Rising in Authenticity, Power and Sovereignty – Kara Schallock



Rising in Authenticity, Power and Sovereignty21-Feb-2017

We are in a very powerful period. What hasn’t been released or shifted will be and this all leads up to the Equinox next month. There most likely have been many old memories surfacing, along with wanting to know more about ancient history. Ancient history does not belong in the New and neither does your current life memories. Pay attention to what ancient history timelines you’ve been attracted to and you may discover some of your old lifetimes. All is to be focused on the present moment. Do your lifetimes center around the time of Jesus, Mohammad or Buddha? Atlantis or Lemuria? Ancient Egypt? The Reformation? King Arthur? Druids? Joan d’Arc? It truly is time to let them go. You are being asked to be completely immersed in the New with no old patterns or beliefs in tow. There is no old karma to work through.

We’re shifting more completely into a whole new way of being. You’re either committed or you’re not. As I have said, Ascension is not for the faint of Heart. Things may look very different and this is shown to many as Trump being elected as president of the U.S. for instance. Change is not always what one may expect, so let go of any expectations of what it all should look like, because nothing may be as you might want it to be.

Core issues and wounds cannot be wrapped up in one neat little package. Core issues are carried from lifetime to lifetime. They may be centered around deception, rejection, abandonment and so forth. They are part of your DNA and cellular system. Yet, now you have an opportunity to release them and all the stories that have been woven from your core issues. You’re not powerless; actually you are quite powerful and therefore, you do not need to succumb to karma or the stories you continuously tell yourself. And you don’t need a new story, so release the old in the Sacred Rose and integrate the Soul Essences you choose to feel. Your New Body Grid awaits you. Your New Body Grid is made of only Soul Essences you choose to be; they create the forms in life. As you integrate the essences you choose, your DNA and cells resonate with those essences as well and the old is dissolved in Love.

Many continue to act as though they are powerless to shift anything. Why is that? Are folks afraid to let go of what they know and what they are used to? Do they enjoy talking about Ascension, but not integrating it? Are they truly authentic with all others? I certainly don’t have the answers. I just know what I choose to do. I do know that many will continue to recreate the old if they do not integrate Ascension into their everyday life. With every choice we make, it must align with who we say we are. Every choice must be aligned with Soul; our Divinity. One must be in their Integrity at all times and their Integrity shifts as their consciousness shifts. If one is not aligned with Soul, then they are aligned with the old; with 3D life. To be in the New, we must be aligned completely, no matter what is going on in our lives. To be in the New, we must be vulnerable and realize that all is created from consciousness (Soul/Source/Divinity). It means to follow our Intuition no matter what. It can mean letting go of old securities. Ascension is not an idea or a belief or a bunch of buzz words. Ascension is living one’s life as a master. It is within; it is not “out there.”

If you feel directionless, let it be. A new direction is coming. Be in absolute Trust. Keep on releasing and keep on trusting. When we can fully allow and we can fully let go, we may enter a new phase of New. See where you are still holding back and holding onto the old. See where you feel powerless; what you fear and what old stories you still believe.

There is no straddling the old and the New at the same time. You are either all the way here or you’re not. This takes great Commitment and Trust. Make sure all your choices are aligned with your Divinity. Let go of any choices that are limiting or hold you back in any away. You see, we are asked to rise higher; and not allow apathy to keep us in our old comfort zones. We are asked to stop playing small in the old matrix and fully commit to our sovereign mastery, Authenticity and be more fully in the New. Wholing requires your attention and action, for what you ignore or resist continues to grow stronger…to get your attention. Truly, there is no blaming the outer as if it is separate from you. Where within you are your buttons being pushed? We are rising higher in vibration and must be clear of the old in order to do so. Yes, there is lots to be angry about and yet the longer you complain, the more you energize the drama, so that your anger grows. When something no longer angers you, know that you have completed a great wholing within yourself. Focus on the Beauty in the world and none of its perceived ugliness.

