March Ascension Energies – 2017 – Jamye Price


February had an energy influx that was assisting with entraining the brain to a more coherent internal authority. You may have noticed it in ways that are unique to you, but here are some:

  • Improved emotional detachment from circumstances
  • Times of “spaciness” (but in a good way—not a symptom of ungroundedness or avoidance)
  • More sleep, with more intense and/or informative dreams
  • Clarity of thought, less chatter
  • Easier to meditate, especially for short periods
  • Rote activity feels more like zoned-out action
  • Times of emotional outburst or the need to express something previously held in
  • Moving through emotions more quickly than before

Areon is calling 2017 the Year of The Empowered Sovereign. Your internal authority is key to that. It consists of healthy boundaries and a healthy self-Love that support an easy flow of give/receive with Life. When to say no, when to say yes, when to take action, when to retreat…not a flow with absolute control or only good stuff, the human realm isn’t there yet.

When your internal experience flows more easily with your experiences, it begins to align the world around you. It requires a detachment from controlling the outside world, even as you participate with your choices. It’s a fine energetic line that can seem hard to define sometimes. “Am I choosing from balance? I feel nervous! I have doubt!” It’s ok to feel authentic feelings. They don’t define you, they inform you. Is your doubt creating stagnation or refining choices? Clarity will come. PATIENCE!!!! ;o)

February had some eclipse energies that helped to stir information and create a deep cleansing/reset energy for many. These eclipses felt like they had a lot to do with the gender roles and “royalty” roles. These are patterns that are up for humanity in deep ways. Hence the Year of The Empowered Sovereign.

The February eclipses had the energy of bringing “the inside” out. We even see this going on with the world stage. For instance, the government is getting exposed in ways that the mainstream needs. To you, it may feel like you already knew it (and more) and that nothing really worthwhile is changing. But change is brewing. Bigly. Spend some time praying for the highest good of all involved. These are powerful times.


The energy of March feels similar to February. As we establish our inner authority, we are creating vibrational harmony that speaks clearly to the subtle realm. This is the path of Ascension—conscious interaction with the subtle realms. They’ve always been there, we’ve always interacted with them, now it’s more and more conscious. We have to learn new rules. The rules of the physical realm don’t apply in the same way to the subtle realm.

It’s not about control. It’s about resonance.

Divine Wisdom is about merging the connection of the subtle realm with the individuality (separation) of the physical realm. It is about merging your understanding of the physical realm with the unknown/unformed of the subtle realm.

To work with the unknown/unformed of the subtle realm, requires a releasing of much of the control of the physical realm. You still take action, you still make choice—but there is a peace within (that passes all understanding) that keeps you open to potentials.

Conscious Theta

Back in 2004 I remember channeling that 12/21/2012 was about our interaction with time changing. It surprised me. This is becoming ever clearer with the information that Areon (the Lyran Council of Time) brings through. They speak in a grounded way that we are shifting our interaction with Time because it is a subtle energy. As we evolve into conscious interaction with our thoughts and emotions (our “subtle bridge”), we change our interaction with Time. It’s subtle. ;o)

They’ve been speaking lately of how as a child you are mostly in a theta brain-wave pattern (not new info), yet they began relating it to this time. As we are consciously working with the subtle realms, we are beginning to actualize a conscious theta state more readily. It will come and go, yet it is becoming more consistently available. For example, being more zoned-out during daydreaming (rather than mentally churning through thoughts) creates theta access.

Subtle Realm Creating by Jamye Price

We are learning to use our brain in ways that support our conscious creation rather than responding to the physical realm with physical and/or mental control. This moves us from the energy of suppression into the energy of internal connection and empowerment. Yes!

Heart-Mind Connection

We are working on heart-mind connection to a new level. Your magnificent heart is your vast, timeless engine of connection. Your beautiful mind is your engine of delineation, refinement, and choice. As your mind follows your heart more, you begin to think and choose from Love. That doesn’t mean every moment is bliss and loving—humanity will evolve there; it means choice is derived from the greatest potentials that serve all of Life. That’s a big definition.

Something that serves all of Life in the future may look like destruction in the moment, or it may look different to another person. Winter is a season that serves all of Life, yet not all life experiences winter in the same way (some places not at all).

Surrendering Control

As you embark on March, observe your interaction with your own Divine Wisdom. Nurture the progress of your understanding of your divinity through the lens of your individuality being cherished by Life and connected to Life. This creates a well-spring of flow from within you, creating an Empowered Sovereign that is less reliant on positives from the outside, and more focused on creating from the inside out – see that February eclipse energy influence! I use a simple exercise that I detail in this video to help me open to the greatest potentials of the future.

Surrendering control of the outer realm still means you’re observing and choosing actions. You’re just doing it from the energy of empowerment rather than desperate control. Desperation may be too strong of a word many times, but you get the point. This is the time of understanding your own divinity, your subtle, infinite self.

The subtle realm doesn’t work with suppression, it works with resonance. 

We come full circle. As your inner realm vibrates in resonance with the unconditional Love of Life, your choices in the external realm reflect that Love with the wisdom of understanding the conditions of the physical realm. There isn’t a resistance that blocks your flow. You just flow. Flow a yes, a no, a stop, a go—it’s all just flow at different speeds. The appropriate pace, because your peace flows infinitely. It may feel different at times, but you have access to a well-spring within.


Use this time to continue to focus your mental realm into greater coherence with your heart. Get quiet and listen to yourself. Nurture yourself into more safety within. See the potentials that challenges may offer and choose based on your heart’s wisdom.

Spend some time focusing your powerful heart and mind toward humanity evolving into a free and loving species. There is a lot of change occurring. It’s not an easy time. Yet you have a powerful understanding of your Divine Wisdom that is ever expanding. March will assist your growth as your water the seed of your unique brilliance within. Spring forth!

Happy March!

ARE YOU A STARSEED WAYSHOWER?- Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman @ Star Quest



Art : Akasha by Mara Diop Spiritual Artist






Beloved masters, it is vitally important for you to understand that these are unprecedented times whereby many special dispensations are in force. It is a grand opportunity for you, the seekers of the Light, to tap into your Divine heritage and your special gifts and talents. At rare intervals, and during the transitional period from one great Age to another, Cosmic Law allows the Beings of the angelic realm and the spiritual hierarchy to pass through the veil and make contact with select, awakened members of the human race.  You must express willingness and a desire to interact with these wondrous, advanced Beings, for they will not infringe upon your free will.  When you focus your attention on a particular master, angel or Being of Light, they are immediately aware of you and will respond. The more intense, sincere and constant your desire, the more of their radiance they will bestow upon you.

Your guardian angels, spiritual guides and eventually your SACRED TRIAD will make every effort to assist you to receive the higher frequencies of wisdom which are critical for these chaotic times of transformation. These benevolent Beings endeavor to gain your attention by intensifying the Light within your Sacred Heart. You have waited centuries for an invitation to consciously communicate with the ascended masters and the angelic realms, and they have patiently waited for this time as well. Communing with the Beings of Light is a great evolutionary step for you, as human Beings, for it quickly facilitates a new conscious awareness and a powerful transformation within you. Most likely, you will first connect with and learn to interact and communicate with your personal guides or, sometimes, your master teacher will quickly establish a relationship with you, especially, if you made an agreement to work with that particular Being before incarnating in this lifetime.

Many of you are well on the way to developing your sixth sense – the intuitive mind, whereby you have a direct line to your OverSoul Self, and certain Facets of your multiple Higher-Selves.  It is the beginning phase of creating a direct line to home base, your SACRED TRIAD, and eventually with your magnificent God-Self. Do not seek God in the heavens or some far away, unattainable place, for the Essence of the Creator, a Spark of Divinity, resides within your Sacred Heart.

Many of you are becoming aware of your Divine origins; however, you have only a slight inkling of your vast potential as a bearer of Cosmic Light.  It is vitally important that you become attuned to the ever-increasing frequencies of Creator Light, for it will accelerate the Ascension process and assist you in attaining the status of a Self-master so that you may fulfill your pledge to be a Light upon the Path and a Wayshower.

Remember, you can only access vibrational levels with which you and your Energetic Signature are compatible. That is why it is so important to have gone through a clearing/cleansing process in order to achieve a more balanced and harmonious State of Being within your mental and emotional bodies.

Long, long ago, you, who would later come forth as the StarSeed Wayshowers for the Ascension of humanity and the Earth, agreed to take on a special role on the planet Earth sometime in the far distant future. This group of brave Souls would incarnate into every race, color, culture and creed, and they would be spread far and wide upon the planet in preparation for a preordained cosmic drama: the mass ascension of humanity and the Earth, along with all material manifestations within this Sub-Universe.

Those of you who stepped to the fore were given a special dispensation whereby much of your minor imbalances would be cleared so that your earthly burden would not be too overwhelming. All that remained would be the major lessons that you needed to resolve so that you could return to a balanced and harmonious level of vibrational frequencies, thereby lifting your Energetic Signature / Soul Song to the Mid-Fourth Dimension and higher.

A vast multitude of you, the StarSeed, are well on your way to Self-mastery; however, too many of this Wayshower group is still at slumber or in denial. Each of you has a major role to play in the accelerated evolutionary process that is now in progress. The genetic encodings of this group carry the best qualities of all the former root races, along with special memory cell encodings for the new Golden Root Race of the future. It is true that over time there have been great imbalances amongst this group of Souls, and many have not listened to the nudgings of their Spirit Self and have forgotten their earthly mission. However, deep within your Sacred Heart core, each of you were encoded with a Light Consciousness Seed Atom that, when activated, would help you remember your promise to be our earthly representatives — and that your mission would be to strive with all your Beingness to become proficient cocreators of beauty, peace, harmony and abundance upon the Earthly plane.

We wish to give you some basic information so you will be able to put what we are sharing with you in proper perspective.  It is important that you not see yourselves as people of only one lineage, for all of you have experienced lifetimes in all the major root races. It is important that you do not place yourselves above those on the path behind you, for you have also been non-seekers and followers in many, many lifetimes. You have had black skin as well as the brown, white, red and yellow skin of the other root races, and you also have within your DNA all the distinct attributes, virtues and qualities of each of these races.  In this lifetime, you chose to be born into a particular family or to live in a specific country for a very explicit reason.

At a universal level, after you had externalized into your individualized God-consciousness and had spent eons of time in joyous cocreation, you and a harmonious group of Souls, which we will call “Soul family groups,” were called together in a great pyramid of Light in the higher realms. These Pyramids of Light would later be called WORLD SERVER PYRAMIDS, and they are scattered throughout the many sub-levels of the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions. You were told that there would come a time in the far distant future when a major phase of the Divine Plan would come to a culmination. Many specialized groups would be brought together who would have important roles to play in the “reunification process.”   THAT TIME IS NOW!

Those of you we fondly call “Old Souls” are scattered throughout the world.  True, there are greater numbers of these old Souls in some locations and cultures; however, this vanguard group is scattered around the Earth from the most primitive rural areas to the most cosmopolitan and highly cultured cities.  These brave Souls are not the people who run the government or make the headlines. They live on farms, for they love nature and the animals they care for. They have mundane jobs in every field of endeavor and quietly go about fulfilling their duties. They have positions of great responsibility and they serve their country and its people in a great variety of ways. They live in mansions and in hovels, and in every social level from the lowest to the highest. They are members of organized religious groups, and they worship in their own unique way. Many are attuned to the whisperings of their Higher Selves and have become masters of Self. Many others are well on their spiritual path, but unfortunately, there is a great multitude of these StarSeed Wayshowers who are still unconscious of their Divine nature, and the promise they made so long ago.

Those of you who are in this group have encoded within your DNA the major virtues, abilities and qualities of the Atlantean race, that of leaders / pioneers /warriors.  There is a deep-seated desire to use your mental abilities along with the Divine Will and Power of our Father God in order to be major cocreators on the physical plane of reality. In addition, you are infused with the highest virtues, qualities and abilities of our Mother God, which were instilled in those Souls who came to Earth during the Golden Age of Lemuria − the gentle, nurturing, intuitive, inward focused qualities, and in addition, great artistic abilities and a desire for peace, tranquility and contemplation.

You have experienced a rich and wondrous spiritual heritage, and in the past, you have been blessed to have so many magnificent Beings of Light in your midst — masters whose teachings have left you with wondrous guidelines for living a virtuous life. However, it is time to blend the past with the future, and humanity is experiencing a deep-seated need for guidance, inspiration and support from one another.

We are going to suggest a new way, and it is our greatest hope that some of you will take up the banner and be the future spiritual champions for the emerging new spirituality among Self-aware humankind. We ask you to begin to come together in order to study, support and inspire each other. We ask you to share your knowledge, your wisdom, your visions and your experiences with one another. We are aware of a great sense of loneliness amongst the peoples of the world — a sense of isolation. It is not enough to read the teachings we give you or those of the masters, or to visit a beautiful cathedral or temple, and pay homage to God. It is a time of reunification. You must begin to come together to share your love, your wisdom and inspiration. It is a time to study together and to support one another. We are not asking you to build more great temples, for that is not where the gods of the future will dwell. You are the cocreators of the future — Divine Sparks of the Creator — who are being asked to take your rightful place in the grand march into the future.

Beloved ones, it is time to release all the guilt, shame and feelings of unworthiness that so many of you have carried as core issues from a very long time ago.  You must heal the pain of the past so that you may assume your proper role in the wondrous plan for the future that is now unfolding so rapidly on planet Earth.

Through our messages, we have given you the tools, wisdom and insight to release all things in your life that do not serve your best interests and the greatest good. We implore you to take to heart what we have told you, over and over again, “You are worthy of all the love, beauty, joy, peace and abundance of this universe, for it is your DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT.” You must learn to love and respect yourself, and you must have a deep sense of Self-worth before you can truly love and respect others, and before others will return the love and respect you so richly deserve.

We ask you to review the qualities, virtues and attributes of your Divine Heritage that you are now displaying. Are you projecting too much of the masculine Atlantean energy, and focusing too much on acquiring and creating?  Remember, we have told you that you are looking for a “state of Being” or a “quality of life.”  You can acquire great wealth and manifest many wondrous things materially, but if your heart center is closed or you have ignored and not developed your Lemurian /Goddess virtues and qualities, you will feel incomplete, and  you will experience a great sense of dissatisfaction.

Come together in groups of two, three, ten, one-hundred or one-thousand, it makes no difference; however, if you join together for the benefit of all, we promise you, we will be there in full force to empower you, to assist you and to radiate the love of our Father/Mother God to you in the greatest measure you can contain.

Your major goal at this time is to return to the originally designed spectrum of Light and shadows, the vibrational patterns that make up your personal world in the Third-/Fourth-Dimensional reality. In doing so, your pendulum of consciousness will not swing so radically from positive to negative frequencies, and your mental and emotional natures will become stabilized and centered once more. This is an important step in learning to live centered within your Sacred Heart and your Sacred Mind. As you elevate your vibrational patterns, the higher frequencies of Light will gradually dissolve the many membranes of Light that restrict your higher consciousness. Once this occurs, you are well on your way to living a conscious, Soul-inspired life of a Self-master.

It may not seem so; however, we assure you that you are living in a most wondrous time, beloveds. We have been with you from the time you first externalized into your individual consciousness within this Universe. We will be with you as we go forward into the bright new future, as we join forces with the mighty Elohim, who are the great Builders of Form, in preparation for the fulfillment of  the glorious new Age to come.  I send forth the radiance of our Father/Mother God as we enfold you in an aura of Divine Love/Light.  In you, we are well pleased.   I AM Archangel Michael.


Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from :



Art : Akasha by Mara Diop Spiritual Artist


Art : Heaven On Earth Silks



We have now entered the New Moon phase of Pisces with a Solar Eclipse. This combination brings forth the element of movement, change, new beginnings, with our hopes and desires to be realized. Lord Ashtar brings forth a divine message on how we are affected by the planetary alignments within our full body system.

Greetings My Dearest Comrades of the Light,

I am Lord Ashtar here to talk about the present energies while trying to assist each of you to understand what you may be experiencing in your personal consciousness.

I always like to reiterate my energies through the connection of the InterGalacitic Federation of Light with Lord Sananda so that every individual that is reading this message will get a feeling of being embraced by our essences. I ask you to take a deep breath to fully feel a change in your heart, and bodily structure, as you relax the physical level of your consciousness. Pretend that we are floating through space together having a meeting of our higher minds coming into the purest existence that you have ever felt.

This is exactly what occurs for you during these powerful times of acceleration. At the end of this month, there has been a transition of energies to be felt by humanity so that they can experience within themselves a deeper revelation within their own consciousness. This is how a soul becomes fully realized within their pure existence.

It is what I like to call “The Floating of Light Emanations” to be realized within the physical world.

As this day of February 26th 2017 brings forth a New Moon and Solar Eclipse it brings into Gaia’s pure existence the availability of these light emanations to be fully accepted not only by her presence by within the existence of humanity. During this week previous to this moment in time, there have been portals of light to be acknowledged through the atmosphere into the existence of Gaia’s hemispheric existence. Within your skies there have been solar flares that have opened up portals throughout the world so that humans can start to realize the potential they have within themselves as the person they are becoming.

This is an important element to realize – WHO YOU ARE BECOMING.

Do you know what that means for yourself?

At this time of the earth, there have been great changes that need to be aligned within your consciousness so that the realization that you have been steps across a bridge to a new reality of who you truly are. This is the Bridge Of Becoming That Aspect Of Yourself that has been forgotten.

Many write about how this eclipse and new moon brings forth a gift of dreams to be realized, having the potential that there is more that can occur by just stepping into this new alignment. Some may even believe that these elevations in consciousness are occurring to help humanity while each person just has to sit back and let it happen.

But I want to remind each of you to look back upon the previous month or the start of this year and what you may have experienced to get to this point of your reality.

There has been a death and re-birth cycle occurring within the planet hoping that each soul would awaken to their own reality of what is dying within them so they can walk across that bridge that beckons them into a new part of their reality that is awaiting to be awakened within themselves.

Each soul will react differently to the present energies, but the most important element is that change is happening within each person’s consciousness and if they wake up to those changes, then they will realize the potential that they have within themselves.

As the planets were in alignment in January through February it was a window of opportunity for each person to realize the potential that you could have in your world. It was a fleeting moment of excitement to see within yourself the beauty and the gracious soul that you truly are.

I ask of you, “How many of you were able to see this transition within yourself” and “How Many Have Stepped Across a Threshold of a New Awakening”?

I am here today to share this message as I think it is important for people to realize within their consciousness who they are becoming and what needs to be realized in order for global change to happen. Change occurs within a soul when they realize that they can no longer exist in the old essence that they were. They look within themselves and see that the attributes their soul is showing has changed and they want to transition into a new way of existence whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

I ask you again the reflect on the past few weeks. What have you been experiencing, thinking, or feeling in your life? Were you finding that your world was feeling very challenging and hard to deal with? What did you do to help yourself through this change?

Some examples may be that you felt ill physically, your emotional body was raw, or that your thoughts were not clear and defined. Each of these elements are important because they will help you to see how you are walking into a new door of awakening with the current planetary changes.

Many times the body can be tired, feel ill in certain ways so that it can rest; toxins can be removed so that the true healing can take effect of allowing the full body system to readjust itself through the changes. In other ways the heart center can be healing in a way that you have never experienced before; or your mental mind needs to be put into a different way of thinking.

You may not know how these changes are occurring but they are. All of this is a result of the current movements since the onset of 2017. There is a huge adjustment that is occurring within the consciousness of Gaia so each of you are going to be affected by them in your four-body system. It is a time of great healing so the elements of debris that you are holding in any of your fields will automatically come into a new awakening.

It does not matter what level of consciousness you are holding, where you are in your initiations, or the light quotient you are currently existing within, all must change in order for the New Earth to be born.

The portals of the previous week are taking you in a new direction of consciousness.

As you have been going through the healing process previous to this moment, it is important to reflect within yourself that something is changing within you. It may be as simple as changing the way you go about your day, maybe your schedule will adjust, or possibly you will think differently about a task you are doing. You possibly have done this many times before but within your own consciousness you realize that there is a “shift” in the way you are feeling and thinking.

We have arrived into the Eclipse and the New Moon of Pisces.  Both of these alignments represents New Beginnings but it is important to be able to reflect on “what is your Beginning”. There always has to be an Ending but in many levels of thought you may not consider what has just died out of you.

I share all of this with you to help you realize what the Eclipse/New Moon may mean to you personally and that you cannot expect something to change if you don’t know what is changing. It all represents being present within your own life and learning how to act accordingly.

As a Multi-Dimensional Self, it is sometimes challenging to realize what is changing within you but it is imperative to allow the shifting of the tides to take you to a new reality that you desire to have in your life. If you do not use your full body system to help you through the process, then these activations and alignments will be for naught on a personal level.

