“Are you having trouble trusting the process?” – Taryn Crimi

Art: Ira Tsantekidou

Art: Ira Tsantekidou


A Channeled Message From Taryn Crimi

Are you having trouble trusting the process?”

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Are you having trouble trusting the process? You are not alone. Today we would like to focus your attention upon trusting the process of your desired manifested goals.  In the beginning of this year we labeled this year as the year of “Propulsion”.  We offered you the analogy of a bow and arrow to signify the energy that would be most prevalent this year.  Just as you would pull a bow string back and set your sight on the target you wish to hit, and then release the bow which would then launch the arrow towards the desired destination many of you are in the midst of this very same process.

The first three months of your calendar year were meant to help you better recognize your desired outcomes and get clear about the goals you intended to accomplish.  Now that this time period has passed, you could liken this time to the act of letting the arrow go.  The discomfort that many of you feel wells up simply because the arrow is no longer in your possession and yet it has not reached its destination either.  This is when trusting the process is imperative.

So we would like to take this time to soften those discomforts, to ease the distress by reminding you that everything is exactly as it should be.  Each of you have deliberately molded your passions, your interests, your goals and dreams in more detail than ever before. You have taken a laser focus upon where you want this proverbial arrow to land. The time has now come to let go of your arrow and trust that all is being delivered to you. You have done much of the ground work; you have used your discernment to better navigate towards what you want to create going forward, this year is about trusting the process. We remind you that there is always so much going on behind the scenes, far past what the 5 physical senses can detect, that if you can rely more heavily upon your intuitive senses you will feel the energy that has been set in motion. And this is why we say, we remind you to trust in this process.

Once an archer has pulled his bow back, and taken aim with precision he must let the arrow fly, trusting that he has set the coordinates accurately and now it is up to gravity to pull the arrow into place. And so it is with all of you, this past year has felt trying, challenging, unnerving and unsettling to most but you have accomplished so very much through the process. Now it is time to let go and watch the wondrous Universe pull your dreams and goals into the physical and so we encourage you to trust in this process.

We hope that we have served you in some way.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides



EIGHT OF FIRE – Oracle – Divine Guidance



Daily Angel Oracle Card: Eight of Fire, from the Dreams Of Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Ravynne Phelan

Eight of Fire: “Keywords: Action, Change, Transformation, Transmutation, Rebirth, Freedom, Renewed Purpose, Joy.”

Key Phrases: “Transformation through action, Change on a Physical Level, It is time to Act, Give Something a New Purpose, Transmute Negative Energy, A Renewed Sense of Purpose, Don’t be Lazy, Inaction May Yield Unwelcome Changes”

Card Meaning: “The Eight of Fire symbolizes transformation through action – change on a physical level that brings freedom and joy. Is it time to start a new job or quit one? Is it time to move house because the one you are living in restricts and hampers you?

Or is it time to lose a little bit of weight, and increase your mobility and physical fitness? Is it time to set yourself free of unnecessary weight, whether it be physical, emotional, or psychological, so that you can move through life with more ease?

If you need to make real changes in your life, now is the time to do it. No more thinking, no more planning, and no more dreaming. Now is the time to get up off the couch, to act, and transform yourself or your life, or to take an idea, a possession – something in your life or space – and repurpose or transform it.

It may be something as simple as painting a room, making it brighter and lighter. Maybe it is time to clean house from one end to the other, banishing dust and cobwebs, getting rid of all that serves no purpose or is broken and unused. Regardless, this is a time of action and change, and it is a change that, once experienced, will bring you a sense of freedom… of weight lifted. You will feel reborn, and will face the future with a renewed sense of purpose.

Regardless of what, it is time to transmute one state of being into another. It is time to act and to enjoy.”

Potential Blockage: “Do not halt your own progress or hamper your growth, at this time – even if you may feel a bit ‘lazy’ or even apathetic. be your own advocate, rather than your own enemy, and challenge yourself if you find yourself unwilling to act. The Eight of Fire reversed speaks to us when we are experiencing either a lazy mind or body, and it serves as a reminder that there may well be consequences if necessary changes are not made – and that those consequences will be of our own making.

If you have become a perpetual planner, who never follows through, or if you always promise, and then fail to deliver, or even if you just feel it is all too much like hard work, the Eight of Fire reversed appears to warn that inaction is also a choice – and one that can have dire consequences. Now is the time to get up and move, to avoid having your life transformed in a manner that is not to your liking.”*

~by Ravynne Phelan

Nothing symbolizes transformation and elevation better than the Phoenix. The fire burns away the old, the unnecessary and makes way for the new. Transmutation of energies, the dissolution of one and a merging into another… complete death and rebirth. The cycle is complete.

What if all that we brought forth in the last few months, all the old, heavy and dense energy, all the pain and trauma, is all being purged now into the fire? What if this is it? The ritual burning of the old you, the old ways, all that is consumed by the fire.

And rising up from the ashes is a brand new version of you. A bolder, wiser, stronger and more capable You? One who is more intuitive, and more in tune with what is going on around you. One who is able to manifest exactly what you desire. One who no longer seeks the counsel or advice of another, but trusts themselves completely. One who knows that anything is possible if you take action to create it.

One who slams all the old doors shut and moves forward fearlessly.

One who takes the opportunities presented without agonizing over them first.

One who gives and receives love with a heart wide open.

What else is possible?

Set your intention, right now, for the coming month. What will you create? Feel free to share it on my Facebook page under this post! Put it out there to the Universe as your first action step.

Much Love



~Archangel Oracle

*Dreams Of Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Ravynne Phelan