Call to Sacredness – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Pelkor Chode monastery in Gyantse, Tibet.

Pelkor Chode monastery in Gyantse, Tibet.


Call to Sacredness

I’m being called inward again.  For the first time tonight I actually smiled at the thought of meditating.And not meditating lying down, perchance to doze. But meditating sitting at my altar, which I haven’t done in years.

This sudden interest in a deeper form of meditating means something to me…. It’s part of a pattern that’s been taking shape recently. Probably because of the energies.

Another part of this pattern is the deep impact on me of the really important messages that have been coming lately from the Divine Mother and Archangel Gabrielle, with Archangel Michael expanding on them.

The Mother has settled the question of authority for me. Both Michael and the Mother have validated the vision of “a world that works for everyone,” so I know we’re on the same page.

The Mother has spelled our common mandate out beautifully for me:

“Build what is divinely beautiful. I give you my divine authority to do so. I will guide you. I will help you. But I entrust this to you as well. …

“We are helping you. That gateway is open and you are being flooded and you are being assisted and you will be assisted every step of the way.” (1)

In all ways, I feel ready for whatever’s next.


Really significant counsel has been given on all quarters.

But what I find noteworthy is the tone of sacredness that things seem to be gradually assuming.

For years the Company of Heaven has been emphasizing sacred partnership – with our bodies, with our partners, with them, etc. More recently, the Mother and Michael renamed what I was calling “transformative love” “sacred love.” I thought that was such a good name for it.

They’ve pointed out to us that they consider us to have matured enough to be able to hear what they’re saying on such a topic as sacredness. Michael said recently: “My beloved friends, you are spiritually evolving and mature, so we can have a much broader conversation at this time.” (2)

Sacredness pops up in stewardship.I consider “sacred” and “divine” to be near synonyms. We’re about to enter into divine (or sacred) co-creative partnership with the celestials as a result of volunteering for humanitarian philanthropy.

Michael has been emphasizing with me the high standards the Company of Heaven expects from those who disburse abundance.

Archangel Michael: “Even within the Lightworker community, there are pockets of entitlement and arrogance that are not acceptable. So that needs to be very clear and it also needs to be cleared.

“And if… Never mind. We will not say… Yes, I will say this. If they do not do it, it will be done for them. And that is not a threat. It is simply a necessity for the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan.

“That is why we have also said, (this is an aside) there will be several waves of abundance. So we give you the allowance and we see how you do.” (3)

They’ll give us our allowance and see how we spend it. Those who don’t use it in accordance with the Mother’s Plan may find themselves feeling influenced to enter other fields than humanitarian philanthropy.

No one will probably even be aware of what has happened. And since there’s no judgment and no blame, they probably don’t need to be aware. It’ll simply be a different choice of path.


If we work with them in sacred co-creative partnership, in my opinion, we’ll gradually be drawn through the eye of the needle.

What do I mean by that? If we embrace the emphasis on everything we do as lightworkers being a sacred undertaking, we’re going to have to go through and complete all the vasanas or core issues that may arise around fearing scorn, ridicule, embarrassment, humiliation, and ostracism.

“Who do you think you are? The Messiah? What gives you the right to act so holy? Get a life.”

All the times we’ve been humiliated may arise to be completed. Many people, most people who know about vasanas, might want to pass on this assignment. It can be tough slogging. It isn’t for everyone.

But that seems to be the request, nevertheless. Whatever we do, whether it’s disbursing abundance or anything else, the invitation is to do it as a sacred undertaking, dedicated to the Mother.

“Sacred” doesn’t mean holier-than-thou, self-righteous, or, as Michael noted, arrogant. It means focusing on serving the Mother, her Plan, and the highest good of the world. It means single-minded and determined devotion to carrying out the Mother’s Plan for Ascension, Gaia, and us.

And “sacred” is probably not something to be talked about generally. It’s an attitude and an article of faith, subject to be dented and deflated by criticism.

The Mother told us recently that, if our service is blissful, it means that we’ve found our mission. My writing this is blissful. I know I’ve found my mission.


Just think about it for a moment. Think about what they – the Mother and her legions – are doing and what we’re a part of. Let’s restrict our attention to the Reval.

They’ve amassed the wherewithal to provide abundance for all on Earth.  Joy to the world!

They’ve played a game with the cabal, winning the match. They’ve gotten us lightworkers to the point we’re as ready as we can be to manage whatever comes after the cabal’s fall.

And we’re only one small part of all that’s going on – the rest is with the kingdoms, our star family, observers from other galaxies, the dimensions, etc.

