We Are Always With You @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


We Are Always With You–Preparing for First Contact-by Sharman through Sue Lie



By Sharman—Through Suzanne Lie

We Are Always With You

Greetings from Sharman,

We are so happy to meet with you again in this manner. I have all been very busy preparing for our first contact meetings that I have not communicated with you in what may appear to be a “long time.” However, we do not experience “time” in the manner that you do on third/fourth dimensional Earth.

Therefore, we, your higher expressions of SELF, wish to remind you that we are always with you. All of Gaia’s reality is in the midst of change. Unfortunately, before one can change, one must “pull up the covers” to see what is wrong.

Your transmutation into the higher frequencies has begun. But just as a Ship must be prepared for a long journey and disconnected from the dock, you too, must prepare yourselves for your journey.

Then, when you are fully prepared, you can disconnect from the familiar dock that has kept your ship in the safety of the harbor, and begin your journey out into the unknown of the great ocean.

However, this ocean is an inter-dimensional ocean, and you will NOT be alone on this voyage. In fact, reality as you have known it, will be joining you, and all the versions of your self that have ever incarnated on the land that you are now leaving, will serve as your crewmembers.

Some of your crew will stay with you for your entire journey, whereas some members of your crew will leave the Ship to enjoy different harbors. You see, your crew is the collection of all third/fourth dimensional expressions of your SELF that you have ever been in all of your incarnations.

Some of these crewmembers will stop at different ports, as they will have different things that they wish to learn and different tasks that they wish to complete before they join you later at your final destination.

On the other hand, as some crewmembers stay at certain harbors along the way to gain what they need from that location (dimension), new crewmembers will join you. These new crewmembers will have a greater expertise of the increasingly, higher dimensional seas that you will be traveling.

You may well recognize these new crewmembers from the other times in your life when you needed support. Sometimes you called for this support, but other times the support was there without your even remembering that it existed.

Of course, it was during the times when you felt “cast adrift on a hostile sea” that certain members of your ascension crew, suddenly arrived with Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Wisdom.

There are many seas to cross, and many forms of ships that you can use to cross them. There are sailing ships, motorized ships, cruise ships, and Star Ships. Our Star Ships have been watching over you, our away team who chose to take an incarnation on ascending Earth.

Yes, more of you than you may imagine, are members of our crew, as well as leaders in our Starships that are overlighting and protecting you during your NOW of great transmutation.

It is also the NOW for you, the members of humanity, to realize that you are NOT alone. We, your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, are watching over you, and are also, within you. In this manner, we can work through you to assist Gaia with Her transmutation into Her fifth dimensional expression.

As you know, the darkest night is just before dawn, and many of our away team to Earth, as well as the many humans around your world, are “burning the midnight oil” during this dark night in search of the New Dawn.

What is occurring within you is that you are activating your fifth dimensional perceptions in preparation for your personal and planetary ascension. However, the forces of darkness are aware of this and are doing all that they can to distract you from your greater purpose.

We, your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, wish you to know that you are moving into your Lightbodies in an invisible and super-conscious manner. This transmutation is done invisibly and under the direction of your Higher Self because the darkness is moving into its final stand.

The dark ones are like wounded animals that can be more dangerous because they are afraid. Fear creates an attitude of superiority because that person, actually, feels inferior. Fear creates a dogmatic, rigid stance because the biochemistry of fear turns off logical novel thinking and puts that person, and/or animal, into a state of defensive alert.

The most difficult challenge is that fear is contagious. Therefore, if fear surrounds you, it is easier to take it on than it is to remember to transmute that fear with Unconditional Love and the Violet Fire.

The Now for your transmutational return back to your Lightbody SELF is near. The “forces of darkness” are aware of this fact. Therefore, they are stepping up their “power over” others.

Our Starships have been watching over our “away team” to Earth, as well as all the humans and all the beings on Gaia’s Earth body. However, it is the NOW for ALL of humanity to realize that they are NOT alone.

We, your higher dimensional expressions of self, are watching over you, as well as working through you, to assist you to understand what is occurring on Gaia’s transmuting planet.