You see as the planetary movements are shifting Gaia, each of you must shift with her. This means that what you did not know can be revealed to you. You may learn about a new way of understanding the Laws of the Universe and how to apply them in your physical life. The process of learning new ways is always continuing through each moment in time.

As each person learns more about their soul’s history and the growth process they are acquiring, then it will change the dynamics of what is happening on the Earth. The development of the changes presently are up to you and only you. As souls gather together moving into a higher direction of light, then Gaia will respond in kind to you. It is not just about thinking you are light, you must feel it every moment of your day.

These accelerations can have a tendency to change the evolvement of planetary life when there is an imbalance occurring within the system between humanity and planetary. This is exactly what is happening at this time. The reason there is so much strive and fighting is because those souls are fighting against the light, they don’t know how to do it any other way.

Each of you that are listening are the reason that these accelerations are so very important. As you change, Gaia will accept your energies of the higher frequency and the Earth can move out of duality by walking across the bridge to a New Beginning.

Take time to realize how you are changing, what it means for you, and celebrate it for yourself. Hold unto it, ground it, and become the Galactic Human that you are.

Do a ceremony to connect more to your Divine Self; remove the elements that no longer serve you or you think need to be changed. Call upon each of us within the InterGalactic Forces to help you through this change of light. Allow yourself to become who you desire – walk across that Bridge of Awakenings into the New You.

I, as Lord Ashtar with the Galactic Federation of Light and Lord Sananda guide you every step of the way.

In Peace and Love,

We are One with each of you.

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

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5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ Living in a New Timeline – L’Aura Pleiadian


unknown artist


5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ Living in a New Timeline

laurafeb23You wake up one day and you see the world and yourself COMPLETELY differently. You do not recognize the person you were.

Everything in your life has changed.

It was not always like that. There were desires for change. There was that older reality. When things seemed to move slowly. When “time” was the focus. And how long it would be before this or that ended. This or that started.

When the shift was off the time and the monitoring of results in the external world, life itself changed.

Yes there were those echoes of a world ~ that still waited for time.

As if locked into a world that withheld all that you felt separated from. Your desires that is. To change things.

Then you let go.

You gave up trying.

You let go of the struggle and trusted the Higher Power of Divinity, because what you did ~ did not work. Not in the way you wanted with peace and harmony.

When you let go and surrendered you not only felt a relief you also shifted your concepts of time.

Your focus became yourself, to know yourself. To become aware of ~ what consciousness was.

You felt the stillness within you grow.

That was more powerful than anything you tried to lean on before externally.

The stillness became your power. You rested and refreshed yourself in it.

You then felt your Powerful Presence emerge from within you.

That became the foundation for all processes of “thought” to be processed through.

New gateways and portals opened and your DNA was fully activated.

You integrated.

You became aware of your Light.

You became Light.

All those concepts and thoughts dissolved in the SEA of what was emerging THROUGH YOU.

The Light dissolved all pain and worry.

That Light was You.

The Light guided you as it always had.

Now you were aware of it, being the guiding reigns to what truly was your Destiny.

Your Destiny to not struggle to hold and steer the ship of your life.

But to live as letting go in all moments.

To let go of time.

To enjoy the ride.

Love the moments.

To Live amazed at how powerful letting go is.

How powerful and Beatific the Destiny is.

How what you were trying to get to before, became a way of living and letting go.

Then it happened.

Magic happened.

You were ready. You no longer felt plagued by the haunting of your thoughts, of a past, of a future.

You lived truly in Love and Bliss, as that is what your Light is.

The Light was the guide and the ship and the steering. It was all along, you just were struggling against this huge immense WAVE of Light, that you were. And are.

Then, when the magic happened that was your freedom from time. From waiting. From the past.

You entered Magic.

Then the mirror told you a different story of life.

Of who you truly are.

Of what your Presence is.

About magic.

And about entering and being present in your New 5th Dimensional timeline.

Everything else seemed to vanish.

You knew you were a New YOU ~ as if one day, waking up, in great amazement, to everything changed.

Because it did.

It did when you let go.

And now you see.

And now you see it all.

You live and breathe as the magic.

As the Presence.

As the Light that shines and lives eternally.

As 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

In your New World.

In your New Body.

In your New Reality.

In the Newness of every moment.

You live.

The magic lives.

It is you and you are it.

It lives within the freedom of letting go.

It was always present.

Feel and receive.

In the Glory and Presence of the Divine Council of Overseers. I am with you, Present, Now.


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Leaving Time – The Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Leaving Time- The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Leaving Time

By the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie
Leaving time is a very confusing concept for many of our grounded ones, as “time” has been the ONE stable component of their 3D life. However, once their consciousness began to resonate to the fourth dimension, they realized there was a deep urge to be creative and to use their mind in a more exploratory, creative manner.

But, just as they began to fly off in their mind, something in their daily life called them to return. Of course there were the artists and the mystics who chose their inner world over the outer worlds. Sometimes that worked for them, but sometimes they found themselves without the necessities of the third dimensional reality.

So how can our grounded ones find their way to functioning in the third dimensional reality of time, space, polarity and cause and effect while they also leave “time” in order to experience the NOW of the new fifth dimensional energy fields that are increasingly merging with their third dimensional life?

How does one live a third dimensional life of being ruled by the clock, while they also escape into the fifth dimensional NOW for some deep rest, relaxation and education? This question is more easily answered than it is lived.

For one thing, as our grounded ones begin to expand their primary attention into their fifth dimensional frequency of consciousness, they begin to lose track of time, space becomes a multidimensional reality, and their consciousness begins to wander into the higher dimensions without the permission of their 3D mind.

The first meanderings of the 3D mind beyond its normal limitations of a 3D reality, often takes their wandering consciousness into the fourth dimensional astral world. In these lowest realms of the fourth dimension, often known as the “Lower Astral Plane” the 3D mind perceives the fears that have created limitations to take hold in their daily life.

When the owner of that 3D mind, is able to look into his/her past fears and sorrows, they create a pathway through which their mind can expand into the higher sub-planes of fourth dimension in which their innate imagination becomes activated.

However, fears of failure must be faced before one can step into the reality of being a creative person. Most of these fears were implanted in them when they were young, they brought forth these unresolved fears from another incarnation, or the fears are social fears, which an awakened person is aware of.

If one can look into their personal and social fears, stand tall and send these fears the healing force of Unconditional Love, then transmute these healing fears into the next higher octave of reality with the Violet Fire, they can open the portal to their Multidimensional SELF.

Once a connection is made with one’s Multidimensional SELF, their Multidimensional Mind becomes activated. Then, because their Multidimensional Mind is activated, they have a multidimensional operating system, which can translate the fifth dimensional and beyond perceptions into the conscious awareness of the 3D brain.

The 3D brain is not capable of perceiving, understanding, or interacting with higher frequency versions of reality. Therefore, the “owner of this brain” walks daily through a multidimensional reality, but he/she is only aware of the lower frequency third dimensional aspects of their life.

However, now that higher frequencies of light are entering Earth’s atmosphere, more and more people are beginning to perceive that which had always been invisible, silent, un-imaginable, and even impossible.

Their reaction of “perceiving beyond the veil” can be quite emotional, and many choose to totally ignore that which they cannot understand. It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family and higher dimensional expressions of your SELF, are contacting our human expressions through as many “channels” as possible.

By “channels,” we mean the ground ones who remember, or never forgot, their higher dimensional expressions of SELF in the higher dimensional versions of reality. Some of the newly awakening ones can be shocked, or even frightened, by the visions, auditory messages that only they hear, bodily sensations and/or remembered dreams of other realities.

Our grounded ones have been taught since childhood that their physical world is the only world. Yes, there is the sky, but that only included where airplanes fly. But now, these third dimensional frequencies of the “sky” are expanding into and blurring with the higher dimensional frequencies of reality.

However, the third dimensional brain is only calibrated to perceive and consciously interact with the third dimensional frequency of reality. Fortunately, only about 3% of your physical brain is needed for the limited, third dimensional perceptions of reality.

So, what is happening within the 97% of your unused brain? We are within your NOW to inform you that the part of your brain that is NOT being used in your third dimensional versions of reality, is actually VERY active in your higher dimensional versions of reality. In fact, the higher dimensional realities that you can perceive are actually higher dimensional realities of your own Multidimensional SELF.

However, the controllers of the third dimension, who are largely limited to only 3% of their brain, must make sure that those whom they believe they are controlling also limit themselves to 3% of their brain.

This is very frightening to the “3D Controllers” because they are aware that because they live their reality within the lower third dimension of “power over others,” they cannot expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions.

What these ancient, controlling ones never learned was that when one acts via a “power over others” format, they have totally separated themselves into an individual format. This “individual consciousness format” is usually driven by the need to maintain “power over others.”

Being “only a 3D individual” with NO contact with their higher dimensional expressions of SELF, limits their experience of reality to the 3D Matrix. Most of these “seemingly human, but actually devoid of human heritage” are not aware that they have trapped themselves in the 3D Matrix.

There are still millions of others who are still trapped in the 3D Matrix, over whom they can exert their “power over others.” However, the fifth dimensional light that is continuing to flow deeper and deeper into Gaia’s atmosphere and planetary body is beginning to infiltrate and over-ride the third dimensional light waves.

In the same manner that clear water becomes pink as you drip red dye into it, the third dimensional light becomes fourth dimensional, and eventually, fifth dimensional as the fifth dimensional light waves continually intermingle with the third and fourth dimensional frequencies of light.

Those, whose consciousness can only attend to the third and lower fourth dimensions of reality, will NOT be able to perceive the higher dimensions of reality. And, even if they could briefly perceive these higher frequencies, they could not believe that they are real.

They cannot believe that the higher dimensions are real because, then their own conscience, which was lost during their early years of indoctrination, would be ignited and they would NOT be able to treat others in a fashion that they would not treat themselves.

It was an important part of their early brainwashing that it was “weak” to NOT have power over others. None of these children wanted to be weak, so they sought to have power over others. You realize how much of your third dimensional reality is based on competition and the winner is better—no matter how they win.

Of course, we are happy to perceive that more and more members of humanity are only seeking their own “Power Within.” When one seeks their own Power Within, they begin the process of returning to a conscious connection with their own Multidimensional SELF.

Power Over Others is limited to the third dimensional and lowest astral planes. Power Over is a short-term solution because, eventually, those who they have tried to maintain “power over” will find their own Power Within.

Once one regains their own “Power Within” they have the courage, and tenacity, to rise up against those who have had power over them. This cycle of, “being victimized, then finally conquering the victimizer” has been repeated uncountable times during Gaia’s long history.

It has been a “favorite holographic reality” to teach a strong sense of inner power and courage. However, Gaia tires of running this holographic program. For one thing, it is usually Gaia’s Earth Body that is left damaged by humanity’s many wars.

Gaia’s main concern is that She is being called Home into a higher dimensional expression of Her Planetary SELF. Just as humanity has greatly suffered during Earth’s descent into the third dimension, Gaia—the living essence of planet Earth—has also suffered.

One thing that many humans are still unaware is that Gaia has been silently expanding Her Planetary Consciousness into the higher fourth and lower fifth dimensional resonance of reality. All reality has a resonance, a frequency rate, which defines the dimension of reality that is experienced for all those who reside within that reality.

Gaia has resonated to the third and fourth dimensions of reality since she almost fell off Her axis long, long ago. Gaia knows what many humans do not know, which is that the era of habitation of Earth’s third dimensional frequency is ending.

However, you must think in “planetary time.” Therefore, this ending could take countless years for humanity, but Gaia can see that possible reality and has “set Her planetary sights” on expanding Her resonance beyond Her present third/fourth dimensional frequency rate into Her fifth dimensional frequency rate.

Many humans have felt the inner call from Gaia, their planetary mother, to join Her, and hopefully assist Her, as she expands her “habitation zone” into the higher fourth and fifth dimension.

Many Shamans and Astral Travelers have journeyed into Gaia’s fourth dimensional habitation zone. But, within this NOW, more and more earth-bound humans are expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimension.

With this fifth dimensional consciousness they are able to see our Starships and even remember your nightly visits to your Starships or Home Worlds. In other words, your Multidimensional Consciousness is ever expanding into the conscious reception of fifth dimensional, and beyond, energy patterns.

These energy patterns can be translated as visions and/or channels form your higher self, nightly visits in your higher dimensional body to your Ship and/or Homeworld and/or direct instructions from your own Higher Self to assist you, as you assist Gaia.

Humanity is beginning to awaken from a long “sleep” in the third dimension. Humans often think that they are “awake” while they are operating via their third dimensional consciousness.

However, to us in the higher dimensions, we perceive humanity as being “asleep” while they are in their third-dimensional, Physical Body. And we perceive humanity as being “awake” as they travel in their fourth-dimensional, Astral Body.

We are very pleased to add that we are VERY pleased to perceive more and more of humanity as being “awake” as you join us on the Ship, or your Homeworld, in your fifth-dimensional Light Body.

As more and more of you “flash into Lightbody” while you are awake to your third dimensional reality, you will GREATLY assist Gaia with Her “flashing” into Her fifth dimensional Light Planet.

Blessings to you all,

We await the vision of your wonderful Light Show

The Arcturians

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When Mountains are Not Mountains and Rivers are Not Rivers – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Medicine Buddha Statue – Singapore


When Mountains are Not Mountains and Rivers are Not Rivers

Sometimes I worry about myself because I’m so insular these days.

But there are times, I think, when lightworkers need to go inward.

For a monk in Thailand, it might be cave time. For a monk in India, it might be seeking the solitude of the headwaters of the Ganges. For a lightworker in North America, the best it gets is cocooning.

At those times when mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers – which time is upon me now, having seen the Self, if only for a moment (1) – the outside world feels jarring.

A person on the bus being nice and striking up a pleasant conversation for me sounds unreal and something I want to break my connection with. No, no, get me out of here, I’m saying inside while smiling seraphically outside. I’m wracked by dissonance.

I’m in a place that a friend used to describe as “refusing to modify.” I’m refusing to modify myself, to vibe down, so to speak, to remain with our collective conditioning, the utter banality of it all.

I WANT MORE. I WANT BETTER, I’m screaming inside.  Stop the world. I want to get off.

And of course my time of gestation having arrived is the result of knowing it can be better. I’ve felt bliss. I’ve felt real love. I’ve seen the Self. I know it can be better.

Compared to bliss, an ordinary, everyday pleasant conversation shows up for me like a basic denial of all I’ve learned through all these years, all I’ve experienced, and all I’ve realized.

Of course the “me” that’s reacting in this way is exaggerating. In the eyes of his everyday society, he may be seen as insane.  Very few would understand what life looks like from his angle. So he’d best either control himself or restrict his movements.

His tolerance levels for banality and insincerity have gone way, way down, as they do after a divine experience.

What was once tolerable is no longer so. What was once hidden is no longer hidden. What once interested a person no longer does.

Mountains are no longer mountains; they come to have completely-different meanings, seen from completely-different vantage points; the same with rivers. Everything has changed.

The being has made a basic shift from voting for his conditioning to leaving it all behind.

I can assert from experience that even a glimpse of the Self can cause a revolution in one’s being a thousand times deeper than the first sight of your very first love.

So for the highest good of all, a person for whom mountains are no longer mountains and rivers no longer rivers needs to go off into relative seclusion.  Seclusion from all but this ascension diary. On my dying day, I will write.

I apologize to those who’ve written into the “Contact Us” email in the last short while. I’m in no condition to answer your emails, I’m afraid. I’m in a cave in India somewhere – if not in body, at least in mind, feeling, and spirit. Don’t know when I’ll be back.

I’m also worried because I’m so exhausted so often.

But at those times I remember that I sought as full a dose of the Porlana C and photon energies as was both permissible and advisable and this is what I got. Yay, I’m a millionaire!

Everything has accelerated for me.  For a person who gets bored with too much downtime, I cannot complain.

With me it’s always whether I’m learning or not that’s important. If there’s one characteristic I know about me it’s that I always need to be learning.

And I’m learning a lot here and so I’m satisfied.


One of the things I’m learning is that I’m not flowing with my circumstances. To a large extent, I’m in the way.

Archangel Michael said that the greatest skill and positive factor in divine co-creative partnership was getting out of the way. And that is so true and should be underlined, according to me.

The whole problem I present is during the moments when I won’t get out of the way. No, I’M right. No, it’s MY turn.

If we were to keep a scorecard, I’d say I’m still 70% in the way; that is, 70 percent of the opportunities to get out of the way I don’t recognize and go along with. I think I know better. Usually I don’t … and it shows. This is the everyday me you don’t see in print.

I don’t flow. (2)

But I’m being tutored. He’s teaching me and he’s teaching you right along.

If we want successful divine co-ceative partnerships, we’d be wise to master flowing and getting out of the way.

I’m the worst offender. And I just got off it. Oh my heavens, waking up is hard to do.

Getting out of the way is a prime example of what I’m learning these days and I consider it rich treasure, rich payment for services rendered.

People have asked me, do you not miss having a guru? Oh, I have one. I assure you. And I’ve never learned more or faster in my life (3) than from this divine co-creative partnership, which they want to have with you too by the way.  There’s no end to the number of archangels. (4)

So, given that I’m learning by leaps and bounds from what has come from the initial downpour of Porlana C and photon energy that I asked for, I’m on balance willing to pay the price of exhaustion quite happily.  It gives a whole new meaning to “learn while you sleep.”


(1) A moment is enough.  Any moment is enough. Enough to send a person on the quest forever and in ways they’ve never quested before, with redoubled determination.

Of course it isn’t a search, at least not for me. It’s an unveiling of the natural Self, which we already are and always will be. It’s also going deeper and deeper into bliss, in my case. All roads lead to Home. Touch Home and you’re free.

And God says, “You found me!” and laughs.

I think I’m in a time of repair. I need to relax, not go outside, as beautiful as this location is. There’ll be time for that later. Just be in the stillness and the silence.

(2) Keep in mind that flow is a paradigmatic representation of the way of life on the Fifth Dimension. Life flows.

(3) I remember turning to my wife while at the ashram of a guru I had studied with for twenty years and saying, “I don’t feel I’ve grown at all.” I definitely cannot say that about this particular spiritual partnership.

(4) Archangel Michael: Now you still have billions upon billions of sparks of light and this is something that we have never really talked about before; in the Mother’s infinite creation, there are still billions of those sparks of light being birthed to this day.

Steve Beckow:  And these were the seraphim or all of the angels?

AAM: No, all the angelics [what I call the celestials], if you take it as a very large group. (“Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom,” June 13, 2014, at



Medicine Buddha Statue – Singapore

Gravitational Pulls & Resoloving/Releasing Denser/Fixed Realities for Quantum Timeline Jumps -Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Georges Armand Fashion Painter


Gravitational Pulls & Resoloving/Releasing Denser/Fixed Realities for Quantum Timeline Jumps, Collapses & Convergences to Occur


Deep cellular cleansings… working through all. Honoring releasing all not working/no longer in flow….. Quantum Timeline Jumps shake realities up/loose. WE have to open up more/expand, adapt, re-configure, re-calibrate, re-assess, re-align through higher heart-mind-unity-consciousness….

When Quantum Timeline’s collapse for unification on a higher vibrational timeline to occur, the collapsing realities are not always comfortable, yet necessary to move us all out of denser realities that no longer serve our highest purposes here. As humans, we don’t do well with this. We don’t shift, change, let go easily…… ↓↓↓

As Quantum BEings, we have to adapt/shift/jump or everything goes sideways and collapses if we don’t. When realities have to shift/reconstruct, we have to shift with them as they are meant to…

Vibrational existence is very different than old human created ones. Openness, flow, expansion, inner-connection, easy … yes easy, as if it’s not easy, there’s something we need to see. The emotion/current reality we might need to see/experience/honor isn’t always easy, yet what comes from that is easier once we do/see/release/do….

We can’t force realities to BE anymore… If they cannot align, then this shows us what we need to know. Different vibrational plane realities don’t align, unless the energy of the lower vibrations are cleared…. no matter how we try to fit them together…. because there is something off/creating a disruption in some way still…..

The moment we accept, the moment we resolve, the moment we get okay with letting go, the moment we truly open our hearts-minds wider/fully… a new reality will present itself, sometimes even before….. sometimes we have to let go first, because the energy/density/resistance is too strong….

Realities are energetic. Energy has to move, flow, expand, change form, shift…. We, as Pure Source Energy, we do too….. ♦ ♫ ♥

Dropping density means “dropping” dense realities, that which cannot maintain increased flow, that which weighs us down (Gravitational Push/Pull = Force).

With the huge re-balancing of magnetics, increased charging of particle matter to change density that increase daily now), gravity can be felt where it affects our ability to move and jump timelines.

