Today’s Energy Update: High Frequency SOLar Winds, Crystals/Crystalline Structures Tuning – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art:  Marcia Gamma

Art: Marcia Gamma


Today’s Energy Update: High Frequency SOLar Winds, Crystals/Crystalline Structures Tuning: Activating & Embodying, Galactic Aspects, Ascended Aspects.


Aloha BE-LOVE-d Crystalline Gridkeeper,

​Yes, if you are here, you are a NEW Earth Crystalline Gridkeeper and it’s an important role for us all. At first we don’t realize this, as we just “think” that we are “just one person” and don’t contribute much and that we are going through everything “of our own”…. As humans, we also mis-perceive everything that highest dimensional existence really is. Especially when it comes to the physical body and the physical reality…. Β β™₯

Collective Ascension means that everyone on Earth is experiencing this. It’s just different for each one, yet gazillions each collective (which changes continually), and each shifting collective is experiencing in their own way. Individual stories are just that… our unique experience that we all chose for our own experience and that gazillion others will/are/have experienced as well. The more human, the more physical. The more Light, all is just energy and a continual physical re-alignment, tuning, re-calibration process that we are fully engaged and intentionally participating in, therefore it’s just a part of a whole new way of existing and one that is beyond challenging to human aspects until their heart/minds open enough to care enough to truly understand and to make it a priority to come on-board as well…

The hugest polarity is the one between Unconscious Old Earth and Intentionally Conscious NEW Earth. Old Earth has division, battle, struggle and self-first agendas… NEW Earth is Unity, Love, Peace, Kindness, Respect, Authentic/Real/Pure and those Mastering the Ability to MAINTAIN Ascended Existence by BEing LOVE and Kindness from deep within and radiating this out as a WAY of BEing, not a face we put on or practice for awhile… it’s always there, even when we have to stand in our POWER, LOVE never leaves. It’s just not a dormat like human love was…. Old Earth is barely visible, because we are focused on holding NEW EARTH’s foundations and REALities in place. This takes all of our ENERGY. We all have to eventually choose where we focus our energy, efforts and resources too. Old or NEW. When NEW Earth is y/our ONLY focus, then this is where each will live too. The rest is peripheral awareness …

When we encounter an unconscious experience, then we choose how to experience with kindness, love and respect. We need not bring it into our world. We can shift dimensionally to maintain ours and observe all current dimensions present too. Sometimes we are to speak, others to just BE, as our essence/energy is all that is necessary… we can honor short exchanges for the purposes they serve without bringing them into ours, unless the vibration is truly pure, supportive and offers an exchange that’s beneficial and inspiring for us all. Balance is always key. Awareness is too. For if something’s not fully aligned, we can feel/see through our heart/mind and let the reality play itself out however is appropriate. Sometimes we see no need to continue the exchange and others we see the beauty in creation. Our highest relationships are of beautiful creation energies, which are inspiring and purposeful and easy….

Our heads (human ego mind) used to rule, used to create stories in advance to play out, used to keep our body in protective mode, safety mode, survival mode, defensive/offensive mode and man, talk about exhausting. Just walking around each day with all those pretenses, all of those “looking for the bad guy, looking for good/bad/right/wrong, having to prove our reality was right, needing to impose, change everyone, taking care of everyone else, occupying our minds with busy thoughts that only produced chaos… always trying to hold realities in place so that they would not crumble…. Goodness, no wonder our bodies need so much love and care to purify/cleanse and release those veils of amnesia that kept us all in a matrix reality of “should/shouldn’t, have-to’s, comparison, competition, trying to prove something”… holy wow….

Our higher hearts & minds are simple… They could not care less about those things… yet this is a process of REALizing when we shift out of this place of love, kindness and respect and back into the “struggle game” again…..

NEW Earth Existence is SIMPLE…. it’s BE PURE all of the time… yet this is a struggle for our little separated human mind, so it’s up to us to determine which “US” that we allow to “run the show”. Heart fully open, relaxed… don’t care… everything perfect, in alignment and easy. We do have to work, yet it’s very different, for when you/we are SOUL aligned we are able to accomplish with great ease and make a difference as we do…..