When you move into a new home, there will be some things that you will take with you. However, there are some things, situations, fears, and beliefs that you will NOT take with you as you “move into” your innate, Lightbody SELF.

As you know, the darkest night is just before dawn, and many of our away team to Earth, as well as many humans around your world, are moving through this dark night in search of the New Dawn.

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that this New Dawn is within your own higher dimensional expressions of SELF. Therefore, many higher dimensional beings will be connecting with, and talking through, their human “Earth Representatives.”

From our perspective in the higher dimensions, as well as from our perspective from the myriad, cloaked Starships that NOW surround Earth, we see a glorious awakening of Light forging its way through the lies and deceit of the darkness.

We can see NOW, especially in certain countries, that it appears that the darkness has taken over. However, it is the vision of that outer darkness that will assist you to look deep inside your SELF to find, and activate, your own Inner Light.

We also want you to know that you can call on us, your Galactic Family, to assist you. Since Gaia is a “free will” planet, we cannot assist Her members unless they use their free will to ask for assistance.

Of course, many of you ask for assistance while you are in your sleeping, night body. However, once you are awake to your 3D reality, you may not remember that experience. Some of you even ask your own Higher Self or you Future Self, for assistance. Since we see no separation or difference between your many octaves of SELF, we will quickly assist you to whatever degree that you can accept our assistance.

You may be confused by the above statement, but life in the third/fourth dimension can be very challenging, especially if there are fearful possibilities that you are facing. Because we know that many of you feel alone and frightened, we wish to remind you that we are here, watching over and protecting you!

In fact, we remind you to use your active intention to look up into the Skies and see that we are with you. First, we will begin by describing the term “active intention.” Then, we will describe the manner in which “an intention” and “Light Language” are the same.

Neither an intention, nor a Light Language message, can be viewed by your physical perception. However, both your intentions, as well as your Light Language, can be only sensed via your higher fourth and fifth dimensional perceptions.

In fact, both your intentions, as well as your Light Language, are quite visible to your fifth dimensional perceptions. However, neither intentions nor Light Language communicates via separate words, as they both project out their messages from the consciousness of “sharing” a mental picture and/or an emotional feeling.

If the receiver of your message is comfortable with the feel of that invisible message, they will be drawn toward the source of the message. On the other hand, if they are uncomfortable with the feel of the invisible message, they will withdraw away from the source of that message.

Humanity actually speaks and hears Light Language a thousand times a day, but you are not aware of that fact because Light language resonates to the frequency of fifth dimensional Gamma Waves.

Therefore, unless you are able to recognize, tune into and accept gamma waves into your consciousness, you will not be able to “CONSCIOUSLY” accept, read, interpret, or even be aware, of the Light Language, or even the Gamma Waves that delivered it.

On the other hand, you may be able to receive higher messages via your own higher states of consciousness, such as your fifth dimensional consciousness. With this form of communication, your body will “feel” something, but may not be able to translate the words with the message.

However, your body will easily be able to send your mind a picture, and/or an emotion, a memory or a bodily sensation. As you become familiar with your bodily sensations, you will eventually be able to recognize when your body is saying to you, “There is an incoming message from a higher dimensional source.”

Then, as you become “conscious” of your bodily sensations of “incoming messages from a higher dimension,” you will know when you are being called from the Higher Dimensions. If you respond to this call by documenting your incoming, higher dimensional message, your physical body will create an alignment with your thoughts.

Therefore, the sensation of your body that says, “incoming inter-dimensional message,” will instantly be sent to your brain to say, “document this message NOW or you will forget it.”

If you listen to your SELF and document these messages, your consciousness will come increasingly aligned with your higher dimensional hearing, thinking and seeing. It is in this manner that you can re-calibrate your perceptions to include fifth dimensional, gamma wave messages.

Once your perceptions are re-calibrated to include the conscious perception of fifth dimensional stimuli, your life will totally change. You will realize that you are NEVER alone, as your fifth dimensional (and beyond) family and friends are ALWAYS with you.

They/we are always with you because they/we resonate to the fifth dimensional NOW in which there is NO time. Therefore, you do not need to wait for the right time to connect with the Higher Dimensions, as they are always there and available for communications NOW!

