Peace at Last – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Dancing Water Lily by Donna Nostadt Miller


Peace at Last

Peaceful LotusIโ€™ve reached a new plateau and I donโ€™t know how to describe it.

Itโ€™s peace. That much is certain. But how did I get here and will it last?

The originating event was sitting at my desk looking out over this now snow-blanketted landscape.

I felt such peace. I saw that I had no memories of violence associated with this area, nothing but the very best of memories.

More specifically, the memories go all the way back to the beginning. Iโ€™m able to tap into a not-often-consulted bank of peaceful and happy memories going back to a time before the nastiness began, when innocence reigned and happiness existed.

You can bet I drove a solid golden spike into the ground right at that place and, for a second go-round, (1) pushed the intervening time of family upheaval into outer space.

And it worked.

I anticipate asking Michael about this in my next reading and hearing him say, as he did the last time, that they saw that I meant business and therefore aided my efforts.


I now understand what Werner meant when he said โ€œcome from peace.โ€

Feeling peace now, and feeling a complete absence of issues related to family violence, I can โ€œcome from peaceโ€ 0ut into my interactions with others. Before there was no peace to come from. At most Iโ€™d have been faking it till I made it.

But thereโ€™s no need to fake this. Peace exists. And my experience of becoming aware of it was just as I thought: It lay underneath all the issues of the mind โ€“ the vasanas, conditioning, looks, gestures, rackets, numbers and other instances of โ€œaberrant behavior,โ€ as Michael called it.

Werner Erhard was surely looking behind the dimensional curtain. Everything he described correlates with the higher dimensions.


โ€œNow keep the peace,โ€ I hear, in my inner ear.

Yes, once the peace has been attained, for heavenโ€™s sake, donโ€™t do anything further to jeopardize it again.

Stillness, peace, and bliss are roommates. They go together.

If I have one, sooner rather than later I have the others.

So, yes. Keep the peace. Aye aye, Captain.


(1) For the first time, see โ€œSystem Restoreโ€ at