These often show as resistance, that which is heavy, that which constricts, doesn’t shift/flow, isn’t fluid/is fixed. Pay attention to where you are tethered when you have to jump/shift…. you’ll be surprised at how all of this plays out…. ♥

Eclipses dig in deep. We are all still in it until we shift/complete this passageway. We will all be happy when/as we do. Gotta break those fixed realities loose loves. All that energy has got to go or be intentionally transformed from within.

We first try to shift the reality to bring all in alignment. If we can’t, then we either “go down with it” or we disconnect/move on/jump. It’s how this goes. 🙂

We are preparing for another even huger jump than the ones that have been occurring everyday. This process will challenge everything human. It’s the point. When our heart fully and completely opens, we shift to our higher-soul-conscious-self. As Souls, everything is easy. It’s time to choose your timeline from within you. ♥ I love you. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

2017, YOUR LIGHT AND LOVE ARE NEEDED NOW! by Patricia Cota-Robles


Art : Goyo Dominguez

by Patricia Cota-Robleswww.eraofpeace.orgMarch 2017 New YouTube:


During this monumental year of 2017, we are being given the opportunity to permanently anchor the archetypes containing the Divine Matrix for Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance tangibly in the lives of all Humanity. These are the patterns of perfection associated with the New Earth that Lightworkers have been striving to cocreate for decades, and that Humanity has been longing for since we fell into the abyss of separation and duality aeons ago.

According to the Company of Heaven, anchoring these specific patterns is the greatest need of the hour for Humanity and all Life evolving upon this Planet. Through the unified efforts of Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven we have finally reached a critical mass that will allow us to God Victoriously accomplish this phase of Earth’s Divine Plan.

The important thing for us to KNOW is that this will not happen without our assistance. It will ONLY happen if you and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity deliberately participate in this facet of the Divine Plan. The Universal Law is that the Call for assistance must come from the Realm where the assistance is needed. If the archetypes containing the Divine Matrix for Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are to be anchored on Earth, those of us abiding on Earth must invoke that Light and breathe it into the physical plane. This is what is meant by the statement, “God needs a body.

If you pay attention throughout 2017, you will notice that the myriad things that are being brought to your attention that are causing pain and suffering of any kind are the polar opposite of the things that would be happening if Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance were tangibly manifesting in the life of every person on Earth. This is not a coincidence. This is because those human miscreations must be purged and transmuted into Light before these NEW archetypes can be anchored.

The Divine Plan
The Divine Plan for 2017 is for everything that conflicts with Peace and Abundance to be pushed to the surface as fast possible so Awakening Humanity can Transmute those gross mutations back into Light. The more you and I are willing to invoke the Violet Flame and Transmute the surfacing negativity, the easier it will be for the masses of Humanity to receive and anchor the Divine Matrix for Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance when the time comes.


The Divine Plan is for these archetypes to be anchored on Earth during the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence which originally took place in August 1987. The vehicle that will be used for this global gathering is the 31st Annual World Congress on Illumination which will be held in Tucson, Arizona, August 12-17, 2017.

This Annual World Congress is truly a global and life-transforming event for everyone who has the Heart Call to participate. Listen to your Heart and your I AM Presence will guide you, unerringly, to your part in this vitally important facet of the Divine Plan.

This year, the 31st Annual World Congress on Illumination will take place within the full embrace of a very powerful Lunar and Solar Eclipse Series. You and every other Lightworker on the Planet will be in your right and perfect place. No facet of this Divine Plan is any more important than another. What IS important, is that you respond to whatever your I AM Presence is guiding you to do. You must Trust and KNOW that if you are being guided to be physically present within the Portal of Light in Tucson, then your I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will assist you in paving the way. This is true whether you need assistance with time, energy, or money to accomplish this facet of your Divine Mission.

Listen to your heart and you will know that it is critical for Lightworkers from around the World to be physically present for this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. Together we will form the transformer that will allow the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to receive and anchor tangibly into their life and the lives of ALL Humanity the archetypes containing the Divine Matrix of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.

All of the Lightworkers who have been prepared to serve in this wondrous way on behalf of Humanity and all Life on this sweet Earth will know who they are through the inner promptings of their Heart. Listen to your Heart, and Trust your inner guidance. Your Light and Love are needed now!

In addition to those who are inspired to be physically present at the 31st Annual World Congress on Illumination, there will be Lightworkers who will join us in consciousness from their points of Light around the World. These Lightworkers will project the Light flowing through their Heart Flames into the Portal of Light where the Lightworkers are physically gathered in Tucson, Arizona. Thus our unified efforts will expand a thousand times a thousandfold.

This sacred conclave will be a celestial experience for everyone involved. Each day, as we successfully fulfill one phase of the Divine Plan, the Company of Heaven will reveal the next phase of the plan to us. Day by day, as we progress through the various activities of Light with the Divine Guidance of our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven our mission will be victoriously accomplished.

This event will take place at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort which is nestled in the unique beauty and the nurturing, healing environment of the southwestern desert in Tucson, Arizona. The resort is surrounded by lush desert vegetation and towering two to three hundred year old saguaro cacti. These expressions of the Elemental Kingdom stand as mighty sentinels while anchoring the Light of God into the Earth.

When you enter this portal of Light, you will experience the awesome radiance of the Flame of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation and the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love. As this Sacred Fire bathes your Being, you will be blessed with the familiar feeling of coming home.

The World Congress on Illumination will provide you with the opportunity to meet old friends from around the World with whom you have been serving for aeons of time. Fellow Lightworkers will join their hearts with yours and support you in your monumental service to the Light.

The entire Universe is supporting us in this wondrous endeavor. The Beings of Light have been given permission to assist us in miraculous ways, but it is the Lightworkers on Earth who are the predominant force that will bring this Divine Plan into physical manifestation. Our responsibility is enormous, but as we join our hearts together, we will succeed God Victoriously.

God Bless YOU, for your willingness to be the Open Door for the Light of God that will allow the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to RECEIVE AND ANCHOR THE ARCHETYPES AND THE DIVINE MATRIX FOR ETERNAL PEACE AND GOD’S INFINITE ABUNDANCE.

All of the information you will need to participate in this wondrous Activity of Light is available on our website

We are offering important savings for Early Registration. Please don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Please share this information with anyone you feel would be interested in assisting Humanity and ALL Life on this precious Planet in this important way.

Violet Flame Invocation
I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love we invoke the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection that Cosmic Law will allow.
We invoke the Company of Heaven and the Legions of 5th-Dimensional Violet Fire Archangels. Blessed Ones, we ask that you blaze, blaze, blaze the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection with the power and might of a thousand Suns in, through and around every thought, feeling, word, action, memory and belief that Humanity has ever expressed in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown, that is reflecting anything less than Heaven on Earth.

Transmute this energy cause, core, effect, record and memory back into its original perfection and seal it in an invincible forcefield of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.We accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished even as we Call. We also accept and KNOW that this powerful Violet Flame is increasing daily and hourly, moment by moment, with every Breath we take until this Sweet Earth and ALL her Life have Ascended into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light on the New Earth where Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are a tangible reality.

I AM the Golden Flame of God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace
Through the Power of God blazing in my heart and the hearts of ALL Humanity, I joyously receive and accept the gift of God’s Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and Infinite Abundance. I now know God’s Abundance and Eternal Peace are my Divine Birthright.

On the wings of this Divine Light, I Ascend into the Causal Body of God. From this Realm of Divine Consciousness, I have the inner knowing that GOD IS MY SUPPLY!

I relinquish now, in the name of God, I AM, all of the power I have ever given to lack and limitation through my thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs and memories in any time frame or dimension, both known or unknown. I relinquish now, in the name of God, I AM, all of the beliefs I have ever had that were based in poverty consciousness.

From this moment forward I consecrate and dedicate my very life to be the Open Door through which the new frequencies of the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance will now flow to bless me and ALL Humanity.

As I breathe, think, speak, feel and act, the Presence of God within me is perpetually expanding the Divine Matrix for the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance to all life evolving on Earth. And so it is.

Patricia Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
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This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

©2017 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

Healing Stars of The Universe by Mother Mary – Natalie Glasson


Madonna Portrait – Sandro Botticelli


Healing Stars of The Universe by Mother Mary

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 24th February 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Blessings are sent from the essence of my soul into your being; I am Mother Mary, overseer of the 9th Ray of Light, a member of the Board of Karma, an essence of the Divine Mother and Queen of the Angelic Kingdom. In my communication with you today, I Mother Mary, come forth as a source of information to aid your inner healing and transformation.

Many of you are entering into periods of profound inner healing and transformation. Patterns and experiences which have been held within your being for numerous lifetimes are now being asked to be addressed and released by you. Realise that most of the challenges you are experiencing now, especially within your being, are from distant lifetimes, while also being the energies you have come to the Earth to resolve, transform and embody for yourself, humanity, your soul and soul group. Your inner healing is never personal to you in your current lifetime; it is always connected to numerous lifetimes, soul purposes and even the embodiment mission of your soul group. You are connected to all aspects of the Creator, and therefore you are connected to all aspects of your being or essence. Even the subtlest of inner shifts are born from the purpose of your soul, although this may be unknown to your personality or mind. Every unbalanced, painful or misaligned energy within you is a wondrous opportunity for you to heal, transform and reconnect with your truth, which in truth is reconnecting all to the Creator. It is time to recognise the numerous opportunities there are within you to create profound and inspirational healing experiences to aid your co-creation with the Creator.

Healing is recognising your natural ability to co-create with the Creator and that it is your divine right to be in constant co-creation with the Creator.

The inner healing and transformation which is taking place within your being at this period of your ascension is connected to embodying and expressing your inner truth. Many of the lifetimes which are returning to your awareness to be healed, hold experiences of concealing your truth or being punished by yourself or another for the truth you shared. The pain experienced during these lifetimes acts as powerful blocks and limitations upon your spiritual awakening, awareness and progression. They are akin to weights holding you down and stopping you from achieving necessary spiritual evolution and services. They also act as beautiful keys to awakening and accessing high vibrational truth within your being. There are exquisite opportunities for many to access their sacred inner truth, bringing their truth’s power and divine vibrations to the forefront of their being.

The tools, I, Mother Mary, wish to share with you to aid and support your healing are the use of the Healing Star of Venus, Mother Mary’s Star of Awakened Healing, Elemental Star of Truth and the Ascended Master Healing Star of Sirius. Each holds the energetic structure of a star, radiating healing vibrations and profound consciousness. They are the healing energy of the consciousness from which they extend. Each star is diverse and different, supporting different processes of awakening, alignment with the Creator and co-creation. I wish to share with you a summary of each with instructions of how to experience these four powerful sources of healing.

Healing Star of Venus

The Healing Star of Venus when called upon emanates a beautiful soft and gentle pink light with hints of turquoise. From the main body of the star shafts of light extend into a shape of a pyramid which surrounds you, anchoring deep into the Earth. Contained in the Healing Star of Venus you receive waves of light penetrating your being from head to toe. The light and consciousness received are devoted to love and supports the healing of lack of love, of any form. For example, lack of self-love, heartbreak due to a relationship, the inability to open your heart to love others, the inability to receive love from others, distrust in love or the acts of love, in truth anything connected to love at a human level and a Creator level.

‘Mother Mary, please bring forth to me the Healing Star of Venus to support me in experiencing a deep inner transformation and healing connected to love. May all my wounds and limitations created by the lack of love of any form held within my being now be healed, resolved and erased eternally with ease and perfection. With the support of the Healing Star of Venus, may I constantly co-create with the Creator and experience the abundant love of my soul, soul group and the Creator in every moment of my reality, inspiring my Creator connection. Thank you.’

Imagine, sense or acknowledge the Healing Star of Venus above your head with its light emanating into a pyramid shape which encapsulates you. Focus on each breath you inhale, observe any insights which come to your awareness and your inner transformation.

Mother Mary’s Star of Awakened Healing

This is one of my personal healing tools, born from the healing vibration of my being. When you access my healing star, known as Mother Mary’s Star of Awakened Healing, please know you will receive my healing energies, and I will be personally present with you. My healing star is composed of my experiences of enlightenment, ascension and connection with the Creator, as I shifted from my lifetime upon the Earth as Mother Mary to my existence of service on the inner planes. Immense volumes of pure light and consciousness are contained within my star; this will support the awakening of the same within your being. It will aid you in aligning more fully with your own experiences of enlightenment, ascension and connection with the Creator intended for you in this lifetime and undergone in previous lifetimes. My star is known as the Star of Awakened Healing because it supports you in connecting on a deeper level with your ascension and spiritual evolution process. It is valuable to call upon my star if you are experiencing challenges or blocks within your ascension or simply wish to experience a boost.

‘Mother Mary, please support me in experiencing inner transformation and healing to aid my ascension process, enlightenment and co-creation with the Creator. I now call upon and align with Mother Mary’s Star of Awakened Healing. I allow the light of a blue and green colour to embrace me, holding me in the centre of the star. It is as if Mother Mary is embracing me, sharing her own ascension, enlightenment and Creator connection light vibrations, while supporting me in experiencing my own ascension transitions. I know I am held in a space and state of deep and profoundly pure love. I allow myself to receive this gift and experience the necessary shifts. Thank you.’

Elemental Star of Truth

The Elemental Star of Truth is born from the Elemental Kingdom and holds the quick, high and pure vibrations of nature and elemental spirits. The quick vibrational speed of this star increases the speed of your energy vibration, light and consciousness so that illusions, limitations and boundaries can no longer connect with you in the same way. Your energetic vibration speeds up allowing you to connect with the Creator within you on a new level, drawing greater volumes of supreme light into your being. This creates a healing and allows you to release the need to hold onto certain limitations, boundaries and illusions thus a new state of truth is awoken within you, and an experience of your true expansion or inner freedom is grasped. When you connect with the Elemental Star of Truth, it creates a spiral of green and golden light which moves through your being while the star rests below your feet embedded in the Earth. You may recognise the presence of Elemental beings working with you when you experience the Elemental Star of Truth, as well as your energy vibration quickening.

‘Mother Mary, please support me in anchoring and experiencing the Elemental Star of Truth. I allow my energy vibration to quicken to support the release of illusions, limitations and boundaries from my current lifetime and previous lifetimes. I am open and ready to receive my inner truth, to accept with gratitude and love all that I am. I embrace the Creator’s energy of expansion and freedom within my being allowing myself to access higher vibrations of my truth, synthesising my truth with my entire being. I am my purest vibration of truth. Thank you.’

Ascended Master Healing Star of Sirius

The Ascended Master Healing Star of Sirius is a beautiful source of enlightenment which addresses the unique experience and synthesis of the earthly world and the inner planes reality. This magnificent star supports the healing of separation, duality and pain experienced on the Earth, while addressing the longing of the soul to return home to the light. When pain, separation and duality experienced on the Earth are healed, and truthful understanding is gained, then a deep sense of inner connection and recognition can take place. One is able to release the constraints of the Earth, especially within their mind, allowing the pure consciousness of their heart chakra to shift into alignment with their mind. The presence of this healing star is subtle, and therefore its manifestation and shifts are often unable to be grasped. The star works with the connection of the mind and heart chakra, releasing many understandings which seem essential to the earthly reality, however, are illusions. It reconnects the enlightenment of the heart with the mind.  Many experience profound encounters of enlightenment while others are unable to recognise the shifts which have taken place, both occurrences are natural. This star supports the healing of the rift within you between your existence on the Earth and the inner planes. It holds profound healing energies from Sirius, as well as powerful influences from the Ascended Master Consciousness. This healing can move through numerous lifetimes generating a deep sense of peace and contentment. When experiencing this star, you may feel many Ascended Masters gather around you; you may notice that the star splits into two. One star will exist at your heart chakra and the other within your head/ mind. Gradually the two stars will join in your heart chakra as the healing transformation takes place.

‘Mother Mary, I am open to receive the support of Sirius and the Ascended Master Consciousness. I now align with the Ascended Master Healing Star of Sirius, allowing it to separate and move into my heart chakra and head area. May the necessary healing transformation take place within my being supporting my release of separation, duality and pain experienced upon the Earth, so a deeper understanding of truth dawns within my being. May the rift between my earthly reality and inner planes existence be healed and a synthesis instigated. I am peaceful and content, thank you.’

You are most welcome to experience each of these four healing stars whenever you feel guided. Please ask within and follow your inner guidance as to how often to use these tools and when it is appropriate. I share and remind you of these tools to aid your inner healing and transformation at this time of your ascension.

In constant love,

Mother Mary

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Madonna Portrait – Sandro Botticelli



Earth Angel Oil Painting by SAIKAS ART @ ETSY




In front of me was the element of water, moving in mid air in a sequence of whorls, arcs and spirals.

I made the intention to transform these to the element of earth and was showing my wife.

After making the intention with deep intensity I surrendered my “self” which was extinguished in a flash, like lightning, and the elements began to inter-be and inter-play.

Water became Earth and manifested a torus, circling our Earth which was the sphere in the centre.



That dream inspired what I will share with you next.

Remembering this is all shared wisdom in Our Shared Heart so you know this already. This is merely a reminder.

One of my most powerful experiences of water and earth was the manifestation of a rare deep sea ocean pearl out of the heart of a bronze Guan Yin statue which I had prayed in front of with a group of friends. The pearl, which I used for healing for many years, reminded me of the fact that ‘terma’ which is when a physical object such as a Pearl, or Cup like the Grail, or text like the Book of Love, or ritual implement like the Rod of Aaron, is buried in the ground or earth or encoded in a crystal or statue or tree or lake or in the sky appears, that these Signs are in fact reminding us of the many hidden teachings of wisdom which are buried in our bodies, hearts and minds. 

One of these hidden teachings is the work of the bodhisattva Protector of the Earth also called Earth Holder (Dharanimdhara) who when Buddha wanted to visit his mother Mahamaya in Tushita Heaven built the road for Buddha to travel on.

The consciousness of being an Earth Holder means to preserve this planet’s air water and soil for all living beings. Protecting and preserving our earth and its environment through mindfulness and awareness of what is present is truly crucial in these current times.

Equally we need to awaken the teachings of the Earth Angel within us, to be an Earth Store Bodhisattva (Kshitigarbha) which means a womb or storehouse of the Earth.

The Earth is solid and contains many kinds of jewels (terma) or treasures but so does our heart. Everywhere we go there are beings who need our help, in the darkest places of the universe we can go to rescue those who are in the greatest suffering. There are those who have no freedom or dignity, to whom we can lend a hand, we can reach out to a child in our school system who is bullied or having problems in their own family, for whom a kind word is a jewel or treasure in their day. This is being an Earth Angel.

People who don’t fit in their family or society or community need lots of courage and compassion from us, to help them feel the anchor of the Earth Angel so that they in their turn can bring love and compassion to others.

“Breathing in, I am an Earth Angel

Breathing out, I bring the compassion of an Earth Angel to all beings”

kuan-yin-art gold

Kuan Yin


Looking into these Jewels, we see all three Jewels, the Christ, Community and Teachings or the Buddha, Sangha and Dharma all live within us. This is inter-being. If we look after our community we are looking after the Buddha, the Christ and the Divine Mother within. When we look after our community and we are all happy and advancing in our practice of the teachings we share, then the holiness of our community increases and our Divine Presence, the true Buddha and Christ within and our true Teachings, the Shared Heart, become clearer. A Christ is a Christ when the Teaching is embodied within each one of us. Every Jewel or Terma or Pearl or Chalice contains the other Jewels. Every one of us is a Christ or a Buddha or a Divine Mother and we each ‘contain’ each other. Inter-Being. I am you and you are me. “In Lak’ech Ala K’in”. This is realised in every moment, through every breath.

And this means every moment, both in waking and in sleep we are realising this together. The body itself, like a mini-planet, provides a doorway to awareness and consciousness.

“Breathing in, my body is calm

Breathing out, my body is calm.”

During the day, through calmness, stillness and silence, we meditate on energy entering, stabilising and absorbing in the central channel. We experience the absorptions of the four elements which naturally give rise to the visions of deities and worlds and dimensions and inter-being, which in turn manifest the clear light of being or the Christ Light experience, aspiring to enlightenment for the purpose of freeing all beings in all worlds.

It is amazing to see and perceive the miracle we are, growing together, that through surrender and silence and stillness, we see the Earth Angels we are, where the sky and the earth and the lake and the tree are all Our One Self, for the God-Self is in All.

