Resolving the “Heavy” Realities to Intentionally Shift to Higher (Lighter Density) Timelines – Lisa Transcendence Brown

The every-moment-realizations of what were unconscious programs, where all still hold self-imposed limitations, where our focus and energy create realities for us to experience here….

Those taking their power back, letting go of the separation-of-time, victim mentalities, putting responsibility back on others instead of taking others unconsciousness on themselves, moving further into abundance and out of all of the lack, in-JOYing the peace and magic of NEW Earth Existences, shedding those heavy/weighing programmed realities quicker (if it’s not easy and in-flow, it’s very obvious where the hold-up is, where the resistance is, where all is unable to align). Some things are meant to be worked through, to dissolve the energy present, where unification can occur, while other things are meant to be released because they are not meant to align “outside”, yet inside we resolve all back into Unity and allow all realities to play out in their own way. We choose what we allow in our own field of consciousness to physically experience here.

We all used to hold onto realities, try to make them work… we could see the possibilities, the promise, what “could be”… IF….

In the old unconscious days, that little spark would keep us “hoping & trying” for one day…. this too being our own separation, for if it’s not already present, if it’s a struggle, if it’s a continual “trying process”, then there’s often way too much resistance (I’m not ready) energy still going on…. As Souls we see the possibilities, see the purposes, see the higher dimensional timelines that “could be”. Yet where different dimensional timelines “cross”, the fully aligned realities may take awhile for each to resolve their own current programming before realities can fully align on a higher dimensional plane of existence here.

The cool part is that as we release all of these realities that don’t support what we know/see, that don’t support what we are here to do/be (as a Soul), then there’s no desire to continue it on forever and run the whole parallel timeline until it collapses/plays itself out. Prophetic/Holographic abilities show us in this moment how that timeline can play out. The dominant energy present dictates this…. and it’s easy to choose to “just let go” and call forth the next awesome realities that can align easily…. While continuing to honor each of our own paths that we are currently on right now. .

We let go of the inner struggle, the inner chaos, the inner resistance, the inner need to force or try to fit that square peg in that round hole…..

Peace & Freedom come when we stop fighting inside, when we transcend our own unconscious programs and unify all back into love again. How fast this occurs will depend on how much current programming we are still holding in our own cellular memory banks and how important it is for us to fully align our own realities instead of waiting until they dissolve/collapse because ALL OF NEW EARTH energetic ingredients are not there…..

When we stop trying to make things work and start listening/seeing/honoring from within, when we truly open up for ease, then ease will enter in.

When honor and integrity to all’s highest vibrational everything on a Soul Level is our priority, then decisions are very different than they were when we lived in our little human realities…..

Soul aligned realities will always be from the super-expanded perspectives of the bigger picture and taking into account “all the little pictures” that play a part of the whole…..

All around us, in every moment are an abundance of opportunities, gifts and possibilities…. our little human only focuses on the small picture and shuts all of these other things out…. When we expand we can see all that is available and how our actions, decisions and focused energy dictates the reality we experience here. What we allow… that creates too…. and there is a, insurmountable amount of “not allowing that” anymore…..Anytime there is unconscious programming, then it’s up to each one of us to see it and choose “how: is most appropriate to deal. This is where each’s MASTERY comes in. For every nano-second will be different because there are so many timelines available simultaneously now.

Pay attention to your stories (about you and others)… These ARE your BELIEVED realities that you hold in place/call forth/anchor/create in the physical here. ♦

Choose your timelines…. it’s just one of your amazing gifts and abilities here! I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Kimono Flower art by Evita Works @ Etsy

Kimono Flower art by Evita Works @ Etsy




A special WESAK (Full Moon of May 10, 2017) transmission from Lord Buddha in his role as the Planetary Logos within the Spiritual Hierarchy. Integrated Channel Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden.

Namaste My Dearest Beloveds,

I am Lord Buddha here to give a few words of encouragement about the upcoming energies we will all be experiencing, known as the Festival of Wesak.

We know that every year there is more acceleration that occurs within the planet during Wesak, the full moon of Taurus, in which all of us as masters and initiates arise to a new part of existence within our energetic bodies. Each of you that are embodying these energies within your physical self are challenged in many more ways than you could ever imagine. You have been preparing for these moments within your soul’s history for a very long time.

The time is now arriving in which the Heart of Divine Consciousness is going to be felt more fully than ever before. This is due to the fact the that Flame of Creative and Active Intelligence is the next flame that is being grounded into Gaia’s core. This will occur during this full moon on May 10, 2017.

