♦ Sensory Stimulation & Enhancement is KEY ♦ – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art: A. Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose

Art: A. Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose


♦ Sensory Stimulation & Enhancement is KEY ♦

Interactive Living in “Surround Sound” & “HD”

Aloha beautiful galactic soul family,

Our high dimensional realities are so very sensory stimulating. Feeling/touch, seeing, sensing, hearing… these senses are greatly enhanced and stimulate our existence through sound, experience, feeling through subtleties at first, then all around us… in everything…

Our high dimensional realities, and yes, they are beyond VERY real… have a range of colors and hues that were not physically visible with our carbon-based bodies, not physically see-able, feel-able, experience-able before. Our bodies held too much density, too many conditional/judgmental/lower emotional programs & thoughts that kept our bodies dormant and asleep.

All the tingling, all the high electrical charges, all the sounds…. are to awaken your body, your senses and highest dimensional aspects of you. All the distortions will “trigger” the vibrations inside of you/your cellular body that need a release, the ones that were buried/anchored/held deep within, so that you can float, fly and play in this exquisite magic again. β™₯

Here, we live in “Surround Sound” with our senses connected to the magic, to the singing birds to the electric solar wind, to the sound of the ocean and the feeling of love emanating out from within. Our senses mega-enhanced, touch is very important too. Colors, vibrancy, peace, nature…. we are in-tune with everything around us as all “out of tune”continually emerges/makes itself visible for an honorable relase.

In these Higher Dimensions now, we live in HD, the exquisiteness of color and animation is beyond “wow” all around us. I will share some photos with you to inspire and activate that magical place and the feelings that are ready to activate more of your NEW Earth Realities too!

First, I had to choose…. everything. I had to choose to “surround myself” with that which fed my own Soul, with that which inspired my Spirit and awakened the magical and mystical within me, so that I could FEEL again and BElieve. I had to choose to stop focusing on that which depleted, fed the old, kept the unconsciousness in my own world. I had to choose to commit my own energy, in every moment, to a whole new reality that other’s judged and didn’t believe (yet). I had to choose between my highest reality or a limited, conditioned one. Did I want magic in my life EVERY DAY, then I had to be willing to DO what was asked of my/shown to me, by my highest aspect of me….. β™₯

Part of this process is the “yucky energy” that emerges that none of us love to feel. Yet that energy is important to honor as “leaving”, as what “created” those realities you/we didn’t love to keep happening… that energy is what you WANT TO GO and it’s activating your ability to FEEL so very much awesomeness and love again. That energy was the “cause”, not what you thought was…..

There are ways to do this. You don’t have to sit in it and suffer anymore. Being a multi-dimensional means to can do many realities all at once. I used to feel the yucky stuff coming and go “uh-oh here we go, okay, let’s do this”…. and I’d decide the best way for me to honor all those emotions & feelings that needed a physical release, while doing what brought me comfort and peace or got me through it with more inspiration than I felt. Much of the time I’d go straight to nature and sit. I’d take my journal with me and I’d connect with the whole Universe as the energy made it’s “escape”….. I’d watch the birds, sit by water, put my bare feet on the grass or rocks, I’d touch nature, the leaves, trees, the grass, water and just BE in a “surrounding” that supporting what I needed right then. To feel the comfort and support that was always there. All I had to do was utilize this gift and all the other ones that are always available too!

Sometimes I’d go do nice things for others, because this brought me joy. I didn’t want anything but to see them smile, make their day, help them out through surprising them with kindness and generosity… this inspired me, made my insides smile and brought my inner angel through…. this dissolved the power of the energy I was clearing…. kindness, love and generosity becomes our “new way” all of the time here. (We do not feed the old energy of expectation, lack or need thought. That’s a different energy all-together….)

Everywhere I went, I took my loads of crystals with me. I still do. I have andaras that go everywhere I go. I sleep with them, they are all over my home, raising the vibration HUGE and working continually with our cellular/field of consciousness…. It’s powerful, soft, subtle and easy. They inspire others, activate them through touch, visuals, senses on a cellular/energetic level too. Every gathering, we play with andaras, find the Light BEings and more…. activating our magical realm that’s a necessity for our Higher Density existence here.

So, today, I stimulate your senses with the beauty of our NEW EARTH REALITIES here…. I share sunshine (literally), vibrancy and the JOY that is available when we surround ourselves with what we DO desire to experience.