The process of becoming Earth in alchemy could be simply described as follows

  1. Our journey to awakening and transformation goes beyond words, ideas and concepts. It is grounded in Liberation, which is a practice of the teachings of love, wisdom and bliss that we contain within us all. That liberation is found in silence and stillness, the portal to the eternal light of being.
  2. This world and all worlds, all dimensions and all time and form are all Our One Self and so any separation or division of that reality is ultimately illusion.
  3. The self creates its own suffering and illusion.
  4. When we make the desire for our own liberation and the liberation of others the strongest desire so that our entire life is dedicated to awakening, we walk the path of the Bodhisattvas, Archangels and Elders.
  5. Simply, make the intention to bring the self and all suffering of all beings to an end.
  6. Turn our attention inward towards self-awareness and self-realisation.
  7. Spend as much time as we can, together, every day, practicing the most rapid, effective and direct method of Self-inquiry to bring the self to an end. When we turn the outward-going mind back to the Self, the Source, and the Heart and be with it in silence and stillness, we will see through the empty ‘I’ which will be extinguished. This is the real ‘Piercing of the Veil’. Self-awareness, moment to moment, is the true, Light Path of devotion or love. Knowledge of our true inner nature as indivisible Bliss Supreme wells up as love inside us. When we are ‘grounded’ together in this knowing and being we will be at one with the element of Earth and all the elements, which is the healing power of Alchemy.
Love and Light always
Altair and Mother … 

~ * ~


Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”

Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ credit given where this is known.

If the Sages Could Have Discussed Dimensions – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Buddha Bliss – Amanda Sage


If the Sages Could Have Discussed Dimensions

Having had a brief glimpse of the Self, I asked Archangel Michael, in a reading I had with him on Feb. 17, 2017, to confirm that the experience really happened and that it was a glimpse of the natural Self.

Steve Beckow: Can you help me understand something that happened a few days ago which is that I was watching my thoughts and feelings as they were going by me. It was almost like I was on a train that was just starting out of the station and I was watching all these faces go by and suddenly, in between the crowd, in between the thoughts and feelings, I saw and recognized what I came to think of as my natural Self and then having recognized it, I became it, so to speak.

Archangel Michael: That is it exactly. (1)

And later he added:

AAM: When you have had that experience in reflection of watching your thoughts and feelings travelling by you like a train, you have been moving forward throughout dimensions.

And part of that journey of discovery is you saying, “Now where is my natural Self living? I’m going to travel this train until I find him,” which of course you have. (2)

I’ve let go of the experience now. I know there’s no holding on to anything. … Or have I?


Jesus said (paraphrased): A man found a treasure buried in a field and covered it up again. He then went and sold all that he had and bought the field.

Having glimpsed the treasure, which was then buried up again as all experiences are short of Sahaja, am I “selling all I have,” all my desires and agendas, to buy the field? Something is definitely happening deep inside of me. The volcano is definitely rumbling.

The experience left me with more permeable boundaries – permeable to bliss, not permeable to my former enjoyments. My taste in food gets ever more bland. My interest in it goes down. I can’t watch a movie. Nothing that used to move me moves me any more.

Add to that experience this recent move, which interrupted my ordinary life. I failed to change my Internet before the move so I was off the Net effectively for around two weeks.

Apart from pulling out my hair, I was obliged to forego everything else and read books, from my enlightenment library.

The glimpse of the Self yesterday allowed me a new ability to appreciate what terrestrial sages have been saying. They couldn’t refer to dimensionality. Their world would not have understood them.

There was no context into which such a discussion could have been fit. It would have gone over people’s heads.

And so their discussions are hung on the “non-existence” of the physical world.

Had they been born in this generation, they might be granting that world reality on its own dimension, but not granting it continuing reality if one’s vibration shifts to another, higher frequency and dimension.


I came upon a description from Sri Ramana which was like a gloss on what had occurred for me.

“That which appears owing to ignorance of something will cease to appear only through knowledge of that something.

“The world, which appears on account of ignorance of your Self, will disappear only through knowledge of the Self.” (3)

I can vouch that that happened when I momentarily glimpsed – or perhaps experienced would be a better word – my natural Self yesterday, in the space between thoughts and feelings. (4)

All the stressful thoughts that appeared while my awareness was fixated on my thoughts and feelings (ignorance) disappeared the moment I recognized my natural Self (truth) and briefly became it.

“‘Just as the water of the mirage does not make the desert wet, this unreal thing (world) will not do harm to me who am its basis.”

Yes, when seen from the standpoint of the Absolute, the Transcendental, beyond form.

All reality short of the One is relative and temporary. On its own dimension, it’s real. Every reality is superseded by one higher until full mergence in the One.

Only from the standpoint of the Absolute can we absolutely see that there is only One Reality (but by then “we” have disappeared).  Any other view is impacted by even a slight degree of separation.

How much easier might Sri Ramana’s task have been if he could have pulled the accordion file wide open by talking about Third-Dimensional patterns when viewed from the Fifth Dimension? He continues:

“Such a conviction is real knowledge. This is the means of Liberation.”

What he calls Liberation, or moksha, we call Ascension. What he called Sahaja Samadhi, I call the culmination of our Earthly Ascension. His discussions of Sahaja prepared the way for our discussions of Ascension.

He doesn’t expand on what he means by the word “knowledge” itself. But I’m willing to bet the farm that he isn’t referring to intellectual knowledge alone (which we all have), nor to experiential knowledge even (getting the feel of it, living through an experience of it, as I did yesterday), but to realized knowledge. And, I’m willing to wager, deeply-realized knowledge.

But simple knowledge, nonetheless. Nothing fancy happened between me and the natural Self I glimpsed yesterday. It was simple recognition, like recognizing a face in the crowd.

And the delight of recognition quickly becomes union.  It isn’t you here and the Self over there now. Both you and the Self are now looking out from behind the same eyes.

So, yes, simple knowledge of the Self. Simple experience of it, leading to simple realization of its reality, substantiality, and significance.

In a later article, I’ll report what Archangel Michael had to say in my Feb. 17 reading on the dimensions and the Transcendental. (5)


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 17, 2017.

(2) Loc. cit,

(3) All passages from Jewel Garland of Enquiry of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, n.d., 14-5. This sentence is about as close to a statement of dimensionality as sages may come. The world disappears. Does it do so because we flow to a higher dimension?

(4) Just waiting there for me to recognize it. And I always knew that space was there but paid no attention to it.

(5) “Archangel Michael on Dimensions and the Transcendental, Bliss and Love,” coming later this month.


Art : Buddha Bliss – Amanda Sage

The Trigger: The Face or Awareness? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Toni Carmine Salerno


The Trigger: The Face or Awareness?

I feel the need to add a note to my explanation of what recognizing the Self felt like.

In my Feb. 17 reading, Archangel Michael said:

AAM: When you have had that experience in reflection of watching your thoughts and feelings travelling by you like a train, you have been moving forward throughout dimensions.

And part of that journey of discovery is you saying, “Now where is my natural Self living? I’m going to travel this train until I find him,” which of course you have. (1)

Moving through dimensions. Given that I wasn’t aware of doing that, it suggests that I have much to learn or open to in this area as well.

I asked him if repeated experiences of the Self were needed to prepare the ground for Sahaja Samadhi.

Steve Beckow:  I think it was Sadhu Arunachala who said that one needs repeated experiences like this before something major happens. For instance, Brahmajnana or Sahaja Samadhi. Is that a correct statement?

AAM: When it was written it was absolutely correct. But as you also know, the governing rules have shifted and changed.  …

For some, once is enough. For others it is repeated. But it is nowhere near the level of repetition that might we say was once required because the separation – what people have thought of as separation – is not so strong. (2)

That’s the first time I’ve heard him confirm that it was harder to reach enlightenment fifty years ago than it is now (it makes sense with the rising energies) and that the “governing rules” have changed. Expect me to follow up on what has changed, how matters like this “change,” etc.


Earlier I left the impression that it was somehow the recognition of the face seen in between my thoughts and feelings that triggered the brief experience of union with the Self.

There was in fact a face. It was a pleasant, gentle red-haired man. It got my attention. But it wasn’t the face itself that triggered what happened next.

The real energy of that experience came from a very deep expansion of awareness.

I’m a student of the awareness path. You’d expect that my experiences of the Self will be in awareness. The Mother honors our path and she would surely honor mine.

So, no, I won’t see a form of God. No, I won’t see a Light that transcends creation. I’ll have an experience of profoundly deepening awareness. And awareness of what? Well, it looks like I’ve pretty firmly chosen bliss.

As I said earlier, the Self, as I experienced it, had a semi-permeable membrane to our everyday, 3rd/4th-Dimensional world. It could shut it out or not as it pleased.

But it had no membrane at all to bliss. So to say I experienced bliss is not a contradiction on the awareness path.

Far from it. I confirmed with Michael that bliss is just another form of love. He called bliss “internal love” and transformative love “external love.” (3)

If you choose to associate love with the divine feminine and awareness with the divine masculine, you have again the dance of Shakti and Shiva. A balancing of the female and the male energies: Androgeny. This is rich territory.

So the placid face may have been a means of getting my attention (it may have been an ascended master for all I know), but it didn’t figure in the experience beyond that and I never saw it again.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 17, 2017.

(2) Loc. cit.



Art : Toni Carmine Salerno

Rising in Authenticity, Power and Sovereignty – Kara Schallock



Rising in Authenticity, Power and Sovereignty21-Feb-2017

We are in a very powerful period. What hasn’t been released or shifted will be and this all leads up to the Equinox next month. There most likely have been many old memories surfacing, along with wanting to know more about ancient history. Ancient history does not belong in the New and neither does your current life memories. Pay attention to what ancient history timelines you’ve been attracted to and you may discover some of your old lifetimes. All is to be focused on the present moment. Do your lifetimes center around the time of Jesus, Mohammad or Buddha? Atlantis or Lemuria? Ancient Egypt? The Reformation? King Arthur? Druids? Joan d’Arc? It truly is time to let them go. You are being asked to be completely immersed in the New with no old patterns or beliefs in tow. There is no old karma to work through.

We’re shifting more completely into a whole new way of being. You’re either committed or you’re not. As I have said, Ascension is not for the faint of Heart. Things may look very different and this is shown to many as Trump being elected as president of the U.S. for instance. Change is not always what one may expect, so let go of any expectations of what it all should look like, because nothing may be as you might want it to be.

Core issues and wounds cannot be wrapped up in one neat little package. Core issues are carried from lifetime to lifetime. They may be centered around deception, rejection, abandonment and so forth. They are part of your DNA and cellular system. Yet, now you have an opportunity to release them and all the stories that have been woven from your core issues. You’re not powerless; actually you are quite powerful and therefore, you do not need to succumb to karma or the stories you continuously tell yourself. And you don’t need a new story, so release the old in the Sacred Rose and integrate the Soul Essences you choose to feel. Your New Body Grid awaits you. Your New Body Grid is made of only Soul Essences you choose to be; they create the forms in life. As you integrate the essences you choose, your DNA and cells resonate with those essences as well and the old is dissolved in Love.

Many continue to act as though they are powerless to shift anything. Why is that? Are folks afraid to let go of what they know and what they are used to? Do they enjoy talking about Ascension, but not integrating it? Are they truly authentic with all others? I certainly don’t have the answers. I just know what I choose to do. I do know that many will continue to recreate the old if they do not integrate Ascension into their everyday life. With every choice we make, it must align with who we say we are. Every choice must be aligned with Soul; our Divinity. One must be in their Integrity at all times and their Integrity shifts as their consciousness shifts. If one is not aligned with Soul, then they are aligned with the old; with 3D life. To be in the New, we must be aligned completely, no matter what is going on in our lives. To be in the New, we must be vulnerable and realize that all is created from consciousness (Soul/Source/Divinity). It means to follow our Intuition no matter what. It can mean letting go of old securities. Ascension is not an idea or a belief or a bunch of buzz words. Ascension is living one’s life as a master. It is within; it is not “out there.”

If you feel directionless, let it be. A new direction is coming. Be in absolute Trust. Keep on releasing and keep on trusting. When we can fully allow and we can fully let go, we may enter a new phase of New. See where you are still holding back and holding onto the old. See where you feel powerless; what you fear and what old stories you still believe.

There is no straddling the old and the New at the same time. You are either all the way here or you’re not. This takes great Commitment and Trust. Make sure all your choices are aligned with your Divinity. Let go of any choices that are limiting or hold you back in any away. You see, we are asked to rise higher; and not allow apathy to keep us in our old comfort zones. We are asked to stop playing small in the old matrix and fully commit to our sovereign mastery, Authenticity and be more fully in the New. Wholing requires your attention and action, for what you ignore or resist continues to grow stronger…to get your attention. Truly, there is no blaming the outer as if it is separate from you. Where within you are your buttons being pushed? We are rising higher in vibration and must be clear of the old in order to do so. Yes, there is lots to be angry about and yet the longer you complain, the more you energize the drama, so that your anger grows. When something no longer angers you, know that you have completed a great wholing within yourself. Focus on the Beauty in the world and none of its perceived ugliness.

Realize that this is a journey. It takes Faith to be on such a journey. Let go of your goals, for goals have a conclusion and Ascension does not have a conclusion. The Ascension Journey has no beginning and no end. Conclusions and goals are of the old; they are linear in nature. Be in the Moment and you will be guided forward. Let go of struggle and the old desire to figure things out. You are not in control. Control is an illusion, born of fear. Can you let go of fear and simply allow yourself to Be? Learn from your regrets; for all has something to teach and guide you forward. Everything has a gift of Awareness within it, if you go beneath the surface of any belief or situation.

We are in a powerful time of transitioning higher in Awareness and consciousness. Our DNA is shifting higher; Gaia is shifting higher and we are receiving more Light to take us ever higher. Meditate and be in Nature. This greatly helps you be open to the intense Light flowing into you and Gaia. Surrender all that is not Love; all that is not you. Be in Divine Neutrality without attaching a meaning (the intellect loves to do this; yet the intellect only knows the past) and bring forth the Light; and then shine it out like a star.

Activate your Personal Vortex and visit your Temples within your Vortex often. The Temples are located within your Personal Vortex, which includes all dimensions, including Source. When you meditate, hold crystals you are guided to. Know that water holds spiritual properties, so either bathe, swim, or play in water or have a vessel of water on your Altar. In fact, having a symbol for all elements is powerful…a candle for fire, water for Spirit, crystals for Earth and feathers for air (these are only examples; you might choose differently). This balances you.

Here is how to create and activate your Personal Vortex:

Creating & Activating Your Personal Vortex

Our personal Vortex is much like the Merkabah in that it is an expansion of Who we are and a way to integrate the high dimensional Light. While the Merkabah is our Light Body Vehicle, taking us to higher dimensions, the Vortex brings the Light to us to become a part of Who we are. This is an important distinction, as we must ground the higher dimensional Light into us if we are ascending.

The following is an example. You may be guided otherwise.

Your Personal Vortex is activated by your Divine Flame combined with the Mother Ray.

First, bring up the Mother Ray (aquamarine and silver) from the Earth Crystal Cluster, which is at the center of Earth, and have it blend with your Divine Flame in your Heart Center.

Coming from your Heart the Vortex spirals outward clockwise and will continue to expand as it moves through the New Earth Grid and Crystalline Grid (now anchored on the Earth) on the Earth. As it moves through the Grids, not only do you energize them; they also become a part of your Vortex, and therefore, become a part of you; this increases your vibration over time.

As the Vortex continues to spiral and expand, it moves through your New Body Grid that surrounds your aura, activating the Soul Essences that are important for you to focus on and integrate into your everyday life (this actually helps create your New Life). Some examples are: Discernment, Clarity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Trust, Patience, Joy, Love, Freedom and others. The ones important for you to integrate will light up, like stars.

Your Vortex continues to expand and spiral upward moving through dimensions 5 through 13 till it reaches Source/the Galactic Sun. Once your Vortex reaches Source, Source sends Divine Love down through your Vortex. This is empowers your Vortex and you (since you are your Vortex) with Source Light. The Vortex then begins to spiral back to you and moves through each of the Dimensions, beginning with the 13th, gathering high dimensional Light to become a part of your Vortex/you. Then continues to move through each dimension, gathering high dimensional Light. It then makes its way through your Crown, fills your chakras, grounding cord, body, and aura and comes to rest in your Heart Center.

Within your Vortex are your Sacred Temples; they are the Wholing/Healing Temple, the Temple to Access Higher consciousness, the Temple to access Ascended Masters and Archangels and the Temple of Creativity. You may visit each one when guided for your individual requirements.

Just allow your Vortex to create itself with intention, generally using the above as a guide.

Don’t over-analyze it or overthink it; just allow it to happen each time you meditate.

As you can see, you are much much bigger than your physical body. You are the center of the Universe, and by activating your Vortex, you are empowered to integrate the high dimensional energies to be the Ascending Being you truly are.



“The Present Moment” – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson

unknown artist

unknown artist


Message from Archangel Zadkiel ~ March 2017

Transmitted Through Linda Robinson

“The Present Moment”


Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Archeia Holy Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss the gifts of the present moment.There is much movement of energy in your planet at this time. Indeed, there is also energetic change throughout the dimensions. A new age of enlightenment is being birthed, and with this comes much shifting of what currently is. With this energetic shift as a backdrop, it is important to be focused in the present moment as you move forward on your path.Being focused in the present moment brings many gifts. One such gift is an enhanced state of awareness.

Each moment is unique, just as each snowflake is unique. When you focus on the present moment, you are positioning yourself to receive the gifts of that special moment.

Because everything occurs in divine timing, receiving these special insights at just the right time can enhance your ascension path.

When you are not focused on the present moment, many important signals may escape your awareness. If you are working on a task and your attention is on what happened last week or what you will be doing tomorrow, the subtle whispers of information from the higher realms may completely pass you by.

Therefore, being focused in the present moment is very important. When you focus on the task at hand, you are completely absorbed in what you are doing. For example, if you are working in your flower garden, you are aware of the colors and the fragrance of the flowers. You notice the texture of the plants and the soil surrounding them. You may feel a gentle breeze or hear the chirping of birds. You are completely absorbed in the moment.

As you remain absorbed in your task, you may find yourself slipping into an expanded state of inner stillness. You may feel a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. It is a state of inner harmony and feeling a sense of oneness with all that is.

As you experience this state of relaxation and stillness, this can lead to an expansion of consciousness. You become even more aware of a sense of oneness with all that is. This is the point where you experience insights of awareness and higher consciousness.

These insights can take many forms. You may receive an answer to a question about a situation in which you are involved or the next step for a project you are conducting.  You may have a flash of inspiration for something new you would like to experience, such as an idea for a new project or a trip you would like to take. You may think of someone with whom you would like to make contact. Or you may receive an insight into a larger concept of higher consciousness.

When these events occur, you are in the flow. You are aware of how life flows from the simple tasks to a greater awareness of the universal connectedness. By focusing on the present moment, this flow occurs effortlessly. It is simply moving from one state to the next.

This process is useful whether you focus only on awareness or let it lead into stillness or further into expanded consciousness.

Whether you experience a simple state of enjoying the moment at hand or receiving insights, you are moving through your day with an openness that can bring greater joy and peace.

The more you focus on the present moment, the more this will become your default pattern, and you will experience it automatically.

Your life will become a seamless flow of one moment into the next, and greater awareness, inner stillness and expanded consciousness can occur.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are focusing on the present moment and allowing the gifts of this practice to manifest in your life.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst

…and WE surround you with love

And so it is.

© Copyright 2017. Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:


First Glimpse of the Natural Self – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Kwan Yin by Lentinidigital at DeviantArt


First Glimpse of the Natural Self

I had my first glimpse of the natural Self today.

The duration of it would have been the same as recognizing a face in a crowd as the train pulled away or a face between clouds of steam.

There were the obstructions – thoughts and feelings – and then, in the space between them, there was the default, the residuum, the eternal ground – the natural Self, like a face seen in a crowd.

The felt space, the experience of it was like recognizing your very own, long-lost, best friend.

I was the negative polarity and it was the positive polarity and there was instant attraction, at the level of experiential knowledge, felt sensation, lived-through experience – not yet at the level of realized knowledge.

The minute I recognized it, I became it, at the level of experience: The neutral, natural, normal Self.


There’s nothing hard about being it, nothing at all. We simply don’t recognize it. Mostly our minds are so busy and so focused outside ourselves that it would be impossible to recognize it under those circumstances.

In the process of recognition, a sequence of events occurs: First the natural Self seems over there and we’re not recognizing it; next we recognize it and suddenly it’s over here and we become it. We are One, both looking out through the same set of eyes.  (1)

It was the same with transformative love and with bliss. I recognized both of them as if they were objects over there and, immediately upon recognizing them, they were over here and we were One.

Somehow recognition triggers union. It just does. Recognize it and you become it.

I feel calm. I feel balanced. I feel no stress of any kind.

I feel what I used to call “working-level bliss,” not so much bliss that I cannot go outside. In fact I have a breakfast engagement and so I must now go outside.


That was pleasant and engaging and I’m back.

I’m tempted to say that the natural Self is nothing special. But of course that’s true and not true. It’s the doorway to everything else, I’ll wager. I have to wait and see, because I haven’t realized it; I’ve only experienced it.

This sahaja or natural state is reality with nothing added and nothing taken away. It just is.

