Final Positioning – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Bird of Paradise


Final Positioning

Having seen the impact on me of landing in this ideal location, I can now understand a little better why our sources would say that people are getting into final position for all that comes later.

I look at myself and I feel ready now. There’s nothing outstanding, nothing left to do.

I don’t expect things to break for a little while longer yet. I think they’re giving the Donald time to close down a few cabal nests first.

I notice as well that this final positioning, once I decided that I needed to move, happened within twenty-four hours – to the best of my recollection. So it wasn’t a hardship from that angle.

In fact it was what we’d ordinarily think of as miraculous, but working with the celestials always looks and sounds miraculous. It probably doesn’t from their angle but it does from ours.

In my last reading, Michael said I was to consider what’s next for me as a triflame. It was his comments here on bliss that surprised me the most.

AAM: Think of it as a tri-flame: New behaviours, handling the stressors and being in the bliss.

So when you are in the bliss what happens is – and it is a key element, my brother – that  the stressors, as you well know, and the new behaviours, simply flow.

Steve: Yes, I do. (1)

Dilemmas dissolve becoming not problems but situations.

AAM: Now you have had a lot of physical-practicality things that have prevented you from having the time and the spaciousness, the feeling that you can take that time to really be in the bliss but it is absolutely necessary, my brother. So make the time. (2)

I think of a blissed-out person as one who is acting in a socially-irresponsible manner. All of us are struggling and this one is sitting there in ecstasy, etc. So I have a hard time making time for bliss.

But I know he’s right in that bliss is the doorway to the kingdom and the space of the kingdom. Cultivating bliss, helping others to find it, when one is working for Ascension, can at times be job one.

My meditation, which I now do as often as possible rather than at a scheduled time, is to draw up bliss on the inbreath from the artesian well of the heart and send it out to the world on the outbreath.

I don’t expect that seeing the fruits of this practice will take the amount of time it did in the old, dense Third. And I also believe that the divine co-creative partnership will work here to speed up and multiply results.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2017.

(2) Loc. cit-

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Finding the Calm in the Midst of Chaos @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Finding the Calm in the Midst of Chaos–Galactic Family through Sue Lie

1- 11-17

Finding the Calm in the Midst of Chaos

You Galactic Family through Suzanne Lie

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Please remember that chaos always precedes change, as you must dis-articulate the third-dimensional matrix that allows the chaos to attach to the consciousness of those still trapped in the 3D matrix.

The United States, which was meant to be the flash point of planetary ascension, is now in great chaos. Within that chaos, those who seek power over others move forward to have their last stand against the oncoming Light that only those who have found their own Power Within will discover.

The Power Over Others is battling those who live by their own power within.Power Over Others has no spiritual support, as it goes against Gaia’s innate fifth-dimensional consciousness. Those who live by Power Within are free of the 3D matrix, and in the ongoing process of their consciousness merging with their fifth-dimensional and multi-dimensional SELF.

On the other hand, the Power Over Others can only merge with the 3D matrix and the Lower Astral Plane. The 3D Matrix and the lower, fourth-dimensional Astral Plane are only connected to Gaia via the 3D Matrix. This 3D Matrix was constructed to stabilize Gaia after the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis nearly caused Her to fall off Her planetary axis.

This 3D Matrix served to assist Gaia’s healing in the same manner that a cast on a human’s broken arm assists with the healing of that arm. However, if a human breaks their arm and wears their cast long after their arm is healed, it would greatly endanger the future health of that arm.

In the same manner, Gaia’s body has been healed enough that She no longer needs that 3D matrix to “catch her” before she falls off of her assigned position of orbit around the Sol, the Sun.

Due to the wonderful assistance that Gaia has received from her sister planet Venus, as well as her Galactic Family of the Council of the Pleiadians, Sirians and the Arcturians, Gaia is healed enough now to release her 3D matrix and to return to the frequency of her fifth dimensional Planetary Self.

However the Power Over Others Illuminati, who were largely responsible for Gaia’s initial injury, are fighting to retain the 3D matrix. They know that Gaia’s innate fifth-dimensional frequency is too high for them to maintain their attachment to and power over Gaia’s third-dimensional version of reality.

