Curious About the Angelics – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: Angel of The Presence by Aeoliah's Visionary Art

Art: Angel of The Presence by Aeoliah’s Visionary Art


Curious About the Angelics

My curiosity was aroused about the angelics recently.

It came about because of my desire to totally re-organize my hard drive before things got busy. I’ve been working on getting everything on one topic into one directory, etc. Batten down the hatches.

I brought together all writings and quotations on angels. That piqued my curiosity right there. So I took all of the various files and made them into one. A dictionary in the making.

It combined descriptions of the angelic sphere from New Maps of Heaven, the section on angels in From Darkness Unto Light, and the archangelic discussions in First Contact databases, extensive discussions from Beinsa Douno, the Theosophists, the Bible, Koran, and other sources.

Much of the more ancient material was so difficult to understand as to be unuseful. A great deal of the rest seemed obviously incorrect, by even our merger current knowledge.

The information we’re getting now from current channeled messages and radio discussions seems to me to be the very best we’ve ever had, and a great deal of it flies in the face of what we’ve heard so far. The ancestors will not be happy.

Just one example: Michael maintains that the angelic kingdom is not a hierarchy. It’s like a spiritual circle with each order having its own role in things.

But so many of our sources repeat the version of the early Christian Fathers – a hierarchy of nine orders from angels to seraphim – down to the present time. Just look at some of the current websites on angels. Did a heavenly hierarchy justify an earthly hierarchy?

According to Michael, we’re becoming more curious about the angelics now. He discussed why in An Hour with an Angel in 2014:

Archangel Michael: Very often what you would think of as the organization of the angelic and archangelic kingdoms, of the various roles, responsibilities, what you would think of as powers is not truly of great concern to the human race.Β  This often is the case simply because they have forgotten from whence they came.

And they have also forgotten, in their busy-ness to deal with the human reality, the scope of what lies above and below, not only in terms of the angelics and the archangelic kingdoms but also in terms of the greater universe, multiverse.

Now we do not say this in a critical way, for you do have a lot on your plate.Β  And it is more important, first of all that you understand the realm in which you live but it is also important to understand the broader picture.

So first you have gone to grade school, then middle school, then high school and now you understand you are in graduate school.Β  That is what Ascension is about.Β  It is ascending from any school into the truth and fullness of who you are.

Steve Beckow:Β  It’s sort of like not even knowing the kids down the block though.

AAM: Yes.Β  It is disconcerting and it is disconcerting to you now because it has reached a point where you have progressed or advanced enough that you have raised your frequency that you want to know who your neighbors are.

SB:Β  Right. Yes.

AAM: Now before you were simply concerned about who was in your house and who was in your classroom.Β  But the broadening of your being, the expansion of your being, the rising of your frequency creates a situation of curiosity. (1)

I agree. As we unfold … OK, as I unfold, I feel an expanding sense of worthiness. I’m worthy to inquire into and know about the angelics now, I say to myself. I have come of age and I want to meet the team.

I’m ready to drop my childish ideas of angels and hear the true story, even if I blush at what I previously accepted as the truth about them.

In my opinion, this is another of those blossoms that seem to unfold every day, as the energies rise and carry us along with them.


(1) β€œArchangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom,” June 13, 2014, at

Art: Angel of The Presence by Aeoliah's Visionary Art

Art: Angel of The Presence by Aeoliah’s Visionary Art

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