Final Positioning – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Bird of Paradise


Final Positioning

Having seen the impact on me of landing in this ideal location, I can now understand a little better why our sources would say that people are getting into final position for all that comes later.

I look at myself and I feel ready now. There’s nothing outstanding, nothing left to do.

I don’t expect things to break for a little while longer yet. I think they’re giving the Donald time to close down a few cabal nests first.

I notice as well that this final positioning, once I decided that I needed to move, happened within twenty-four hours – to the best of my recollection. So it wasn’t a hardship from that angle.

In fact it was what we’d ordinarily think of as miraculous, but working with the celestials always looks and sounds miraculous. It probably doesn’t from their angle but it does from ours.

In my last reading, Michael said I was to consider what’s next for me as a triflame. It was his comments here on bliss that surprised me the most.

AAM: Think of it as a tri-flame: New behaviours, handling the stressors and being in the bliss.

So when you are in the bliss what happens is – and it is a key element, my brother – that  the stressors, as you well know, and the new behaviours, simply flow.

Steve: Yes, I do. (1)

Dilemmas dissolve becoming not problems but situations.

AAM: Now you have had a lot of physical-practicality things that have prevented you from having the time and the spaciousness, the feeling that you can take that time to really be in the bliss but it is absolutely necessary, my brother. So make the time. (2)

I think of a blissed-out person as one who is acting in a socially-irresponsible manner. All of us are struggling and this one is sitting there in ecstasy, etc. So I have a hard time making time for bliss.

But I know he’s right in that bliss is the doorway to the kingdom and the space of the kingdom. Cultivating bliss, helping others to find it, when one is working for Ascension, can at times be job one.

My meditation, which I now do as often as possible rather than at a scheduled time, is to draw up bliss on the inbreath from the artesian well of the heart and send it out to the world on the outbreath.

I don’t expect that seeing the fruits of this practice will take the amount of time it did in the old, dense Third. And I also believe that the divine co-creative partnership will work here to speed up and multiply results.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2017.

(2) Loc. cit-

(See Steve’s photo on original Link below)


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