Archangel Michael: This Sense of Emergency Has to Go – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael: This Sense of Emergency Has to Go

Over and over, Archangel Michael tells us not to be hasty or self-important in how we go about our projects after the Reval, but to follow a measured and thoughtful pace.

Here again he reminds me that my new marching orders are strolling orders: No sense of emergency, no apprehension of urgency. Just measured acts of consideration and kindness.

Steve Beckow: Is there any change to my marching orders?

AAM: I am changing your marching orders to strolling orders….Β  No, there is no change to your marching orders, my beloved friend.

It is so important – hear what I say, above and below, within and without – that this sense of urgency and emergency that catalyzes so many human beings – sometimes necessarily but very rarely – this sense of rushing here and there,Β  resulting in you spinning your wheels [has to go].

The first order of business is breathing.

This sense of patchwork repair – and we are not saying that there is not time to put a patch on a tire so that you can get from A to B – but in the bigger sense, this sense of rushing about fixing this, doing that, engaging in this just for the sake of feeling that you are doing something or just for the sake of ego-driven action has need to stop – not simply just fade away. Well, it is fading away.

I want to emphasize this. Very often, what human beings in their daily life, not the larger global events but in their daily lives, are interpreting as urgent, as must/needs, is not so.

They are not anchoring and so we are encouraging the anchoring in their joy, the anchoring in their love and the love to truly be the impetus for action, for movement, for going forth about their business and the business of the Mother, in any given day.

Creation is infinite and it may take, in your terminology, a millisecond or it may take billions of years. The wisdom of knowing the pace at which to proceed, that doesn’t create either in oneself or in those around you, either very personally, immediately or in the greater population, a sense of urgency is very necessary.

So that as you are approaching, and doing and enjoying the creation of Nova Earth, that it is done and undertaken with a sense of joy, of balance, of peace and of love; that there is a sense of joyousness in that.

Very often in the sense of either individual or collective urgency, what happens is consideration, mutuality, cooperation, collegiality are overridden or set aside because it is too important; it needs to get done now.

That is not the truth of this transformation. If it is not done in peace and unity and collegiality, then the outcome, the desired outcome in terms of the Mother, has not been achieved.

If you are for example, ending hunger in the Sudan but you have made yourself sick and ill and exhausted in so doing, then something has been missed.

So the sense of urgency, which often includes the sense of self-importance, not in terms of fulfilment of mission but literally, β€œLook what I can do,” needs to be eliminated so that it is thoughtful and plan-full.

It can happen more quickly, more effectively, more efficiently when those with the wisdom, the understanding, the right attitude and the information are truly included in the first brush, not as an afterthought.

So what I am saying, and this is not obviously just to you my beloved friend, but to so many; so many who are going to think that they are letting down our Mother if they do not act quickly.

Act with measured kindness. Act with considered action. You are stepping forward in massive creation. Do not minimize it by simply taking baby steps.

The magnitude of the shift – not only physically but emotionally – the impact – not only individually but on the collective consciousness – of this shift is monumental. And it will take a little bit of what you think of as time, to sink in.

Now think of this, you have had a situation where this sense of financial pressure, of lack has been lessened and lessened and look at the creativity and the growing sense of ease that has come from that literal anchoring down, the settling in in this sense of this world/my world has shifted and I am safe so that there is not the anxiety of having to rush and do something.

This is going to happen with the collective and it is particularly going to happen with the Lightworker/loveholder community. So how they would act and how they would proceed tomorrow and a month or two months from now is significantly different.

So our guidance, our very strong guidance to each of you is, do not proceed from a sense of false urgency. And that is an immediate sense that you need to do something or that you are letting the Mother down.

When you proceed with calm consideration, with the brilliance of your minds, then you are proceeding in ways that are divinely orchestrated.


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