There have been beings in the afterlife who’ve been making Ascension known since the 1870s. (4)  Innumerable are the folks who are staging this – what they regard as a – celebration.

And here each one of us is, part of a cast of millions helping and billions impacted, the greatest show on Earth, the celebration of the century … no, millennium … no, Age.

If I died tomorrow, I’d be so thankful for being allowed to play a part. Fall-down-on-my-face grateful. It has been such fun, so expanding, and so satisfying.


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(4) See for instance “Imperator” (Malachi) speaking through Stainton Moses, predicting the new religion of the future. Spirit Teachings. London: Spiritualist Press, n.d. (prior to 1883.); Stainton Moses, More Spirit Teachings. Electronically published by


Pelkor Chode monastery in Gyantse, Tibet.

Pelkor Chode monastery in Gyantse, Tibet.

Venus Sphere of Knowingness – Natalie Glasson


unknown artist


Venus Sphere of Knowingness

by the Venus Beings


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 21st April 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

In eternal love and truth, we, the Venus Beings come forth to greet you. We are ever present with you, constantly supporting and assisting your personal ascension and the spiritual evolution of the Earth. Our energy of pure love continues to flow through the dimensions of the Earth and humanity; we are sharing essential love codes and templates to further awaken and remind you of the presence of love within your being. Our love in this second phase of Venus’ alignment with the Earth has three main purposes:

  • To support, awaken and encourage your acceptance of the wealth of love within your being, recognising that your love flows from the core of your being, soul, soul group and the Creator, and is present in your daily reality.
  • To aid and assist your acceptance of the power of love, essentially encouraging you to ground and use your inner power in your reality, while recognising your power is born from your inner divine love.
  • Creating actions born from your inner wealth of love, while recognising and fully acknowledging the transformations and shifts that love can create within and upon the Earth.

We, the Venus Beings, are guiding you to awaken, embody and experience these three main purposes of the second phase of Venus light anchoring into the Earth. We know that through your accelerated awakening at this time and your acceptance of our support in the Earth’s ascension process of becoming a planet of love, you may feel our presence more strongly around you. Many of you may feel new Venus guides joining your community of spiritual guides or feel drawn to work more intensively with the Venus energy as healing for self and the Earth. We, the Venus Beings, are inviting many people who feel guided to connect with our energy so that we may work in harmony with you and your intentions to deliver great volumes of love to the Earth. The Earth and her humanity are moving now through a transformational process of awakening love. It is as if the most exquisite love is unfolding from within, journeying to its creation and manifestation. The journey of unfolding love is occurring within your being; it is the most amazing process that reveals to you your ultimate truth. As you journey through the process of love unfolding, not only will you accept your power, trust, faith and embodiment of love you will learn the purpose of love in your reality and lifetime upon the Earth.

Aligning with the Purpose of Your Love

A powerful practice is to ask yourself and contemplate in meditation: ‘What is the purpose of my inner divine love in this reality and lifetime upon the Earth?’

Take time to breathe deeply as if you are breathing in harmony with the question until you feel a transformation within you. The shift will be that you are no longer breathing in harmony with the question. Instead, you are breathing in harmony with the answer within you; the purpose of your inner love for your current reality and lifetime. The shift may be subtle, and yet if you are willing to recognise the shift, you will feel a great volume of love unfold from within your being merging with all aspects of your being. You may or may not be able to recognise the purpose of your inner love within your current reality. However, the knowingness will be awoken and embodied by you, ready to be revealed when you are prepared to receive. When you do align with the purpose of your inner divine love you will discover that the alignment remains with you always through each and every day of your reality. It synthesises with all that you are, all you create, all you do and becomes an integral core within all aspects of your being and reality.

The Venus Sphere of Knowingness

With the acceptance of the purpose of your inner love, you will discover yourself awakening at an accelerated speed with love overflowing from your being in all directions. The more love you allow to be present within your being, energy field, thoughts, emotions and creations the more you will find yourself opening to receive the Venus energy with greater understanding and acceptance. Your love quotient will increase and so we will be able to share diverse and wonderful tools, skills and ascension practices with you to further aid your spiritual evolution and embodiment of love.

We, the Venus Beings, wish to make you aware of an opportunity which is awakening within our energy and which we wish to make available to you. The Venus Sphere of Knowingness is a dimension within the energy field of the Venus civilisation. The Venus Sphere of Knowingness is being made available to those who have embodied a significant volume of love and have accessed a greater sense of trust in love. The Venus Sphere of Knowingness is available for you to access, exist within, contemplate and receive wisdom, understanding and inspiration concerning your ascension, the ascension of the Earth, the purpose and influence of the Venus Beings and advanced information concerning the Creator’s love. Although named a sphere it is a dimension of the purest vibrations of love synthesised with the will of the Creator. Numerous beings come to our planet to simply connect with this dimensio n to receive illumination and enlightenment. We, the Venus Beings, are constantly connected with and experience the Venus Sphere of Knowingness, it allows us to receive the necessary understanding and information to guide and assist our own civilisation and support the entire Universe of the Creator, including the Earth.