Our ENERGY is what matters, which means lots of nurturing, love, care for us. The higher we go, the more alone time, solitude, connection-time we need without outer inner-fearance to transmit signals that are of a vibration that’s any less than purity, love, support and silence too…..

I awoke this morning to REMEMBERING when I activated my Arcturian Consciousness Aspect from inside of me. For 3 days solid my body filled with the most profound and pure love that I’d ever felt. Every day from that moment forward was me “learning” how to maintain this presence in everything, every exchange, every word I spoke, every thought/action emanating this… Soon after, boom boom boom, Sirian & Lyran Aspects came through and I spend every day holding that, as well as my Angelic initiations (this was a huge daily process of doing kind acts for no reason until I REMEMBERED how to be an Angel again)…. The Elohim, Archangel Michael, Ariel and each one activated from within me, then Jeshua/Jesus/Christed Energy, then God, Pure Source Light and the list goes on and on. Every moment was me HOLDING THAT VIBRATION WITH ALL OF ME. With each one came the knowledge and the gifts as my own DNA changed and upgraded continually to come to BE on NEW Earth fully with my own physical body ascension years ago….

The entire time, my body was going through so very much. It meant letting everything else go and honoring my body, yet not in the ways human’s think…. human rules/beliefs/practices/should’s/treatments all go out the window when Light starts to fill our cells and our body goes in and out of cravings for things it needs to re-structure and rebuild.

Sleep…. a ridiculous amount of sleep necessary to transition over “to the other side”, to “cross that Rainbow Bridge” and leave all old human ways behind…. My body needed to activate my own Crystalline Structure, which meant many things…. one was that Crystalline DNA had activated and I first broke out all over, with like the Chicken Pox and my human wanted to freak out, yet softly the words were “this is your Crystalline DNA, it is fine”…. this calmed any fears my little human wanted to have, yet the itching & pain were still mega-uncomfortable, yet the understanding alone helps us get through it… and I started to realize that if I just changed my perspectives/perceptions, then the journey would change too. So from that point forward I totally embraced, no matter how uncomfortable it was. I got excited, grateful and appreciative and my words went from “oh no, not again” or “this is an inconvenience” to “thank goodness, I’ve waited eons for this” and “once I get through this, awesome arrives!” and I started to realize that these were the processes of my own cleansing, releasing my own veils and instead of a hindrance, it was mega-important for me to honor, assist, support and to allow myself what I needed to anchor, integrate and hold more light….

I started realizing that “life” got easier “after” each huge sleep/timeline clearing, after the pain of suppression release/detoxing was complete, after the emotion cleared, after I shifted my own thoughts to ones of gratitude, appreciation and love… for acceptance and understanding made all of the difference in HOW I experienced everything here…. The “rough times”, in the beginning, were beyond excruciating and pushed me to the brink every time, yet got lesser and lesser and then a semblance of a faded, distant memory, barely visible anymore…. They were replaced with ease, grace and the occasional “blip” in order to shift. Some times they can get challenging, yet we are totally present, conscious and moving through those intentionallyΒ and aware of all too. We exchange physical intensity for energetic intensity and then intense becomes immense… immense love, care, connection with all… profound, subtle and pure.

Eventually I moved into the phases where I got to choose & dictate, because I had dissolved enough of my own veils to SEE and Embodied my higher self aspects within my entire physical everything. I had access to what our human’s call Prophetic Gifts, yet to us, it’s just seeing the other dimensions first… and I learned to stay expanded all of the time and to live from “there” first. The physical then became a result and what had already occurred. I was just DOing in my reality here what it took to anchor those dimensions in the physical and to clear any karmic residue I still held from all existences in this one here.

We learn to MOVE ENERGY with this profound strength and amount of POWER that moves physical realities powerfully too. We can obliterate if we need, yet we never leave LOVE as our CORE Existence.

