Learning about Love – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Learning about Love

I’m learning a lot about sacred love that I’d like to share. Some lessons are expansions; others, discoveries.

First of all, at my level of everyday consciousness, whatever it may be, sacred love comes and goes.

As much as I’d like it to stay, it decides when it wishes to appear, despite our wishes and will.

Archangel Michael actually explained to me once how he could say that (1) I’ve had a permanent heart opening and yet (2) sacred love should come and go.

Archangel Michael: You are in a time of individual and collective Ascension that has never occurred upon your planet or elsewhere. So many of the historic and accurate understandings with regard to heart openings have shifted, can we say, expanded.

You have had a heart opening. Think of it this way. It is a heart opening that is not 1000% and it is like a rubber stopper that opens, closes, opens, closes. So it is partially open.

So it is a permanent heart opening because you are most certainly not only in the truth and the love of your own being, but in THE love of the Mother, far more than you have ever been. That is permanent and irreversible. But it is not 1000%.

Steve: All right, so there is more to go….

AAM: There is more to go. You have moments of what we would call, transcendent knowing, and transcendent connection and then there are moments like you are experiencing right now, of human loneliness. (1)

My life is split, though not dissociated. But I imagine it’s that way for all of us. We all have one foot in this level of consciousness and suddenly we’re wafted aloft and in another.

A lot of the time I’m not in sacred love. When I’m not, I’m very, very ordinary.  And when I am, I’m flowing with happiness.

Second, its coming, its arising from the heart is aided by thoughts of the beloved.

Just as a vasana needs a trigger, so the experience of sacred love also, at this stage of things, seems to need a trigger.

Remember all the old airplanes that needed a crank to get started? I think that’s the case here as well. We need to “prime the pump” of the heart, as Archangel Michael once called it. (1)

I do that by breathing love up from my heart on the inbreath — lllllooooonnngggg inbreath — and breathing it out to the world on the outbreath.

Third, sacred love really is our refuge in time of trouble. It erases upsets and nourishes the person in a way we might have been unsuccessfully seeking from something or someone else.

We chase after love and chase after love and never seem to tire of the chase, despite the heartache. All have the recollection of sacred love, which I think spurs us on.

All the time, the artesian well flows inside of us. But, admittedly, it takes removing the obstacles from the heart first and that the angels seem to do best.

Fourth, tasting sacred love puts off many things – our inner gyro, our heart valves (our heart keeps opening), our estimations, our discernment.

We can be in sacred love and still fall into conditioned behavior.  We just awaken to it earlier.

We can be in sacred love and get into conflicts of interests. Then we have to lovingly and gracefully extricate ourselves.

Society’s groundrules still exist. If anything we may trample on a few of society’s sacred rules; a measure of humility becomes called for.

Fifth, sacred love seeks itself.

Love seems to want love. Love appears to want to flow and circulate. It wants to be received and appreciated and then sent on to others.

Having checked in with myself, having summoned sacred love up from my heart on the inbreath and filled myself with it, for however long it chooses to stay, I love everyone and all of life. That’s why this is called “universal” love. (2) All of this I wrote above: This is what universal love feels like.

This is the environment our steps are leading us to. All of us who want to ride the Freedom Train.


(1) Michael said that three things had made the heart-opening desirable and possible: the romantic love I felt, my using the exercise of breathing love up from my heart, and my strong intention to experience love, which I had not experienced for most of my life. Again here we have an event that acts like a kind of propeller.  The effort to transcend the lack of love in early life from Father propelled me in a certain direction.

(2) Students of S.N. Goenka might recognize this as what he called “real love.” Or rather, in his inimitable fashion, “d-r-r-r-r-real luhv, d-r-rr-r-real luhv, d-r-rr-r-real luhv.”


Art: Abundance – Shiloh Sophia McCloud



Gateway Focus and the Formless Realms – Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

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Gateway Focus and the Formless Realms

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Gatekeepers opened for the Jun 3-9 Gateway passage yesterday. This allows for easier access to the Cosmic Stargates if you choose to connect with them, which I recommend for their positive effect on crystalline-resonate DNA. Fasting or a few days of cleansing will assist the body with integrating and stabilizing the influx, since it is DNA-related.

This is active territory as Solaris becomes more stimulated by the intergalactic pathways, which effects Gaia’s core, and our own heart centers. We take it Gateway by Gateway, understanding the physical manifestation is a reflection of what is already occurring with the higher timeline.

The Lyrans, the beautiful beings who first revealed my history of Gatekeeping, visited this morning and reminded me of the possibilities which present during these Gateways. DNA recalibration is a focus in June; the New Template of Self requires it, as well as timeline resonation. A free basic DNA invocation is available in the free tools section.

Last week I saw deactivated two-strand DNA leaving this realm. I find this vision interesting, since the timeline split presented like giant DNA tracks pulling apart back in December. Now the vision of old DNA departing; this feels connected to the preparations of June and July. The old two-strand DNA is not applicable to higher states of consciousness, hence the Ascension process’ focus on more complex DNA.

Interaction with the Formless in the Creator State

As the timeline split and cosmic threshold events present to more Lightworkers, we witness the Universe resolving itself into alignment with a new expression. Whether it is an effect of Unity Consciousness or the internet, the December revelations of the Timeline split and associated Solar activity (Gatekeepers had simultaneous visions of the SUN exploding/bursting back in January), are now presenting for more Wayshowers.

As the cosmic threshold nears, timeline divisions may present as dividing DNA, train tracks, trees, roadways, torus loops, spirals, parallel planets or stargates in our visions. Regardless of the archetype, these visions demonstrate what is unfolding right here, right now.

Complexity and apparent chaos increase as old timelines near their extinction. Most Lightworkers have embraced simplicity, eliminating excess distractions from the Ascension process. The need for this becomes evident; we are here to serve, experience, and create brand new realities. Creating the New can be a tall order in density, especially during a timeline split. Simplification creates peace, stability and balance, allowing the New to emerge.

Embodiment requires consistent conscious alignment with zero-point, which allows access to the formless realms of higher consciousness. The purpose of this type of Ascension on Gaia has Universal repercussions, which many of you are experiencing as a merging with formless realms of purer Light in lengthy meditations. The stargate pathways allow access to our unified consciousness as we approach this collective zero-point anomaly.

The higher, formless realms of light where the Ascension and cosmic rewrite have already been experienced are communing, communicating with us as we collapse time-space to create the New. It redefines our intellectual notions of the Higher future Self merging with the lower Self. These realms cannot be described without diminishing their vibrancy, nor do they adhere to our numbering systems (5D, 12D, etc.) which we have used to comprehend the vastness of our own beingness.

The activity of interacting with those realms is further evidence of frequency complexity. Primary timeline dynamics are being accessed, revealing our Creator-Selves participating in the realms of the Universal Ascended Self. These Gateways are opening pathways of consciousness, some rediscovered, some further down the trajectory, unifying in the Zero-Point Now; it is an experience supported by the higher timeline amplification; internal and external resonance is supporting our experience.

Unifying in June

Our June and July Gateways prepare the path for the collective experience of the August rewrite. I AM creating a video to provide some clarity on the timeline split and the remaining Gateways of 2017.

Our Unity Meditations continue to amplify a field of pure consciousness. Join us every SUNday at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm PDT to add your light, receive unconditional support, assist with infusing peace into the collective consciousness.

Kindwhile, the timeline split and August eclipse will be our main topic on Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey, this Monday, June 5 at 3pmPT. Free registration for the live event available at http://www.sandrawalter.com/events-with-sandra/

The Oregon coast journey has presented. This is prep work for the August eclipse, including Pacific plate work. