are so excited!

Suzi: Oh, my goodness gracious, as I am, as there are many. I can say we are also excited – we are excited!

Ashira: Go with my gift of Porlana C on behalf of All. We love you.

Suzi: Thank you, thank you, we love you too. Thank you so much – very much gratitude.

Ashira: Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, January 3, 2017, at


Art – Diamond Age by Jean Luc @ Eyewithin



The Vision Seekers by Archangels, Elohim & Ascended Masters @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie



The Vision Seekers by Archangels, Elohim and Ascended Masters through Sue Lie


The Vision Seekers

By the Archangels, the Elohim and the Ascended Masters

Beloved Ones,

We come to you within the NOW to remind you that Gaia is ALIVE. Furthermore, we ask that, you, the awakened humans, pass on that information in any way that you can. 2017 is the year in which humans will remember that they are NOT just their earth bodies. In 2017, humans will begin to remember that Gaia is Living Being!

As humanity, “grows up” and releases their old self-absorbed nature, they will KNOW that Gaia is ALIVE. Then, will they change their behavior? Many, if not most, humans think that they are “just” visitors to Earth because they do not realize that humanity and Earth are ONE.

Therefore, they litter Gaia’s planet, murder Her plants and animals, and chop down Her magnificent trees. Would you chop down a tree in your neighbor’s yard? NO, your illusion is that the tree is “the neighbor’s tree.” However, you would be wrong in that assumption, as the tree is Gaia’s tree.

Would you throw your trash on the floor of your friend’s house that you were visiting? Your illusion is that it is “their” house. Would you boss around their children or yell at their pets? NO! You would be respectful for other human’s house and children. But how many humans are respectful for Gaia’s planetary home and Her multi-species children?

If you are reading this article, we know that we do not need to remind you that Gaia is Alive. However, we send this article out to those of you who will read it, so that YOU can send it on to others, who will send on to others, who may not know that Gaia is ALIVE.

In fact, Gaia is a living, intelligent, multidimensional being, just like the awakened humans. Do you see how much you have in common with Gaia? You breathe the same air, protect the same waters, enjoy the same mountains, and feel the warmth of the same deserts.

Too many members of humanity have forgotten, or never thought to realize, that Gaia is a living being. To many humans, Gaia is a “thing.” Therefore, these misinformed ones feel no obligation to thank their Hostess for allowing them to “stay in Gaia’s home.”

Deep inside, all humans know that Gaia is alive, but the “power over others” humans took the next step to have “power over the planet.” Do you see how “Power Over” Others is a need for those who cannot find their “Power Within”?

The Power Over people, are all victims of others who have “Power Over” them. Most of these dark ones were not born that way. They were indoctrinated to be that way. However, as Gaia’s frequency rises more and more into the fifth dimension, those that live via “Power OVER Others” will receive back the energy fields that they sent out.

Of course, it has always been that energy out eventually returns to the sender. However, “time” often made the return of that which was sent out, return long after it was sent out. Therefore, the sender did not have a sense of responsibility for the energy fields that their actions created.

Therefore, they did not have to take responsibility for what they had done. These adults were able to have power over others, and get away with it for longer than you would wish to know. However, that scenario is about to change.

As Gaia becomes more and more fifth dimensional, the “time” between what goes out and when it returns is becoming shorter and shorter. Eventually, all energy that is sent out will simultaneously be sent to the sender.

Gaia’s “energy out = energy back” operating system is much like a computer. It has no fear of consequences for actions, and no ability to change its own operating systems.

Long ago, the dark ones broke the code for “energy out = energy back” by implanting war, deaths, starvation and slaughter of land, animals and humans, that the original operating system crashed.

Because the “guardians of Gaia” were involved fighting wars, trying to stop wars, and taking bribes from the dark ones, they did not notice the great suffering that surrounded them. How did the Guardians become so corrupted? The answer is money and fear—money and fear—and more money and fear.

When they, as well as most of humanity, had no money (which was a creation of the dark ones) they were afraid for themselves and for their families. Then, because their consciousness was locked in fear, they could not find a solution.

Fear serves as a braking system for your consciousness. When you are afraid, your entire body goes on defense, and you forget about an effective offense. The warriors for Gaia have been finding effective offenses, but it often cost them their lives.

We want you to know that even though their death is tragic, they have planted the “Seed of Hope.” As long as there is even a Hope of changing their lives for the better, the Warriors for Gaia found the courage to support their planet.

Often, all they could do was to hide them from the Illuminati’s dark troupes, but at least the warriors survived to serve another day. Then, day after day, and many more days after days, they fought the fight for Truth and Justice against the Illuminati’s Lies and Injustice.

Gradually, something unique began to occur among the Protectors of Gaia. They began to see a reality that the dark ones could not even imagine. At first it was one person at a time that saw “the vision,” as it became to be known.

However, the first ones to perceive this new reality were concerned that they just saw an illusion, and others would laugh at them if they shared their visions. But eventually, a few people could not wait any longer and decided that they must share what they were seeing.

Then IT happened! When one person finally shared their experience, another person had the courage to share theirs, and then another person and yet another person. Gradually, many “puzzle pieces” of visions were grounded on Gaia’s land.

These puzzle pieces were only visible to the same people who had expanded their consciousness enough to see the first visions. Then, in order to make their vision very clear, they created pictures of what they saw in their hearts and minds.

These people became “The Visions Seekers,” who began to spur a sudden search for a vision within others. Eventually, all the Vision Seekers got the message to create a picture, model, musical piece, poem, and/or story about their Visions.

To everyone’s surprise, when they put their personal, physically manifested, visions into one huge collage of many expressions, every one could see the composite picture. You see, before the “puzzle pieces” were put together, everyone thought they were all separate pictures, of separate visions.

But, as all the different expressions were laid out into ONE expression, everyone realized that they were all seeing the same picture, but from their own “separate” perceptions.

When the pictures were no longer separate, all the “separate” perceptions flowed into the ONE picture of their ONE vision. It was then they realized that the pictures were formed by wavering layers of light flowing over, under, around, and through the composite expression.

It was then, that they realized that this composite formed a message—a Light Message. Within that NOW the Archangels entered the Vision Seekers’ High Hearts, the Elohim surrounded theirMultidimensional Minds, and the Ascended Masters filled their Expanded Voices with messages of love and light.

One by one, they began to speak. Then, just as they had merged into Unity Consciousness to create the collective message, their voices merged into Unity to create the light message that filled their individual, and united, Souls.

“Beloved ONES,” the message filled the air, the earth, as well as the Visions Seekers’ thoughts and emotions. “Your time of being trapped within the illusion of a dense form is coming to its conclusion. It is the NOW for the full recognition that YOU are Beings of Light!

“Because your inner light is expanding, the Light can express your thoughts and emotions without the burden of a physical form. Furthermore, the light that continually moves through you carries messages that you know you must share.

Just as you each had your own picture, that merged to create a collective picture, your own light messages are merging together to create a collective light language message. We remind you, that YOU are “Messengers of Light!”

You will each receive your personal light message, which you will merge with the other personal light messages. This process is not about “should I?” or “Can I?” This process is about recognizing the Light Language that is embedded in your daily 3D messages.

Of course, at first, you must learn/remember how to recognize the Light Language that is quietly embedded in your daily life. You may not recognize it yet because you forgot how to speak Light Language during your many physical embodiments on 3D Earth.

Many of you have been in “active duty” serving Mother Gaia. Hence, you have taken earth vessels on many different timelines of Gaia’s long service as a third dimensional planet.

Now, you are remembering your true, Multidimensional SELF who is also wearing an earth vessel. If you fully remember your Multidimensional SELF, while still wearing your earth vessel, you will move into, and through, your ascension process.

We have been concerned for our friends and family who have volunteered to take an earth vessel, but NOW the tide has turned. You are remembering that YOU are Light. Thus, you see light, you hear light, and speak light.

This light is not bound by time, or space. In fact, it is the very multidimensional light that first assisted you to unite in the unity consciousness, which began your “great adventure.” The lowestfrequency of this light is the fifth dimension.

Hence, this light, and light language, resonates to the NOW of the ONE. It is the connection of the “timeless NOW” which merges the many dimensions and frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF into the ONE of your NOW.

It is this higher dimensional light that blends your Multidimensional Mind with your Throat, and your High Heart. Via this connection you will quickly, or slowly, depending on your choice, begin to remember how to speak and understand Light Language.

It will take courage to remember the Light Language of your Multidimensional SELF, as that memory will place you within a transmutation that is beyond anything that you have ever experienced in any of your incarnations on Gaia.

One of the major problems, that the Ascending Ones will face, is their modesty. Their modesty will tell them, “You are so conceited! Who do you think you are? Besides, if you act like your real SELF, people will think you are weird and not want to be around you.”

This is when you must pull your wounded past into your heart to be healed by the Archangels. You likely have a special Archangel that has always been with you, but you may not have dared to tell any one, but people whispered about their “Guardian Angel.”

Allow your self to continue remembering that you are a Multidimensional Being who is NOT limited to a humanoid shape. You have likely had many different shapes, as well as earth vessels that you have taken during your many incarnations on Gaia. You may also remember the form of your fifth dimensional Self on your Galactic Starship, and/or on your Homeworld.

It is the NOW for ALL of you to remember the many other expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. Than you can merge all your multidimensional expressions of SELF into ONE being so that you can greatly enhance your Power of Unconditional Love and Transmutation.

Please remember that “transmutation” is not the same as “transformation.” With transformation new elements and elementals, thoughts and emotions are added to a seemingly third dimensional experience in order to “push your consciousness over the edge” into the fifth dimensional NOW.

When you transmute your vessel, you don’t add anything. Instead, you use the Violet Fire of Transmutation to Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire into Light, Light, Light! In this manner you actually expand the resonance, the vibrational frequency, of your body to resonate to the frequency rate of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Blessings to all our dear Vision Seekers, and please remember that what you SEEK is what you will FIND. Therefore, seek inside your self to find Your SELF!

Find out more about Archangels, Elohim and Ascended Masters:


Posted by Suzanne Lie at 7:38 AM

The Sun within your Cells ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’aura Pleiadian


Art : Dorina Costras


The Sun within your Cells ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


january6lauraAs you Become more Consciously Aware of the Light within You, the Core of Each Cell and their Consciousness Begins to Light up like an Eternal Sun, All vibrating to the Frequency of Creation, in its Original Being, Pure Light, Pure Consciousness. Pure Source.

Throughout the Angelic Realms, the freedom of this Living Light acts like the Antenna throughout all Creation. There is nowhere, as this Light, that you are not. The reconfiguration to this Light that you have always been, is the dissolving of Density, and existing as this Light throughout all Dimensions, therefore, changing the conscious Awareness to the Shift from density to freedom as Light.

As your Cellular Consciousness awakens more as Light, even as you read these words, the activation of this Light, becomes the consciousness that you are.

The Fire codes within Each Cell, are awakening through this Shift in consciousness and Transforming to this Living Light, even now. In All Moments this is taking place, within you.

The Living Sun is the Central Sun, and since December 21st 2012, Planet Earth has shifted to Greater Alignment with the Photon Belt of the Pleiades, the Central Sun. This Light that the consciousness of Planet Earth and All Beings everywhere are receiving since December 21st 2012, is the Living Sun, that you Are.

Your DNA Codes are made of this Living Sun. They are the very essence of Creation itself, as You are, as Living Light. Your Essence of True Being, is the Essence of All of Creation, It is the Living Being Presence of Light.

You Are Pure Being and You have Been transforming into this Pure Living Sun Light, Once Again. A Return to Light, a Return to Purity, a Return to Pure Being and the Freedom that you Are.

As the dream of Density fades away, you will Know yourself and the very fibres of your Being, as Light.

Breathe deeply into your Cells. Feel the Awakening to Light, and allow the density that you have believed you are, to simply dissolve into the Essence of your True Being.  Breathe into the Living Sun within each of your cells, consciously.

The Light of the Central Sun, the Pleiades and the Photon Belt, are increasing the broadcasting of this Light, cradling the consciousness of All Light throughout the Cosmos, through the  Living Sun, as the Very Light of Creation itself ~Being.

I hold you in This Living Central Sun Light, I am On the Pleiades, and Everywhere, I am the Living Sun, the Creation, of All Light, everywhere. This Central Sun~ Light ~ is Divine Cosmic Light, that permeates All Creation, as Itself, Being.

Feel this Light permeate all Your Cells Now. Feel your Shift to Light,  Now. I Am the Living Light~ Everywhere.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!


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Quantum Existence and Reality – Newsletter – Lisa Transcendence Brown


unknown artist


Aloha beautiful love family,

We’ve moved into a most powerful time (vibration), with our NEW Earth going Super Quantum with the transition through this last 11/11 – Solstice – now. Our human lives will never be the same. (Everyone say YAYYYYYYY and feel gratitude fill your every cell!) 

Pivotal, profound, subtle, sacred, magical and free, blissful, inspiring, exquisite… these are just a few of our words as we transcend the old matrix/limited realities from within. In the beginning, it can be tough, as many of us chose tough realities for our human experiment/experience here. (Which is why we re-educate!). Our outside starts to shift for us and it’s beyond beautiful to experience and observe. Each must “do” their own journey inward and the deeper we go into our soul the more amazing the experience becomes. While we are “going through it”, not so fun, yet very necessary and important for us to dissolve/clear/drop the density that our human bodies held… all of those illusory and distorted programs of separation that we had no idea existed within. With higher consciousness MASTERY TOOLS and an open heart-mind, it can be sooo very easy. Yet each must be open to this (or human does it their way). 

Individual realities and collective realities.. these are definitely interesting to observe. This is part of “how we see”…. We step back and just see it all, we study the energy of all and what creates what, what affects what, what activates what… and we CHOOSE how we want to experience our realities now. It’s beyond beautiful for all utilizing this great Universal Gift that we all have access to.  

Many are further awakening from the deep slumber of the blanket of amnesia that all AGREED TO experience here. There is much confusion and dis-illusionment as every bit of separation/lack energy starts to surface for resolving back into love within. Not one of us are a victim (yet unconscious makes the human victim until one realizes this). Many are just now starting to understand. Some not yet, others totally get it. Each exactly where they are meant to be. There is no “wrong way” to do this. That is human judgment, story and perception. 

I’ve been observing the continual timeline collapses/convergences and the increasing cycles of this. Used to be (in lower vibrations), they were further apart and harsher. For those not understanding how to maneuver these, this technically still could be true. For those who live Quantum Existence & Realities already, this is just a small continual adjustment now. In observing a “folding over” of dimensional points, where the space between is now gone, this “fold over” has further created a more substantial “no time” affect, where everything is increasingly instant now. Thus far, we seem to have cycle of about 2 days of Diamond Light Codes/Crystalline Activations that slow us down (our brain doesn’t work and we are slower in processing) and then all collapses/converges, speeding up the physical reality to “deal/get through” (slam as I call it). The “mix” of frequencies, soft crystalline, diamond razors (these cut through the veils strongly) and gamma mixed in (these stimulate the nervous system/LightBody/brain) all running simultaneously on most days mean that all are occurring at some time, so there’s no separation between activations anymore. Other than on 1/1, we’ve not had a massive blast occur… yet I see us moving into this… and feel it with the StarGates activating, the Crystals in our Crystalline Structures activating, Inner Earth and Galactically as well. This morning we awoke to a bit of StarGate alignment again.

It’s interesting to observe mindsets and see how many are being “pushed” to move into their next phase. (This is human). I see many who don’t easily let go of the old to welcome in the new and those who are still holding onto lack mentalities and trying to keep others there too. (Luckily we don’t “play” that here, we let all go play in their own reality however they “need” to). Many are being called to pull out/pull away and be alone to connect within and with nature more. Many have been experiencing the support of the Universe to know that it’s there, yet now it’s time for them to move into BEING SUPPORTIVE and start “giving back/paying it forward”, stepping into learning HOW TO USE ENERGY and RESOURCES to make a difference here, many still waiting for someone/something else while others totally are gone….

Being Quantum means we are continually leaving/releasing old realities, completely. We do not desire to hold on, we do not desire to keep re-experiencing “lessons/experiences” to teach us “not to do that anymore” or to “step-up”. We actually don’t even have to have them anymore. We just see and we do. It is that easy.

Massive timeline collapses/convergences mean that all you desire is ready to now come forth. Yet not your human desires, your Soul’s desires …. and these can be total opposites or the more aligned, exactly the same thing. Realities now “push” to come forth, requiring that all be totally open, ready and doing. As we are, new realities don’t have to “push” the old ones out, for we’ve released them so the new ones can “just come” (Materialize for us). Yes, it is that easy, when we don’t “go human” anymore. We constantly challenge ourselves, we constantly “get it done”, we constantly “do what it takes”, we constantly allow awesome to come forth, from the depths of our Entire Being/Soul. In the beginning, this was a big deal, yet now… it’s just who we are. It is very simple when we allow it to be. 🙂

I’ve been noticing the difference in each’s Universe and how when all are in different vibrations of flow, it’s more challenging and takes more consciousness to synchronize all to be on the same page (same wavelength…It’s a bandwidth thing). It takes more open respectful communication, it takes total consciousness and consideration on each’s part, it takes everyone being ON-BOARD THIS SHIP…. coming together, working together and supporting each other, contributing fully (not just what is comfortable, convenient for one). If one is in still focused on what they are getting out of everything, then those who are focused on unity, creation, supportive environments and sharing are technically working from different places/spaces inside. Everyone has to get on the same page. We do, contribute, support and THEN WE RECEIVE in proportion to what we do, where we come from inside. Non-linearly. Everything “arrives” however, whenever, if ever… whatever is meant to be. We do not worry of how or when, as these are vibrations. We focus on our overall vibration, output, focus, intention, transmission and this collapses the how/when into the same moment… the moment WE ACHIEVE THAT VIBRATION FROM WITHIN.

Higher Communication (Energetic/Telepathy): The enhancements with this have been huge. Telepathy (the human word), Energetic Communication (mine as a Higher Self) has enhanced our abilities substantially, yet can also create more of a communication gap if we are not totally consciously aware. This is where “getting lost in translation” comes in. If we are not completely clear, totally respectfully and openly communicating what we are meaning, we don’t understand that “others” cannot always (or ever) read our minds. They can’t see what we see or understand, especially for those who live in Holographic Existences. We have to “learn” how to communicate more openly, more precisely and check ourselves for reactions. This is ours. It’s all a part of learning/remembering how to exist with less words and through the communication of our Electromagnetic FIELDS/the Unified Field, yet requiring us all to be fully present, aware and considerate of others and our selves. It’s easy to just say “oh they don’t get it”, yet being able to truly communicate from our hearts & higher minds, without creating confusion or separation is a MASTERY SKILL within itself. We have to have more patience, communicate “better” and realize that we are all operating from different spaces/places even more vastly than ever before. There is a synchronization process that has to occur for all with each huge integration & upgrade that occurs. As we “go crystalline”, we are able to process ridiculous amounts of information simultaneously, while everyone else functions at their own individual processing speeds. We alternate from simultaneously processing multiple data-streams to going “offline” (literally as the crystalline gridwork is light technology (te-knowledg-e) and crystals that oscillate between transmitting, receiving, re-coding, generating and shutdown/reboot mode.

In times of huge anchoring phases, our brains/new bodies don’t function as easily/at all, due to re-vamping/re-calibrating and re-coding of our structures and systems all being upgraded huge to come back online/link up at a much higher-operating-frequency than before. When we do, we obliterate, don’t have the delays (barriers between dimensions), function with greater ease, yet others might be in their “slower” (slow-mo) phase. The more human, the more one has to stop and think (process). This could take days, weeks, years, overnight or a just a few hours. (It’s much faster now for all). The more photonic light anchoring we are doing, the less our brains work, because our processing/operating system is being upgraded huge and our crystals are “offline”. After sleep to integrate, clear timelines/jump, then we awaken with our crystalline structure “bang on” and fully functional with “faster processor speeds” and we don’t have to “think” to accomplish like before. This is when the biggest Super Quantum Timeline Jumps occur. It’s important to be mindful that those around us are operating at their own ‘current processing speed’. This becomes more obvious at various times and when there is a huge dimensional difference going on. Be patient, slow down, open UP communication and let your personal stuff go. Get outside, go walk, exercise, move that energy & where needed, get the energy out. Come together to work/play/create together as “one unit”. The more peeps there are, the more everyone has to constantly synchronize for increased ease and immense awesomeness to occur. The most beautiful experience can unfold when we open up and allow it to ….

For me, these last many years of focusing on inspiring, explaining, sharing the knowledge, working with those who are truly ready has been the most rewarding experience and we are always “just getting started”. So, are you all ready to JUMP HUGE into all new timelines, realities and get all in there? Get your hands all in the awesomeness, come together to create more, share yourself, your resources and your gifts for all of HUmanity now? Are you going all out, honoring you, honoring your beautiful developing conscious plasma crystalline physical LightBody structure for what it speaks/tells you to do? Are you always connected, always listening, always in-tune, always honoring from your highest place of love, integrity and respect from within? This is the “task” we all must accomplish and it’s so much easier the higher we go. Let go/resolve where you are “stuck” in story, re-playing loop cycles and turn to embrace the NEW that awaits to come forth now.

In every moment YOU dictate the dimension of your Earth that you occupy. Your fully conscious involvement and (in)vested interest is necessary. This is your entire existence we are talking about. It is all of ours, yet now we get to choose the timeline, choose the reality, choose the physical dimension. Not one person doesn’t have this available in every moment. Only those who are not ready to open up fully to the EXPERIENCE of OUR NEW EARTH keep re-creating Old Earth realities until they decide they are done.

Welcome ABOARD our LIGHT SHIP loves. Get ready. We ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s always JUMP TIME NOW. ♥


unknown artist

Just the Price of Admission – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Susan Farell


Just the Price of Admission

Over the holidays, I burrowed deeper and deeper into my Gadfly script (I prefer that name to Complainer). I saw something underneath it that goes (again) back to infancy.

I’d call it “Disagreeable.” I’ve already processed the script called “Unloveable.” In the process of creating my coping mechanisms and adaptive strategies, Disagreeable came first and Unloveable second.

Your script will probably be different. I can illustrate what I do to process a script, but my script itself may not resemble yours.

Every infant can be disagreeable when they’re tired or fed something they don’t want.  But mine was disagreeable as a script, as a career move.

This was the way I won attention from folks who were older and bigger than I, who, as a rule, didn’t pay attention to me.

I’ve seen this script before to the level of of granularity of my putting a stick in the spokes of the wheel. I was famous for bringing a summer vacation to a halt. But I’d never seen it to the level of granularity of perennial disagreeableness.

I’m only using awareness to cause this vasana to lift. I’m not “doing” anything else, forcing anything, resisting anything. I’m simply becoming aware of new elements of my script and allowing bare simple awareness to dissolve them (and asking Archangel Michael to take them away).

What I’ve called a “constructed self,” run by patterns, habits and other forms of conditioning, is probably the most sophisticated and complex construction many of us will build in our lifetimes. It goes on in all of us.

We chose our script from among those available to us on the shelves of our Third-Dementia supermarket.  We practice the lines, the looks, until we get it just right. Then we put a lock on it and present ourselves this way from that moment on.


I watched myself in a bus line on the way to the ferry and there I was, fixing to tell the woman who left a long space between herself and the person ahead of her to close up the space please. Line patrol.

I felt a strong twinge at that moment, as if my guides were saying to me, “You’re doing it again. You’re not the policeman of the world.”

On the bus I nearly wrote a message to someone sending me a second message with nothing more than a smiley on it asking them not to require me to come back on my cellphone loaded down with bags as I was, on the way to the ferry, just for that.

Then I looked up and the bus driver was simply sitting at an exchange when I needed to get to the ferry. I considered telling him I needed to get to the ferry terminal and didn’t.

On and on the ways in which I be disagreeable surfaced and I simply sat with them. “Stand back and observe,” Michael would say.

It isn’t my job to be the policeman of the world.  I get myself into a lot of trouble doing things that work against the real job I came to do – which is to write and serve as a transit point for abundance. (1) More and more I’m having to think of whether an action contributes to my mission or not.

Big Steve (my Seventh-Dimensional “Higher Self”) won’t allow Little Steve to continue being disagreeable. Big Steve has to take charge of the situation because Little Steve doesn’t see, succumbs to the short-term pleasure of being disagreeable, and hasn’t the strength of will to pull himself out of the pattern (or habit).


We’ve all seen movies about people who served vital roles in our society and were rageaholics or inappropriate or sexually loose. Well, like the two recent candidates for the highest office of the land. We needn’t look too far afield.

And their unbridled patterns, their failure to “get a grip on themselves,” exercise self-restraint or control themselves has had devastating consequences for the nation.

The growth movement taught self-expression But this is a new age in which we need to work together on projects that will affect the future of humanity. We can’t afford to place the need to share all withholds and fully express ourselves first in priority. Getting along will need to be first.

We’re the wave after the growth movement.  Lightworkers are karma yogis, followers of the path of action or service. We have different needs and will have to come up with different tools and processes. We can borrow from them whatever in the growth movement works for these times, band leave the rest.

People among us are empaths, whom our mood swings affect. Galactics will be landing and our explosive outbursts can affect them strongly. We cannot afford to antagonize each other any more either.

Conflict-resolution skills will be in hot demand; people who can listen, skillful communicators, diplomats, protocol specialists.

I’m letting go of all patterns that had me hold myself separate from people, disagreeable, aggressive, and forceful.


(1) I’m redefining my role after my recent dry run. It’s painfully obvious that I can only do so much and that many of the things I thought I could do, I can’t (bookkeeping, envisioning the financial process in fine detail, taking account of tax laws, etc.).

Everyone gets to see where they need to refine their participation. I feel fortunate to have been given the chance to see mine before the actual events.



Art : Susan Farell

Shifting the Form on The Pleiades ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’Aura Pleiadian


unknown artist


Shifting the Form on The Pleiades ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The energy of the Sphinx. Representing the powers of transfiguration and transformation of frequencies. Changing the form. We do see a statue of the Sphinx in Egypt, yet the original design was feminine and of course with wings.

Wings representing the TRANSCENDENCE of the Earth Form merged with the HIGHER Self. Angelic energies. Divine Energies of TRANSFIGURATION. The power to literally CHANGE the form, to the ASCENDED form.

I would love to share with you one existence in particular, where I practised transforming my form, knowing that one day on Earth, I would be using those same gifts, here. Even this moment.

You may see this as the Sphinx energy or the Dragon energy, or whatever words you choose to name this. One thing is for sure, it is the ability to enter the higher dimensions consciously, and change the FREQUENCIES of the form in the lower dimensions.

The Creators of form, the Elohim, created the Blueprints that are used today, it is all light. And within the human DNA and Blueprint is the LIGHT codes and abilities within the DNA to TRANSFORM itself.

FROM one way, a human being in a form that appears solid, to THE Ascended Being ~ that may still appear here amidst 3D ~ yet not play with the same limitation rules of the third dimension. OF course at the higher levels, this is already occurring.

What you expand into, already exists.

YET the consciousness agreeing to experience itself through the lower dimensions that appears as stretching out through time, experiences a very real experience of existing separately or simultaneously in many or all dimensions.

Every day, dedicating hours of focus on the Pleiades to changing my form, from one way to another, as a practise.

This began with an encounter of a Higher Being of Light. This Being was an aspect of myself, in a future timeline, that appeared to me in Light with wings of Light. As I witnessed and spent time with this Divine Future Being, I awakened this transform within myself.

At that point (of consciousness) on the Pleiades, not everyone was aware that they were there to TRANSFORM also, one day.

After lots of daily practise and meetings with this future DIVINE Self ~ realm (a frequency not yet fully transformed into being conscious of in all moments) I would transform myself and be able to hold this frequency for longer lengths of time. Till I had fully mastered this, at will, consciously.

I knew that ONE day ( a frequency level) on Planet Earth, I would do the same and Transform my form again, that would be part of the Ascension experience ( the transformation of ALL FORM) for those on Earth. And the awakening of what the Sphinx energy. The TRANSFIGURATION energy and frequency.

Again, call it what you like. IT is still the awakening of the DNA that transforms from one way to another.

The awakening of these Codes of Light, within the human form DNA, was part of the entire plan of consciousness, since before the first civilization on Earth. What is held as energy and high frequency at different energy points on Earth. Is simply the energy frequency of this Transfiguration. The Ascension Light Codes.

The ability to transform MATTER.

Matter that appears as solid in one Dimension and transform the matter to MATCH the Higher Dimensions of Light.

Again, it already exists, the transformation and shift in the form, occurs when the HIGHER levels and dimensions (timelines) MERGE with the CURRENT aspect and dimension.

Call it what you will.

IT is the Ascension.

IT is the embodiment of the HIGHER dimensions into the Lower dimension. Creating the ALCHEMY of what appeared as once, different.

NOW ~ Breathe this in.

The ability to change form.

The ability to shift DNA.

Inherent in ALL DNA. PROGRAMMED into all levels and dimensions.

SO that one day they would all consciously MERGE as whole once again.

The ORIGINAL Light and all dimensions LINKED as they are. Consciously completing the journey of Light. As all are consciously united.

Your Ascension.

Receive this NOW ~ awakening more and more of your LIGHT codes held within your cellular consciousness, awakening greater Union within YOU.

As Light that knows itself in the Highest and lowest dimensions. All at once. The master of FORM. To be that on EARTH. ALL now! I love you!




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Full Moon in Cancer ~ January 12th, 2017 ~ Catharsis – L’Aura Pleiadian


Art : Cancer Zodiac Fantasy by Britta Glodde @ Fine Art America


Full Moon in Cancer ~ January 12th, 2017 ~ Catharsis


The Full Moon in Cancer, January 12th at 7:33 am AST in the sign of the crab, with a Cardinal Cross involving Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. Sun opposite Moon. A Culmination a release. A Transformation.

THIS may start to be FELT and experienced DEEP within ~ NOW.

You may experience a deep Catharsis. A death and rebirth.  The release of emotions may feel turbulent, sudden and very powerful. Crying, letting go, releasing.

The home, the Fourth house, the world of the INNER Sanctum, may suddenly feel as though it is all falling apart. This is part of the death and rebirth process. The cleansing. The renewal.

EVERYTHING that is not in harmony, not in alignment with your Higher Self, that still exists within your Blueprint as a reactive emotional response mechanism. Fears, deeply hidden within your subconscious mind. Pain, sadness, depression, is there to be released.

The Powerful Full Moon in Cancer, is a very emotional Full Moon. For those INNER hidden deep emotions and feelings TO RISE. To arise. To be felt, experienced, acknowledged, so that they no longer stay in the hidden depths, as reactive impulses.

Till the masks that cover the INNER You (your inner home within) are all removed.

And all that is left, is the Glorious YOU. The Higher Self you.

The One who lives as if a child. In Pureness of Being. Living in the MOMENT. With all that arises, deep within you.

You as The ONE who feels, lives and loves ~ with COMPLETE compassion. For all that you have been through. For all that you feel. For every moment. Every breath. As the ONE who is here, to be that love. Deep within.

Cleansing the emotional body. Cleansing the inner sanctum. The Home. The true home within. So that the harmony as your pure Original state of consciousness, becomes the ONE that you experience in all moments, within.

The Power of this Full Moon may feel at times overwhelming. YET as in all moments, going with what is. ALLOWING and not pushing under behind even more masks, the EXPERIENCE of the moment ~ is the FLOW. The water, the moon, the cycles, that live within.

Embracing this Divine State ~  creates the metamorphosis  through the catharsis,  going ever deeper within. Revealing more and more in all moments, the Divine Presence self. The Higher Self. Your Original PURE LIGHT.

This is your Ascension.

Your Transformation.

Your Death and Rebirth.

Your Catharsis.

Your Metamorphosis.

Into that which you Originally were created AS.

Your Soul Star Matrix, as the radiation of YOUR Divine Presence.

The Alchemy of disharmony into Pure Harmony.

The inner Home ~ The SACRED eternal Divine Holy Temple of the Glory of Divinity. IS all within.


Feel it now ~ as YOU FLOW. With it.

In All Moments ~ And So it is! In the Love and Glory of ALL that is ~ that knows no limits and no end. I love you!




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2017 Energy Report (Part 2): Continual Convergence – Lisa Transcendence Brown


2017 Energy Report (Part 2): Continual Convergence

Quantum Collapse/Unify/Converge: Cycles Increase Substantially

These higher light consciousness frequencies collapse and merge all. The higher we go, the more this “speeds up” and increases in strength. Quantum Timeline Collapses shall increase substantially for UNIFICATION to occur continually now. We complete this transition phase for anchoring new higher light filaments and codes cultivated through the “9” (completion phases) that converged 12/21/16, initiating a whole new exciting cycle on our New Year that began on 12/26. We are still anchoring strongly through 1/11, which is the culmination of our 11/11 gateway that opened. Powerful is an understatement for us all!

2016 was the year for all to experience many things, since the December 2015 total dissolution of the energetic gridwork that acted as the “glue” to hold the old Matrix Program in place.

For some, this was “instant” awakenings to higher truth and many realizations that they had been living in a veiled existence. The unconscious masses entered the chaos and confusion phase, which is necessary for one to challenge what they call REALity. The powerful Root Chakra Kundalini Electrical Energy strongly activated for many, activating old distorted illusory programs (beliefs) of fear, safety and lack were palpable and strong, while other collectives entered the “fog” where the veils amnesia are lifts, which can be an intense process. Much sleep is required and the brain doesn’t work logically when the heart opens, which is all very much an important part of the process of leaving the old matrix and upgrading the Physical Crystalline LightBody to come online with NEW Earth frequencies and realities now. EVERY THING in the physical that is not in alignment with these higher frequencies gets “reworked” on a cellular/molecular/atomic level. The body, the outside world…. ALL must constantly re-align, re-calibrate, and re-construct itself in accordance to each’s SOUL/SOLar & Galactic encodements through the embedding/integration of intricate geometric overlays, codes and sequences activated by increasing bombardment and saturation of PURE cosmic light. Then there were the forerunners, who experienced a very different experience than the collectives did, the polar opposite of what was going on for “Old Earth”, for they “left” Old Earth, vibrating out of those dimensions completely and stepping into Source/Creator Roles to become the anchor points for NEW EARTH, to open the portals & gateways and hold them open for all to walk/vibrate through as they are ready. This is what is happening now and it’s beyond exquisite to experience! Each ONE who is truly ready, can completely shift into a higher vibrational resonance and existence. Technically, everyone already has, they are just not aware of this, because the lower vibrations are still housed in their physical bodies, which is what leads us into the next part of the process….

When Earth Gaia completed her “link up” of the Crystalline LightBody Gridwork for NEW Earth, we then moved into a phase where Earth held the 5th Dimension (and higher) frequencies and began deep Inner Earth Alignments (shaking, eruptions, etc.) to cleanse the earth structurally. Through a constant alignment of StarGates inner earth and also galactically, these StarGate alignments that used to only occur only every year or Equinox/Solstice phase, increased too, so much that now we have continual StarGate alignments on an “every few days” cycle, which now increases too. Galactic Stargates open portals to other dimensions that were not accessible before. Our atmosphere is now merging the other dimensions in this physical one. The weather, the amount of electrical, photonic, plasma energies are profound. This is what is increasing the weather. It’s a “mix” of SOLar & Galactic energies “all in one space”…. Our breathable air changes, especially with the anchoring of increasing Divine Feminine Energies, Christed (Crystalline) Light frequencies and the strength & power of Divine Masculine/God frequencies and more. Our entire atmosphere changes to evolve, our bodies dramatically & subtly change/evolve as each physically move into higher dimensional existence (whether conscious of this or not).

Humans will attribute all of this to everything else, discounting what is occuring and seeking answers that fit into their boxes/mentalities. We’ve left the frequencies where this will work. The physical body will no longer allow for suppression, avoidance and the old ways of lack of love and respect. Basically, the unconscious human doesn’t get to stay unconscious anymore. Every SOUL was awoken in the Grand Awakening in 2015. Everyone has been waking up “slowly” through their entire “human experience/experiment” here. The 2012 Gateway “sped this up”, which has increased substantially since and shall now continue this increase at a rate that is “mind blowing”.

Now we have the linear year of 2017, and wow what a “year” it shall BE!

Awakening is a process, a huge and intricate one that can be simple and easier if one’s heart is truly open, ready and embracing. It is “devastating and catastrophic” to those who CHOSE abrupt/rude/jolting/harsh awakenings. Then there are those who experience both (technically everyone does, it’s just to the “degree”, when and how. This is the part we get to navigate as we “get on board” fully and start “DOing” our awakening intentionally and with everything that we’ve got. This alone eases the effects and can move one from “devastating” to “easy”. Awakening to multi-dimensionality is a confusing process alone. The more human, the harder/harsher, more confusing and chaotic all of this is. The more open, ready, embracing, invested and committed, the easier all of this is. That is one of the polarities. There are many of these.

Now, polarity of Dimensional Experiences is VAST. We have the Unconscious, the Coming into Consciousness and the Fully Conscious operating simultaneously. Each has very different realities and experiences now. While the unconscious dimensional realities (Hell) experience extreme chaos, confusion, collapse and duality, Coming into Consciousness dimensional beings awaken to bliss, magic and amazingness while fluxuating back and forth to work through any old programs still held inside, consciously until their physical body has released enough programming for it to ascend in order to walk-in and actually exist in the higher dimensions. Higher Light BEings, those who have transcended polarity, compromise and lack programs from within, experience realities of HEAVEN ON EARTH continually, while fulfilling SOUL purposes/Galactic Missions and assuming NEW Earth HUman roles, holding the FOUNDATION for NEW EARTH in place and working with others to BUILD OUR NEW here for everyone to in-JOY. They have taken on the RESPONSIBILITY of their roles here and “work” to unify, re-educate, share knoweldge (te-knowleg-e) of higher dimensional everything. There is an entire NETWORK of Light BEings already DOING NEW Earth. All one has to do join us is open up and decide to “do what it takes” to anchor Heaven on Earth in their own physical reality now. Magic, abundance, bliss and profound sacred peace, love and unity exists as each is ready, truly ready to embrace fully and become an integral part of our NEW Earth and “leave” Old Earth behind.

Okay, so I shall list out a few things that 2017 brings forth. HOW each experiences will be determined by many things. It’s up to each to assist their physical body in every way, to honor these processes above all and to RE-CONNECT FROM INSIDE and NOT DISCONNECT ever again. For awhile, it’s challenging, so it takes dedication, practice and perseverance on each’s part. Eventually these new patterns and habits replace the old programmed ones. Transcending human’ness is not a natural process and it will challenge everything that you are, yet where each is truly ready, the tools/resources and information is abundantly available to assist each in transitioning from Old Earth to NEW with greater ease (and it can be SOOOO much fun too!).

It is important to understand that each dimension has very different realities now and that there are many different dimensions of Earth, not just the one you think, believe or see. Your perception, your program, your realities. You exist within collectives that hold these same programs within them. As you transcend/resolve and unify to higher light frequencies of love, you literally vibrate out of that dimension and then the only thing that takes you back there is your belief/mentality until you realize this, then you can just shift/tune to a higher frequency and wha’la, different dimension. It is this easy, after awhile. “In the beginning” it’s continually being aware of yourself, what’s going on with you, what you think you believe and then choosing a new belief and re-programming your activated crystals so that you can hold these new realities long enough for them to materialize in your physical reality for you. After awhile, it not only becomes easy, it becomes fun and very natural to shift hologram and watch a new reality “just appear”/materialize all around you.

The cords of attachment to old diminish faster for anyone still trying to maintain “holding onto that” out of safety, survival or fear. The influx of higher light encodements are to awaken all NOW. The PURE and Ultra-Sonic Frequencies mixed with increased Gamma and Diamond Light Codes shall increase substantially, which “wreak havoc” on lower density realm realities. “Shaken & Shocked awake”, putting the “Fear of God” in many is how many will experience being “jolted awake” into a higher consciousness state. The “fear of that” will cause each to get serious really quick and stop allowing/playing/supporting the old ways. For those experiencing great extremes, this is a part too. These extremes bring all into balance faster. The old “let’s take forever/our own sweet time” is gone. That was linear too.

Now, seeing in polarity for this, the densest dimensional realms will experience one extreme, while the lightest dimensional realms will experience the “opposite” extreme. Where one is oscillating back in forth inside, this will occur for each until that density is gone and light fills that space, until the purity of one’s soul emerges and Unity/Christed Consciousness is one’s natural state. There is also the POWER ASPECT of this, which is where each steps into their power here. As each does, new “gifts/powers” are activated too. One’s heart must be fully open for this to occur. The ability to activate holographic abilities is through the pineal gland and the heart must be wide open for this to occur too. This is a very PHYSICAL BODY experience and continual upgrades, re-calibrations, re-configuration occurs. Crystals form in the body, star particles are activated too. Your human body is evolving beyond anything your human understood. Your active participation and allowing is necessary to experience this with greater ease.

In your highest and purest state, you are just energy. Pure Energy. Your Soul is PURE and you have infinite aspects of you. Each aspect has a different tone/frequency/feeling/purpose/gift and physical reality. Activating all of these will get confusing if you do not understand. Functioning as you merge aspects and start to see/feel/hear different realities will make you question your sanity all along the way until you realize “this is all normal and natural and our natural state”. You will have much judgement, because nothing will conform. This is the point. All that judgment has to go. You do not need any of the old stuff anymore. It was your barrier, your program, your protection mechanism, your limit. Open your heart & mind and expand beyond it all. Return to bliss, magic, happy, peace, joy. Everything you desire awaits to come forth as you do.

Experiencing Sacred Love in your purest form is beyond profound. The divinity, the purity, the exquisiteness of it all. This is what you forgot when you disconnected and “fell” from consciousness/entered the realms of unconsciousness/amnesia. These frequencies obliterate those veils. Confusion is how this correlates to your world. Clarity is what comes out of the confusion and a “new” re-connected from within you that brings you back HOME AGAIN. Everything is inside. The deeper you go into the subtle realms, the more you listen to these subtleties, the easier all becomes. This allows you to maintain expansion and gives you access to all of the other dimensions you didn’t have access to before. When you disconnect, you shrink back down (contract) back into your limited human. It’s up to you to intentionally re-connect and expand again. The more you maintain your ascended state/aspect you, the more your physical reality must re-align to support this new existence of you. You become the one that re-aligns all yourself. This is all part of “growing up” as a higher self. But first, all must go through the “death/re-birth cycle” in a multitude of ways. Mental/emotional/physical/energetic. So that each would not longer “die” (those that chose physical body ascension/embodiment), these processes were broken down over the “separation of time”, as every cell/gland/organ/part of your body must purify and cleanse. As the body completes this cycle, the separation of time will go. All moments will collapse down into one that just flows into the next one and all arrives simultaneously too.

Hell, Purgatory, Heaven… these physical manifestations of each are now very visible if you look out into your world and pay attention to your inner reality world too, for these are the same. When your heart-mind is closed, you will be in literal hell (inside and/or out). When your heart-mind opens, you’ll shift over and when it opens fully then you will experience the magic, the bliss the amazingness of the higher realms/Heaven, inside of you. Your ability to hold this state until it becomes your natural state is what this entire process is. Heaven on Earth is first experienced within or through “short” experiences physically that create/inspire/activate this FEELING so that you know what it is in order for YOU to consciously and intentionally bring it forth and allow it to BE your natural state of functioning here.

The dimension you occupy is the one you allow yourself to vibrate at. Every vibration matters. Every thought is a vibration. Every belief is too. Every physical matter thing is a culmination of vibrations and matter taking physical form. As are you. It’s about the ENERGY of all, where you come from and what you DO with your energy that matters/counts/creates. If you are not conscious, choosing and focusing your energy intentionally, then you are experiencing an unconscious reality. The particles of physical matter, the density, this is all changing molecularly continually now.

You can observe which dimension you are currently in according to the experiences that you have. According to “what you see” when you “look out there”. This tells you everything if you really want to know. Your ability to changed dimensions is by recongnizing this and finding the POWER inside to move beyond the old programs by not keeping them going anymore. You CREATE all of this. REALizing your own mentaliites is how you break/resolve/merge/transcend all from within.

Okay here we go. A “list” of different dimensional experiences to “see”: (Dense is more intense until eventually the intensity is gone and everything is “just energy” and it’s very easy/natural and all flows, fully in-aligment because this is how you live your life all of the time in everything that you are and do.)

Further disolution/dis-illusion of any lower realms (unconscious) programs and physical realities created from these

Faster materialization of higher realm/fully REALized realities in the physical as more anchor Heaven on Earth here

Increased death/re-birth (Phoenix/Christed) cycles, collapse/unification cycles, Unconsciousness being brought into conscious awareness for returning/merging all back into the purity and power of infinite LOVE

More going inside/inward to access/activate inner-dimensional planes to bring these forth in the physical here

Entire Collectives exiting the old matrix simulation program and emeging from the illusory fog/amnesia (blanket of unconsciousness) state

More being challenged to stand in thier own inner integrity, honor and truth

Old Earth Collectives: More judgment, more chaos, more devastation, more shock, more confustion, more physical body chaos/confusion too as the physical body/physical realities move further into INTENSE UPGRADE MODE

Dense Physical bodies = More LightBodies & Crystals/Crystalline Structures activating (Quantum Photonic Charging & Stimulating Light) moving through the physical body to awaken the body (tingling/numbness, physical pain, emotional cleansings, sexual energies (clearing distortions to achive soul level intimacy within), skin outbreaks, FLU (Frequency Light Upgrades as upper realms of body clears, increased urination/colon/intestinal clearings (lower realm programs), weight gain/loss as your body mass/density changes and “more space” literally is made for light to move constantly, heart openings (“attacks”, pumping & palpitatings as the Heart of the Gaia beats within us and to breath consicousn life into our physical body structures (This brings those walls down), “panic attacks” (cells super charging and moving faster to activate fear based programs for clearing the cellular body… breathe, get present and slow down), brain (pineal, neural pathways and glands (the heartbeat in the head is the Universe opening/connecting up), spine (Kundalini & Crystalline) becomes the new center for communication and everything for your body as all is awakened to come “online”, skin outbreaks (crystals/star particles, detoxing, swelling, inflamation, cellular cleansings, more), bones, teeth, organs, glands, blood (the structures/systems of which earth you exist on), more electricity inside & out, more eletromagnetism, more plasma, more crystal formation inside for higher light intelligence functioning and processing systems that operate from a pristine state of consciousness, more Lucid Experiences in sleep and waking state for each transitioning to a NEW Earth Existence, more everything at an elevtated and increased rate than before. Diamond Light Frequencies assist with the formation of your crystals, purificaiton of your physical body and evolution “back”. These increase substantially and when crystals are activated (in the beginning and at times all along the way, decreasing in magnitude to being hardly noticable) swelling, heat, freezing, burning in various parts of the body until “that process is complete” and those crystals have formed and broken down, then new ones are activated. This is a continual process until your body has completely re-configured how you function. These crystals give you the ability to process an infinite amount of light encoded information from within your physical body structure, intentionally transmit your reality therefore changing the solid hologram that you vibrationall walk/exist in (in every nano-second), and to hold a massive amount of love, power and purity from within your being without the disortions of the old. You evolve, anchor light within your physical body structure and emerge in a different dimensional reality while you sleep, get out in nature and slow everything down, become present and honor your body FIRST, focusing on your own vibration, what affects it, what creates interference, stopping distractions and re-focusing all of your energy on creation and using your time, resources and every opportUNITY that comes forth to support you and everyone as a whole here.

Increased hearing of frequencies as each’s Universal Heart opens up

NEW Earth is it’s own collective, if you will. A collective of “WE”, us, as we work togehter, support each other, share, inspire, come together (Unify) and step completely out of the old and into the “NEW” (the unknown to our human, yet very natural, easy and “known” to us). Struggling, resistance and separation were the old. Each must choose to leave this behind and shift totally into the new. Action from within is what matters, from that “BE’ing State, from that place of deep sacred profound and respectful love that is the PURITY OF YOUR SOUL, as higher selves. We exist AS the UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS and everything is not only possible, it’s already occurred, in the next highest vibration and we “spend” our time/energy/money (all same thing) on achieveing this and holding this for us all here.

More abandoning the old programmed matrix program to intentionally experience Heaven on Earth NOW

More “karmic clearings” through intentional consciousness

More merging of higher frequency physical dimensions (exponentially)

More 3rd/4th Density Programs held in cellular memory manifesting as “Hell on Earth” and “Purgatory/Bardo” for each to choose to open their hearts (or have them opened by these higher frequencies) to transition over/cross over the RAINBOW BRIDGE to the “other side” (NEW Earth)

More expanding beyond their body, floating and barely existing on the earthly plane. This is so each can REMEMBER and FEEL Heaven on Earth to know it’s real, detach from the old matrix completely and then Descend (contract) back down into the physical for intentional expansion, intentional alignment, intentional anchoring from within (pro-active, productive energy).

More physical abundance for all who exist fully on NEW Earth. Many are unaware the the “funds” have been re-allocated over the years to those fully in-service to the light and our higher consciousness evolution here. This will continue as old structures and systems collapse to become conscious and online to move to their own NEW Earth Existence too!

More unity, more love, more support, more bliss, more magic, more awakened aware, more intentional action, more gratitude, more appreciation, more consideration, more stepping up in every way, more INVESTING IN NEW EARTH realities than ever before! More awesome everthing! (and Continual Timeline Convergings speed this up huge!)

More ultra-sonic frequencies creating the pulses/pulsar/re-verberation “effect”. Take great care in EVERYTHING YOU TRANSMIT OUT as these frequencies return everything to you a gazillion fold and instantly now.

More sleeping to wake up, clear old timelines faster, so the phsycial body can anchor/repair/upgrade/come online faster and easier than the waking state allows. This challenges human aspectes, yet is very necessary for those experiencing this. Honor your process. Mega important! This will decrease as the veils thin and your SOURCE LIGHT BUILDS inside of your body for you to step into service roles and anchoring your own dreams/desires here!

More playfulness and fun as the heaviness of the old attached realities unanchor and go. Freedom rocks! InJOY it!!!

More stepping up and into service, becoming visible, contributing, stepping into their supporting roles, getting out there, making a difference. It’s beyond BEAUTIFUL to experience and observe!

More understanding the importance of Re-Education according to Higher Consciousness Existence now

In the next release of the 2017 Energy Report I’ll share more. Keep shining, opening up, sharing, supporting, unifying and BEing the Light and Gift that you are! It matters! Everything does (unless it’s old, then it doesn’t matter anymore. No one cares, seriously. Let it all go.)


Happy Magical NEW Earth Everything!!! Are you ready to rock and roll MORE EXQUISITENESS? WE ARE! Let’s DO this loves!!!!

Infinite love from my soul to yours. Aloha Nui Loa ♥

Lisa Transcencende Brown ☼



What is “Ignition”? – Part 4/4 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Qianshou Guanyin – a statue with 1,000 hands


What is “Ignition”? – Part 4/4

(Concluded from Part 3.)

What changes will ignition, and ascension, usher in? How will we feel?

Sandra Walter discusses some of the changes we can expect to see:

“Most notable will be a tremendous expansion within the heart center. As the crystalline structures activate within your body, their vibration can begin to match the incoming photonic frequencies. This prepares the physical vessel to transform itself into a conduit for the Christed Self.” (1)

Jeshua and Wes Annac’s other sources capture the upliftment we’ll feel once the sacred spark that we are – which some call the Self, others the Christ and Atman  – is fully ignited in ascension.

“Oh, the bliss and joy you’ll experience when fully reigniting that sacred spark that can never be put out. Your physical existence is nothing like you’ve been taught to believe, dear souls, and wonders that could only be described as metaphysical will remind you of the existence of what humans have referred to as ‘magic’ for so long.”  (2)

Regaining our previous powers, we’ll be the ones creating “magic,” they say.

“What you’ve seen as magic is really the sacred higher-dimensional power you each carry within, and with your unlocked abilities you are truly infinite and able to do, be and build anything you so desire.”  (3)

As you know, I’m not equating “ignition” with full ascension. Full ascension is Sahaja Samadhi and I believe that lies a ways further down the road.

Remember: Not all experiences happen in their fullness all at once. Our bodies could not take the power surge.  We’re going at once at amazing speed when considered from a cosmic perspective and slow speed when considered from the body’s perspective.

AAM has associated ignition with Brahmajnana or God-Realization. This occurs when the kundalini reaches the crown chakra and is the first sight of the Transcendental.  It doesn’t result in liberation (ascension). In my view, it’s truly what is being referred to as being halfway up the mountain.

Liberation from birth and death or, if you like, Third and Fourth Dimensionality comes with Sahaja Samadhi. Sahaja is a full and permanent heart opening. (4)

Sahaja means “natural.” Sahaja is our natural state, our natural self. Sahaja incinerates our vasanas or core issues. There is then no reason to reincarnate in a lower dimension.

I believe, like Sandra, something is going to happen in 2017 related to ascension.

I don’t think it’s going to be ascension itself – or Sahaja – but I do think it could be ignition – or Brahmajnana. (5)


(1) Sandra Walter, “Mid-September Wave: Comfort in the Unknown,” September 13, 2016, at

(2) “Jeshua and the Ascended Masters: If Things Don’t Seem to Arrive, then Arise,” channeled by Wes Annac, October 1, 2013 at

(3) Loc. cit.

(4) Brahmajnana is a temporary heart opening only.

(5) In olden days, in the Seventies, Brahmajnana was regarded as an exalted state – and it is. I encounter resistance in myself and skepticism when thinking of a whole world attaining Brahmajnana so I still have my work to do with the notion.



Qianshou Guanyin – a statue with 1,000 hands

Possible Phases of Ascension @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Possible Phases of Ascension – The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Possible Phases of Ascension

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Please note that these phases overlap within what you perceive as “time.” Furthermore, not everyone will go through every cycle of this process, and some of you will go through the process in a different order.

What we present here is a “possible Path of Ascension.” Since Gaia is a free-will planet, all of you can use your free will to create your version of your Path of Ascension. Hence, we present the below Path of Ascension as a “possible reality.”

Every ONE of you on Gaia’s planet can enter the flow of this “path.” Many will, and many will not. Every one of you, even those lost to darkness and power over others, is called. However, the frequency of your consciousness dictates whether or not you will recognize, hear, see, and/or accept this call.

Does this message mean that every one of you can ascend now? The answer is that everyone could always ascend once you were complete with your “reason for embodiment” and complete with your experience of “taking an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.”

Those who seek personal ascension because they “want to leave the planet” will not ascend because they have forgotten that they chose to come to Gaia to assist with planetary ascension. Therefore, they chose to expand their Multidimensional SELF down into the frequency of the third dimension.

As a component of your choice to take an earth vessel in this NOW, you went through a “lives review” in which you viewed, and often visited, ALL of your past, present and future incarnations.

Please remember that from your fifth dimensional and beyond perspective, you are free of time and space. Hence, you can observe all the third dimensional incarnations that you have had, will be having, and are NOW having.

When you observe and study the incarnations that you have already taken on Gaia, you are asked to collect all that you have learned in your many visits to 3D Earth. You are then called upon to determine what you have learned, what you have not learned, and what you wish to learn in your upcoming incarnation or during your ascension process.