Realize that this is a journey. It takes Faith to be on such a journey. Let go of your goals, for goals have a conclusion and Ascension does not have a conclusion. The Ascension Journey has no beginning and no end. Conclusions and goals are of the old; they are linear in nature. Be in the Moment and you will be guided forward. Let go of struggle and the old desire to figure things out. You are not in control. Control is an illusion, born of fear. Can you let go of fear and simply allow yourself to Be? Learn from your regrets; for all has something to teach and guide you forward. Everything has a gift of Awareness within it, if you go beneath the surface of any belief or situation.

We are in a powerful time of transitioning higher in Awareness and consciousness. Our DNA is shifting higher; Gaia is shifting higher and we are receiving more Light to take us ever higher. Meditate and be in Nature. This greatly helps you be open to the intense Light flowing into you and Gaia. Surrender all that is not Love; all that is not you. Be in Divine Neutrality without attaching a meaning (the intellect loves to do this; yet the intellect only knows the past) and bring forth the Light; and then shine it out like a star.

Activate your Personal Vortex and visit your Temples within your Vortex often. The Temples are located within your Personal Vortex, which includes all dimensions, including Source. When you meditate, hold crystals you are guided to. Know that water holds spiritual properties, so either bathe, swim, or play in water or have a vessel of water on your Altar. In fact, having a symbol for all elements is powerful…a candle for fire, water for Spirit, crystals for Earth and feathers for air (these are only examples; you might choose differently). This balances you.

Here is how to create and activate your Personal Vortex:

Creating & Activating Your Personal Vortex

Our personal Vortex is much like the Merkabah in that it is an expansion of Who we are and a way to integrate the high dimensional Light. While the Merkabah is our Light Body Vehicle, taking us to higher dimensions, the Vortex brings the Light to us to become a part of Who we are. This is an important distinction, as we must ground the higher dimensional Light into us if we are ascending.

The following is an example. You may be guided otherwise.

Your Personal Vortex is activated by your Divine Flame combined with the Mother Ray.

First, bring up the Mother Ray (aquamarine and silver) from the Earth Crystal Cluster, which is at the center of Earth, and have it blend with your Divine Flame in your Heart Center.

Coming from your Heart the Vortex spirals outward clockwise and will continue to expand as it moves through the New Earth Grid and Crystalline Grid (now anchored on the Earth) on the Earth. As it moves through the Grids, not only do you energize them; they also become a part of your Vortex, and therefore, become a part of you; this increases your vibration over time.

As the Vortex continues to spiral and expand, it moves through your New Body Grid that surrounds your aura, activating the Soul Essences that are important for you to focus on and integrate into your everyday life (this actually helps create your New Life). Some examples are: Discernment, Clarity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Trust, Patience, Joy, Love, Freedom and others. The ones important for you to integrate will light up, like stars.

Your Vortex continues to expand and spiral upward moving through dimensions 5 through 13 till it reaches Source/the Galactic Sun. Once your Vortex reaches Source, Source sends Divine Love down through your Vortex. This is empowers your Vortex and you (since you are your Vortex) with Source Light. The Vortex then begins to spiral back to you and moves through each of the Dimensions, beginning with the 13th, gathering high dimensional Light to become a part of your Vortex/you. Then continues to move through each dimension, gathering high dimensional Light. It then makes its way through your Crown, fills your chakras, grounding cord, body, and aura and comes to rest in your Heart Center.

Within your Vortex are your Sacred Temples; they are the Wholing/Healing Temple, the Temple to Access Higher consciousness, the Temple to access Ascended Masters and Archangels and the Temple of Creativity. You may visit each one when guided for your individual requirements.

Just allow your Vortex to create itself with intention, generally using the above as a guide.

Don’t over-analyze it or overthink it; just allow it to happen each time you meditate.

