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On the Verge of the Reval, Disclosure and Ascension?

“You are on the verge of events that are to give you freedom, prosperity, sovereignty and a return to full consciousness,” Sheldan Nidle’s sources said on March 1, 2017. (1)

Freedom and sovereignty – political changes? Prosperity – the Reval and NESARA behind it? A return to full consciousness – Ascension itself or an Ascension-related event?

All three events – the Reval, Disclosure, and an Ascension-related event – appear to be close and travelling on parallel tracks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they happen in close proximity to each other.

Here’s Grener of Ashira, President of the Intergalactic Council, saying that Disclosure is very near:

“The plans for the community of the planet to invite us and to acknowledge us are very near. And we will be honored…we will be honored to sit and talk and stroll and simply sit and be in communion with you.” (2)

Notice he said “for the community of the planet to invite us.” The community? Is he pointing at a group disclosure, say with the likes of Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Barack Obama and other lights? Stay tuned.

The Reval is close but that’s all I can say, close enough that the Divine Mother would assure us that she’ll provide us with the wherewithal to be her financial stewards. She gave us her divine authority to build Nova Earth, in case we lacked a sufficiently-well-developed sense of our own divine authority.

“Build what is divinely beautiful. I give you my divine authority to do so. I will guide you. I will help you. But I entrust this to you as well. …

“What I am suggesting as your creator self, in the assumption of individual and collective authority, is that you forge a different pathway and you open that pathway for all to come with you. And we are helping you. That gateway is open and you are being flooded and you are being assisted and you will be assisted every step of the way.” (3)

Any trace of ego and the reality that the phrase “divine authority” points to would be diminished or subverted.

Certainly the Divine Mother discussing matters related to the Reval suggests its closeness.

And the Divine Mother implanted in our consciousness, at all levels I think, the invitation to allow her and the archangels to transport the little rowboat she compared us to to a safe mooring place in a favorite cove.

“Think of it in this way: that you have dropped or weighed anchor far out on a very, very stormy sea and you are but a row boat. And you have been tossed and turned and sometimes upheaval has occurred and you have had your little boat full of water and you thought you were sinking. …

“Now, what I say to you is you are taking that row boat, your beautiful sacred self, [by] my Plan, and let us say that the archangels are in charge of this transport, along with your star family and we are transporting this sweet little row boat to a placid little lake or an inlet in a favorite cove. And the water is crystal clear and your anchor is simply gently upon the bottom and you bob up and down now and then, or you simply stay perfectly still. And you enjoy the peace, the beauty, the harmony of existence.” (4)

To me that extended metaphor is a consciously-crafted auto-suggestion on how to respond to near-future Ascension-related events, whatever they may turn out to be: Allow your row boat to be transported. That’s how it felt to me.

Speaking of Porlana C, I guess we should add here the many supporting discussions of the energetic picture: The Tsunami of Love emanating from Mother/Father God, the Tsunami of One coming from the archangels and ascended masters, Porlana C coming from the galactics and intergalactics, and the photon belt in the background, all having their effect.

The total energetic picture, ramping up as it is, seems to support the view that something is intended to happen and that we’re being prepared for it.

Archangel Michael once pointed to events that were precursors of others. Is the Reval an immediate precursor to Disclosure? The opening act before the main number?

Why have a celebration like the Reval and not invite a few guests, from the nearest neighborhood?

Is an Ascension-related boost a precursor to both of them?  Is Porlana C that Ascension-related boost? Or is another event to happen?

I don’t know, but, compared to the pace of former years, things have never seemed busier. That reflects the increase in the number of messages that are related to the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. (5)

Because of increased breaking news these days, my articles may no longer be in strict chronological order.


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(5) I.e., I go over every message that comes out for quotes to be included in the First Contact database (http://goldengaiadb.com/First_Contact) There may be very few quotes in one message but a lot in a second. The more quotes from a message, the more work it is for me. So, by judging how long it takes to get the quotes into the database, I have a rough sense of things starting to percolate or cooling off. They are definitely percolating right now.



Beautiful art : Ellen Vaman – see artist’s Link below.


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