Because those who live by Power Over Others can only adhere to Gaia’s Third and Lower Astral Plane, they are spewing fear and power over others into the third-dimensional matrix, which is the only area of Gaia that they can control.

Meanwhile, despite the efforts of the dark ones, or you could call them the lost ones, it is the now for the expansion for Gaia’s frequency rate to increase into the resonance of the fifth-dimension. We will now take a moment to share with you what we mean by “the resonance of the fifth-dimension.”

Each dimension of Gaia has an innate oscillation of protons around electrons – male outflow energy around female inflow energy. The third dimensional matrix created an energy field around Gaia so that the photons could slow down to dampen Gaia’s fall from her innate multi-dimensional matrix into her third-dimensional matrix.

In this manner the third-dimensional matrix served as a “frequency net” so that Gaia would not fall into any frequency lower than the third-dimension. However, Gaia’s “fall” disconnected Her planetary connection to Her innate multidimensional planetary self.

As Gaia’s frequency became lower and lower, many of Her fifth-dimensional portals closed, as they could not function in such a low resonance. These portals were very important, because it was through these portals that the full force of multidimensional light could enter Her planet to rejuvenate Gaia.

Fortunately, many members of Gaia’s Galactic family began taking incarnations as humans on her planet with the intention of opening Gaia’s innate fifth-dimensional portals. These fifth-dimensional portals were vital because they allowed a constant flow of Multidimensional Light to flow directly into Gaia’s core crystals.

It was important for the multidimensional flow of Light to move directly into Gaia’s core crystals, for if the higher Light had gone directly into Gaia’ 3D matrix, which served as a cast for her wounded planetary body, she would not be able to digest and assimilate the higher frequencies of light.

If a human had a cast on their arm for a long time, that arm would not be able to carry the weight of holding and carrying heavy objects. Also, the neuropath ways that went through the wounded arm and into the hand would need to be rehabilitated before that hand could assume its former tasks.

In order for Gaia to return to Her innate, fifth dimensional and beyond Planetary SELF, She needed all of the time since Her near fall off of Her axis during the destruction of Atlantis, to fully heal Her Planetary Self.

The forces of darkness are aware of this fact. They are also aware that they cannot resonate to the fifth-dimension. Therefore, they are doing all they can to spread fear. What they do not realize is that, in certain areas of Her planet, Gaia has already moved into Her fourth dimensional and beyond Planetary Self.

Therefore, the forces of darkness must remain on the 3D matrix, as they cannot tolerate the fifth-dimensional Light. The resonance of the fifth dimension makes the dark one’s minds work too fast and their hearts beat too fast.

When this occurs, their thinking becomes erratic and their emotions become so fearful that they begin to fall out of alignment with even the third-dimensional matrix to which their resonance has trapped them.

Hence, they are stuck in the third-dimension because their minds cannot understand of the fifth-dimension, and their emotions cannot tolerate the frequency of Unconditional Love.

We realize that, to many of you on Earth, it appears as though the darkness is in control. However, since, what one cannot perceive, one cannot experience, these dark ones have come to the very end of their perceptual abilities.

Because their choice to live via “Power Over Others,” they are unable to perceive the fifth dimensional reality that many of our Awakening Ones are enjoying. Furthermore, since one cannot consciously experience what they cannot perceive, the Dark Ones are not aware that a higher dimensional reality exists just beyond their perceptions.

On the other hand, the Ascending ones are now regaining their innate inner power that had become muffled by the fear of what has been spewed out into their reality.

In California, Gaia has suffered a long drought. But now, California has recovered and what has died or turned yellow has now been reborn and returned to that which is a verdant, green.

What Gaia is saying to humanity by this deep healing of Her land is that no matter how difficult it gets, just enough water, “emotional support” and clear sky, “loving thinking,” can turn a negative situation to a positive situation which is filled with new life.

You, the Ascending members of Gaia, are beings of Unconditional Love for your dear planet as well as within your own Unity Consciousness. You are also aware of your intimate relationship with the Violet Fire to unconditionally love and transmute the darkness to New Dawn.