We’ve been going through a lot of template clearings lately, and when we do this, there will be an absence of joy, purpose and desire to do anything …. These “void” spaces are necessary so that more awesomeness, more joy, more that we do desire can come through us and materialize in our physical reality as we vibrate at a lighter density than before. Be patient during these and move energy yourself. Take plenty of time for you and get out in nature. For me I moved to where I have nature all around me “surround sound & HD” again. It’s inspiring and we “need it” to support our energy, inspiration and creator aspects.

NEW Earth realities…. our heart must be connected, everything has to bring us joy, everything has to inspire us and it’s has to contribute to highest consciousness existence for us all. Otherwise, there is no point and we choose not to keep bringing that which isn’t open and connected into our own reality world. Feeling… we have to feel each other…. our hearts must be completely open and our minds too. We have to operate from our higher mind, not our human one and they are very different and transmit very different frequencies into the Unified Field….. one screams distortions and the other emanates higher wisdom and love.

Purpose: You are going to need purpose or you are going to be bored, disinterested and disconnected. Everything has a purpose. It’s up to each one of us to figure this out for ourselves.

Judgment: Take great care with this one, as WE gridkeepers spent the last few weeks clearing Earth’s Gridwork of some heavy duty programs that were ready to go collectively. Hidden Agendas and Judgment of “others” realities was a huge part of this process. Now, you may see yourself/those around you go into judgment of “others” as their own surfaces to clear. We never aware this is what is going on until we clear all of our own energy with this. Where one used to operate from agendas and motives (no matter what the reason, even if it was from love), they start to point out “others” stuff, not realizing it’s their own. They don’t understand it’s their projection, through their lenses/perceptions of what others are doing, without having access to ALL OF THE INFORMATION from all dimensions as to why things are occurring. Especially since we activated the NEW EARTH ECONOMIC upgrades…. this is going to trigger a whole lots for peeps not understanding fully yet…. Be patient, go inside, connect and honor you. These higher timelines surprise everyone as to “how all actually is” here…. It’s never what our little emotional human thought….

There are also the very linear trying to awaken now. Their minds/energy hold fast to impositional “needing proof”, there’s a lot of ego, arrogance and duality in these exchanges that can trigger the human aspect into “trying to prove or defend”. This is about ENERGY, CONNECTION, EXPERIENCE…. the experience IS the PROOF… Pay attention to the energy. A closed mind that’s “trying” to stretch is challenging. How do you assist with stretching/expanding the mind and not getting caught up in any duality energy. This is also KEY. Sometimes you just let others keep seeking their way, because you know how much it’s going to take. Respect for all is most important here, for all. Sometimes the delete function is appropriate too. en is too! Every exchange is different…. Disrespect and imposing is never appropriate. “That is not acceptable, with love” is often necessary where the human aspect is dominant and their higher heart-mind has not opened up yet.

Be patient and do what feels aligned for you. When judgment starts “slinging”, see if you get caught up in it or you catch yourself judging/getting defensive/offensive. Can you DECIDE not to play that game anymore….

Observing is KEY: There is no judgment/personal opinion here… There is seeing (learning/understanding) how all works, seeing multiple perspectives and then choosing your highest timeline and leaving/transcending the old ones AS FAST AS YOU CAN…..

Your Emotions are key. Every judgment has an opinion and a deep-buried emotion (right/wrong/should) and a “convincing” story about “that out there”. Mastery means you honor the emotion without getting caught up in the drama/story and you clear it without it owning you and ruling your anything anymore.

Mastery means you are aware, realizing and standing in your own INNER POWER, mastering your little human…. So many give their power away to their little human still. Which aspect are you… in every moment?Β  We all did it. It was the point.

Stand still and look 360 degrees all around you…. outside and then inside too. What surrounds you? Love, joy, peace, happy, inspiring, contribution, intentional focused creative energy, beauty? When you find yourself experiencing the unconscious anything, REMEMBER… it’s your vibration…. We all have to get to a point where we always INTENTIONALLY SHIFT our vibration HIGHER than everything around us so that we can vibrate into a whole new reality….and then it’s natural, we don’t have to try anymore.

I love you. In-joy the magical moments and create more of these so this is your new everything too! β™₯


Art: A. Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose

Art: A. Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose



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