As you can see, you are much much bigger than your physical body. You are the center of the Universe, and by activating your Vortex, you are empowered to integrate the high dimensional energies to be the Ascending Being you truly are.




“The Present Moment” – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson

unknown artist

unknown artist


Message from Archangel Zadkiel ~ March 2017

Transmitted Through Linda Robinson

“The Present Moment”


Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Archeia Holy Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss the gifts of the present moment.There is much movement of energy in your planet at this time. Indeed, there is also energetic change throughout the dimensions. A new age of enlightenment is being birthed, and with this comes much shifting of what currently is. With this energetic shift as a backdrop, it is important to be focused in the present moment as you move forward on your path.Being focused in the present moment brings many gifts. One such gift is an enhanced state of awareness.

Each moment is unique, just as each snowflake is unique. When you focus on the present moment, you are positioning yourself to receive the gifts of that special moment.

Because everything occurs in divine timing, receiving these special insights at just the right time can enhance your ascension path.

When you are not focused on the present moment, many important signals may escape your awareness. If you are working on a task and your attention is on what happened last week or what you will be doing tomorrow, the subtle whispers of information from the higher realms may completely pass you by.

Therefore, being focused in the present moment is very important. When you focus on the task at hand, you are completely absorbed in what you are doing. For example, if you are working in your flower garden, you are aware of the colors and the fragrance of the flowers. You notice the texture of the plants and the soil surrounding them. You may feel a gentle breeze or hear the chirping of birds. You are completely absorbed in the moment.

As you remain absorbed in your task, you may find yourself slipping into an expanded state of inner stillness. You may feel a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. It is a state of inner harmony and feeling a sense of oneness with all that is.

As you experience this state of relaxation and stillness, this can lead to an expansion of consciousness. You become even more aware of a sense of oneness with all that is. This is the point where you experience insights of awareness and higher consciousness.

These insights can take many forms. You may receive an answer to a question about a situation in which you are involved or the next step for a project you are conducting.  You may have a flash of inspiration for something new you would like to experience, such as an idea for a new project or a trip you would like to take. You may think of someone with whom you would like to make contact. Or you may receive an insight into a larger concept of higher consciousness.

When these events occur, you are in the flow. You are aware of how life flows from the simple tasks to a greater awareness of the universal connectedness. By focusing on the present moment, this flow occurs effortlessly. It is simply moving from one state to the next.

This process is useful whether you focus only on awareness or let it lead into stillness or further into expanded consciousness.

Whether you experience a simple state of enjoying the moment at hand or receiving insights, you are moving through your day with an openness that can bring greater joy and peace.

The more you focus on the present moment, the more this will become your default pattern, and you will experience it automatically.

Your life will become a seamless flow of one moment into the next, and greater awareness, inner stillness and expanded consciousness can occur.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are focusing on the present moment and allowing the gifts of this practice to manifest in your life.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst

…and WE surround you with love

And so it is.

© Copyright 2017. Linda M. Robinson, http://www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com. All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, http://www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email: Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com


First Glimpse of the Natural Self – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Kwan Yin by Lentinidigital at DeviantArt


First Glimpse of the Natural Self

I had my first glimpse of the natural Self today.

The duration of it would have been the same as recognizing a face in a crowd as the train pulled away or a face between clouds of steam.

There were the obstructions – thoughts and feelings – and then, in the space between them, there was the default, the residuum, the eternal ground – the natural Self, like a face seen in a crowd.

The felt space, the experience of it was like recognizing your very own, long-lost, best friend.

I was the negative polarity and it was the positive polarity and there was instant attraction, at the level of experiential knowledge, felt sensation, lived-through experience – not yet at the level of realized knowledge.

The minute I recognized it, I became it, at the level of experience: The neutral, natural, normal Self.


There’s nothing hard about being it, nothing at all. We simply don’t recognize it. Mostly our minds are so busy and so focused outside ourselves that it would be impossible to recognize it under those circumstances.