The Venus Sphere of Knowingness is being made available to you to support your experience of the three main purposes of the Venus second energy phase anchoring into the Earth. The Venus Sphere of Knowingness will support you in accepting and accessing the power of love, recognising the transformation that love can create through action born from love and the full acceptance of the presence of love within your being, reality and all.

The Venus Sphere of Knowingness is a dimension of accelerated enlightenment born from the presence of love. It allows illusions to be cast aside and truth to emerge from foundations of love, with the purpose of creating the love of the Creator.

Accessing the Venus Sphere of Knowingness

To access the Venus Sphere of Knowingness is simple:

  1. Focus on receiving the second phase of energy transmission from the Venus civilisation. Imagine the Venus light of a pink and turquoise colour flowing over and through your being. Breath the Venus light into your being noticing that you are being filled with love.
  2. Invite your soul to awaken purer vibrations of love, transmitting these into your higher heart chakra and heart chakra. Feel, sense and acknowledge the presence of your soul and love within your higher heart chakra and heart chakra, overflowing into your entire being.
  3. Recognise yourself as a shimmering beacon of powerful love vibrations which are emanating from your being.
  4. Say out loud, ‘Venus Beings, I am now ready to be aligned with the Venus Sphere of Knowingness, please harmonise my entire being with this dimension of pure love, enlightenment and knowingness.’ Recognise any new vibrations, energies, colours of light flowing over and through your being. The Venus Sphere of Knowingness may emerge from within your higher heart chakra, expanding to surround you completely, as if you are encapsulated in a sphere of Venus love and enlightenment.
  5. Take time to simply exist in the energies. Observe your entire being recognising any shifts, insights or knowingness that dawns. That which you receive may be able to be recognised with your conscious mind, if not, then simply trust that you have received all that is needed and the knowingness will become apparent with divine timing.
  6. When you are ready, send energy from your higher heart through your body into your Earth Star Chakra below your feet to ground all the information, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment you have received, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

We encourage you to experience the Venus Sphere of Knowingness as we, the Venus Beings, feel it will bring greater depth, meaning and understanding to the shifts occurring within your being and ascension at this time.

Constantly in love with you,

The Venus Beings

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As Consciousness Shifts ~ The Overlay of The New Earth Reprograms Memory – L’Aura Pleiadian

unknown source


As Consciousness Shifts ~ The Overlay of The New Earth Reprograms Memory

For many of you are on the Verge of this reprogramming. Entering the vastness of existing here with an external reality while incorporating and integrating what the new activations into your consciousness, is a deep process of the remodelling of the way you think.

There is the thinking process linked to the repetitive impulses of your memory bank. Then there are the new thought waves, so to speak, that occur through your heart as the impulses of the expanded glorified you.

The grounding is in the Etheric Body of Light ~ which is not tied to the memory attached to the form.

Needless to say ~ being accustomed to this new way is akin to learning to walk again. It is new and is directionless in the sense that this will feel new. Your current thought process will not understand this. There is not your accustomed anchoring point, that was built on memory storage and access to this through your reactive states.

It truly will be like being born again, in that to maneuver through these realms and dimensions that are not anchored here ~ yet existing here, will be like beginning again as an infant, so to speak.

The Guidance that comes through you, through your Heart and the New waves of thought, will feel very Etheric in nature. You may wonder even if you are losing your mind. The losing your mind is the letting go of the old though processes. In that sense, you are.

Your old process will not understand the new.

The Overlay of the New Earth (Higher Dimensional You already existing) will consist of your maneuvering in through these realms through your heart.

Letting go and surrendering the concerns of the old thought processes are part and parcel of the integration.

You are returning to the State of Being on Mu (the First Civilization) where what was true and real within you WAS through your Heart. Was through your Etheric connection to your Soul. As you then began maneuvering through the WORLD of Form. Fully Anchored in the Etheric Light Body.

Learning to walk again so to speak, is returning to the Source of your INNER connection and mastering maneuvering through the Higher Dimensions while in form.

The Form is all Light and created as Light. Your New thought waves know this Light as YOU very well.

This evolved state of consciousness ~ already exists.

You are now expanding into this. AS experience, once again.

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