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What is “Divine Authority”?

The Divine Mother urged us to take up our divine authority on An Hour with an Angel recently.

“Build what is divinely beautiful. I give you my divine authority to do so. I will guide you. I will help you. But I entrust this to you as well. …

“We are helping you. That gateway is open and you are being flooded and you are being assisted and you will be assisted every step of the way.” (1)

If you’re like me, you’re wanting to understand what “divine authority” might be.

Past experience has shown me that what I might call “divine love,” for instance, is far and away beyond even the highest experiences I’ve had of ordinary love. Jesus called ordinary love “the weak faint image of real Love that is all that you can experience as a human.” (2)

A more recent experience of the Natural Self has shown me that “divine peace” was far and away beyond any peace I’d ever experienced.

Before comparing that to divine authority, let me add that our experiences of ordinary love and peace go on within a state of unconscious awareness.  When we have a transformational realization, we enter, for a time, into a higher space of conscious awareness.

In that space, love and peace are universal, total, eternal. Unfortunately, short of Sahaja Samadhi, we can’t hold on to the space.

But once we’ve ascended, we’ll live in it always and naturally.

Now back to divine authority.

We try to understand divine authority by thinking of ordinary authority and starting there.  But we have terrible examples of ordinary authority all over the place, from the highest offices in the land to the most dangerous.

Just as there was no way I could know divine love by extrapolating from ordinary love, and the same for peace, so I think there’ll be no way for me to know divine authority by extrapolating from ordinary authority.

However, if I was able to show up all the time as my Natural Self – and I’m not – I think that that would be the same as being in my divine authority.

The Natural Self, the Christ, the Atman has divine authority to create, in the accounts of many Christians. (3)

And the Mother also gave us divine authority, for good measure. The unfoldment of her plan is to build a planet of love where her children can come to enjoy love in form.

In the process, we’ll have built a world that works for everyone.

So the finger pointing at the moon this lifetime is pointing at us re-claiming our Natural Self, coming from it, and contributing to the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan by building Nova Earth. In this endeavor we have our own and the Mother’s “divine authority.”


(1) “Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority, AHWAA, February 23, 2017,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/02/28/transcript-divine-mother-take-divine-authority-ahwaa-february-23-2017/

(2) “Jesus via John Smallman: Forgetting Love Is Not Possible,” March 22, 2015, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/03/22/jesus-via-john-smallman-forgetting-love-is-not-possible/. I’ve also called it “transformative” and “torrential” love.

“All you can experience as a human” – Jesus may be defining “human” as Third-Dimensional and real love as Fifth-Dimensional (or Seventh-Dimensional, really) or he may be defining it as dimensional, in which case the level of love he’d be talking about would be transcendental, far, far deeper than the transformative love I experienced.

(3) The Christ is said to have created the world, the Christ being the Word.

In other accounts, primarily Hindu, the Word – Amen/Aum – is said to be the Divine Mother, which in Christianity is called the Holy Spirit – spiritus sanctii, Holy Breath.  The breath mimics Aum.  Both breath and Aum are sine waves.  For a much more detailed explanation, see On the Nature of the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit

When I’ve asked the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel if she is Aum, the Word of God, she’s told me that that is only an aspect of herself.


Buddha Goddess

unknown artist


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