Why a Gradual Ascension? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Maitreya – Kancano @ Deviant Art


Why a Gradual Ascension?

This post was pre-empted by the shares about the Natural Self. I reintroduce it now into the ethnographic stream, a little out of sequence.

You can see that all of the historical and monumental movements continue to go forward, though much of the movement is unseen and known only from rumor and hearsay.

Three are underway – Ascension, abundance, and Disclosure. I wanted to talk about Ascension today.

I can vouch from my own experience that a gradual Ascension is occurring.

I’ve been privileged to have been given – in some cases brief – glimpses of various aspects of Fifth-Dimensional life – love, bliss, and the Self.

Direct experience always breeds confidence and certainty. I don’t need any other testimony than my own direct experience (1) to say that a gradual Ascension to a radically different (and improved)  existence and experience of life is gradually unfolding. I know it for a certainty just by looking back on my own history over the last four or five years.

Why must Ascension be gradual?

Well, first of all, we’re talking about the Ascension of as many on the planet as have assimilated sufficient light to “hold” Fifth-Dimensional vibrations. That’s a lot of people and it’s a spectrum of people. Someone from the Company of Heaven once said that if Ascension were sudden, people might go insane on the other side wondering where their normal lives went to.

And then there’s the matter of the human body.

I can only cite my own case with confidence. Much of the time, I’m exhausted. And some of my colleagues report the same.

Adjusting to these new energies (Porlana C and photon waves, on top of the Tsunamis of Love and One) leaves me feeling like a wrung shirt.  And I asked for a generous dose of it. This is what I got.

I see perfectly that the human body can only take so much. This Ascension has to be gradual or its demands on us will exceed our ability to accept and adjust. Pssst. It doesn’t matter if you’re an embodied seraph. Your body still won’t be able to take it.

Ten strands of DNA are coming online. Our bodies are changing from carbon to crystal.  I think we have no idea of the amount of change additional to that that’s being asked of us right now. So Ascension must be gradual for all of us to survive it, so to speak.

It’s commonly said in Hinduism that the body of a person achieving moksha or liberation lasts no more than 21 days. It’s burned out after that. Moksha equates to Sahaja Samadhi, the culmination of our Ascension.

Burned out isn’t meant to be our fate.  We’ll not only survive our moksha or Ascension but flourish. And for that to happen, we have to make the adjustment gradually.

Gradual for me is still flat on my back an inordinate amount of time. Absolutely without energy. Even having a bath is an effort.

All the time I know it isn’t me that’s tired out. It’s the body.


(1) Remember Werner Erhard’s dimensions of knowing/certainty? At mystery about, at belief about, at thought about, at feeling with, acting upon and gathering testimony about, and realizing you don’t know.

Here is the line between unconscious and conscious awareness.

On the other side is conscious awareness, natural knowing, direct experience, experienced experience.

To live in that space continuously … I don’t know if that equates with Sahaja Samadhi. It might.



Art : Maitreya – Kancano @ Deviant Art


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