Re-Enacting the Vision Nightly – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Tribal Sun Painting.

Tribal Sun Painting


Re-Enacting the Vision Nightly

Every night a scene reminiscent of my vision in 1987 (1) takes place outside my front window.

Every night, the sun sets right in front of me. I intently watch the great golden orb slowly sink into the ocean.

I take the sight and pretend that Iโ€™m back in the vision, seeing the bright golden Sun again that was the origin and destination of the individual soulโ€™s journey.

But let me give some of the details of that experience, to contextualize what Iโ€™m looking at and what I do with it.

Driving to work on Feb. 13 of that year, I asked the universe, โ€œIf our early lives are a puzzle, which, when solved, become a picture, could it be that life itself is a puzzle and, if so, whatโ€™s the picture that life is?โ€

Everything went black and I forgot that I was behind the wheel of a car. I was bathed in bliss.

The first thing I noticed in the overall blackness, (2) was a brilliant golden Sun.ย  Because of the bliss, which helps one to know, I knew that Sun to be God the Father. I didnโ€™t need anyone to tell me and the vision was wordless anyways.

From out of that golden orb, a small and brilliant golden Star emerged and flew off into the blackness of space. I โ€œinstinctivelyโ€ knew that golden Star to be the soul, Self, Christ, or Atman.

I couldnโ€™t see where it went but effortlessly and instinctively projected myself to the area of space it ended up in.ย  I saw a large diaphanous cloud, which I intuitively knew was God the Mother or the Holy Spirit.

I saw spirals in that cloud with small circles travelling through them and knew those spirals to be lifetimes in matter;ย  the small circles were bright Stars that had lost their brilliance when in matter. I just knew these things, effortlessly.

The Star that I had recently seen being born suddenly flashed back to life and promptly left the spiral and raced back to the golden Sun, into which it plunged. Once I had a chance to look at all the elements, ponder their meaning, and arrive at a statement of it, (3) the vision vanished.

Now picture me sitting here looking at the golden Sun each night. The clouds out there are like the Holy Spirit.

Here I am in a spiral of lifetimes in matter, looking out and seeing the Father over there. Way over there. The seeing in the physical world of the same sight that I saw in my vision is about as compelling an experience as I can possibly imagine. And I get to gaze upon it every night.

Here I am, unrealized. And as long as I am, thereโ€™s no leaving these lifetimes in matter and rejoining the Father, the bright golden Sun. Thereโ€™s no completing the journey that I saw in the vision. Was the vision just meant to be known and communicated? Or was it meant to be realized and completed?

Since weโ€™re all needed for Ascension, I intend only to know it and communicate it. Completing the overall journey of a soul from God to God is probably many, many, many lifetimes away. And even if it wasnโ€™t, thereโ€™s work to do.

Nevertheless โ€ฆ Iโ€™m over here, Father! Over here! Make Thy Face to shine upon me and grant me peace.


(1) For a description of the vision, see โ€œChapter 13. Epilogue,โ€ at

(2) I failed to notice the blackness, which I now consider to have been symbol for the Godhead, a higher form of God than God the Father or Brahman.

(3) The statement was: โ€œThe purpose of life is enlightenment.โ€ The minute I uttered it, the vision vanished.


Tribal Sun Painting.

Tribal Sun Painting

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