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What a Great Fire

What a great fire a little spark lighteth.

I’m still feeling the aftereffects of the glimpse of the Natural Self in mid-February. (1)  I still feel myself expanding.

This is the real hydration, not the Reval, the real multiplication of our spiritual currency.

I see that Galea in her transcript talked about Porlana C as the universal kundalini. I certainly saw and felt the kundalini afterwards. Is much of what’s happening to me the result of the swirling vortices of Porlana C energy?


Prior to this glimpse, I had experienced love and bliss. What made the experience of the Natural Self different was that it was predominantly characterized by a deep and abiding peace.

All cares melted away in that deep space.

Love, bliss, and peace. No one needs to sell me on the desirability of attuning one’s vibratory frequency to the Fifth Dimension. I get it.


We’ve had two articles lately that I highly recommend: one by Peggy Black’s The Team, (2) and one by Neptune Communication Officer Galea. (3)

Both of them, combined, helped me to locate where I might be in this swirling sea of energies.

They explain why I felt today almost on the verge of vomiting up all hostility, manipulativeness, resentment, hurtful remarks, deviousness, on and on the list went. Porlana C is bringing everything to the surface. I can vouch for everything coming to the surface in me.

I remembered Michael’s advice to J. to take all his parked issues and relocate them to an iceberg off Antartica (4) and I did exactly that, in my imagination.

I was so ready to be done with all the residue, the detritus, the sewage that I’ve created over the years through my callousness and ignorance.


I’m starting to warm up to visualizations. So I continued with this one, really getting into it.

I took Michael’s sword of truth and cut all remaining attachments from me to the residue I had thrown away. Nothing left to draw that back to me again. This is goodbye.

I then planted four archangels around me, put Michael’s shield and sword in front of me, built a titanium bubble for myself and filled it with St. Germaine’s violet flame.

I placed myself inside – not to wall myself off from you but to allow myself safe haven until I’m ready to come out and risk attracting back what Peggy Black called our “shadow side.”

I have laid it down and let it go. And now I want to fill the space with love and the violet flame and heal in here a while.

In my divine cocreative partnership, I declared that I was ready to be done with all of it.

All the sound and lights were just a way of shifting my vote from no to yes. Sometimes it takes ritual and the beating of many drums to bring about a genuine change of heart, change of mind, and change of practice.

Obviously I’m not incubating in an egg. But this is how it feels for me. This is the emotional truth. I feel like a refugee from my shadow side.

Uncle, uncle. (5) Archangels, help me. I want to wake up from the nightmare. (6)


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Japanese Dragon Daughter

unknown artist