Resolving the “Heavy” Realities to Intentionally Shift to Higher (Lighter Density) Timelines – Lisa Transcendence Brown

The every-moment-realizations of what were unconscious programs, where all still hold self-imposed limitations, where our focus and energy create realities for us to experience here….

Those taking their power back, letting go of the separation-of-time, victim mentalities, putting responsibility back on others instead of taking others unconsciousness on themselves, moving further into abundance and out of all of the lack, in-JOYing the peace and magic of NEW Earth Existences, shedding those heavy/weighing programmed realities quicker (if it’s not easy and in-flow, it’s very obvious where the hold-up is, where the resistance is, where all is unable to align). Some things are meant to be worked through, to dissolve the energy present, where unification can occur, while other things are meant to be released because they are not meant to align “outside”, yet inside we resolve all back into Unity and allow all realities to play out in their own way. We choose what we allow in our own field of consciousness to physically experience here.

We all used to hold onto realities, try to make them work… we could see the possibilities, the promise, what “could be”… IF….

In the old unconscious days, that little spark would keep us “hoping & trying” for one day…. this too being our own separation, for if it’s not already present, if it’s a struggle, if it’s a continual “trying process”, then there’s often way too much resistance (I’m not ready) energy still going on…. As Souls we see the possibilities, see the purposes, see the higher dimensional timelines that “could be”. Yet where different dimensional timelines “cross”, the fully aligned realities may take awhile for each to resolve their own current programming before realities can fully align on a higher dimensional plane of existence here.

The cool part is that as we release all of these realities that don’t support what we know/see, that don’t support what we are here to do/be (as a Soul), then there’s no desire to continue it on forever and run the whole parallel timeline until it collapses/plays itself out. Prophetic/Holographic abilities show us in this moment how that timeline can play out. The dominant energy present dictates this…. and it’s easy to choose to “just let go” and call forth the next awesome realities that can align easily…. While continuing to honor each of our own paths that we are currently on right now. .

We let go of the inner struggle, the inner chaos, the inner resistance, the inner need to force or try to fit that square peg in that round hole…..

Peace & Freedom come when we stop fighting inside, when we transcend our own unconscious programs and unify all back into love again. How fast this occurs will depend on how much current programming we are still holding in our own cellular memory banks and how important it is for us to fully align our own realities instead of waiting until they dissolve/collapse because ALL OF NEW EARTH energetic ingredients are not there…..

When we stop trying to make things work and start listening/seeing/honoring from within, when we truly open up for ease, then ease will enter in.

When honor and integrity to all’s highest vibrational everything on a Soul Level is our priority, then decisions are very different than they were when we lived in our little human realities…..

Soul aligned realities will always be from the super-expanded perspectives of the bigger picture and taking into account “all the little pictures” that play a part of the whole…..

All around us, in every moment are an abundance of opportunities, gifts and possibilities…. our little human only focuses on the small picture and shuts all of these other things out…. When we expand we can see all that is available and how our actions, decisions and focused energy dictates the reality we experience here. What we allow… that creates too…. and there is a, insurmountable amount of “not allowing that” anymore…..Anytime there is unconscious programming, then it’s up to each one of us to see it and choose “how: is most appropriate to deal. This is where each’s MASTERY comes in. For every nano-second will be different because there are so many timelines available simultaneously now.

Pay attention to your stories (about you and others)… These ARE your BELIEVED realities that you hold in place/call forth/anchor/create in the physical here. ♦

Choose your timelines…. it’s just one of your amazing gifts and abilities here! I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Kimono Flower art by Evita Works @ Etsy

Kimono Flower art by Evita Works @ Etsy

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