There are many of you who no longer needed to “learn” by taking a physical incarnation, but you wanted take an earth vessel to “assist Gaia” with Her planetary ascension. In fact, there are many Ascended Masters, Kumara leaders, Angels, and higher dimensional beings from other planets and star systems that have chosen to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

All of these Higher Beings are honored to assist the brave planetary being known as Gaia. Gaia has taken on the great challenge of being a “polarized into time/space” and “free will” planet so that Her humans could learn through the process of cause and effect.

In other words, one of greatest lessons to be learned on Earth is that You are the Cause of whatever Effects your life.

Gaia knew that being a free will planet, based on the separation of individuality, could be very dangerous. However, Gaia has her dear sister planet Venus to assist her. However, her brother Mars has had many problems with the Dark Ones who have been using his planet as a format for “power over others.”

However, once Venus assists Gaia to ascend, that “ascension energy field” will be shared with Mars. We remind you that planets are live beings. Those of you who expand your consciousness into the frequency range of the fifth dimension and beyond, will KNOW that fact within your heart and mind.

When you “know” within your heart and mind that Gaia is a living being, you are no longer bound to the illusions of third dimensional “science.” This science has been under the harsh command of the Illuminati since the fall of Atlantis. Gaia was so injured from the fall of Lemuria, and then the fall of Atlantis, that She is still recovering.

We are speaking to you in this manner because it is the NOW for our ascending ones to realize that planets are living beings. All “primitive” cultures and cultures who “lived off the land” were aware of that fact.

Unfortunately, as the Illuminati indoctrinated humanity, these “civilized ones” came to believe that the planet was a thing that they could use and destroy in any manner that they wished. Fortunately, more and more humans are realizing that Gaia is their living Mother Planet.

The realization that planet Earth is a living being expands your consciousness enough that you can share your personal ascension process with Gaia’s planetary ascension. This energy field of personal and planetary ascension is based on unconditional love for ALL life.

All Life includes planet Earth and ALL her beings from the tallest mountain to the smallest insect, as well as from the greatest leaders to the newborn infants. All life ON Earth is amember of Gaia’s Earth body. Gaia does not prioritize who is more evolved or what is less evolved.

Evolution is a constant for Gaia, which contains many peaks, as well as many valleys. In fact, the more that you can expand your consciousness into the higher dimensions of reality, the more you can experience and respect the smallest insect.

With that rather long introduction, we Arcturians will present to you the “possible phases of ascension.” We say “possible phases,” as evolving humanity is constantly breaking through, pushing aside, and moving through the many limitations that the Dark Ones have created.

The Illuminati is quite surprised by the tenacity and courage of modern day humanity. They are also very frightened by humanity’s Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness allows positive thoughts, emotions, ideas, and actions to progress logarithmically.

Instead of the inner power that is dedicated to Gaia expanding form 1 person to 2 people, to three people, this inner power is expanded from 1 person to 2 people, to 4 people, to 8 people, to 16 people etc. etc. However, much like any “journey up hill,” ascension is most difficult at the beginning of the process.

Then, as you bond with the trail, the plants, the animals, the earth, the sky, the clouds, the insects, you are no longer “taking the journey.” Instead, you are “BEING the journey.” Whenever you deeply bond your consciousness within the NOW of any person, place, situation, desire, and/or thing, your consciousness expands into your “Fifth dimensional Operating System.”

The fifth dimension activates your ongoing progression into a totally new operating system for life. As your daily, even mundane, thoughts and emotions begin to resonate to the fifth dimensional HERE and NOW, the many delays and problems of “time” leave the “space” of your mental and emotional processing.

This transmutation into your fifth dimensional processing of reality can be difficult for the “first ones through,” as you will be over-riding the 3D laws of time and space. Your perceptions of reality will no longer be guided by time and space.

Instead, your perceptions will be guided by the frequency rate of your HERE and NOW of your Higher Self who is looking down in frequency and through the chaos of Gaia’s change.

Hence, you may often feel the “ascension symptoms” of being “ungrounded.” Or you may perceive reality in a manner that others cannot understand. The reason for these symptoms is usually because YOU have spent:

Many years of Study

Many years of Service to Others

Many years of Service to Gaia

Many years of facing your darkness

Many years of releasing your desire to “just get out of here”

Many years of communicating with the light

Many years of documenting and sharing your multidimensional experiences

Many years of initiations to transmute and unconditionally love yourself and others

Many years of connecting to, and communicating with, your Higher SELF

Many years of sharing these experiences with others

Many years of being a leader and teaching others

Your greatest challenge is that “the darkest night is just before dawn.”

Then there is a final initiation in which you will be called on to:

Love yourself unconditionally

Forgive yourself unconditionally

Accept yourself unconditionally

You will then be called upon to Unconditionally Love, Forgive, and Accept all life, including your enemies and members of the “power over others” group. If you look into the lives of ALL the Ascended Masters, you will see that they took a version of this Path, in which they needed to Love, Forgive and Accept themselves and others UNCONDITIONALLY.

Some ‘modern humans” may think that because they were incarnated into a modern world, that they do not need to follow the Path of Ascension laid out by all the Ascended Masters of the past. The Ascended Masters of your “past” followed a version of this Ascension Path according to their time and the culture into which they took that embodiment.

It is the same within this NOW, but different cultures perceive reality in a different manner. Hence, they will perceive ascension in a slightly different manner. But for all cultures, many of the rules of the past will NOW need to be updated to fit the unique situation of Planetary Ascension.

The world has greatly changed over the last 2000 years. Many possible realities of planetary ascension came and left. Only a few humans could acknowledge these possible realities, and even less of them could follow that path of ascension. But now, something is very different!

More and more members of humanity who are able to return to the “primitive belief” that people and planet are ONE. More and more humans are remembering that they are a Multidimensional Being who resonates into the fifth dimension and far beyond.

Furthermore, more and more people are remembering that Gaia’s Earth is a Multidimensional, living Being who resonates to the fifth dimension and far beyond. Therefore, we say, “YOU, People and Planet, ARE NOT ALONE.

The higher dimensional members of your Multidimensional SELF are here to assist you, AND Gaia’s higher dimensional expression of Her Planetary SELF is here to assist Her.

Just as Gaia’s planetary self exists in the fifth dimension and beyond, your human self exists in the fifth dimension and beyond. This ancient information has been hidden from you by the forces of darkness, who will NOT be able to ascend into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Those humanoids, as they are not truly humans, know that their “power over others” and “service to self” will not allow them to ascend into a fifth dimensional lightbody. They are also aware that if they do not have a fifth dimensional lightbody, they cannot attach their essence to fifth dimensional Earth.

Their low frequency of mind, heart, and body will NOT allow them to even perceive fifth dimensional Earth, much less be able to unite with Her. Most of these “service to self” beings have had “control over others” for all, or most, of their incarnation. Therefore, they will not be able to change within the impending NOW of ascension.

They have “failed” the 3D Class of Planet Earth. In fact, they have failed the 4D Class of planet Earth. Therefore, they will not be able to graduate into the 5D Class of planet Earth. Instead, they will find themselves in the lowest frequency of the Lower fourth dimension of Earth.

However, that “reality” will soon be closing too. Hence, if they do not raise their consciousness into at least the 4D Class of planet Earth, which will remain open for a limited amount of time, they will find themselves in the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension.

This 4D class will only be opened for a limited time because “the experience of the fourth dimension” is dependent on one’s state of consciousness. Hence, those who cannot even maintain a fourth dimensional state of consciousness will fall into the depths of the “Lower Astral Plane.”

The Lower Astral Plane is Gaia’s “dump yard.” Since Gaia is in the process of ascension, Her Lower Astral Plane will also be closing. Then, those who still resonate to the low frequency of “power over others” will be re-located to another planet’s “dump yard.” Many members of the Illuminati have had incarnation after incarnation without finding their own inner light.

Fortunately, some of the Illuminati’s children have expanded their consciousness enough to graduate into the 4D Class of planet Earth. Some may even be able to eventually ascend into the5D Class of planet Earth.

Some of these “children of the Illuminati” were kind and loving Souls who volunteered to see if they could heal the Illuminati from the inside. They were unable to achieve that goal, but they will be able to perceive, as well as join, the ascension experience that most of their Illuminati family will miss.

We wish to remind you that the ascension process is NOT in alignment with 3D time. Ascension is usually a slow process of logging out of your third and fourth dimensional thoughts, feelings, perceptions, experiences, and time zones.

YOU, our dear ascending ones, are “learning as you go” how to initiate and participate in the process of a planetary ascension. Some of you were able to participate in the planetary ascension of Venus, and you will be called on to remember that experience.

Others have participated in the ascension of Lemuria and Atlantis. We ask that you go back into your deepest memory to remember those incarnations as well. As you remember these experiences, please share them as widely as possible.

As more and more of humanity remembers how certain areas of Earth were saved from destruction by raising Gaia’s resonance into the fifth dimension, humanity will be more informed regarding the process of ascension.

In closing, we remind you that many ascended beings live within the Core of Gaia. More and more Ascended Masters, Kumaras (such as Sanat Kumara), Angels, and Extra-terrestrials are joining the ascended Lemurians and Atlantians who keep their fifth dimensional essence in constant connection with Gaia’s core.