In this manner, your “journey home” becomes conscious, and you never feel alone. You can ALWAYS call your fifth dimensional and beyond family and friends for comfort, guidance and information. One of the first things that you will realize is how much you have missed these frequent communications.

In the same manner, you may not realize how much you have missed a dear friend or family member until you greet them as they come off the plane. It is within the moment of reunion that you can fully realize how much you have missed your Galactic Family.

We, your Galactic Family remind you NOW that whenever you call out to us with your Heart and Mind, you will find that we are always there! In fact, you can also look up into the sky to see that, WE ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU.

Blessings, we your Galactic Family, are ALWAYS with you and are actively awaiting your remembrance of inter-dimensional communications. We say “conscious communications” because we have many wonderful communications, and even meetings, which your third dimensional consciousness cannot remember—YET.

Fortunately, we do not miss you as much as you may miss us because we can consciously remember EVERY communication that we have. Soon, you too will remember the higher dimensional conversations and frequent visits that we share with you, our dear friends who have volunteered to take an earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

Blessings from your Galactic Family

See you again soon!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:31 AM

Patience -Weekly Light Blast by Jamye Price


Blessed beings, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. The most important thing that this time of conscious awareness is teaching you, is how amazing you are. Your divine mechanism is vast. Your physical and subtle body is magnificent. You are coming into full awareness of the magnificence within you. You are beginning to see that every experience and challenge has positive potentials within.

When you experience internal growth you begin to shift your awareness and see how capable, brilliant and adaptable you already are. It is simple because life is simpler than it often seems. We know this experience is not always easy. We know feelings are strong and that physicality and challenges are not easy.

As your conscious awareness grows, you will begin to see broader patterns in things like politics and taxes. You will see positive potentials within fears and mundane challenges. You will see how they speak of what some people are feeling, and what you are transforming within. You will see the divinity in all experience and the patterns playing out with all involved. Your internal transformation brings new energy into old patterns.

This time is bringing into focus your ability to sense beyond the moment of the experience and the challenge, even loving a challenge until it becomes a resolution. Your biomechanism is geared towards love.


As you are utilizing more of your subtle energy, life will give you clues as to what is supporting you. It will give you clues about what is requiring change of direction and what is requiring patience. You are learning patience in great detail at this time.

Time is constantly moving. Things are constantly changing in the physical. Things that are changing in in the physical are changing more rapidly than they would have without your conscious awareness. It is your subtle focus and the momentum of energy that builds worlds. You are utilizing more of your subtle focus by thinking and feeling consciously. You are decreasing the time frame of physical manifestation.

Your manifestation is not instantaneous. It is not meant to be yet. But you will have moments where it is rapid. That is generally something that you are creating that there is not resistance to. And yet, what will create that most readily is patience.

Patience is peace in action. It is a very open and flowing state. As you are peaceful and in the present time frame, rather than being worried, life will flow more easily. As you are more and more peaceful, you are allowing life to support you. You are allowing and receiving it more.

Patience is a beautiful example of dealing with unconditionality and conditionality. In the physical realm, you have deadlines you must meet. Therefore, you must balance patience with action. When you are patient you are peaceful within.

At this point in time you cannot always track progress to know how much you have sped up or slowed something down. But when you are patient and peaceful, it doesn’t matter, because you are open and delighted with life. Whether it is a pleasant moment or not, you are flowing easily with it.

Patience is a great ally.

In the peaceful state of patience you are open to the flow of life. You receive it within and interact with it easily. As you find greater comfort with that, your energy field opens to the flow of information. Your energy field maintains its stamina and flow. Your choices come from your inspiration.


Learning patience is a fascinating experience because your experience is always about participation in life. One of the conditions of this reality is Time. Time is constantly moving. Therefore it is constantly moving within the conditions of this reality.

What patience does is it helps you to receive the subtle realms that are less affected by the conditions of time.

There are subtle experiences that have no time. You will have subtle experiences that slow or speed your perception of time in this reality.

Patience by Jamye Price

Patience is how you balance action and allowing. It is how you balance directing your energy and allowing your energy. Patience is how you discern your choices of interacting with life.