In the process of recognition, a sequence of events occurs: First the natural Self seems over there and we’re not recognizing it; next we recognize it and suddenly it’s over here and we become it. We are One, both looking out through the same set of eyes.  (1)

It was the same with transformative love and with bliss. I recognized both of them as if they were objects over there and, immediately upon recognizing them, they were over here and we were One.

Somehow recognition triggers union. It just does. Recognize it and you become it.

I feel calm. I feel balanced. I feel no stress of any kind.

I feel what I used to call “working-level bliss,” not so much bliss that I cannot go outside. In fact I have a breakfast engagement and so I must now go outside.


That was pleasant and engaging and I’m back.

I’m tempted to say that the natural Self is nothing special. But of course that’s true and not true. It’s the doorway to everything else, I’ll wager. I have to wait and see, because I haven’t realized it; I’ve only experienced it.

This sahaja or natural state is reality with nothing added and nothing taken away. It just is.

If an aspect of it cannot exist without shoring up or image management, without self-serving retelling of stories or preening one’s image to sell to others, then it isn’t the natural Self, the default, the Residuum and Continuum. It’s evanescent, a flash in the pan, not eternal and unchanging.

Whereas there is a semi-permeable barrier between the natural Self and the everyday world, there’s no barrier of any sort between the natural Self and bliss. I feel attracted to bliss at the moment, to going inward, rather than to transformative or torrential love and going outward.

Again, dancing with bliss is what my friend calls “flowing.” Shiva and Shakti get lost in the dance of bliss and become One. That unlocks much more bliss on higher dimensions.

Deeper and deeper we go into the inexhaustible experience of bliss, until released from form altogether.


I feel very self-conscious writing this. I’ve never made any claims for myself and I don’t plan to start making any now. I’m simply describing what I’m aware of in my life right now, that would be significant to you.

I’m not telling you about my gimpy leg or the bags under my eyes, etc.  These have no bearing on my inner work.

But a glimpse of the natural Self, time spent in the sahaja state, however fleeting it proves to be, (2) this is a truly significant event, a watershed occurrence or landmark.

My glimpse of it was fleeting. It was experiential rather than realizational.

I now need to abide as what I saw, according to terrestrial sages:

Sri Ramana: “What has to be done is to investigate what one really is [the natural Self] and remain That.” (3)

Sage Ribhu: “Abide as That in which there are neither thoughts nor a thinker, neither the arising nor the preservation nor the dissolution of the world, … and be always happy, free from all traces of thought.” (4)

Sri Ramana: “You need not eliminate the wrong ‘I.’ … All that you need do is to find out its origin and abide there.

“Your efforts can extend only thus far. Then the Beyond will take care of itself. You are helpless there. No effort can reach it.” (5)

Abide as that. Return to it constantly. Relax and let go into it. Return home to it again. Always and forever returning to that placid space, free of desire and distinction.

It seems no accident now to realize that my meditation for the last any number of months has been to return to stillness and silence. This is where the metaphorical face I saw resided.

The bliss is gradually increasing at a very bearable tempo and I feel the desire to surrender into it, while putting my pen aside.


(1) There was a native story circulating in the 1970s of a mouse who wanted to become an eagle. And he did become an eagle, looking out through the eagle’s eyes, after the eagle ate him.

(2) I’m only permitted to visit the higher states, according to AAM, not to stay.

(3) Ramana Maharshi, Forty Verses on Reality. Trans. Arthur Osborne. Mountain Path, October 1964. Downloaded from http://www.realization.org/page/namedoc0/40_verses/40_verses_0.htm, 25 August 2005, verse 32.

(4) Da Free John, ed.The Heart of the Ribhu Gita. Los Angeles: Dawn Horse Press, 1973, 21.

(5) Ramana Maharshi in Munagala Venkatramiah, Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi. Downloaded from http://www.ramana-maharshi.org/books.htm, 31 August 2005, Question 197.



Kwan Yin by Lentinidigital at DeviantArt