We start to understand when to get up and do, when to sleep, what is appropriate for THE MOMENT… because we are in-tune with our WHOLE BEING…. as ENERGY first….

This is a JOURNEY of re-connecting again, from the inside out. With our hearts, minds, whole body… everything we’ve got…. all reconnects back UP when we open up fully and are truly ready….

When we don’t feel good, then honor this.. and let go of the good/bad, right/wrong, positive/negative… those are duality words…. Use feeling words to describe. The same with labels. They tend to lump everything into “one thing”. That doesn’t work here. That keeps the human in a box of mis-understandings…. Diagnosis do this as well. Things are seen as problems, wrong or a things to hide, ignore, fix….

If you don’t feel “good”, honor this. Your body is speaking to you. It’s working hard to release the emotions, feelings, thoughts, programs that were deeply suppressed in every part(icle) of your Earthly Body. Separation comes out of us in every way. Judging it keeps us in an avoidance, not honoring, resistance mode and this alone creates suffering/not awesome experiences….

This is not a journey of being positive all of the time. Yes, we do have to expand beyond lower vibrational things, yet in order to do that we have to recognize when we have something go on inside of us that needs attention first… We have to take the space-time that we need for us, get out in nature, sleep and support our own body in everything that it needs. Honor cellular cleansings of “every existence suppressed programming”. Our spirit/energy needs fun, happy, nature, vibrancy, color, music and to be creative…. Our SOUL needs depth, connection and purity…. Our human needs kindness, respect and love from us and a swift kick in the butt when it tries to get out of line and to be told “no” alot (with love)…. It needs us, as our Highest Aspect to recognize when it tries to bring “the old ways” back in…. ONE OF OUR ABILITIES is the ability to observe ourselves and all around us simultaneously, to see what’s really going on INSIDE OF US…. so that we can shift it to a higher/lighter state of consciousness ourselves and so that we can realize how we kept re-creating/allowing/calling forth those old realities because we were unconscious ourselves….

When these ultra-high frequencies work through your whole body and life to cleanse, it’s not all roses right then. It’s challenging and pushes us to the edge, which is the point, for our human doesn’t get to dictate or keep us small, living in boxes anymore…. it also doesn’t get to suppress anything anymore…

This is an important “time” (vibrational existence) for all of us now. It means that we can all transcend separation easier when we observe ourselves and SEE what is pure and what is our own separation/unconscious program still. It’s important to honor when our Crystalline LightBody is in tuning process and is weak, which means rest until the process is complete. Even right now as I type this, high frequency SOLar winds sign at the top of their UNIVERSAL LUNGS β™«β™«β™« which is beautiful beyond, yet our brains are mush while our crystals tune…. Yes, this is how all works….

We are still preparing for a huge timeline shift and there is always soooooo very much going on energetically and “in the other dimensions”, preparing to arrive/materialize for us all. Whether you can see yet (pineal gland activate through the higher heart chamber) or just feel it, that’s all that matters. You don’t always need to know. I’ve spent years “knowing inside” and not knowing anything at all. Trusting is a process, for our human doesn’t trust anything at all. Opening up, playing games with “Our own Universe” (us) is necessary for us all.

Easy comes when we, as little humans, stop trying to keep control. There is a barrage of humans in the unconscious dimensions trying really hard to hang on to the old, living/playing out believed fears, convincing themselves of stories and so very separated that they cannot yet hear/see/understand. YOU are the WayShower, the WaySEER, the ONE that holds these abilities as a Portal and Gatekeeper here. YOU are the ONE that holds the ability to SHOW others through your presence, your essence and your own MASTERY by holding yourself in an expanded state and being your own Ascended Aspect here. You are the one that must pull away and love yourself so that you can fulfill these uber-important roles, purposes and missions of BEING A LIGHT KEEPER here.