As you find a greater comfort level with knowing all is well, your energy field opens.

You are prepared, you are responding, you are adaptable and you are choosing. You recognize that something you may want now will be just as delightful in its own time frame. In that peaceful state you are open to life.

Adapting to life easily, interacting with it and responding to it is not just a passive state in this conditional reality. It still requires action, focus and some release. Then it becomes a natural foundation to you. Your interaction with life is peaceful because all is well.

Even the challenges have a potential to shift the flow of life. First within you, and at the appropriate time, within the physical reality around you. There are delights within all of it. This is an exciting time you are creating. We understand you don’t always get to see the subtle energy, but you are changing and creating it. At the perfect time you will see the new creation you are creating.

It is getting easier, and you are creating this ease. You have a support system that is invisible at this time, but it is here. Seek it out with your heart. Your feelings are taken in by Life. They are honored, embraced, changed and emanated out as resolution. The resolution is already formed, waiting for you to embrace it into physical form. At the perfect time, you will. It is natural to you. You are creating it.

You are creating a world that is becoming more interactive with you. A world in which it is easier for the children to maintain their love and empowerment. This will only grow. Embrace it, for it is changing. Delight in the small things and let them grow, because life is changing around you. Embrace it as it is changing, for that will allow the change to occur with much more ease. Your love, your passive force, embraces Life into a new foundation. You are creating a new Earth.


The Second Phase of Venus Energy by Venus Beings – Natalie Glasson



The Second Phase of Venus Energy

by Venus Beings

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 3rd February 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/

We, the Venus Beings, as one, come forth to share our essence and truth with you. We are always honoured to be in your presence and to recognise the truth your essence embodies. We are now bringing forth the second phase of the anchoring and integration of Venus energy with Mother Earth. In 2016, you, humanity and Mother Earth embodied, accepted and recognised a deepening presence of love within yourself and the world around you. Many of you worked with our energy because of your wish to exist within a reality of love and for all to experience the same. Your compassion for humanity and Mother Earth is immense, and why you are upon the Earth at this time to experience the Venus Ascension Shifts, as well as many other ascension activations which are taking place constantly due to the acceleration of vibration of all. Your natural ability to be compassionate to those around you, your wish to help and be of service at an energetic or physical level means that your heart chakra is constantly opening, you are a conduit of light and love as well as holding the skills to support the ascension of others upon the Earth. You have so many skills and abilities which to you seem unimportant or are so much a natural aspect of your being that you do not even recognise their value. We, the Venus Beings, wish to share with you that all that you are in this moment is more than enough to assist you in being of service and supporting the ascension of the Earth and humanity. Many believe they must have fantastical spiritual skills to be of service to the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes. The truth is that you already do, it is simply that at this moment you are reluctant to recognise how well equipped you are for your journey upon the Earth.

Compassion Is Your Power

During the second phase of the energies of Venus anchoring into the Earth and humanity, there may be many areas that we will encourage you to focus upon to support your alignment with the energies grounding and being created. At this time we wish to encourage you to explore and contemplate the natural, already present and fascinating aspects of your being. While many souls upon the Earth may require your guidance, support or assistance, we know you will share what is needed as guided, however, bring your focus back to yourself because essentially everything begins with you. It is time to recognise your compassionate nature, to recognise that you do have a natural willingness to support others whether they are people, animals, nature or other aspects of Mother Earth. The more you access, recognise, acknowledge and honour this aspect of yourself, recognising compassion as your super pow er, the more you will discover the power of your compassion. Realising how open and expansive your heart chakra is, how much love you have to give and that your love powerfully impacts the realities of others. This is a very important realisation because it returns you to your power and aligns you to the Universe of the Creator. Thus you expand into the magnificent being that you naturally are. Compassion and the energy you exude becomes your power, strength and tool to support others and yourself.

