Original Innocence: What’s Not to Love? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Original Innocence: What’s Not to Love?

I told the story the other day of meeting Archangel Michael in a lucid dream. (1)

Spiritual experiences often keep unfolding, unpacking. It’s as if they’re a rich vein that rewards continued mining.

I think Michael would call them “encoded’ and say that the “codes” would unpack themselves, so to speak, when conscious attention falls on them.

In this case I focused in on why I’d say “Are you Archangel Michael?” in my lucid experience, as if I didn’t know him. I knew him.

When I increased the magnification of my awareness and also felt into the situation, I saw that I was in a state of original innocence at the moment I saw him. My soul was coming forth and asking the question. It was a soul-to-soul meeting.

I was standing there newly revealed to him and asking him to reveal himself as well. And he did. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The minute I became aware of the state of original innocence, it came alive for me. For a few moments, it swallowed me up.

I immediately recognized this as the state we all secretly yearn for.

We should be having an “Original Innocence” week. Total emotional amnesty – total peace – to everyone who has caused us harm and an acknowledgment of contrition to those we’ve harmed.

If we knew the achingly-sweet nature of this state of consciousness, we’d drop everything else and pray for it. We’d forgive everyone who ever harmed us in a heart beat. And we’d beg for forgiveness from those we’ve harmed.


When I noticed sacred love and bliss in my field of awareness in 2015, they also swallowed me up. I became love and bliss for as long as the experience lasted.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that my cares and concerns vanished, leaving the Natural Self or love and bliss unveiled or revealed.

I don’t which was cause and which was effect. When one went (cares and concerns), the other came in (the Natural Self, Original Innocence). Whether one caused the other, I could not say. None of it came with a handbook. No Youtube video. No words of any kind.

Returning to the comparison with love and bliss, here, with original innocence, as soon as I recognized it, it swallowed me up as well and I could see how I could approach Michael and ask, in all innocence, “Are you Archangel Michael?” as if I didn’t know him. I was asking him to reveal himself to me, just as I stood revealed.

This was happening on a higher than Third Dimension. My everyday consciousness knew it as the background of imagination and passing thoughts.

All of it – original innocence, that is – was very natural. There was no reason to question any of it, no reason to be skeptical.

I think I’d be accurate in seeing this as a second fleeting experience of the Natural Self – in its Divine aspect as Original Innocence. (2)


In my view, standing forth as original innocence is a form of emergence, of breaking through the shell of our beliefs by inviting experiential knowledge rather than being satisfied with the merely intellectual on a matter of great importance.  The experience of it is the first experience of a truth powerful enough to dislodge and erode the illusion of original sin, guilt, shame, etc., implanted in us by religious authorities.  It’s a profoundly liberating experience. A real “Yahoo!” experience.

Even if we lose it – and lose we usually do, prior to Sahaja Samadhi – we remember how wonderful it was. And the memory of it inspires us.

Original innocence is who we are. It’s another view of the Natural Self. It’s totally without guile, without self-importance, without any attachment to the ego.


And then as suddenly as it came, original innocence as an expanded state of consciousness left and I was back in everyday consciousness.

Everyone’s everyday consciousness is unique to them. It’s just where they are right now. Really all I’m aware of is the me that’s here right now. I have no idea what dimension it is and I can’t say I care. For a long time now, I’ve felt that I’m in positive, rather than negative, territory.

I found myself in the everyday realm again, rather than in the realm of original innocence.

Original innocence is totally outside that realm, as far outside it as a country pasture is from the heart of downtown New York or Tokyo.

I’d now be willing to guess that original innocence is Fifth-Dimensional. We’re going to get there anyways so there’s no cause for concern. But I like to ride in the Dome Car and share what I see.

Perhaps view these as “Coming Attractions.”  Coming Attractions: Love, peace, bliss, original innocence … and more. Free admission. Open to everyone. Must have a ticket.

Available at the ticket seller’s window … in your heart.  Donations of love are accepted.

What’s not to love?


(1) “An Experience of the Breath of Michael,” April 25, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=287507

(2) “First Glimpse of the Natural Self,” Feb. 21, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/02/21/first-glimpse-natural-self/


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