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Art of Ancient India – unknown source


Us and the Ancients

Zen LessonsI’m sorting out my books after unpacking – I have no Internet yet  –  (1)  when my eyes fell on Zen Lessons: The Art of Leadership. In it I read Master Yuantong’s description of a noble man:

“This man is true to the middle way, not biased or dependent. Whether active or at rest, he is noble and dignified. Furthermore, in his study of the Way [the Tao] his actions are correct, and his words are simple yet logically complete. Whenever people have endowments like this, seldom do they fail to become vessels of enlightenment.” (2)

What difference does it make to say it this way in the Tenth Century or to say it the way we do today?

I went to write out how we might say it today and discovered that I couldn’t improve a word of it. He said it perfectly.

And all of us, I assert, by the impact of the cleansing energies being sent our way at present are also evolving into noble and dignified men and women. We really are. Slowly and gradually.

Picture this. We’ve all cleansed ourselves of our core issues over so many years, while being bathed in various, very powerful energies. (3)

We’re achieving a degree of balance, what Yuantong calls “the middle way”: The avoidance of extremes, dispassion, the senses quietening down, the mind becoming still.

We’re seeing our own self-servingness (our biases) and simply acknowledging it.  Can I run my self-serving story by you one more time? Please? Good for a laugh.

And we’re no longer clinging (dependent). We all got it. Death is not the end. Most of us are angels and we’ll go back to that realm once we’re done here.

The celestials whom we serve are looking after us, if we’ll only ask.

And just through the passage of time in this evolving environment we’re part of, we’ll ascend. The tipping point was passed long ago. Everyone in their seats is on for the ride.

Therefore, there’s no reason to fear. There’s no reason to cling.

We’re taking a slow and gradual elevator to heaven. “Heaven” in early-Christian literature referred to the Fifth Dimension.

Our bodies are changing from carbon to crystal. A dozen strands of DNA are coming online.

Our telepathic and other powers will be returning at some point. Our memory of who we are will come back.

Our environment will respond malleably to our thoughts and wishes. We’ll create what we need by thinking it into existence. There’ll be no use for money and we’ll only eat as a social pastime.

Having entered “heaven” or the Fifth Dimension, we need no longer go back to the Third. If we were discussing the matter fifty years ago, I might say, having achieved mukti or liberation, we no longer need to be reborn into the physical world.  Same thing.

The culmination of our Ascension is a stage of enlightenment that Ramana Maharshi calls “Sahaja Samadhi,” our natural state. Once a sage has reached that state, he is not reborn into this world.

He called it Sahaja. We call it Ascension.  Again, same thing.

The chance to ascend at the end of a round of yugas or ages is well known. The Bible called it the Rapture, Salvation, being made a pillar in the temple and going no more out.

There’s much that’s the same between our accounts and the ancients’ and much that’s different.

But the fundamental truth that everyone is looking at never changes and is the same for everyone. (4)


(1) I’m a few days behind in scheduling, as you can see.

(2) “A Vessel of Enlightenment” in Thomas Cleary, Trans., Zen Lessons. The Art of Leadership. Boston: Shmaballa, 1989, 3.

(3) Some of these come directly from the Mother (the Tsunami of Love and the Tsunami of One) and some of them are added by higher-dimensional and intergalactic civilizations (Porlana C, of instance). Some exist in nature awaiting this time to do their work (the photon belt or gamma rays, for instance).

So we’ve been bathing in rosewater while having our insides miraculously renewed. The renewal takes the form of raising the emotional floor every time we go through a wave of energy.

(4) We might do well to favour that which never changes.


Art of Ancient India – unknown source

Archangel Michael on the Divine Co-Creative Partnership – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia



Archangel Michael on the Divine Co-Creative Partnership – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1.)

He went on to make the interesting assertion that I was learning “the conversion factors”:

AAM: You are learning the conversion factors.

SB:  What does that mean Lord – the conversion factors?

AAM: Of energy into whatever you wish.  You already know it, because you convert pure air into energy, into thought, into inspiration, into these funny little letters on a computer screen called writing.  That is the conversion factor.  Now you are learning it about money. (1)

There were areas I was not to go into. Co-creating did not mean battling with others who hold viewpoints I don’t share, he told me in 2011.

“We are not asking you to be in the fray. This is important that you understand.

“Because the fray is not where the truth will lie. So, yes, there will be controversy the same way there is controversy whenever there is something unique and new introduced into the realm of human conscious experience.

“But we don’t want you to be front and center in the controversy or the fray. We want you to be that voice of reason, of balance, and of clarity.

“That is exactly why you were chosen for this role. There are many, and I observe them as do many of us, who want to jump on their horse. And what happens when you are doing that, not that there is not need at times for defenders of various positions and rights, but what it often is it creates a continuity of the duality. It is a continuity of the old. And what is not what we are co-creating with you. It is a very different paradigm.” (12)

What prevents us from taking up the celestials’ invitation to co-creative partnership? AAM says it’s the fear of failing, being ridiculed, rejected, etc. (2)

AAM: You are at a point in human evolution, planetary evolution where everything is in alignment. Now what does that mean? It means a sacred, divine, eternal, infinite moment which translates in human form not as what you really call a moment, what we would refer to as several months, where humanity can fully transform but not by clinging and saying,

“I won’t step forward any further because I am too afraid, I’m too angry, I am afraid of looking like a fool.” That is a very big core issue for many, looking foolish.

S: Being conned, looking foolish and being rejected

AAM: Being abandoned, being betrayed, being conned, stepping out and believing that they were part of something big only to find out that they are alone, abandoned and isolated, separated from Source. So many are not taking the step and if the light-workers don’t take the step then who does?

We are reaching down, your Star Brothers and Sisters are reaching down, as far as we can [consistent with the universal law of free will]. That’s why we wish you could see the unseen as it were. We are inches away from one another. All we can say and what the ascended masters have been working on, what you would think of as night and day, “Is please don’t quit!”  (3)

Thus working co-creatively with the celestials is a key ingredient in building Nova Earth. Working that way is working in the same way the celestials work with each other.

Many are hesitant to engage with the Archangels for fear of being ridiculed or rejected. But if lightworkers don’t take up the invitation and challenge, the attempt to build a new world will collapse.  We are a vital part of this process because the Divine Plan says that only incarnated beings can make decisions for the wellbeing of Earth.

We need not only to keep going, but to assume greater and greater responsibilities, leaving our core issues, fears, and hesitancy behind.

This then is the process of co-creative partnership a Michael outlines it.


(1) Ibid., April 26, 2011.

(2) I can vouch for that. Even introducing the topic of divine co-creative partnership was confronting for me. Who am I to be writing this, I said to myself? What do I know about it? Am I not being arrogant and self-important?

(13) Ibid., Aug. 1, 2014.