Often, it is much easier to be angry of and afraid at the darkness. However, you have the multidimensional ability to heal the darkness with your own Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

On the other hand the, the darkness has already lost their battle to take Earth because she, Gaia, is shedding her former need for her third dimensional matrix to return to Her innate, multidimensional planetary self.

We know you will join her as we can see your ever-expanding Light. When you share your expanding Light with beloved Gaia – the planet on whom you have chosen to take this embodiment, your innate Unconditional Love and Violet Fire will greatly assist Gaia with her planetary Ascension.

We, your Galactic Family thank you for all that you are doing for your planetary Mother. We, the collective of ALL your higher dimensional selves, are assisting ALL of our grounded ones, who have expanded our essence from our Starships, our Home World, and our myriad higher-dimensional realities to assist YOU, the members of Gaia.

We send our blessings and our assistance. All we ask is that you call us, and we will be there, as we already are with you. After all, how could not leave you because:

WE are YOU in a higher frequency of reality.

Blessings from your Galactic Family and

We thank you for all that you are doing for your Planetary Mother.

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Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:19 AM

Fully Soul-Aligned Realities: Spirit(ual) Maturation – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Lotus Flower – by Divine Light Angels @ Deviant Art


Fully Soul-Aligned Realities: Spirit(ual) Maturation


As each comes to fill with higher consciousness love, as their higher heart opens to the purity and bliss of “all of this”, the feelings forgotten are returned and we become that magical wide-eyed child full of wonder again. This is part of our re-birth process, where we realize that we no longer desire the human reality here. Yet this too is just part of the process, as from that point forward, our entire reality must be reviewed, scrutinized if you will, observed through “the Looking Glass” and re-aligned in accordance with a whole new existence here.

What comes “after” is the realization that things were not as they seemed. That what we “thought” was the opposite and so far from the truth and other than “just knowing”, we didn’t have a clue. As each truly experiences and sees, then the journey begins. Then Source activates inside and your Creator Aspect is also birthed from within. There is a maturation process for each “new” higher self aspect that occurs. First the activation, the feeling the energy inside and the “visions” that come with it to challenge your human in every capacity that there is… for this is part of the process as well.

This MATURATION PROCESS will occur over every moment from this point on. Your growing up as a higher self and learning to observe and deal with your human, in various appropriate ways, with you as the parent/governing body over your SELVES, for you have many and teeter-tottering between them is a balancing act within itself.

You will have to LEARN how to conduct yourselves, how to deal with all as your highest self aspect here, how to speak/communicate, how to interact all over again, how to function in a physical reality and how to align it yourself. This is a part of God Consciousness, where you become the Source/Creator of all, where your reality is your RESPONSIBILITY and everything that happens in it is too. Every inter/inner-action, every exchange, every everything… all yours and your MASTERY will determine which aspect you are/allow in your own physical reality world.

Physical realities are a CREATION and it too is a culmination of all that you ARE. If you are human, then you will experience a human reality to transcend this human’ness yourself. If you are standing fully in your own Power, AS PURE LOVE, then realities don’t go sideways anymore. You see, you do/deal, all from inside of you. You will come to REQUIRE that all in your reality step up and hold themselves to higher standards (highest self over human) if you are to experience realities that are not one-sided, conflicted, out of balance and distorted like the old unconscious ones were. You will become the RESPONSIBLE ONE and stop pointing the finger at others to do this, you will stop waiting for others to dictate, yet you will be present to see which DIMENSION ASPECT IS PRESENT and you will act accordingly AS YOUR HIGHEST ASPECT YOU…..

Humans do not realize they are human, they do not realize they are unconscious and coming from that unconscious place (their head). Some are stubborn, resistant and have to work through a lot of energy within themselves before they are ready to shift into a timeline without the old unconscious programs still. Your job is to BE the FULLY CONSCIOUS ONE at ALL TIMES….

This is a MATURATION PROCESS where all EVOLVE AS LIGHT… when the Divine Masculine activates within you, then you must step into your own power from within and LEARN HOW TO MANAGE every reality from a very different place than before.