If an aspect of it cannot exist without shoring up or image management, without self-serving retelling of stories or preening one’s image to sell to others, then it isn’t the natural Self, the default, the Residuum and Continuum. It’s evanescent, a flash in the pan, not eternal and unchanging.

Whereas there is a semi-permeable barrier between the natural Self and the everyday world, there’s no barrier of any sort between the natural Self and bliss. I feel attracted to bliss at the moment, to going inward, rather than to transformative or torrential love and going outward.

Again, dancing with bliss is what my friend calls “flowing.” Shiva and Shakti get lost in the dance of bliss and become One. That unlocks much more bliss on higher dimensions.

Deeper and deeper we go into the inexhaustible experience of bliss, until released from form altogether.


I feel very self-conscious writing this. I’ve never made any claims for myself and I don’t plan to start making any now. I’m simply describing what I’m aware of in my life right now, that would be significant to you.

I’m not telling you about my gimpy leg or the bags under my eyes, etc.  These have no bearing on my inner work.

But a glimpse of the natural Self, time spent in the sahaja state, however fleeting it proves to be, (2) this is a truly significant event, a watershed occurrence or landmark.

My glimpse of it was fleeting. It was experiential rather than realizational.

I now need to abide as what I saw, according to terrestrial sages:

Sri Ramana: “What has to be done is to investigate what one really is [the natural Self] and remain That.” (3)

Sage Ribhu: “Abide as That in which there are neither thoughts nor a thinker, neither the arising nor the preservation nor the dissolution of the world, … and be always happy, free from all traces of thought.” (4)

Sri Ramana: “You need not eliminate the wrong ‘I.’ … All that you need do is to find out its origin and abide there.

“Your efforts can extend only thus far. Then the Beyond will take care of itself. You are helpless there. No effort can reach it.” (5)

Abide as that. Return to it constantly. Relax and let go into it. Return home to it again. Always and forever returning to that placid space, free of desire and distinction.

It seems no accident now to realize that my meditation for the last any number of months has been to return to stillness and silence. This is where the metaphorical face I saw resided.

The bliss is gradually increasing at a very bearable tempo and I feel the desire to surrender into it, while putting my pen aside.


(1) There was a native story circulating in the 1970s of a mouse who wanted to become an eagle. And he did become an eagle, looking out through the eagle’s eyes, after the eagle ate him.

(2) I’m only permitted to visit the higher states, according to AAM, not to stay.

(3) Ramana Maharshi, Forty Verses on Reality. Trans. Arthur Osborne. Mountain Path, October 1964. Downloaded from, 25 August 2005, verse 32.

(4) Da Free John, ed.The Heart of the Ribhu Gita. Los Angeles: Dawn Horse Press, 1973, 21.

(5) Ramana Maharshi in Munagala Venkatramiah, Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi. Downloaded from, 31 August 2005, Question 197.



Kwan Yin by Lentinidigital at DeviantArt

Third Message from The Golden Ones @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Third Message from The Golden Ones-Creating New Earth–Through Sue Lie


Third Message from The Golden Ones


Through Suzanne Lie

We are the Golden Ones, here with you all within this NOW. As you may remember, we are Gaia’s highest expression of SELF. We maintain the frequency spectrum of Gaia’s many versions of reality while she continues Her Ascension Process.

From our perspective on the Threshold into the fifth dimension, we can see the entire spectrum of our dear, Grounded One’s collective ascension experiences. This “spectrum” represents a huge spectrum of light/realities.

From our multi-dimensional perspective, there is NO difference between “Realities” and “Light” because all reality is light and light creates all of reality.

All reality is created by projections, angles, and frequencies of light that are magnetized into your Third Eye and High Heart to be fully transmuted into the illusion of an “external reality.”

While you are wearing your third dimensional Earth Vessel, it is easy, and natural, to perceive your self as a human who has a Soul. However, from our perspective of the Golden Ones, we perceive all reality as various configurations of swirling light.

This swirling light is multidimensional. The variations of color and the forms created by the myriad light projections are beautiful to behold. Within this NOW, we wish to inform you that we also have another Service.

Within this NOW, we are HERE to assist all of you whose consciousness can inter-face with the frequency range of our consciousness. This ability to align with our fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness only occurs when you ready to align your consciousness with the fifth dimensional sub-plane of your Multidimensional SELF.

We say, “the fifth dimensional sub-plane of your Multidimensional SELF,” because the fifth dimension is the Threshold to all the vast multidimensional realities. The fifth dimensional reality is beyond the conception of those who have not taken the journey deep into their own consciousness to meet and heal ALL the incarnations that they have EVER taken on planet Earth.

You see, ascension is much like leaving the stadium after a huge event. However, YOU are the creator of the event, the star performer of that event, as well as the director and producer of that event. Also, you have created many “events,” which we perceive as “incarnations into a physical, earth vessel.”

The NOW of your current reality is very special because the ever rising frequency rate of your planetary Mother Gaia greatly facilitates your ability to expand your consciousness beyond the limitation of your third/fourth dimensional earth vessel and into what humanity has believed to be the Threshold to the Fifth dimension.

We, the Golden Ones, resonate to the frequency of this fifth dimensional threshold and into what you have often called “New Earth.” We have located ourselves on this threshold so that we can best serve to assist all the Ascending Ones to remember, and clear, every incarnation they have ever taken on Gaia.

The only way to “infinitely remain within the resonance of the fifth dimension” is to clear and transmute, ALL residues of any lower frequency experiences that you ever had in ALL your incarnations. We, the Golden Ones, are here at the threshold of the resonance of the “fifth dimensional reality matrix” to assist you with this final, pre-ascension clearing.

By the word “clearing” we mean, “balancing” all the energy fields of all your incarnations to the extent that you can gain and maintain an energy field of the highest frequency of mind and body, that you experienced during all of your many incarnations.

Just as one needs to take all their “stuff” when they move to another house, you will need to take (transmute) all your karma. By “karma” we mean the collective energy field that is the resonant frequency of all the incarnations you ever experienced.

Once you have expanded your consciousness to the frequency of our Golden Portal, we will assist you to “over light” every reality you ever experienced in all the incarnations that you experienced on Gaia. From our point of perception, these realities are all unified into ONE swirling energy field.

This energy field is the sum total of every incarnation, or visits to Earth, you ever experienced in the sum/total of ALL your 3D/4D incarnations. From the perspective of your third/fourth dimensional consciousness, you may think that there are only a few who would be in this group.

However, we The Golden Ones, want you to know that there is an ever-expanding, Golden Energy Field that our “graduates from 3D” are learning to maintain infinitely via their collective consciousness.

“Collective consciousness” is the norm in our world, as there is NO separation of any kind in the fifth dimensional HERE and NOW. Once you have expanded your consciousness into the fifth dimensional resonance, you will be asked to bond with and cross the energy field between the Threshold to the fifth dimension and the fifth dimensional octave of reality.

It is within that NOW that you will need to TOTALLY transmute any dissonant energy patterns that you may have left on Gaia from any of your third or fourth dimensional incarnations.

We also wish to remind you to leave your gift of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire in any of the times or dimensions of reality that you have visited as a, “Thank You, Dear Gaia for allowing us to enter your multidimensional portals.”

These multidimensional portals have always existed on Gaia, but usually only “primitive tribes,” animals, birds, and insects could maintain a connection with Gaia that was innocent enough to be able to UNDERSTAND what Gaia’s opened portals were saying to them.

By the term “innocent connection,” we mean a connection that is as open and honest as that of a small child. We, the Golden Ones, have observed how many humans have lost their ability to look through the innocence of Heart and Mind as they begin to “mature.”

Without this “innocence of Heart and Mind,” many humans lose their ability to experience the innocence of Gaia’s Nature. By “the innocence of Gaia’s Nature,” we mean Nature’s inabilityto lie.

During primitive realities and peak societies, Nature was beloved and protected by humanity. Therefore, Nature had NO fear, which was largely because the people had NO fear of Nature.

To these innocent, or expanded people, Nature was a huge living being that spoke to them through the weather. To them, a storm did not mean that something was bad. Instead, they realized that after the storm was over, all that was not strong enough to remain attached to their roots was ready to return Home to their Sky Gods.

They also noticed how the young trees with healthy roots could bend with the wind. However, the older trees, which were more brittle, and the trees with unhealthy roots, were pulled from the soil.

Then, the “dead tree” lying on the ground became the home form many insects and other creatures that needed a new home after the storm. Nature does “kill.” Nature “recycles.

When something, or someone, has become too ill, or too old, to contribute to Gaia, they are released from their physical earth vessel and return HOME to their Spirit.

Then, after the Spirit has shared all that it learned while in physical form, and has re-visited its higher dimensional home, the Spirit decides if it wishes to:

Take another earth vessel,

Return to their fifth dimensional Star Ship or Homeworld to learn more,

Or assist those on Earth from the higher dimensions,

In earlier eras on Gaia, there were many Shamans and Awakened Ones who could read the Light Language sent to them from those who resonated to the higher dimensions.

They could receive these messages via the Light Language that Gaia spoke with Her third dimensional weather, Her fourth dimensional dreams and meditations, as well as Her fifth dimensional Soulful yearnings.

All Light is shared with All Life. However, only those who are willing to expand their consciousness enough to be able to perceive the Light Language that constantly swirls above, around, and through them, are even aware that Light Language exists.

Light and reality are ONE. Light creates reality, but each reality can only exists for as long as it can capture and contain enough light to “feed” the energy field of that reality.

Reality is constructed of the sum/total of light and matter. Light is necessary to create, contain, and disburse itself through a given energy field. However, in order for light to create a reality, it must bond with some frequency of matter.

It is the bonding of light (which includes all mental and emotional constructs) with matter (which is the “building block of life”) that creates and maintains an ongoing reality. We, the Golden Ones, can assist Gaia’s transmutation by directing our multidimensional light through Gaia’s opened planetary portals.

It is the residents of Earth that must maintain these open portals through which our higher light can flow. As we, the Golden Ones, direct our multidimensional light through these opened portals, Gaia’s transmutation into Her fifth-dimensional, planetary expression will begin and be maintained. It is no coincidence that so many of you humans on Earth are openly talking about ascension into their fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

In fact, this “concept of ascension” has filled the consciousness of many humans because you, the members of humanity, are consciously, or unconsciously, receiving the Light Language messages that are increasingly flowing into your reality within this NOW.

You are consciously, or unconsciously, remembering how to perceive, and then receive, the Light Language messages in the same manner that you consciously, or unconsciously, have received your human language. This manner was that you learned your language from your family.

In the same manner, you will learn Light Language from your family of Earth’s inhabitants, as well as from your higher dimensional Galactic Family. Humanity has been praying, chanting, meditating, etc., in order to increase their ability to speak with the higher planes of reality since the dawn of time.

What is changed is that, as Gaia’s frequency increasingly rises, many fifth dimensional beings, who have been waiting for the NOW to assist with planetary ascension, are taking earth vessels.

Most important, more and more of you on Earth are remembering about your life beyond the limitations of third dimensional time and space. In fact, more and more of you are feeling the urge to embrace the NOW of each moment.

What we mean by, “embracing the NOW of each moment,” is that YOU have a choice to calibrate your attention to the dimension of your choice. You NOW have a choice to expand your “range of conscious perception” to encompass the third, fourth AND fifth dimension.

The awakened adults of your NOW have been studying, communicating, learning and meditating for decades so that they can expand their consciousness, as well as their perceptions, beyond the outer, daily life of the third dimension.

You, the awakening ones, are learning, and remembering, that you CAN “find the time” to meditate, and be creative enough that you can expand your brainwaves beyond your third dimensional beta wave consciousness into your fourth dimensional alpha wave consciousness.

Within this “time” that YOU have created for your SELF, you are choosing to construct a life that involves personal and group creative expression, time with nature, lively conversations with friends and family, and remembering how to inter-act with Gaia in the same manner that you would interact with a human.

Would you throw your trash at a human’s face? Would you walk past a human friend and forget to say, “Hello, how are you doing today? Would you have a drink of water without offering a glass of water to your friend? Would you take your trash and dump it on your neighbor’s front yard?

How often do you remember to acknowledge a beautiful flower, a clear sky, or a tall tree? How often do you look into a clear sky and give thanksgivings?

How often do you look into the sky and transmute the smog and chemtrails?

How often have you found the “time” to do something for your planet, or even for your fellow man, or even an animal in need?

We are proud to say that more and more of you can say,

“YES, I just did that the other day.”

However, some of you would confess, “Oh, I got lost in all the fearful propaganda on Earth and forgot that I AM the creator of my life. But, when I stepped under my favorite tree, I remembered that “I” am the creator of my life. Then I said,

“Dear Gaia, I love you unconditionally and I Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire

Transmuting ALL shadow into Light, Light, Light.”

We, The Golden Ones, want to share with you that there is a “line forming” at our fifth dimensional threshold. Every day, more and more Multidimensional Beings are peeking out of their 3D earth vessel to say,

“Good Morning Mother Gaia.

Today I vow to remember that


And YOU, Dear Mother Gaia, are ME!

We, the Golden Ones, invite you all to begin your day with the above short sentence. If you do so, you will likely discover two things:

One, you will discover that Gaia, Mother Earth, is ALIVE!

Two, you will discover, how seldom you have said, “Good Morning Gaia.”

How often would you forget to say “Good Morning!” to the people that you live with?

When you remember to say “Good Morning” to your planet, you will also remember to say “Good Morning” to your family, your roommates, your neighbors, your trees, your flowers, your self, and YES, your many Higher SELVES.

We, the Golden Ones, remind you to begin your day by saying,

“Good Morning Golden Ones!”

By that simple statement, you will align yourself with us,

“The Protectors of the Portals to fifth dimensional Earth.”

We ask that you then align your physical, self with your physical planet. So that,

The Golden Ones,

The Humans,

Planet Gaia

Can work as ONE to ascend Earth into Her fifth dimensional expression of New Earth!

We, The Golden Ones, welcome you to our Threshold and will assist you to join us.


Finding the Calm in the Midst of Chaos
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Friday, February, 24, 2017
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Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:44 AM

Unity Connected Realities or Separation Disconnected Realities? – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Unity Connected Realities or Separation Disconnected Realities?


When the dynamics of your realities start to shift and change, how well do you shift too in order to adapt for intentional continued expansion to occur?

About a month ago we activated “adaptive algorithms” for how our realities would now play out. About a week or so ago we were shown that the dynamics of our realities are about to dramatically change. The constructs, infrastructure, directions of realities are all birthed, built, managed and maintained from within. It takes awhile to see how all works in conjunction to all things here. .

Part of Diamond Light Code Consciousness is the ability to see the dynamics of all, how all correlates, how everything affects the whole, the intricacies of all that is involved, how all of the pieces and parts fit together, how all expands and contracts, re-configures when it does and fits back together again.

Everything is a breathing, living organism here. Realities are too. It takes unity, love, openness and full contribution by each of us for things to work. If we contract down, go small, pull away, go unconscious, then flow stops and this affects the dynamics of everything. When you can see how you are connected to all, how you are the nexus, how all emanates out from you, how all is created by what you do and do not do, you start to realize how important and affected everything is…..

Each holds great responsibility for themselves. Through embracing this from within us, we can consciously affect the whole through our openness or unconsciously affect through disconnecting.

Now, when it’s time to shift dimensionally, we intentionally disconnect from that which we no longer desire to experience/have in our own reality world. This disconnection is necessary for every reality shift to occur. When we do desire a reality, we connect from inside to that. This life and love that we breathe from within us is what creates that, sustains that, feeds that and breathes life into that to also birth and grow. We nurture that which is important to us, we give it love. Realities are no different here. If we do not, then they too will die/fall away/dismantle/dissolve.

In Unity Consciousness, realities are a whole new ballgame, for first we must unify inside and then where we desire to create vaster realities and build the foundation for the NEW, the bigger picture, the grander realities, we come together for this. Because realities are now ever changing, ever transforming, ever shifting, then as a living breathing organism, all parts of the whole are too. WE make up this living, breathing, eco system. Our connectedness is what created it, birthed it and it’s what will cause it to grow and thrive or disconnection can cause it to die. Now, our NEW EARTH REALITIES are like single living breathing organisms all dependent on all. All responsible equally, all affecting everything vibrationally and it takes great responsibility by each in order to maintain these new realities here.

The intricacies of how realities work here is beyond anything our little human mind can comprehend. We only see “our picture” when we are little humans. When we are expanded and connected, we can see the overall picture and how all works in sync, how all flourishes and supports everyone and everything. When we go small and disconnect, then we separate off from being able to be a part of this, until our heart opens back up and we come back online again.

Many are about to go through the unthinkable in order to evolve into a higher frequency bandwidth of existence. Perceptions skewed by distortions, suppression that will cause shut-down until all life has been drained out, disconnecting to feel alone, confusion when the mind is strong, loss where nothing else would get each’s attention before.

Energy must move, must flow, must create… energy now re-shapes all realities like never before, because ENERGY is who we are and left unattended, left to scatter about, left not focused or honored will take a form of it’s own. Energy requires our direction, requires our focus and our ability to direct it how it needs to be. Energy running through your physical bodies awakening absolutely everything to be cleansed, purified, transformed, released. Energy in it’s PUREST FORM is POWER, yet in it’s most suppressed state is VOLATILE, in it’s not managed/unmastered state is destructive and can destroy (perception too, for all things occur exactly as they are meant to, yet the unconscious has no choice and the fully conscious do).

REALities take FORM in response to each. What we do/don’t do, what we transmit out (un)intentionally this is what CREATES. For humans, it’s about what everyone “does”, for us it’s all, what one does, does not do, what we do/do not do…. for us it’s the whole picture that matters, the bigger picture and how everything is affected by all, for us it’s how each dimensional reality is affected vibrationally by everything, this is what we all are responsible for.

Human aspects are unaware of what they are affecting, unaware of the other dimensional timelines that exist and unaware that this every moment right here CREATES. They exist in “time” and separation and focusing on the physical world. We are vibrational beings, aware that our every moment vibration affects the whole, that this vibration creates realities and we shift our vibration intentionally to shift to a timeline that we DO want to experience and we let the rest fall away…. dealing with the ones that directly affect us/our realities, constantly re-aligning vibrationally…

These increased frequencies are affecting realities on a whole new level, because we have more access to the bigger picture now. We see how all is affected in grander ways and how it’s all of our responsibility to continually push through our human’ness/dissolve it and continually step-up, continually pay attention to our contributions to the whole, continually pay attention to how we are affecting realities by that which we create/allow/transmit out, continually re-assess everything, continually take the blinders off (veils), continually re-focus, continually open up more to re-connect deeper from within, continually re-evaluate ourselves and our entire existence here

Old Earth was built on foundations that collapse. NEW Earth is built/constructed on foundations of love, unity, respect, INtegrity, kindness, consideration, support, full-commitment/invested interest, contribution and more. These foundations do not collapse anymore, because our foundation from within is pure, strong and solid. Where it is not, this becomes visible and we deal with it ourselves.

The Galactic Re-Gridding Project took us all to a whole new level, one that is challenging energetically on a daily basis just to incorporate all of this into our entire BEing here. Each of us an integral part of what is to come, receiving exactly what we are vibrationally contributing through our own energy, focus and physical world things too. Human’s hold back, separate off and don’t care what/how they affect… that will create a disconnect for that being, yet the whole now will no longer collapse, because the foundation has been formed, the strength is in the connection, love, respect for all as one.

We are now looking at disconnected realities vs. inner connected realities. What is required to BE A PART OF AN INNER-CONNECTED REALITY is more than the human aspect is willing to do. NOW, each will experience exactly what they need (Soul’s choice) in order to make this choice, continually until they fully come on-board. Where one is not sure, then a human experience is activated to play out.

I will share more where I can, as I’m constantly re-calibrating too. These “dropping density” frequencies and continually re-balancing new magnetics is challenging for our bodies and we have to learn to maneuver through it all differently, constantly. Our little human will emerge when there is something for us to see/deal with, then it’s up to us to deal or we are forcing suppression/contraction and our bodies cannot take this anymore. Energetic hiding is no different than physical hiding, our bodies/soul will only tolerate this for a bit, then they will start to shut-down/die for they cannot sustain on suppression/going small… this sucks the life out of everything… this dimensional timeline/reality and all others too.

Disconnecting from one gridwork (the old matrix) and re-connecting up to the NEW EARTH CRYSTALLINE MATRIX takes everything we’ve got. Everyone a GridKeeper/Gatekeeper, each will start to understand as they start to experience everything ENERGETICALLY NOW.

BEcoming a Fully Conscious Energetic BEing with an obsolete physical body form, means continual upgrades, re-calibrations to bring your physical body fully online. Your entire existence will change. It will be nothing like you “thought”. Each must learn a whole new way of existence. Challenging is an understatement for the human, yet this is the point. These challenges are your tests to see what you will do, how you will react/act, where you will disconnect/go small or where you will intentionally open up more and expand beyond. Everything will show you how human you still are and where you transcend these limits from within. Everything will show you what you are made of…. Everything will show you what is truly important to you, what really matters and it’s not going to be like you “thought”.