When you “look out there”, it’s important to realize that each is experiencing THEIR OWN CREATED REALITIES, their own BELIEVED REALITIES, their own NECESSARY EXPERIENCES to clear all of that old programming from their own physical bodies, their own UNITY or SEPARATION realities, their own version of HEAVEN or HELL (or purgatory for awhile) in order to vibrationally shift into a lighter density dimension/timeline of NEW Earth too. You are experiencing yours and where you accept others in your world, then you agree to theirs too…. until you vibrate into a different reality, if this is what is meant to be….. You will see/understand as you continue, how you get to CHOOSE HAPPY first and allow your Universe (Highest Dimensional YOU) to support you, which at first comes through opportUNITY, IDEAS and that which will challenge your human to work through any lack energy still held inside….

Your human will have to jump through hoops… this is how it works. It will have to be pushed beyond it’s own limits for you are not limited by anything…. only your mind and excuses and “I’m not ready to JUMP” yet….

Reconciling all and returning to Full Unification/Unity inside, dissolves y/our own human resistance and all gets much easier as we do. Observe everything… does that unify or separate? Does that bring through love or is it ego/fear/resistant/making excuses/offensive/intrusive/harsh? Is the ENERGY PURE or do you FEEL something else going on? Your head will look for stuff… and this will keep you spinning in a cycle until you are done….

Relax, breathe, let it all go… inside… just observe and THEN decide what feels “right” from within. Do if appropriate, or nothing is often the response… there’s nothing to do… let it be, let it fall away, dissipate and allow a whole new reality to emerge… do what feels appropriate in accordance with higher consciousness unity-love for all-as-one…. What do you need? Do this and then see how you feel…. energetic shifting occurs easier when you pull away and/or sleep to clear/cleanse the energy that you held before that trigger/activation occurred….

Trust…. that if you are fully aligned inside that the outside will align too. It make take a bit, for you may have created a huge reality full of “out-of-alignment” stuff to physically deal with to move those realities out so that new ones can finally come through (as you vibrate into them), for both are always occurring. This isn’t about “that out there”, this is about your overall/whole vibration…. not just the words, not just one action or one-time or one-thought, this is about all of them combined, your whole body, what you are feeling and everything your physical body holds…..

When you HOLD PURITY LOVE at your CORE, your essence is very different than your Old Earth Dimensional you. You are soft and powerful all at the same time, constantly in CREATION MODE, for every breath, action, word, feeling, thought… this creates…. and as CREATOR you never stop creating intentionally NEW/HIGHER DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCES here.

Your highest aspects of you truly desire to contribute, support, come together and be a part of that which you know is now possible, because all of us are holding this in place from within us and coming together in a whole new way. You realized that you were the one that had to open up fully to experience these exquisite realities available now. Your human becomes very small and barely visible, unless you have something emerging to honor, cleanse, purify, clear. The process is now so much shorter than in the “old days”, where it dominated everything for awhile. Then we realized that we got to focus on HAPPY, JOY AND LOVE first…. We did have to get over “feeling guilty” for finally being happy, achieving magic and bliss inside. We cannot be a Light to others if we hide. We are meant to shine our light and hold the bar high so that others can see and believe too, so that they can desire happy, joy, peace and magic MORE than their little human wants to hold onto the old out of separation, lack and fear…

You are the EXAMPLE…. it’s part of how you make a difference here. You LIVE YOUR HAPPY, YOUR BLISS, YOUR MAGIC AND ABUNDANCE to be the “proof” that ALL OF THIS is very real. β™₯

I love you. Keep shining, sharing, opening, up, stepping up, contributing, using your resources to connect, inspire and make a difference, AS YOU HONOR YOU and your gatekeeper/gridkeeper roles here. Balance, back and forth for awhile until you/we each MASTER each dimensional reality from within. Then we can “do it all” easily, because each becomes a new gift, ability, skill that is natural and ‘just a part of what is natural’…. first we must move through the reality to Master it completely, so that we can move through another and another and another until they are all easy, simple and natural as a part of a whole new existence here. β™₯

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Art:  Marcia Gamma

Art: Marcia Gamma


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