As the Planetary Logos, the Father of Spirituality for Gaia, I am very honored to be the bringer of good news to each of you about this powerful light force. We, in the Spiritual Hierarchy, have been waiting for quite some time to allow this flame to be fully accept by Gaia’s Core Essence. Through the last few years, actually since 2012, there have been great changes within the circumference of the planet so that specific Rays of God could be fully grounded into the crystalline structure of the planet. There has been no reason why the order of the flames has arrived; the only element that has been in control of this movement is how humanity will receive the flames and what will they do with it.

The Pink Flame is not the last ray that needs to be put into place on Earth as the Science of God (the 5th Ray of Gold, Green, White) is not ready to be received by humanity and probably will not be available for quite some time.

Let me explain to you what I mean when I say “Grounded into the Core Essence of Gaia.”

Grounding means that the crystalline structure of the planet is receiving this flame so that it will be felt in all waves in and around the planet. As the other Rays of God have gone through this process, it has created great changes in the way people think and act, the movement of awareness and accessibility of realizing the potential that Gaia needs to feel in order for her to move forward in her acceleration.

Gaia is no different than any of you. She must feel the energies, get a sense of what is occurring, and accept or deny the frequency that she feels happening within her subtle bodies. So this process can take quite a while for it to become fully accepted by all levels within and around the planet. In fact the other five rays of the Blue, Golden Yellow, Crystalline, Ruby Red/Gold, and Violet/Purple are not fully grounded in all levels of the planet. As the earth shifts in its orbit, there are other elements that come into play for the flames to be fully felt by all of humanity.

This represents the consciousness of humanity. If I was to share with you what this consciousness represents, you would see that we have a very long journey ahead of us as most souls within this consciousness do not accept that these elements can come into place. Humanity is still very ingrained with the dogma and society of the third dimension which you call the Matrix.

You may ask then, “Why are the flames being grounded, if they are not being experienced by most souls of the planet.” That is a very good question and the answer is very complicated. The souls that have inhabited this planet for centuries and centuries have been programmed to think that it is the planet of the Ego, but yet each of you that are listening to my words understand that you have had the grand opportunity to change this planet by transforming yourself.

That thought of the planet being in Ego form goes way back beyond your history books and many souls that have inhabited this planet go right into that energy system which supports the function of the lower frequency. But in the last few hundred years, this has changed dramatically. In fact in the last 100 years there are more souls that believe in the after-life upon the planet than ever before. This means that these souls have the potential to realize that they are their own God-Source and can fully accept they have a Higher Self, an I Am Presence that guides them to the Divinity of their Light.

So if we can assist these souls, which are truly each of you, to understand that you do have a purpose to help this earth, then we of the Spiritual Hierarchy, must adhere to the Divine Laws to assist you to hold unto as much light frequency as possible in order to adhere to your contract of being upon the Earth at this time.

If each of you that are part of this energy, fully accept that you can work within the Seven Rays of God, then these rays become part of your existence. They will help you in your life path to bring forth healing, love, and abundance in every thought and feeling that comes through your four-body system. That is why the five Rays I mentioned have been grounded into Gaia, but only each of you that connect with that energy can fully appreciate what this means. The grounding effect is to help you sustain yourself within the realms of light but to also be physical in your existence.

For this Wesak we are happy to announce that the Pink Flame of Creative and Active Intelligence will be grounded into Gaia’s Core Essence. The reflection of this ray will assist humanity to become more conscious of their Heart Connection through the Higher Self and I Am Presence. It brings forth the ability to accept the Divinity of Light into the physical walk.

This also means that Awakening the Heart Essence Within Each Individual is going to help souls to wake up to the connection of their Spiritual Self. We are excited as the prospect of more souls wanting to walk as a Master and become an Initiate of Mastery is going to truly help the planet in a more defined way of being.

This also means that there is quite a bit of transformation that needs to occur. The Pink Flame just doesn’t make everyone perfect, to feel the essence of Adoration and Love, but it helps to transmute those particles that have not made up that energetic essence within their Etheric Self. It is a powerful flame for healing in a new a different way.

Accessing this flame is going to assist the planet in many ways especially the geographic areas that need the most healing.

This Wesak will bring about great healing in all areas of living and help people to realize the potential they have within themselves to create a balance of light within and around them.

I am honored to be the Planetary Logos, to ignite this flame into the hearts of all souls so that the Awakened Heart of the Source of Light can be felt through the Emotional Body as the Feminine Divine becomes more of an active participation within the planet.

Be still and hold these energies within yourself. Work through the issues that arise and utilize the Pink Flame to help you feel the blessing that you are to your physical self. The more initiates we have to become conscious of these elements, the easier the transition will be for this Earth and Gaia.

I look forward to working with each of you during this fabulous movement of Wesak 2017

I Am Lord Buddha, Your Planetary Logos

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriesee Hayden

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