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Archangel Michael on the Divine Co-Creative Partnership – Part 1/2

In this two-part series, I’d like to delve deeper into the divine co-creative partnership, since all lightworkers will sooner or later be involved in co-creating with the celestials, just as I apparently am doing.

Let’s start by looking at what Michael has said about the co-creative process. In Aug. 2015, he stressed with me the importance of co-creation, calling it “a very key ingredient … of [building] Nova Earth.” (1)

If we still have our vasanas intact when abundance comes, the effort to build Nova Earth together could implode, he suggested in 2013.

“You would have people breaking down.  You would have systems breaking down.  Systems of communication.  The new realm is based on the ability to deal with and create change – to co-create Nova Earth and come from a place of love. …

“Love, the true anchoring of it, when you have been in a world that has been highly abusive, where many are still frightened, to express [oneself honestly] is a courageous, courageous act.  And it is not always popular, but it is necessary.” (2)

The way we’ll work together as lightworkers will resemble the way the celestials work with each other, he told me: “Last night, I spoke with your dear friend Stephen Cook. And I spoke to him about our family and how the archangels work together. That is how you will work together.” (3)

The way it needs to proceed, he told me, was that “you make suggestions. … But suggestions are not commands. So bring forth your suggestions in a collaborative way that you are prepared to hear ‘no’ to and let go.” (4)

In Aug. of 2014 he told me that co-creative abilities were being activated and why they were happy about that.

“What is … occurring … is the activation of your deeper talents and co-creative abilities which we are dying for you to activate because as soon as [they are] activated, you can see us, you can feel us, you can co-create with us and we are off to the races.” (5)

Later that same year, he told me that “it is time for a variety of people … to be stepping up, assuming greater responsibilities, fuller roles, and be co-creating, not merely the platform, but Nova Earth.”  (6)

In Aug. 2015 he had a reading with Hope Chest President Karen Wilson and gave her these suggestions:

“What is happening is that … there is still a human hesitancy about taking the quantum leap.

“What [people] are doing is they are thinking about bringing forth this creation, which is a co-creation in every sense of the word; then they are trying to translate it into the old paradigms, into their old framework of deservingness and lack, rather than jumping forward and creating the new.

“Now, seldom would I ever suggest this to the masses but I do suggest this to you and to those that you entrust with this.

“Those hesitant beings that are afraid to leap the Grand Canyon, give them a little nudge. Not pushing them off the cliff but perhaps a hand on the shoulder, a hand on the back and a little nudge. That is how close you are.” (7)

A year later he was discussing us entering our “creative phase.”

“You are moving into the phase of creation, into moving from the understanding of what it means to be in your transformative love, in ascension, in unity consciousness, etc., etc., etc., into leadership, into stewardship, into the co-creation with us and with human beings, the collective, the practicality of bringing into form what has been discussed for eons.

“We have turned to you, and I mean you, my beloved friend and brother, and you collectively, and asked you to bring your talents, your hearts, your resources, everything you have to creation and so this greater understanding of ‘keep going’ – because your tangible creation is your writing, is our writing.

“But you will find yourself talking more about what action looks like and what creation looks like and how it demonstrates into physical form, into what people think of as the physical realm, which is not the old Third but is a manifestation into physicality.” (8)

I said earlier that the Archangel were working with us as a parent would with a child on a tricycle. In 2013, he used the image of training wheels to describe how the Archangels are working with us, developing our creative abilities:

“We could never, in financial or any terms, pay you enough for your service.  The zeros would be to infinity.  But there is this sense also:  Well I am doing the work and if I am worthy, why are you not supporting me?

But underneath that is also a feeling and belief that you are not being supported.  So it is, yes, dig deeper.  It is also more letting go.  But it is also embracing the fact that it will be there.  And I may not know exactly how or why or the mechanics and perhaps I do not need to.  But it will be there because I am part of infinite creation.  And that is the paradigm and the energy that you hold.

You do it beautifully in your writing, in your work, in the platform that we have built.

“And when you hold that, it communicates effortlessly like the flow of water over stone to everyone you encounter personally and otherwise.” (9)

When a small sum of money came in for the team, he reminded me that co-creating small sums was no different than co-creating large sums.

“You say to me: but Michael, but Lord, if I am to hold that energy, what do I do when the money isn’t there?  And I do not want to live in an illusion where I am being foolhardy in pretending that the money is going to be there when it isn’t on the table.

We are helping you to co-create in full partnership in ways that perhaps you haven’t thought of before.  And you have laughed with the channel and you have said:  Oh, but this was little sums of money.  But what I say to you is that it does not matter if it is little sums or millions and millions of dollars.

The effort, the energy, the sharing, the sense of community and being your brother’s keeper – that is the energy.  That is what you are doing.

“So you are working your training wheels with the little bits of money so that you are ready for the millions.” (10)

As the energies rise and our powers increase, the celestials are training us to use them for the highest good of the planet.

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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Art : Josephine Wall