You will not be able to survive in a disconnected state. Your body will shut down, wither up and die. Your full consciousness is what breathes life through your cells and connects you UP to a gridwork that will support you, help you sustain a whole new reality not fathomed possible before….

This is our NOW. Not a “one day”. If you desire a different reality, it will all be on you to do something from within you… this is how all works here. You MOVE ENERGY or you let it just do it’s thing. There are times that we pull away and we don’t “do” anything, because we are in the middle of a huge upgrade process that can last hours, days, weeks…. the more human, the longer this process takes until we shift out of being human and realize that the process is complete and it’s time for us to start moving energy again.

Offline, online, disconnect, connect. obliterating or stepping back…this is how our realities work here. WE can see what is appropriate and how to affect realities at will. Just one of our many gifts and super abilities here.

Dynamics of realities shall dramatically shift. How this plays out for each of us it totally up to each of us and our own full un/consciousness here. ♦

Every timeline is affected by y/our every breath. Do you really get the magnitude of all of this? ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Guardian of Our NEW Earth, Author, Re-Educator through Highest Consciousness Existence here


Third- and Fifth-Dimensional Relationship – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


unknown artist


Third- and Fifth-Dimensional Relationship

I have a friend who’s doing her darnedest to educate me in flowing.

Me flowing, given all my cares and concerns, is a challenging task for her to take on.

But it is having an effect.

Letting go of my commitments is not an option. I have to retain some male-energy, logical-steps approach to what will soon face me or go completely under. A monk in a business suit needs to be a quick study.

This is what I’m seeing thanks to combining the two viewpoints – hers and mine. (1)

Between two people? Flowing is a dance. At some points when my partner is up in the air, I’m on the ground holding her and at times when I go off into the wild blue yonder she grounds me. Neither of us stays up all the time or down all the time, to flow with each other.

It’s Shiva and Shakti. At least that’s the way it seems to me. And seems to have been designed.


And then the serpent of control creeps in and torrential, transformative love, the love of the Fifth Dimension, dies, choked off by going for control, rather than granting everyone their freedom.

We never seemed to learn. Once outright control became passé, we “shoulded” people to death.

We settled for cotton candy instead of love, second best, third best, until we finally couldn’t take it any more. We were better off separated and so we parted.

That’s a rather cynical view of Third-Dimensional relationship, but it seems all too common in our world as it was.


Fifth-Dimensional relationship, from the few glimpses I’ve had of it (admittedly not a well-populated database) is entirely free of control. It’s two independent beings joined together in response to a call from inside themselves and cooperating with each other to create something neither could create alone.

And they live in joy, and in love, and in bliss. And not just the weak image of love we all got used to in the Third Dimension, like we got used to macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jam sandwiches as a child.

This would be like being in constant orgasm, torrential love flowing through us and out into the world. Can you imagine?

If you can imagine it, you can feel it. If you can feel it, you can be in it.

I used to experience this kind of love for mere minutes a year – if I was lucky.  And then I experienced it for months. What is this? Is this what the masters have been talking about?


Shiva and Shakti represent the first partnership of the active Mother and the still One. She is the Phenomenal or Material and the One is the Transcendental or Void.

In its heterosexual variant, which it does not have to be, the human sacred partnership physically mimics the non-physical, transcendent Couple. And it’s meant to.

If we could follow the human act of procreation, for instance, we’d find a series of parallels to the divine process of the creation of life; i.e., the action of the One with the Mother to create us and the world. (2) Sperm equals spark. Womb equals world. Both mothers build the child’s body.

The ordinary human can choose to live alone and still find his or her divine counterpart inside, I think. I know I’ve achieved intense love without being in partnership. It’s simply much more wonderful in person.

I myself have decided to forego the pleasure of relationship for the next few years. I’m quite sure that the work that lies ahead of me will be all-consuming. I wouldn’t have the time or the energy to devote to a relationship.  I’ve given the matter long thought and talked to the Mother about it.

Later, I get a 200-year vacation. And then apparently we assemble and do this all over again in a higher dimension.  It turns out this is just another warm-up. (3)


Thinking about that inspires me in this time of endless waiting. Everything is a warm-up to something else.  The glories of evolution are virtually endless, as Franklin Merrell-Wolff reminded us back in the middle of the last century:

“A certain Sage…, speaking of unfolded Consciousness above the level of the highest human Adepts, said: ‘We attain glimpses of Consciousness so Transcendent, rising level upon level, that the senses fairly reel before the awe-inspiring Grandeur.’

“Truly, within the Infinite there are Mysteries within Mysteries, Deeps beyond Deeps, Grandeurs beyond Grandeurs. … Mystery of Mysteries, reaching inward and outward, but ever Beyond! And from that Beyond ever there come new whisperings of other imponderable Glories. Ah! How little is this world at the beginning of the Trail, barely a point in a Space of unlimited dimensions!” (3)

“Here, certainly, is space for evolution far beyond the highest possibility of man as man.” (4)

“Beyond [the sage’s] attainment, whatever it may be, there lie further mysteries awaiting his resolution. In other words, We find no conceivable end to evolution.” (5)


(1) Remember what Michael and Sanat Kumara said: Add on, add on, rather than either/or. I’d make this the first rule of a new approach to mediation.

(2) It’s hard to talk about these matters in a few sentences. All of what I’m saying here is like chapter headings.  This is the “chapter heading” I’m wrestling with now:

I cannot talk about the conditioned Brahman. Because of my ill feelings towards my Dad, I never studied the “Father” aspect of God, Vishwa, Jehovah, the God of this universe. I prefer to speak of Mahashakti and Mahashiva, the Transcendent Couple. Of course they are One.

When I therefore talk of Shakti and Shiva, in terms more common in the West, I’m speaking of the Phenomenal and the Transcendental, the Mother and the One.

(3)  Archangel Michael: You will have a choice of planetary systems and it will again be an assignment to…. This is just the warm-up for Ascension. [The next assignment] is to bring a further rising of vibrations to those throughout the Universe.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2011.)

Archangel Michael:   As I have said to you, when you complete this mission, you are allowed to have 200 years off. But what you do with that is up to you, dear one! You will certainly have full access to your inter-dimensionality. (Ibid., Dec. 18, 2012.)

(4) Franklin Merrell-Wolff in Pathways Through to Space. A Personal Record of Transformation in Consciousness. New York: Julian Press, 1973, 115.

(5) Ibid., 17.

(6) Ibid., 43.



unknown artist

Falling into Stillness and Silence: The Father Side – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Namaste Buddha Oil Painting on Canvas at Victoria Curios Coins


Falling into Stillness and Silence: The Father Side

The monkish side of me continues to make itself felt and draws me inward.  It isn’t surprising, given a remark that Michael made in my last reading, which I cited earlier:

Now you have had a lot of physical-practicality things that have prevented you from having the time and the spaciousness, the feeling that you can take that time to really be in the bliss but it is absolutely necessary, my brother. So make the time. ” (1)

This leg of the ascension journey is essentially pointing inwards and making the time to feel the bliss.

I must have completed with my Father as a result of re-establishing myself in this therapeutic locale, which predates the family violence. Something in me has healed and I’m beginning to forget that other part of my life.

Gosh, this is how long it took me to complete. If you don’t feel complete, don’t get down on yourself. It takes a tremendous amount of work.  The energies will do the job eventually anyways. I just want it sooner. I’m tired of waiting.

Meanwhile, the Father energy, the Divine Masculine, is – not surprisingly, I suppose – blossoming in me.

Gosh, how do I explain the Father Energy? The “Father” is transcendental, beyond form, beyond sounds, beyond action – that is, physical sounds and action.

The Mother is also transcendental, but she’s an extension of the Father into this dreamscape we call “life.” She gives birth to, preserves, and transforms whole universes and dimensions and beyond.

The Mother is the Father in action. The Father is the Mother in stillness. They are One and the same, like the One wearing two masks.

To give you an idea of the breadth of the Mother’s domain, I once asked her on An Hour with an Angel if she was Shakti. She replied that Shakti was but a very small part of her.  Oh my heavens. OK.

Both Father and Mother are Love. No surprise there.

But the Mother is Love in action and the Father is Love in stillness – as applied to the physical or material domain (matter, mater, Mother). I have to add that rider because there is movement and sound in the transcendental; it just isn’t capable of being seen or heard by those residing in the physical.

In the transcendental, there is movement.  Love flows, bliss flows, ecstacy, exaltation. It just appears to us in the lower dimensions as stillness and silence.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that choirs of angels constantly adore the Divine Couple. Music surely exists there as well, just not audible to our denser-dimensional ears.

So suddenly it feels like Father energy is being released in me.  And that in itself manifests as a great hunger for stillness and silence.

I apologize to anyone who’s saying “What has this to do with the Reval?” You must be kidding. I’m clearing away the blocks to me being in my natural Self, the sahaja state. I’d imagine my usefulness to the lightworker community would go up a fair percent if I were successful. Worth more than a kingdom in the three worlds, never mind Zim.

Until this time, I’ve been in the Mother energy, almost exclusively. I was either exploring my feelings or defending the women in my life, all of it vasana-driven.  All of it was either me not wanting to be like my Father or else resisting him. None of it was genuinely me.

However, thanks to Archangel Michael, I had a major heart opening on March 13, 2015 and remained in torrential love (I think that’s a more descriptive term than “transformative love”) for most of that year. Then the last three months were spent in bliss with small episodes of ecstacy and exaltation (according to AAM, exaltation is transcendental).

I can say with certainty that love, bliss in action, in service – this is the Mother side of me. And you. At this moment, that is not my preoccupation. My preoccupation has shifted.

I’m now preoccupied with the Father side of me and that manifests as feeling drawn to stillness and silence.

Now that my memories of the bad times in my life are falling away, I find the Father energy practically bubbling up.

I’ve been a monk in two, possibly three, lifetimes that I know of (one lifetime AAM will not tell me about). The stillness and the silence are old friends to me. I just need to create the time to sink into them like a stone dropped into the Challenger Deep.

Here now comes the warrior side. It’s a question of will, of what Kathleen would call “intention.”  I have to make going inward, into the stillness and silence, more important than anything else in my life, with a few exceptions. If I want it to happen. And that is not necessarily a popular thing to do.

Nevertheless, I don’t think I could stop myself from sinking into stillness and silence if I tried.



Namaste Buddha Oil Painting on Canvas at Victoria Curios Coins

Pamela Kribbe channels Earth @ The Jeshua Channelings


unknown artist


Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear people,

I am the voice of the Earth. I carry you in my body. The planet on which you live and walk is my body, the expression of my soul. You are welcome here because you are part of my body. Your body is part of me, made of earthly matter. Be very aware of the cells in your body, which are very small, independent entities that know exactly what they are supposed to do. They work toward balance and harmony and cooperation in your body

Now imagine that you are present as a brilliant sun in your body. Your light is not of the Earth; you come from the cosmos. You are a living soul who is able to take on various forms and now you are present in an earthly form. Imagine that the light of your soul radiates in the center of your body, the center close to your heart. See a light burning there and remember who you are: you are aeons old. You have had many lives; you are not here for the first time.

Remember who you are! Know that you are independent of this body, of this life, and of the society around you. You have come here to bring something new, something unique, something not quite understood by those around you. It takes courage and daring to bring in what is new, because new things cause resistance. That is why it is so important to remember who you are: your freedom, your independence. Only then can you really be yourself in this reality and spread your light.

I now ask you, from that which is your heart, to connect the light of your soul with all your body cells, which have their own individual consciousness, yet which are part of me, the Earth. Imagine that the light of your heart, your soul, joins to the consciousness of all your body cells. Your light shines into all your cells, and your cells respond with joy. This is what they want – they want to be inspired by you! This is their goal; this is their function.

Maybe you think that the aim of your body cells is simply to maintain your body so it can function and survive; and on some level, that is true, but not on the deepest level. Your highest purpose here on Earth is to provide an instrument through which your soul can manifest itself; that is what your body is for. So connecting your soul with your body awareness is extremely important. Your entire body is undergoing a transformation that cannot be explained on a material level.

Now imagine that the light from your divine core spreads slowly from your heart and touches all your cells in a tender way: in your chest and shoulders, and throughout your neck and throat. Then allow all the cells in your head to be touched by your soul’s energy and to take it in so they are able to get direction and guidance from the divine Source. Let your soul’s energy, the light of your heart, to then stream through your solar plexus, your belly, and down through your abdomen, and feel for a moment the center of your abdomen. There may be old emotions still there, or resistances against life that make it difficult to allow in the light of your soul: “Is this safe? May I really be here with my unique energy, my light?”

See if your soul’s light can penetrate into your stomach, your tailbone, your pelvis. If you feel places there that offer resistance, that do not allow in the light, just observe that happening and do not force anything. Just see if there is a dark spot or a tense place somewhere in your body where the energy is somewhat constricted and concealed. With a very accepting and open gaze, concentrate your attention on that spot of heaviness. Your consciousness is very soft and pliable, and as a soft breeze, surround that spot with your attention.

Inside that blocked energy, there is life that has been hidden away for a variety of reasons. Encourage that life to make itself known to you. Ask the question: “Who are you? Don’t be afraid of me, show yourself.” See if something appears to you: an image, a symbol; it can also be an animal or a human being, or maybe a child. Everything that is blocked and hidden in a person wants out, wants to be free; but it is afraid, which is why it is hiding at times. To be able to reach it, you need not force anything; it is enough to be gently present and to listen. To not want to change anything, to not wish to get rid of this part, is the most helpful approach.

So calmly see or sense what wants to reveal itself from that dark part. Imagine that you reach out your hand to what appears and you reassure it by telling it: “You are good; you are allowed to be who you really are.” You welcome this part of yourself by taking responsibility for your energy, by promising that you will work with it. Because in all this clogged and blocked energy there is also a strength, a capability that belongs to you. It should never be the intention only to make a blockage or a problem disappear. It is about transforming and releasing old energies, and so thoroughly that the core of light within you can join with it. That is why love is the way, and not struggling with negative energies or problems that are in you, but loving them.

Finally, let the light of your soul flow all the way down from your pelvis to your thighs and your upper legs, and give especial attention to your knees. Imagine that the cells of the bones in your knees open up for the light from your heart. Remember how joyful it can be to live and be active on the Earth, so retrieve those memories of joy. Then let your light descend farther into your calves and your ankles, and fully into your feet: into your heels, the soles of your feet and your toes.

Entrust the light of your soul to the Earth. I am here for you; you are welcome in and on me. You do not have to go it alone. The more you allow your soul’s light to be here, the more you are protected and carried by your own wisdom and by your connection to me, the Earth. I salute you from my heart and want to thank you for your presence here and now.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe



unknown artist


Aligning Yourself with Your Ascension by the Andromedans – Natalie Glasson


Namaste: by Pamela Merriam @ Etsy


Aligning Yourself with Your Ascension

by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 17th February 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Andromedans, come forth with an important message and reminder to share with you. We are overseeing and supporting your ascension at this time as are many light beings on the inner planes. We wish to support you in moving in harmony, as one with the ascension energies and waves anchoring into the Earth, your being and throughout the coming year. When you are in harmony with the shifts taking place on the inner planes, Earth and within your being, you are able to move through aspects and steps of your ascension with ease and perfection. It is only when you are not aligned with the ascension transitions taking place within and around you that you may find your ascension a turbulent journey. We, the Andromedans, are present for you to call upon in order to receive guidance, inspiration and understanding so that you can remain in harmony with your own ascension and that of the Ear th.

Being in harmony with your ascension is when you are willing to recognise the needs and requirements of your entire being, while recognising that your needs change, as new energies and shifts come forth. When you are in harmony with your ascension and the energies flowing with great power into the Earth, you are able and willing to sense your needs on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level, being able to serve and nurture yourself in the most perfect way. You allow yourself to be inspired by the ascension energies as to how you can serve yourself, encouraging yourself to move through the transitions effortlessly. With each ascension energy and shift which is anchored into the Earth and your being, there is consciousness and guidance that comes forth for all to receive. This explains and inspires anyone who is willing to receive, how to synthesise and integrate with the ener gies, as well as the best way to achieve this. In truth, everything is provided to you, there is simply a need to tune in, and the information is shared abundantly. With this realisation, you can understand that there is a specific purpose to every energy anchored and each shift which is instigated, therefore there is a way for you to accept the transformation supporting yourself in accelerating your ascension.

When you ignore the requests of your body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul through each ascension shift, then you may feel that your reality and ascension is a struggle and challenge. This can result in experiencing feelings of tiredness, unbalance, depletion, anxiety, stress, low mood, upset, isolation, separation, disempowerment, anger and so forth. Each time your entire being experiences a new ascension energy from the Universe of the Creator or your soul, it will either automatically adjust to align with the energy or it will require support to make the alignment. Examples of requests could be, needing to exercise, to meditate, to take time to be still, to eat a certain food, to drink more water, to wear a certain colour, to contemplate an area of your past, to share your light and truth, or something else. It is through the process of ignoring the subtle requests of your being th at pain can form in your body, unbalance can form in your emotions, chaos or confusion within your mind and a distancing of yourself with your spiritual being.

We understand that it is impossible for you in your human form to recognise each energy shift and ascension vibration which materialises in your being and reality. We would not wish you to achieve this as there is such advancements in the ascension energies anchoring and immense speed. Instead rather than focusing upon how the ascension energies are affecting your entire being, we simply wish to encourage you to be observant of the requirements, requests and needs of your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Each aspect of your being speaks to you, letting you know all that is needed, we simply wish to encourage you to be more vigilant as to how you can bring yourself back into balance. Your state of balance is when you are connected to the Creator, experiencing the divine flow, support and guidance of the Creator. Each person on the Earth can access this state although they may not reali se it or recognise it as a connection with the Creator. Ask yourself, ‘When I know I am connected to the Creator how do I feel, what do I experience?’ You may feel happy, excited, blissful, calm, in touch with your truth, content or something else. Notice during your day when you are not feeling connected to the divine flow, support and guidance of the Creator. You may perceive that this is due to the circumstances or experiences of your day, which may be true. However, it may also be the ascension energies anchoring and a shift needing to take place within you to support you in existing in harmony with your ascension and the Creator. In truth, it does not matter what you perceive is the cause, it is important for you to return to alignment with yourself and the Creator. Therefore, ask yourself, ‘How can I return to my balance, what do I need to do or know?’ Knowing that you have the inner knowledge and wisdom, while also knowing that a request has be en made by an aspect of your being, therefore, there is simply a need for you to listen and receive the message. Remember that the requests of your being will always be simple and will be straightforward for you to achieve. The more you allow yourself to remember and master this natural ability the easier you will find it is to move through your spiritual evolution feeling completely loved and supported in every moment.

What is Needed in this Stage of Ascension?

We, the Andromedans, wish to share with you that in this stage of your ascension you may feel guided to look within, to take time to be silent, to reflect within, to remember yourself, contemplate or to experience solitude. If this feeling dawns within you, we encourage you to follow your inner guidance as there is a beautiful gift of awareness and inner awakening waiting to take place. Your soul has recently downloaded a new aspect of its light and consciousness into your being, body and personality. There are many gifts that your soul wishes to reveal to you. Gifts of healing, new perspectives, enlightenment, guidance, wisdom, connection, beauty and love. Now is the time to focus within, giving yourself time to observe the magnificence unfolding within your being. Often many people resist the urge to look within and take some time for quiet reflection as they are fearful of what the y may discover. Now is the time to let go of any fears, knowing you are supported and assisted by us, the Andromedans, your guides and the Creator. Allow yourself to seep as deep as feels appropriate into your being, truth, essence or soul. You will only discover that which will support and serve you now in your reality, allowing you to serve yourself and ascension.

How to Observe Within

To retreat within your being is sometimes necessary in order to realign, reenergise and empower yourself further. When you are constantly looking outside of yourself you can miss the jewels of truth and inspiration coming to the surface within your being. There is a great deal awakening from your soul. Your soul is ready to bring forth its truth to you and so it may be at certain times that you feel guided to look within, with greater emphasis on receiving special communications from your soul. In many ways, we, the Andromedans, cannot guide you as to how to achieve this process, as it is born from you and your personal preferences. We invite you to observe within your being, to seek the light and divine presence of your soul within you. We invite you to be patient, to be willing to see, sense and acknowledge your inner truth, as well as being willing to express that which flows forth to you.

We, the Andromedans, do encourage you to sit peacefully and comfortably, focusing on your breathing until you feel yourself embodying peace, love or an acceptance of yourself from within.

State out loud: ‘I allow myself to observe my entire being and the magnificent presence of my soul within my being. I allow my energies to flow and self-imposed limitations to fall away. I am now in a state of loving observation and self-realisation.’ Focus upon your Heart Chakra or Higher Heart Chakra.

