Reunited with Long-Lost Self – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art - Mourad Chaaba

Art – Mourad Chaaba


Reunited with Long-Lost Self

I’ve waited a day before writing this.

Firstly because it’s intensely personal (Big Steve, Little Steve) and I feel vulnerable.

Secondly because I wanted to see if what had happened was real and had lasting effects.

A wall inside me fell yesterday morning. A wall I didn’t know I had.


I was reflecting on Big Steve and Little Steve.

Big Steve is my Higher Self, Seventh-Dimensional Oversoul, or Christ-Conscious aspect. (1)

Little Steve is my everyday, here-and-now consciousness (me).

Big Steve said: You know, I’m a Little Steve to another Big Steve. Everyone is a Big Steve to someone and a Little Steve to someone else.

I froze in my tracks.

I flashed for a moment on the roles that Big Steve and Little Steve are and can be – and the masks. The very next day, I read John Smallman’s Saul:

“Remember ‘Love changes everything!’ Just being yourselves – which is a major behavioral change for the vast majority of you – instead of hiding behind those public faces, masks, or disguises you invented to use when you entered the illusion – helps to bring into effect the essential changes in the world for which you have all been praying and hoping.” (2)

Our masks are so much a part of our way of life that we hardly notice them. One has to look very hard to see one’s own. And yet letting them go contributes to the unfoldment of Ascension, we hear.

Now I get to let go of both these masks. But that wasn’t the reality-splitting realization.


What split my reality was realizing next that I was placing Big Steve over there and Little Steve over here. And that was not the reality of the situation.

The reality was that the two of us were actually one and that the one was actually me. We’re in different dimensions. My mission as me brings me here; my mission as him  brings him there. But, like fibers of a fiberoptic lamp, we’re connected.

Everybody in reality has the same Higher and Everyday Self, spanning dimensions. Sue Lie calls us all “multidimensional.” Archangel Michael calls us “interdimensional.”

I recognized one element of my interdimensionality (7D Oversoul) yesterday as part of me.

That truth, realized – not just known intellectually or even experientially – (3) set me free from a belief-built wall that saw me as separate from my Higher Self, that saw it as an object to me. That wall disappeared. (4)


After I wrote this and before it was posted, Archangel Michael said the following through Ronna Herman:

“During this shifting of the Ages cycle, you are experiencing a great variety of transformative changes. You are reclaiming all the personal Fragments of energy / thought forms that you created during your long journey into physical expression.

“You are reuniting with the many Sparks of consciousness that make up your Divine Self and your Soul family, and you are also striving to become a Spiritual/human adult while existing in an ever-expanding, multidimensional realm of physicality.” (5)

If I needed outside affirmation, he just provided it. But one of the qualities of realization is that it has us “get” something at such a depth that whatever is realized needs no outside validation. We reach a place of certainty around what we realized.

We may need some guidance in adapting to it, but the experience itself has sufficient impact that it proves life-altering and we usually remember it all our lives. (6)

We were told years ago that the Universal Self (the 7d Oversoul) would be returning to be reunited with. That seems to be what just happened.

The upshot of all this is that I feel more graceful, more fluid.  And my “family” is together in a way that it hasn’t been before so I feel more secure and self-confident. All my higher selves and past lives  – all my aspects – are my family.

A man who was dissociated for fifty years – the Humpty Dumpty Man – feels more together as a result of this event than he has since age six.

I don’t expect the effects to last and my short-term memory is not great. Within a week, this may be the only record.


(1)  Steve Beckow: I had an experience at a meditation workshop in which I felt regal. It was a partial experience. Can you tell me what that part of me I accessed.

Archangel Michael: … Your highest Self, your Oversoul, is very regal.

SB: So that was an experience of the Oversoul.

AAM: Yes.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 13, 2011.)

Sue Lie: Seventh is your Oversoul. (Arcturians, March 17, 2013.)

Here’s Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman identifying the unity between Higher Self and Oversoul: “It is about trusting the wisdom of your OverSoul/Higher Self and your God Self, for these wise, higher Facets of your Divine consciousness always know what is best, and what is most beneficial for you at any given time.” (“Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: The Next Level of Spiritual Awareness,” April 2, 2017, at

(2) “Saul via John Smallman: The More Powerfully You Make the Intent to Be Loving in Every Moment the More Intensely Will You Feel the Love That Envelops You,” April 2, 2017, at

(3) See “The Spectrum of Realized Knowledge” at and “That’s the Roadmap” at

(4) I don’t consider these events that I just described as constituting enlightenment myself, as enjoyable as they were. An awakening, yes (Big Steve is not over there). The fall of a wall of conceptual separation, yes (since we were always one; I just didn’t get it). They probably contribute by preparing the ground for further experiences. But they were not in themselves of sufficient depth and power that I’d use that word.

(5) “Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: The Next Level of Spiritual Awareness,” ibid.

(6) My vision on Feb. 13, 1987 was like that.  See “Chapter 13. Epilogue,” at I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday. It altered my view of life so much that I left the university rather than abandon the study of enlightenment.

The knowledge being pursued at the university and the inadequacy of the university’s paradigms were thrown into stark relief by the torrential bliss, broad scope, and explanatory power of the vision. I had to have more.


Art - Mourad Chaaba

Art – Mourad Chaaba

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