Experienced into Nothingness – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Archangel Faith by Lily Moses


Experienced into Nothingness

“The energies of third-dimensional experiences (experiences of lack and limitation) remain stored and active in cellular memory until cleared–the process you are in now.” (1)

In that moment, we not only feel the feeling, but we name it. And when we name it, our knees can buckle at the memories it brings up and we can say, “Oh, I don’t want to go through that one again.”

And down the feelings go, back into whatever deep, dark cavern they came from, to rise again later as another tidal wave or magma or however you prefer to think of them.

This morning I felt a pang that caused me to shudder and shake. Before naming it, I could see that I didn’t like this sucker. I was almost reluctant to ask its name.

It named itself as “loneliness.” No. “Llllooooooooooooooooonnnnnnneeeeeellllllyyyy-ness.” (Ghosts boooooohing in the background.) Oh, I hate this one.

All my friends are away.

I spent six months in 1986 processing loneliness once and for all and I finally got through it. One day I just woke up and it was gone. And it didn’t return for more than a decade.

I didn’t go out on Davie Street, where I now again live, and deflect my attention.  I didn’t even go for a walk on the beach.  And I don’t plan to deflect my attention this go-round either. But make it be quicker.

The thought that I had to go through this one again almost did me in.

So I’m not saying it’ll be easy when I recommend that we ride our vasanas out, be with our feelings, experience them through to completion, instead of projecting them. (2) Sometimes we can feel we’d rather die.

Here’s another trap. I made the cardinal error of acting on what I saw before the vasana had susbided. I am wagging my own finger at myself.

Defeated again, I learned from a great man, I pick myself up and continue.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, because there’s no subject more important to me in this time of clearing, 95% of the time when I think I’m right, there’s a vasana at play. Self-righteousness is the very worst guide, I have to say, as one who has played this card often in life.

Vasanas are our biggest challenge.  Even though I know from my realized and lived-in experience that the Fifth Dimension will be free of our feeling controlled by vasanas, we still will have memories and they maystill  raise problems for us.

What we learn now about how to be with our vasanas without wrecking our lives will stand us in good stead then. Or when we find ourselves rehearsing our experience to another Third-Dimensional civilization, looking at Ascension.

I used to say that the silver lining of a vasana was the skill that we learned. The compulsive networker is still a good networker when the vasana has been experienced into nothingness. The belligerent leader is still a good leader when the vasana of belligerence has been laid to rest. Etc.

We’re left with the gold when the dross burns away. It burns away by the power of our simple awareness, our neutral observation, our balanced attention.

Oh! Oh! One more thought. Confidence. Confidence. Confidence, you leaders.

Humble confidence. Modest confidence. Discerning, mature, contagious confidence.

Confidence in ourselves. Confidence in the Company of Heaven. Confidence in our partners.

The best leadership is impossible without confidence, I believe, although confidence alone is not enough to make a good leader.

It’s a vital ingredient, like curry in Indian food.

If you’re faltering, look first to your confidence. Remove any impediment before it. Don’t allow anyone to rain on your parade, while still considering what they have to say.

If it’s another’s confidence that’s in question, listen to them. Put your advice aside for the moment. Listen until they get their own impediment. Then they won’t need your advice. Makes your life easier.

Your contribution in listening will go unnoticed and remain unacknowledged. But you’ll be learning one of the most valuable of life’s skills.

And you may have taken the first action in the other person’s life that really helped: You heard them.


(1) The Arturian Group, May 7, 2017, at http://www.onenessofall.com

(2) As I did recently, I hate to admit. Apologies given.


Archangel Faith by Lily Moses



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