When you feel a connection with your Heart Chakra or Higher Heart Chakra, state: ‘I am ready, willing and able to recognise the magnificent gifts my soul wishes to bring forth into my awareness now, as well as any requests from my being to support my alignment with myself, soul, ascension and the Creator.’

Simply allow yourself to be patient, know that inspiration will come with divine timing.

We are present to be of service to you,

The Andromedans

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Namaste: by Pamela Merriam @ Etsy



Beautiful Art : Kusaba Kazuhisa




Before I met the Dalai Lama, His Holiness appeared to me and gave me teachings on the Kalachakra Tantra.

When we are with holy beings like the Dalai Lama, Christ, Krishna, Metatron and Guan Yin and in holy places like Bodhgaya, Avalon and Shambhala, something affects our mind and heart. Our mind and heart opens up and we have deep experiences of teachings that before may just have been words to us.

The more openness and faith we have in the Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Divine Mother and Kuan Yin and the more our we use prayer to request what we want, and empty ourselves to be open to its transmission, the more our hearts and minds will open to that inspiration and blessing.

When I was with the Dalai Lama He said one of the most important qualities we have is gratitude, gratitude for the blessing of the Buddha in this lifetime.
The Dalai Lama said to another Lama “receiving inspiration, openings and blessings depend on the mind and heart of the person requesting and the mind and heart of the divine beings who receive the request.”

When we request Buddhas or Christs or Ascended Masters they help us directly, spiritually.

The key is practice.

So pray that realisations be given to you and then share this teaching, even just a few words, so that we can benefit from your wisdom and be inspired.

If you practice just a little and have a small experience of the teaching, your words will carry that energy consciousness and information and Source force when you share with us.

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother



Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”



Altair Shyam


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”

Shifting Your Focus To Activate Alternate Realities: – Lisa Transcendence Brown


The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra Oil Painting @ Morandi’s Drawer Gallery


Shifting Your Focus To Activate Alternate Realities:


You will start to embrace your dreams and desires (as a soul) as you stop living from “need”. Instead of “I need”, replace your words with “I desire” and see if the same thing you were saying is still true for you. FEEL the VIBRATION and your heart/cellular body when you speak the different words… You must EXPECT AWESOME SURPRISES (miraclesare the human’s words) if it is to occur for you, as the human aspect expects the worse to occur, which creates this REALity too.

Start adding more “I desires” into your reality to start to activate your own “other dimensional” dreams to come true, then start to dedicate your energy and your physical world resources to bringing your highest dreams through that support your new vision true for you. (Note, if it serves others from your own highest love, it will come faster than if you only focus on you. This is one of the “key codes” of unity/Christed/Crystalline Consciousness that you unlock within you. When you start to FEED your higher-heart-centered desires over your human fears, you shift your own reality your self and you stop coming from fear/lack/old programs first…..

Now, sometimes you will need to shift all of your focus on yourself, for your physical body/LightBody/Crystalline Structure needs to upgrade and it takes all of your energy to allow this to occur. When the merging/infusing/integration/re-configuration process is complete (after sleep, nature, cave time, alone/me/WE time), you’ll come back online, awaken with new clarity, more energy and ability to function easier and focus your energy on your own soul’s purposes & galactic missions here. Where you “waste” your energy, you will become exhausted faster & deplete. You will “learn” (REMEMBER) how important ENERGY IS, because you are becoming PURE SOURCE ENERGY again. Every time “the whole” is your focus, all will come easier for you as you honor you.

When you stop dis-honoring you out of fear, accepting less, feeding the old realities of “have to”, subjecting yourself to old programs out of avoiding/hiding, allowing manipulation (your lack of inner power and a distorted belief and old human/Atlantean/Reptilian Energy you have yet to clear) and you actually start to realize how all of this works, as you GIFT RESPONSIBILITY BACK to others for taking full responsibility for their own Soul’s journey of BECOMING SELF/RE-EMPOWERED again, realizing that they came here to clear their own Karmic everything (unconscious programs of all of their existences too), you will realize that you “agreed” to take theirs on as yours, yet the moment you become conscious you stop doing this, for your SOUL CONTRACT is paid in full unless you keep it going, you keep allowing it, you remain unconscious until all of that energy is gone from inside of you. At some point you realize that their reality is theirs and you turn them back over to their own higher self/universe to do whatever they need to here and you focus on yourself, what you are doing and you resume your conscious realities again.

Realities only inner-twine when we need to experience the other’s reality as our own. Humans do this. Souls do not. Souls stand in their own power and allow each to learn from their own experiences however they need to (chose as a soul). Realities become co-mingled when one steps up to take the helm, to take responsibility because others are not standing in their own power fully and doing what they came here to do as a higher dimensional being, because humans see others as less, instead of seeing that they hold the power when they are ready to embrace too. At some point, the responsible one becomes the crutch, the excuse… this will diminish as each sees what belief/mentality they are listening to….

Coming together to create opportUNITY for each other, to open portals and “show the way” is part of what we all do. At some point we’ve said enough, done enough and it’s time to let others take the helm of their own realities their selves. Some will “suffer consequences” because they still have much Karmic residue/programs inside that they are not ready to deal with/see, limits they still see, excuses they still make, lack everything that they still believe… not one of us can “fix” all of that, it’s not our “job here”. It is our job to love them, to open a portal for them to walk through and let them experience their own journey through the tunnel/vortex (across the bridge) back…..

When each starts to realize that every reality either empowers or dis-empowers and that each was meant to because we do not become empowered until we realize we allowed dis-empowered states to occur, that we actually needed them to “teach us” (show us) what we could not see before.

These energies are for all to return to full power within themselves, AS LOVE…. love for self must come first for each to love and respect all others fully too. When we compromise us, we are not loving us which equates to we are not loving anyone/thing and we are living a reality of lack.

Until each truly honors themselves first, they do not have the capability to hold that PURE LOVE for all as ONE here.

Pay attention to the stories your head tells you, the stories others speak to try to convince you of what is/is not true. Pay attention to when you succumb to less because of distorted beliefs, pay attention to what you SUPPORT with your energy, your money, your everything. This creates your own reality for you.

YOU created all of THAT. What you DO (or don’t do) allows it to keep happening in your own reality (head) world. Your physical reality will deliver to you exactly what you hold/allow vibrationally…

Most of all, pay attention to the way you FEEL. You are here to THRIVE…. survival is an old unconscious dimension we all came here to transcend from within. You will clear this program as you start to choose/do differently than before. As you realize where you are coming from…. As you walk in honor, trust, faith and the perceived unknown (our higher dimensional timelines we’ve all waited for), as you open your heart as wide as you can, as you allow realities to occur as they are meant to and you look at your own and you realize that you have the POWER to AFFECT and MASTER REALITIES when you stand in your own POWER AS LOVE for all.

Human aspects come from lack, they manipulate, they try to convince, they use tactics, they believe their own stories of less/not enough and if you are human, you will believe this too.

Which aspect of you is present right now? Which aspect of them is present now too? Do you just see their human? Or do you see in dimensional aspects and dominant versions based upon vibrational frequencies? Are you loving and respecting you? Are you IN-JOYING fully, happy with your current reality all of the time or are you living an old disillusioned one still? Are you allowing unconscious realities to continue?

Your reality changes when you clear that old energy from inside of you. When you resolve all, when you are willing to see what you didn’t want to see before and you shift to love for you and radiate this out to all. What part of you is still in “saving mode” and taking on responsibility that is not technically yours anymore? Until then, reality is as you allow it to be, which in essence is your creation still. ♥

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is everyone on the same page, everyone pulling their weight, everyone contributing, supporting… it’s not a “take game” anymore… that was the old human way and old timelines that collapse for those still trying to live in them. As each comes to awaken and REALIZE that NEW EARTH is a reality of full contribution and support, that RECEIVING is a RESPONSE to what we put into all & continually intentionally transmit out, then each will actually start to step up and fulfill their soul’s purposes/missions here and actually become a REAL PART of OUR NEW EARTH NOW. It starts with intention. It’s achieved through fully conscious action AS FULLY RESPONSIBLE SOURCE CREATORS here.

All will come to understand what it takes to SUSTAIN high vibrational realities in the physical here. You cannot bring your lack with you, you cannot bring your selfishness with you, your inability to open up and share, you cannot receive fully until you’ve transcended all of that within. The limits are not outside, they are inside of you. That out there is your reflection, your mirror that your holographic reality makes concrete/solid so that you can see the programs that you hold inside of you. As you learn to de-code YOUR program, the old matrix realities and see from beyond, you will start to realize how all works from the higher dimensional realms. You must expand your consciousness to see what you could not before. When you go small and shrink down, you go human and you lose your abilities until your heart/mind opens fully again. You can wait until the realities have played themselves out and there is nothing left, wait until everything collapses or you can take the helm and stand in your own power as love from within and you can re-align your own reality so that a new one starts to play. This is a part of your own Mastering Parallels and choosing the one you desire to experience here.

Your mindset, your energy, your actions, your physical body/everything dictate the dimensional timeline you experience here. The more Quantum your cells, the more you can shift realities just through your presence… The more physical density, the more you must experience this. The experience alone clears the dense program from your physical body which dictates your psychical reality, so as you do this from inside, your physical reality will clear the density as well. As you start to realize that the physical matter in your physical reality represents your own consciousness/unconsciousness, then you start to choose what physical matter you will allow in your own physical realty, for this directly affects your own reality here. Physical density is a representation. All affects/is/represents your own consciousness here. When you change the density of your physical, then your consciousness can again/further expand….. think about it…. Why do you “think” THAT is in your reality and what do you “think” will shift the vibration so that your own reality can shift for you.

Physical matter is dictated by each’s expanded/full consciousness. It’s only the other way around when one is still unconscious. The atoms and molecules in “that physical matter” vibrate according to your own consciousness here. Totally change your vibration and the physical reality re-arranges it’s physical form in response too. ♥

Vibrational realities… this is how all works…. Energy…. see the energy beyond the psychical, beneath/behind the words… your human believes words… your soul hears/feels/knows truth beyond what your ears hear. Your pineal gland activated by your higher heart gives you vision again. Until your earthly eyes and your inner eye merge to become one, then close your eyes and go inside to see from the other dimensions that you have access to from inside. Eventually, the outer and inner become the same. When they are not, pull away and go deep inside, in silence to see, access, understand what was not visible to you before….

Your access is through your own Soul inside. As you are willing to go deep inside to gain access to infinite dimensions/timelines, you will be able to start to activate these to come forth/materialize in your physical here. When higher consciousness is a higher vibration than you, you will “go up & out” to access this, yet if you move it inside, then you will clear cellular programs “faster” for your own cells to start to move, activate and shake your body (StarGates/Ascension) for you to vibrate into another reality…..

Embodiment gives you access to the other dimensions in the physical here. Channeling the energy is a part of the process that gives you access to these higher vibrations so that you can learn to work with the energy through your body as it’s vibration raises high enough for you to WALK AS THESE HIGHEST ASPECT SELVES in this physical here. As you Embody, you stop channeling, you are able to run PURE SOURCE LIGHT through your Crystalline Structure without separating off into different aspect anymore. This is a process where your whole body must be upgraded substantially for all of your old unconscious program to clear, restore your template back to “original” without the distortions of the old. Your genetics re-writing, re-coding, your DNA activating your higher consciousness aspects and mutating your physical body make-up for you to walk in higher dimensional timelines now.

Your body holds all and your energy field does too. If you do not respect this, then you are not respecting you. If this is not your priority, then you will suffer to allowing less… This is not a threat, as the human would perceive, this reality, it’s how all works here. If you compromise, you are the one that experiences this compromise. Where you are not ready yet, this will become visible too. Where you hold back/lack, this does as well. Everything does, just as where you are fully committed and you dedicate your entire existence to what you came here to do, this is rewarded through gifts, support, opportunity and the most pristine, divine, amazing physical realities, because you overcame your own separation and you stepped up, you became a contributor/supporter for all of NEW EARTH NOW. You decided it was finally important enough for you to shift your focus, your energy in order to be an integral part of it all. Your access is granted when you are fully-on-board…. not until. You determine this….. yes, this is all you. ♥

Choose your Earth loves… Old or NEW. It doesn’t happen for you, yet it does, as a vibrational response…..

Join us on the other side. We are already here… We don’t wait for you, that was old programming, we went on, just as you’ll have to too. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Guardian of Our NEW Earth NOW ♦

Answers to your Questions on Ascension @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie



Answers to your Questions on Ascension–The Council of the Pleiadians, Sirians and Arcturians


Through our channel we will answer some of the wonderful
questions that you have asked us.
Please remember that EVERY ONE of you
Can ALWAYS ask for our assistance.
If you can believe that you can receive our answer,
you WILL be able to discover our answer in which ever manner best suites YOU.
Please see the below recording of Suzanne and Shawnna’s first meeting
in which we, the Council of the Pleiadians, Sirians, and the Arcturians, have spoken
through them to personally answer many of your thought provoking questions.
We will return soon, with more answers.

Your Galactic Friends and Family



The Standard of Nobility – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia



The Standard of Nobility

But there was more to the image. The Jack of Hearts appeared on top but a Ten of Spades appeared below it.

The Ten of any suit is the highest numerical card. I took that to be a metaphor for the Mother’s abundance, in which case the Jack of Hearts became the steward of the Mother’s bounty.

All lightworkers, in my opinion, who’ve volunteered to become financial wayshowers by taking up the Reval are Jacks and Janes of Hearts over the Ten of any suit. All of us are the Mother’s stewards.

But, for me, the image presented by the combination of the two – the Jack of Hearts and the Ten of Spades – captured the essence of the financial work that I promised to do and offered me a malleable role which I could play from and into,  at whatever level I chose. It captured the whole of it, the gestalt.


Now we come to the level at which the ascended masters that we already are might consider playing at.

I know the level but I have trouble saying it, because it sounds so high-flown and it’s far-higher than I play at, certainly. (I am not trying to pretend I’m more balanced than I am.)

The best word I can find to describe the way of the steward and the standard for us to reach for, as I see it, is “noble.” I posted an excerpt from Zen Lessons: The Art of Leadership last week which summed this person up very succinctly, I thought. Here is Master Yuantong’s description of a noble man:

“This man is true to the middle way, not biased or dependent. Whether active or at rest, he is noble and dignified. Furthermore, in his study of the Way [the Tao] his actions are correct, and his words are simple yet logically complete. Whenever people have endowments like this, seldom do they fail to become vessels of enlightenment.” (1)

All the ascended masters share the quality of nobility of character, as far as I’m aware. Natural nobility.

All liberated sages (like Ramana Maharshi) display this same natural nobility. I suspect that Aung Saun Suu Kyi was enlightened in another lifetime.  Like Gandhi, who was also enlightened in another lifetime (as St. Francis), she displays that same natural nobility of character and bearing that distinguish the ascended master (incarnate).

We recognize natural nobility when we see it. We seem to have an inner radar that picks it up and we respect it, once we determine its genuineness. Look how many revere Suu Kyi and wouldn’t be able to explain why. We’re beguiled by the nobility of the natural state (sahaja, ascension).

But suggesting that this be the bar for us to aim for as financial stewards and actually reaching it are two very different matters.

I personally consider myself so far from satisfying that standard of behavior that I nearly fall asleep just thinking about what it means.  Falling asleep like that in the face of an idea is a marked sign of resistance to the truth. In the growth movement, if someone started to fall asleep, we’d say we were getting close to the truth.

Once the truth was seen, the person would usually wake up instantly. No more fatigue. Just like that.

I’m up to thinking about it and getting grouchy if pushed too far too fast. I feel like I’ve been climbing so many mountains lately, I feel a bit tired.

But I do acknowledge that I regard it as a truth: That the standard of behavior for us to aim for as lightworkers and stewards of the Mother’s abundance is nobility of person, nobility of character, and nobility of intention.


(1) “A Vessel of Enlightenment” in Thomas Cleary, Trans., Zen Lessons. The Art of Leadership. Boston: Shmaballa, 1989, 3.



Galactic Crystalline GridKeepers: Anchoring High Frequency Encoded Light Into Your Physical Body Structures – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Chalermchai Kositpipat


Galactic Crystalline GridKeepers: Anchoring High Frequency Encoded Light Into Your Physical Body Structures


Happy Full Moon sweet love family. These energies are substantial and beyond pristine. The higher we go, the lighter all gets, the easier all is, the more access we all have to everything now. This is the time we all worked so hard for, and shall continue to do so, yet in a very different way.

Many exiting the matrix with their bodies, ascending in physical form, anchoring a whole lot of photonic light in their physical body structures to further become the Gridkeepers of Galactic NEW Earth. The gridwork for all, held within the physical body, the more light embodied, the more energetic all becomes.

For the human aspect, this is beyond challenging when “energy starts to run your world”. Whether you can walk, eat, talk, work, function or just sleep… being groggy foggy as you flip/merge realities, physically move into walking in a lucid dream, no longer just your dream state as before….

Balancing all, acclimating to these high frequencies is beyond challenging at first. What’s important dramatically changes, for just breathing is an act that takes total focus/attention until the body has integrated all of the high frequency energy that moves through the body and re-calibrates, re-programs, re-codes how you think, function, do absolutely everything…..

As all come through this part (it can last years or months and cycle back around each time there is an influx), yet going from human to Ascended Light BEing is a very physical process where everything has to be-relearned again. Inner to outer creation, inner to outer vision, inner to outer everything…. reversing everything and starting from scratch comes through phases and pushing the human to go beyond their previous limits in order to walk beyond the veils.

For those who have spent years preparing, dismantling, re-structuring, creating and building realities based upon soul-aligned everything, the foundations for where we go next have already been built. These become the anchor points for our Galactic Earth Cities and Civilizations here. The nucleus, center point of a holographic diagram now anchored in, the recent Galactic Earth Re-gridding Project is off the ground. We’ve gained access to the schematics by way of anchoring/embedding them within our own physical body structures. This alone has been a tedious act, as we have to do our physical world work and keep up our Star Gate Keeper/Crystalline NEW Earth duties as Galactic Guardians here need to occur.

Being a physical Star Gate Keeper/Gatekeeper for Heaven on Earth & Crystalline Gridkeeper here…. all who now move into “anchoring in their physical bodies” to further fulfill this part of the process too will start to realize how challenging it is as a multi-dimensional here. To balance the physical and all the upgrades to our bodies and get it all done, re-create “life” in accordance with a higher vibrational one, jumping timelines in every moment and aligning realities completely from within, becomes a full-time job, more than ever before, because we are integrating a multitude of dimensions/aspects into our physical form here,

Each will find how coming together, uniting, sharing, supporting and stepping up is no longer choice, it’s required. In order to fulfill your soul purposes/galactic missions/human roles here, requires that each move out of the “I” mode and into “WE” Consciousness to become a part of the bigger whole. You will not be able to do it all alone anymore. You will have to step-up to share/support first in order to receive. What/how/when you receive will be in direct correlation to the amount that you produce, the amount you contribute, yet because nothing is linear you actually have to do more and wait until you hit that vibration in order to receive…. This is where all go from doing for a return to doing and allowing and having no control over how/when anything comes, for Universal Support comes vibrationally…… It will be up to each to achieve that overall vibration from within.

BEing and allowing activates/opens portals. Intentional actions of the soul physically open them, intentional continual/increased BEing/DOing actions allow all to walk through them and coming out on the other side of the portal/passageway is when one arrives in that vibrational reality with their physical body. To the Quantum Light BEing this is our normal way of functioning. To the Super Quantum Being we have to DO less because we have achieved Super Quantum Cells that do this for us. All we do is focus, honor, do and allow. It’s much easier now with StarGate Travel a normal part of our days. These new grids have re-calibrated substantially to hold more light within. Strong gridwork upgrades & electromagnetic re-balancing is continual now. Each’s Earthly bodies require more attention now for rapid evolution to occur. Your bodies will be taken offline when huge anchoring needs to occur and as you integrate/acclimate to these new high frequencies your bodies will come back online and start functioning differently than before. Each time your body/brain is taken offline, your body will work to embed these new encodements throughout every system within you while your operating system is enhanced. You will learn how to function in a whole new way, to appreciate differently, focus differently, use your energy differently and in higher-alignment each time this process occurs within/for you.

As a Gridkeeper/Gatekeeper, this is one of the most important roles you will have and from this your soul purposes, galactic missions, human roles will become more visible for you. The information embedded in your bodies will provide this for you and your connection to the Unified Field gives you holographic access to all again. In-tune with all in every moment is how your new reality will be. When you disconnect, get out of tune, your realities do too. You will see how all of this works as you tune-in to the energy of all again. ♥

With love from my soul to yours. Let’s do this loves! ♥

p.s. The information on the completion of our Galactic Earth Re-Gridding Project will hopefully be out this week. Still working on it. I’ll post it when it is. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Human Aligned vs. Soul Aligned Realities (Priorities)… As All Awaken to “BECOME” through Physical Body Ascension – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Ascended Masters


Human Aligned vs. Soul Aligned Realities (Priorities)… As All Awaken to “BECOME” through Physical Body Ascension


Human realities are being aligned faster/stronger by these ultra high frequencies activating daily now.

You must identify which aspect of you is present in order to understand. This can change any moment that your higher-heart-mind is fully opened (expanded consciousness) or when your heart closes down/goes into fear/lack which diminishes your mind’s capacity to open here.

Human does “just enough to get by” and then it goes human again. Desperation opens the heart/mind, yet human separation keeps one in a limited human reality (dimensional timeline) still. Little human does because it wants something, has ulterior motives, exists in “need”… yet it doesn’t understand that once it receives, HOW to utilize what it receives in order to bring forth more here. Human thinks about it self, because it doesn’t know any better yet… this is what human experience is for… to teach the human what to do/not to do over and over again….. (especially collectively now). We as humans are “taught” what is truly important through the reconstructing of physical realities realities…

Your Angel self is pure, it does “just because”…. your human heart will open further each time you DO from this pure place/space inside of you. Every time you DO from this place/space, you activate more of you ANGEL ASPECT to be embodied so that you WALK AS AN ANGEL on the physical plane here.

Your Sirian Aspect is no-nonsense, git’r’done, step-up and TAKE THE HELM. It is Powerful BEyond, as is your SOURCE-GOD-CREATOR SELF. Activating your Sirian Aspect activates these other aspects too. Sirian obliterates old program realities through it’s PRESENCE and it grabs realities by the (you know what) and it MOVES REALITIES itself…..

Your Arcturian Aspect is a most POWERFUL and Divine LOVE that you’ve ever felt…. it will flood your system and cause tears of REMEMBERING TO POUR OUT OF YOU activating what your human didn’t think possible, yet your multi-dimensional you KNOWS AGAIN….

Your Christed Aspect Self is of pure UNITY, PEACE and LOVE. It is PURE, holy, profound, silent and it need nothing at all. It is the teacher, the unifier, the shower of Light, it is you REMEMBERED from all other dimensional vibrational times. It is all that is SACRED RETURNED, birthing new realities just through presence here. It’s also what activates your Crystals/Crystalline Structure to start to transform your whole reality here.

Your Goddess/God Source Creator Aspect is ALL POWER returned. It is you taking responsibility for all that is created/allowed in your own reality here.

Your Avalonian aspect is magic and alchemy returned. You are the Wizard pointing the wand of creation here. You take the energies of all and you combine them to create more magical realities here. You REMEMBER your many gifts through the embodiment of this aspect here.

Your LeMUrian aspect is pure love, it is simple, it is pure. It is your mermaid/mer-man/mer energy. It is cetaceans, elementals and tied to your Sirian aspect too. It is purity returned in physical form here.

Your Atlantean is many things as well, cleared of all of the lower distortions of the old that all came here to purify and cleanse. It is POWER, KNOWLEDGE (as is GOD energy/consciousness too). It is the Temple/Crystal Gods/Goddesses (as is Ancient energies too). It is sexuality/sensuality (intimacy of the pure soul) essence returned without manipulation/control, as this energy is alchemized into sacred soul connections and creation energy here. It is power without manipulation anymore, it is scientific/biophysical/biochemical knowledge brought forth for this now, it is many things… this is just a small part that emerges from within all…. crossed with Sirian and other Galactic Energies too….

You will SEE that each aspect has different attributes, different realities, different energies, different gifts/powers and all criss-cross each other in some way, as they are not separate here.

You will see that your human is also distorted Atlantean/Reptilian too. You will see that when you go unconscious, you become these lower aspects of yourself…..

Your physical reality represents these conscious/unconscious aspects of you. As you identify your own aspects and continue to activate them, your physical reality changes to match these new frequencies too. As you recognize the distortions that you came here to awaken to, purify/cleanse from your cellular memory/physical body, you will see your physical body differently too. As you realize that your physical reality is multi-dimensional, you will start to embrace your multi-dimensional you…..

NEW Earth replaces OLD Earth as each awakens to multi-dimensional realities from within. As each actually opens their eyes to see and stops seeing Earth as a single dimension full of humans. Super Galactic Multi-Dimensional Earth is a multitude of dimensions, aspects with dimensions folded over on top of each other and connected by a gridwork that each’s physical body holds too. The physical body walks in that physical dimension/timeline that it’s been able to achieve through HIGHER SELF GALACTIC SOUL EMBODIMENT with the ability to walk in/through/as multiple dimensions here or through dense psychical body human bound to an old Earth Version of physical realities still.

Your eyes show you your perceive reality here. Your energy dictates, your actions and beliefs do too. The dimension you occupy is dictated by your dominant aspect that lives inside of your physical body as you. When you expand your consciousness and raise your physical body’s vibration to clear the denser programs then your body gains access to a higher dimensional frequency bandwidth ….

If you don’t know what your beliefs are and you are not intentionally creating your realities in highest alignment at all times, then your physical reality will show you this…. for your physical experience is the result of the aspect you allow/embody here.

If you do only enough to just get by and then you “go human again”, then a limited lack-filled human reality is what you will continue to experience here. When your focus is on what you can get, then you shortchange yourself. When you open up to REMEMBER that you are here to be a part of a bigger picture and that all of HUMANITY is up to each one of us, your heart will open and you’ll start remembering how you RECEIVE FULLY…. and it won’t be “just for you” anymore….. ♥

When you SHOW UP regardless of what you need or don’t, when you step-up without needing something, when you start to share/support from a very different place inside, when you REMEMBER that this is ALL OF US TOGETHER then you will receive more, because you will have finally learned/come to understand “why” you have anything at all….. ♥

Infinite abundance, infinite wealth, infinite everything is not a thing at first. Infinite is an energy that you cultivate by where you come from every time… not just when you want/need something. Everything is the opposite here. ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Guardian of Our NEW Earth NOW ♦

p.s. I only listed a few aspects to make a point. There are infinite aspects that we activate/embody to/as we purify our physical body here. This is about all of them and you becoming them. Nothing takes over your body, this you, your higher aspects and how human you still are/are not and how much you’ve relinquished your physical body vessel to be embodied by all of your highest aspect selves in your physical body form here. This is a process that occurs over the separation of time (human). When you collapse all into one then all is just vibrations again. ♥

Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, God, Christ, Jeshua, Yeshua, Sananda, All Ascended Masters & Archangels/Angels, Lucifer (yes this one must be cleared by all too), Pleiadian, Lyran, Lord Energies, RA/Gods, Thoth, Hermes, Sophia, Merlin, Fairy, Mer, Angel, Ashtar, Osiris… Divine Mother, Divine Father, Divine Child, Arcturian, Atlantean (the list goes on & on)… StarSeeds of all Galactic Races incarnated to awaken to mature into Galactics by doing the deep inner Soul work here. Aspects are all…. realities are too. You will question or sanity, have to transcend your own judgments and look/feel psychotic while clearing your own distortions too. Extremes counter balance distortions stronger/faster to bring forth balance of all from within.

For awhile, these will be separate from you, outside as you raise your vibration each time you connect “up” to them and start to live your life by their teachings that you bring forth for “others here”. You will realize these are for you and your sharings assist others too. Eventually you will collapse this separation and merge AS them (WE are THEM) physical form because you ARE them and this is how you live your life/every reality here. THIS IS EMBODIMENT and no, you can never go back. You want to … ever again. ♥

As your ego (separation) dissolves your true power returns… and all of your gifts/powers and physical abundance does too. This is obvious to you/those around you, for LOVE is what is felt when they connect to your Field of Consciousness here. The human claims these things from their head. Activation your I AM Presence will occur vibrationally until you achieve embodiment then you will no longer need to claim this anymore. You will be it and you only speak this to empower and assist others in REMEMBERING this for themselves fully to fulfill their own Divine Existence here. You are recognized through your presence, your energy and your actions here. This is a soft and subtle existence that only requires inner power when you are on a higher missions, something human must be dealt with for intentional vibrational reality re-alignment to occur.

In every moment… which aspect are you?

You can keep pretending to be human or you can open your heart/mind and expand expand your energy (consciousness) fully from within and maintain this in your every moment now. ♥

photo credit to Apistanapos



Beautiful Art : I Am That – by Ananda Vdovic @ Fine Art America




I am enjoying the deeper ‘breathing’ of rebirth.

As a result of some powerful discussions and questions I have been contemplating past lives, present lives and future lives.

It is quite common to have ‘different’ interpretations of the same life since we are viewing it from different perspectives and wisdom even now. If you think about your life in the present you see yourself sometimes in a positive light and sometimes in a negative light depending on your emotions, moods and thoughts. This is very common.

People often ask me about light and dark. This is very often perspective. It may even be that someone works with the darker side of the Source as some saints have, but at the moment of realisation or death seeks forgiveness and is redeemed and ascends in full glory. St Paul experienced such a life. If you took St Paul’s life before he had his realisation you could consider it very dark, killing Christians as he did. Or if you took it at the point of ascension then you would say he was a master of the light. Perspective, time and timelessness. You are the same Master you will be at the point of your ascension. Yet you look at yourself right now in quite a different light.

In this physical vehicle we are constantly channelling divine source energy and consciousness and information.

What to do with this information?

Essentially, any information we derive from past or future lives is only useful to us if it brings wisdom. Otherwise let it go.

The existence of past and future lives means we come to this present life from our previous lives and take rebirth again after death. There is no beginning to birth and once we achieve liberation from the cycle of existence by overcoming our karma and destructive emotions, we will not be reborn under the sway of these conditions. So our past and future lives ‘inform’ that liberation. The wisdom of liberation.

We who remember our past lives, know rebirth as a clear experience. However, most of us forget some or all of our past lives as we go through the process of death, intermediate state and rebirth. Some of us also forget the wisdom we ‘contracted’ to work with when we agreed with our Light Families to awaken those particular aspects of our lives, or the deities within, or any other powers, siddhas or manifestations and so these ‘aspects’ detract from our wisdom. We can see that in some famous preachers or gurus who get sucked into the power game.

Ultimately past and future lives knowledge comes from the stream of the continuity of Source consciousness through subtle clarity and awareness of the mind and heart.

There are those of us who can remember our immediate past life or even many past lives, as well as being able to recognise places and relatives from those lives. That is a wisdom to be shared and dealt with most carefully.

There are two ways in which someone can take rebirth after death: rebirth under the sway of karma and destructive emotions and rebirth through the power of compassion and prayer.

Regarding the first, due to ignorance negative and positive karma are created and their imprints remain on the consciousness. These are reactivated through craving and grasping, propelling us into the next life. We then take rebirth involuntarily in higher or lower realms. This is the way ordinary beings circle incessantly through existence like the turning of a wheel. Even under such circumstances ordinary beings can engage diligently with a positive aspiration in virtuous practices in their day-to-day lives. They familiarise themselves with virtue that at the time of death can be reactivated providing the means for them to take rebirth in a higher realm of existence.

On the other hand, Bodhisattvas and Archangels and Elders, who have attained the path of seeing, are not reborn through the force of their karma and destructive emotions, but due to the power of their compassion for sentient beings and based on their prayers to benefit others. They are able to choose their place and time of birth as well as their future parents. Such a rebirth, which is solely for the benefit of others, is rebirth through the force of compassion and prayer.

So we are experiencing not to bring us sadness and pain but to give us the wisdom of liberation.

If it is sadness and pain that results then it is actually something simple in the present that you are not looking at, since the only purpose of those lives is to give you more wisdom to bring you into the ‘Presence’ of NOW to liberate fully.

The true energy, that is You, the Divine Self, is wisdom that is clearing, liberating, and uplifting.

A surfer who masters surfing smoothly on windy waters is using simple FLOW and EASE and LIGHTNESS and PEACE and ONENESS  with the Source and All Things.

Life then becomes extremely simple. You breathe. Breathing in, my body is calm and smooth. Breathing out, my body is calm and smooth.

So the surfer becomes one with the breath first. Then the body. Then she turns her attention to her feelings, then her thoughts, then all manner of existence including past and future lives, deities and powers, energy and information and consciousness.

Breathing in, my past lives are calm and smooth. Breathing out, my past lives are calm and smooth.

Honestly, I don’t recollect my past lives working with darker forces. I have been all things so it doesn’t bother me, and I have deep faith in the Christ, the Buddha, the Krishna, the Divine Mother within to dispel all darkness whether it comes from within or without.

By the Power of Divine Mother, BEGONE

Sure I get sad and feel pain.


So it is with your past lives.

Whatever you were or did, give yourself the blessing to ‘die’ or surrender or let go and pass over into the wisdom of liberating others.

Embrace your pain with the love and affection of a mother for her child.

You are the eternal bliss of being.

The Source.

The One without a Second.

Love and hugs always precious ONE

Altair and Mother

– ♥ –


Beautiful Art : Angel of Beauty – by Ananda Vdovic @ Fine Art America



I have so many things I am learning, so feel humble and blessed just to be alive in this moment.

So life is simple for me.

Love, compassion, beauty, devotion, simplicity, wisdom, kindness and understanding.

I always try to understand others in everything I do, to feel their heart, to walk in their shoes.

So I laugh, cry, feel happy, sad, enter joy and bliss when I AM still and present and are developing the awareness to do this or shift this ‘at the snap of a finger’ consciously, through Presence. My birth name is Stephen.

I AM blending with Guan Yin as my Light Family has directed me to do. As you know She manifested a real rare deep sea ocean pearl out of the Heart of Her Statue in front of my friends when I prayed to Her and so She has been the focal Heart energies for directing me to the wisdom of exalted bliss, the heart of emptiness and the clear light of being in this lifetime.

I was initiated by the Dalai Lama into the Path of Avalokiteshvara/Chenrezig/Guan Yin and the seed syllable that arose in my heart is HRIH also the seed syllable of Amitabha Buddha, Guan Yin’s own teacher.

My name in that incarnation was HRIHDAYA which means the seat of Pure Consciousness, the Seat of God in Us, realized as Existence, Knowledge and Bliss through meditation and compassion.

Love and soul blessings

Altair …

Us and the Ancients – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art of Ancient India – unknown source


Us and the Ancients

Zen LessonsI’m sorting out my books after unpacking – I have no Internet yet  –  (1)  when my eyes fell on Zen Lessons: The Art of Leadership. In it I read Master Yuantong’s description of a noble man:

“This man is true to the middle way, not biased or dependent. Whether active or at rest, he is noble and dignified. Furthermore, in his study of the Way [the Tao] his actions are correct, and his words are simple yet logically complete. Whenever people have endowments like this, seldom do they fail to become vessels of enlightenment.” (2)

What difference does it make to say it this way in the Tenth Century or to say it the way we do today?

I went to write out how we might say it today and discovered that I couldn’t improve a word of it. He said it perfectly.

And all of us, I assert, by the impact of the cleansing energies being sent our way at present are also evolving into noble and dignified men and women. We really are. Slowly and gradually.

Picture this. We’ve all cleansed ourselves of our core issues over so many years, while being bathed in various, very powerful energies. (3)

We’re achieving a degree of balance, what Yuantong calls “the middle way”: The avoidance of extremes, dispassion, the senses quietening down, the mind becoming still.

We’re seeing our own self-servingness (our biases) and simply acknowledging it.  Can I run my self-serving story by you one more time? Please? Good for a laugh.

And we’re no longer clinging (dependent). We all got it. Death is not the end. Most of us are angels and we’ll go back to that realm once we’re done here.

The celestials whom we serve are looking after us, if we’ll only ask.

And just through the passage of time in this evolving environment we’re part of, we’ll ascend. The tipping point was passed long ago. Everyone in their seats is on for the ride.

Therefore, there’s no reason to fear. There’s no reason to cling.

We’re taking a slow and gradual elevator to heaven. “Heaven” in early-Christian literature referred to the Fifth Dimension.

Our bodies are changing from carbon to crystal. A dozen strands of DNA are coming online.

Our telepathic and other powers will be returning at some point. Our memory of who we are will come back.

Our environment will respond malleably to our thoughts and wishes. We’ll create what we need by thinking it into existence. There’ll be no use for money and we’ll only eat as a social pastime.

Having entered “heaven” or the Fifth Dimension, we need no longer go back to the Third. If we were discussing the matter fifty years ago, I might say, having achieved mukti or liberation, we no longer need to be reborn into the physical world.  Same thing.

The culmination of our Ascension is a stage of enlightenment that Ramana Maharshi calls “Sahaja Samadhi,” our natural state. Once a sage has reached that state, he is not reborn into this world.

He called it Sahaja. We call it Ascension.  Again, same thing.

The chance to ascend at the end of a round of yugas or ages is well known. The Bible called it the Rapture, Salvation, being made a pillar in the temple and going no more out.

There’s much that’s the same between our accounts and the ancients’ and much that’s different.

But the fundamental truth that everyone is looking at never changes and is the same for everyone. (4)


(1) I’m a few days behind in scheduling, as you can see.

(2) “A Vessel of Enlightenment” in Thomas Cleary, Trans., Zen Lessons. The Art of Leadership. Boston: Shmaballa, 1989, 3.

(3) Some of these come directly from the Mother (the Tsunami of Love and the Tsunami of One) and some of them are added by higher-dimensional and intergalactic civilizations (Porlana C, of instance). Some exist in nature awaiting this time to do their work (the photon belt or gamma rays, for instance).

So we’ve been bathing in rosewater while having our insides miraculously renewed. The renewal takes the form of raising the emotional floor every time we go through a wave of energy.

(4) We might do well to favour that which never changes.


Art of Ancient India – unknown source

Archangel Michael on the Divine Co-Creative Partnership – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia



Archangel Michael on the Divine Co-Creative Partnership – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1.)

He went on to make the interesting assertion that I was learning “the conversion factors”:

AAM: You are learning the conversion factors.

SB:  What does that mean Lord – the conversion factors?

AAM: Of energy into whatever you wish.  You already know it, because you convert pure air into energy, into thought, into inspiration, into these funny little letters on a computer screen called writing.  That is the conversion factor.  Now you are learning it about money. (1)

There were areas I was not to go into. Co-creating did not mean battling with others who hold viewpoints I don’t share, he told me in 2011.

“We are not asking you to be in the fray. This is important that you understand.

“Because the fray is not where the truth will lie. So, yes, there will be controversy the same way there is controversy whenever there is something unique and new introduced into the realm of human conscious experience.

“But we don’t want you to be front and center in the controversy or the fray. We want you to be that voice of reason, of balance, and of clarity.

“That is exactly why you were chosen for this role. There are many, and I observe them as do many of us, who want to jump on their horse. And what happens when you are doing that, not that there is not need at times for defenders of various positions and rights, but what it often is it creates a continuity of the duality. It is a continuity of the old. And what is not what we are co-creating with you. It is a very different paradigm.” (12)

What prevents us from taking up the celestials’ invitation to co-creative partnership? AAM says it’s the fear of failing, being ridiculed, rejected, etc. (2)

AAM: You are at a point in human evolution, planetary evolution where everything is in alignment. Now what does that mean? It means a sacred, divine, eternal, infinite moment which translates in human form not as what you really call a moment, what we would refer to as several months, where humanity can fully transform but not by clinging and saying,

“I won’t step forward any further because I am too afraid, I’m too angry, I am afraid of looking like a fool.” That is a very big core issue for many, looking foolish.

S: Being conned, looking foolish and being rejected

AAM: Being abandoned, being betrayed, being conned, stepping out and believing that they were part of something big only to find out that they are alone, abandoned and isolated, separated from Source. So many are not taking the step and if the light-workers don’t take the step then who does?

We are reaching down, your Star Brothers and Sisters are reaching down, as far as we can [consistent with the universal law of free will]. That’s why we wish you could see the unseen as it were. We are inches away from one another. All we can say and what the ascended masters have been working on, what you would think of as night and day, “Is please don’t quit!”  (3)

Thus working co-creatively with the celestials is a key ingredient in building Nova Earth. Working that way is working in the same way the celestials work with each other.

Many are hesitant to engage with the Archangels for fear of being ridiculed or rejected. But if lightworkers don’t take up the invitation and challenge, the attempt to build a new world will collapse.  We are a vital part of this process because the Divine Plan says that only incarnated beings can make decisions for the wellbeing of Earth.

We need not only to keep going, but to assume greater and greater responsibilities, leaving our core issues, fears, and hesitancy behind.

This then is the process of co-creative partnership a Michael outlines it.


(1) Ibid., April 26, 2011.

(2) I can vouch for that. Even introducing the topic of divine co-creative partnership was confronting for me. Who am I to be writing this, I said to myself? What do I know about it? Am I not being arrogant and self-important?

(13) Ibid., Aug. 1, 2014.