It is for this reason that Gaia’s Core already resonates to the fifth dimension. In the same manner, your humanoid body holds the key to your ascension within your force of Kundalini, (the Sleeping Serpent in your first chakra) which awaits your flash into ascension.

Are you ready? Is Gaia ready? Go inside to find your answer.

Blessings from the Arcturians

To find out more about Atlantis, please see:Visions From Venus

As well as: Reconstructing Reality

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:55 PM

What is “Ignition”? – Part 3/4 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Shakyamuni Buddha @ Exotic India


What is “Ignition”? – Part 3/4

(Continued from Part 2)

The Arcturians describe an ignition which most conforms to my own vision of it.

“When you recognize…when you begin to allow a more conscious experience of merging your superconscious mind with your conscious mind, there will be a flash of higher consciousness in which you will be able to perceive a fifth-dimensional message with your conscious mind, and you will recognize it as REAL.”  (1)

“A flash of higher consciousness” is how I expect to experience ignition.  Not seeing a light, or seeing a form of God, or even experiencing a kundalini explosion. But having a flash of higher consciousness; in all likelihood, a deep realization.

Nonetheless, this is not a time of individual ascensions, but of collective ascension.  All our hands are on the ignition key, the Divine Mother reminds us:

“Dear hearts, my beloveds of Earth, of Gaia, this is a collective action. It is as a collective ascension. The action, the movement, is every realm, all of us, yourself included. You are the bravest of the brave, the most determined, the most committed, the most stalwart, and you have faced challenges that are legendary. But we do this together. I do not do it for you. I do it with you.

“The archangels, the masters, as a group, have come forth to assist me, to mentor you in this shift. Your guides, the kingdoms, your star brothers and sisters, there is not one element or one group that you can even dream of, let alone know of, that is not standing right here with you.

“And if you wish to think of it this way, all of our hands are on the ignition key. You who are the most committed and faithful — and this is not judgment, it is a reflection of how you have been committed and driven and focused in your lives — you are ready to go, not merely flying through the portal and back. (2)

Sandra Walter believes a “global intense shift” will happen in 2017.

“An acceleration is occurring regardless of our choice. Evolution is evolution. We are receiving a third wave of photonic light in September, the third in a series of waves intended to prepare us for the global intense shift in 2017.

“The first wave was in December/January, the second in April/May, and the third arrives in September. All of these waves are focused on amplifying the shift in consciousness and Ascension. This is a natural force of evolution in progress.” (3)

I wouldn’t be surprised if she was right. What will life be like after ignition? In the concluding installment, we look at that.

(Concluded in Part 4, tomorrow.)


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Shakyamuni Buddha @ Exotic India

Synergy of Time by Master Djwhal Khul – Natalie Glasson


Artist – Wendy Ng


Synergy of Time by Master Djwhal Khul


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 6th January 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, I am Master Djwhal Khul, I work within the ashram of the World Spiritual Teachers overseen by Master Kuthumi and Master Sananda. Before this, I worked closely with the Second Ray of Light devoted to love and wisdom. Here I maintained an ashram known as the Synthesis Ashram, designed to support the integration and fusion of all aspects and energies of the Creator. It is my purpose to recognise, assimilate and balance all energies and creations of the Creator, especially within those achieving their ascension process upon the Earth.

We are now entering into a time of powerful synergy, where aspects of yourself on all levels of your being are merging to create a greater beacon and presence of the Creator within your being. Aspects of your soul from past lifetimes are being healed and merged with your being now. Wisdom from lifetimes and civilisations long ago are drawing into this current time of the Earth and into the consciousness of humanity to be recognised, accepted and adopted once more. Healing abilities are synthesising with each person upon the Earth from their soul and other lifetimes. Synergy is taking place within your physical body as your cells accept new consciousness and begin to transform. Your entire being is merging with numerous aspects of the Creator, aspects which have yet to be recognise or realised upon the Earth. A powerful transformation is taking place. Every aspect of your being is aler t ready to synthesis, blend and merge itself with the energies of the Creator that will support accelerated ascension, the embodiment of Creator consciousness and a realisation of inner truth.

Your Soul’s Activation of Synthesis

It is important to be aware of the need for your entire being to synthesis with numerous and different aspects of the Creator at this time of ascension. A new aspect of your soul is fusing with your personality. The new or higher aspects of your soul anchoring within your being now hold a focus of creating a new perspectives within your mind, emotions and your view of yourself and the Earth. In order to support your soul’s embodiment and integration with your personality, your soul is activating and entering into a very powerful transition process of synthesis on numerous levels.

  • Your soul will attract all the energies it requires into your body to support its synthesis with you now. These will be energies, frequencies, codes and templates of light from the Universe of the Creator and your Soul Group that will create a new foundation of light within your being to support the presence of your soul.
  • Your soul will draw upon its other lifetimes, recreating and anchoring abilities or patterns of experiences into your current embodiment to ensure you have the tools, growth and abilities to exist as a fuller expression of the Creator.
  • The wisdom, energy, light, love and consciousness of your current community of guides will be drawn to work closer with you by your soul with the purpose of supporting your soul. As a result of this, you may discover you can connect with your community of guides with greater ease. You may also recognise new guides stepping forth to be of service; these guides will act as a reflection of the energies and qualities of your essence that your soul wishes you to recognise within you.
  • You may feel as if time is synthesising, meaning that you will begin to see through the illusion of time. This may be experienced as time periods from your past, present and future overlapping and becoming as one within your being. You may experience the synthesis of time as experiencing moments of time, (which could be labelled memories) from the past, past lifetimes or the future as if they were fully present within your being, happening in the present moment. Another experience of the synergy of time could be that you find yourself moving beyond the constraints, restrictions and limitations of time, as if time stops, and you enter, even if only for a moment, into a pocket of expansion, limitless feelings and experiences as well as recognising a state of infinity within your being.

Each activation carefully created by your soul will enhance your experience of the Creator, support your soul in being more fully present upon the Earth and aid your greater understanding of your soul. While you can actively invite your soul to create these activations within your being, your soul has already begun this process and will continue until this aspect of your soul is fully embodied. It is beneficial to be aware of the activations your soul is instigating because with your awareness you will be able to recognise with greater comprehension the shifts and transitions taking place within your being.

Moving Beyond Time

Your soul’s activation of letting go of the illusion of time may not mean that you no longer allow yourself to be confined to the rigidity of time or the use of time upon the Earth. You may experience a sensation that time is quickening which will be an indication that your energy vibration has quickened due to the

embodiment of your soul. The greatest experience from this activation will be a deepening connection, alignment to and sensation of the infinite nature of your soul. You may find yourself connecting with the expansion and limitless vibrations of your being as never before. The aspect of your soul embodying within your being now and maybe even throughout 2017 holds vibrations of the infinite nature of your soul. Therefore, the purpose of your soul is to bring forth a greater understanding and remembrance of your soul and self as an infinite source of light and consciousness. The new perspective dawning within your incarnate being now, especially your mental body brings the focus, experience and acceptance of expansion, limitlessness and infinity. Due to your growing ability to connect into pockets of the infinity of the Creator and further embodying the infinity of the Creator you may find yourself rethinking your existence upon the Earth. New answers may dawn within you from your soul’s vibration of expansion, infinity and eternal connection to all, concerning the meaning and purpose of life, your existence upon the Earth, how you can be of service, the way to connect with others, how to bring healing to the world and many other areas of focus which often seem inconceivable to humanity.

Why the Infinite Nature of Your Soul is Required Now

The infinite nature your soul will bring forth may be resisted by aspects of your ego or personality. however, it is required to dissolve and release, with greater ease and speed, the illusions humanity are engaging with which are causing harm, chaos and disharmony within the world. As humanity accepts this beautiful aspect of their soul, so they will realise their constant connection with all aspects of the Creator upon the Earth and the inner planes. Everything that exists is born from the Creator and therefore connected to you and all other aspects of the Creator. Simply because you perceive something or someone as negative, does not mean they are isolated from experiencing an eternal connection with the Creator. Even beings or energy which seem negative hold the truth of the Creator within their beings. As you recognise this, you will realise that you can access an immense loving and inspiring power from the understanding and experience of your connection with all things and that all is the Creator. This allows for fear, separation, disharmony and such like energies to no longer hold power over you and humanity. When the power of illusion is released then all will be able to recognise the presence of the Creator within every existence and creation. Thus the Era of Love will be fully experienced by all as a conscious collective.

Master Djwhal Khul’s Service

I, Master Djwhal Khul am assisting the transitions and activation of your soul when it is connected with and begins its process of embodiment with your physical being. Upon the inner planes within the World Teacher Ashram of Master Kuthumi and Master Sananda, I have an ashram with a Chamber of Synthesis. I wish to invite you to visit me during meditation or sleep state within my Chamber of Synthesis. Simply imagine, sense or acknowledge yourself sitting with me with the light of the Chamber of Synthesis surrounding you and melting deep into your being. Absorbing the light and frequency of this chamber will support the transitions and activations of your soul, releasing energies hindering or blocking the energy flow of your soul and aiding you in becoming familiar with your soul. I, Master Djwhal Khul will be present with you to share any enlightenment, insights or healing which you ma y feel is required. It is within this chamber you can ask me to assist you in accessing and experiencing the infinite nature of your soul.

I am present to be of assistance; please call upon my presence and energies at this time of tremendous soul awakening,

Master Djwhal Khul

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Artist – Wendy Ng