You do not WALK FULLY IN HEAVEN ON EARTH without being fully responsible here, without giving the GIFT OF RESPONSIBILITY BACK to all others so that they can learn/understand/remember and have to do this themselves too and taking full responsibility for what you think, say, transmit, do.

Your entire physical reality is yours. You created all of this. This is a process of un-creating and re-creating in alignment with your own highest expressions and MAINTAINING THIS at all times from within you and YOU not GOING BACK to your human’ness anymore. You will become your highest selves in physical form, all of them, yet there is a process of re-INTEGRATION, a process of activating them, communicating with them, listening to their guidance and your DOING what they show you how everything works. This will challenge every little particle of your human, especially the FULL SURRENDER for “them” to move into your body and take over, if you will… They ARE YOU… this is what EMBODIMENT IS. It’s also YOU HOLDING THE ABSOLUTE HIGHEST EVERYTHING ALL OF THE TIME and not going back to what seems easy, giving in, re-acting from emotions, taking things personal, getting caught up in things…. you have to govern yourself, manage yourself and then you have to DO the whole PHYSICAL REALITY too…..

WE have moved into EXQUISITE SUPER HIGH VIBRATIONS that are beyond anything we had access to before. This is going to challenge human aspects/human physical bodies, as this is HOW THE PROCESS WORKS.

WE are here to BE NEW EARTH, to bring the physical reality into alignments through our highest existence by anchoring ALL OF THIS HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL LIGHT and encodements into our physical body structures, using our awesome REMEMBERED capabilities, gifts, knowledge TO FORM our HIGHEST Civilizations IN PHYSICAL FORM HERE.

Those of us who have access to all of this are sharing, are creating those spaces, holding them in place, uniting and making it happen through our own PURE existence here. We share for all of us, we open up the opportUNITY for all to do this too. The difference is that we don’t wait for others to do this, WE HOLD REALITIES IN PLACE and as all are ready, they come forth, they step-up and they are ready on their own….. this is how all works. YOU BE the FOUNDATION, the WayShower, the ONE that IS LOVE, IS POWER, IS KNOWLEDGE and you figure out what your own roles are here. You start to step-up fully, you get on board, you contribute, play your part… and you will “arrive” in realities where this already exists too. Focus on your overall vibration first… then MOVE from there.

WE ARE ALREADY HERE….. This is a total re-creation from within. This is full alchemy, fully everything returned, by opening up, allowing, embracing and seeing your own limits, your own separation, your own everything and transcending all of this yourself from within.

The re-gridding we recently went through, the new access that has opened up for each, the “new assignments” have been released. I still have to write-up the information, as it’s vast within itself, as is all. Each will experience reality exactly as they transmit out. We are jumping timelines huge now, daily and the magnificence and power that these bring is beyond. Yet no one gets access until they get over their own stuff, no one is granted access as long as the little self is still involved, no one receives fully until they fully step up and are fulfilling those roles as humans/purposes as souls and missions as Galactics….. yet, access has been granted to each who are DOING THE WORK inside and out simultaneously and fully stepping up and into their highest vibrational existence here.

Your inner world is for you to master, your outer world is too. Stepping into full POWER AGAIN, means you doing everything from inside first and observing the outside to see where you are not standing as your PURE YOU, FULLY EMPOWERED AS LOVE, SOURCE, CREATOR all of the time.

Sleep where called so that your physical body can upgrade in photonic light, so that you can become a GridKeeper/Gatekeeper here, so that you can anchor these higher realities now. When you awaken and your body/brain starts to come on-line again, when you have energy, then focus this intentionally, productively on what’s truly important now. Let the little things go. What used to matter won’t matter anymore. What truly matters will become visible as you start to SEE from the inside out and as you connect with the Gridwork of NEW Earth with your whole everything. Your existence is changing for you as you come to exist in much higher vibrational timelines now. ♦

Love from me to you. More soon. I’ve got work-work to do (every day). It doesn’t slow down, it just changes….. We raise our vibration to handle more, do more, be more, bring forth more, share more and are supported in every way as we do. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