Explore Your Amazing Qualities

Compassion can only be shared from a space of strength when you are focusing upon yourself or within your being. A person is unable to be compassionate at an advanced level if they do not realise and recognise their own truth first, as well as the abundance they have to give. When you gaze within your being with a willingness to recognise your truth you reveal to yourself your natural amazing abilities. Skills that you may have taken for granted as your personality because they have been present since childhood. It is now time to recognise who you truly are and what you have to give and share with others from within you. We, the Venus Beings, do not mean to recognise who you are as a spiritual being, such as where you are from, your soul group or even the name of your soul. We wish for you to discover who you are right now in this present moment of your life, what you have to give and the natural abilities you hold. We wish for you to realise in a humble and self-loving way how amazing you are and that you are already fully equipped at this moment to be of service in the most magical and wonderful way, that is unique and personal to you. When you are willing to recognise your gifts and that you are a unique gift to the Earth, as is every being, then you will access your inner power, will work in harmony with the Creator and further explore the depths of your abundant light with ease and perfection. In truth, the accelerated ascension you wish to achieve spiritually would manifest instantly.

Here are examples of the gifts and skills you may possess: to make other’s feel at ease, see beyond problems and how they can be resolved, promote happiness, be a calming influence, exude joy, kindness, inspire, be creative, awaken spiritual senses, heal, comfort and so forth.

With the task and focus we are pointing you to, we, the Venus Beings, know you will learn to awaken your natural capacity for self-love, which is love for the Creator within and all the ways that the Creator manifests, without any form of judgment or expectations of how the Creator should be. Your deep self-love will become your power, strength and core centre, as it is already, however, you will be able to truly recognise, experience and know this. Gradually exploring and understanding the amazing qualities and gifts you hold will allow you to accept your inner power, the presence of love and the power or impact of true Creator love which exists naturally within your being. These are the key focus points and purposes for the Venus second phase of anchoring into the Earth. While to accept your inner power, to accept love and the power of love seems in one light simple and in another c hallenging, a greater embodiment of love will be experienced within by all. The two areas we have spoken about, exercising your compassion and discovering whom you are in this moment of embodiment, meaning the beautiful qualities and skills you may share without doubting yourself will encourage you to realise your inner power, love and the power of love.

Trust In The Presence Of Love

There are many levels that guide you to embodiment of love, the love of the Creator. You are already an embodiment of love there is simply a need for you to recognise this. Your love is an immense, abundant, completely awesome, wise and powerful source of energy within you which is aligned with every aspect of the Universe of the Creator and the Creator. Each experience of self-realisation you encourage and accept, the more you begin to realise the power within you. With recognition of the power within you comes the need to explore and recognise how this power or love can assist you, your reality, humanity and the Earth in the most wonderful, inspiring and truth awakening way. You are at a stage of love embodiment where you already recognise that love exists within you, now is the time to truly realise that love is your ultimate power and can influence the reality you experience in ma jor ways. It is now time for you to explore how the powerful love within you can assist your reality, support others and aid the Earth’s greater embodiment of love. You may realise that we are inviting you to TRUST in the power of love within you and the magical way it can create beauty, abundance and all you require in your life.

To TRUST in the presence of love within you is the ultimate aim for the second phase of Venus energy anchoring.

‘I TRUST in the presence of love within me now.’

Allow this simple affirmation to become your meditation as you repeat it silently focusing upon your higher heart chakra above your heart chakra at your chest area. Let this simple affirmation be a central focus to which you return to often as a familiar remembrance and acknowledgement that brings you back to your truth and alignment. The meditation only needs to be experienced for a few minutes or until you engage with the presence of love within you. It can act as an experience of and alignment to yourself and our energies, the Venus Beings. Please call upon us to be present with you each time you experience this meditation as we will also download codes, templates and wisdom of our love into your being and awareness.

When you trust in the presence of love within you, how it is powerful and can align your reality, so experiences of love manifest, you are allowing yourself to be in the flow of the divine Creator, to receive guidance and support, to co-create with the Creator and to know that you are constantly and absolutely supported by the Creator. It is as if you are carried forth, supported, secure, safe, your needs met and your experiences blissful. This is what we wish for you. It is nothing new, simply your natural existence which we wish to remind you of so you may experience your powerful harmony with the Creator.

In eternal love and trust,

The Venus Beings

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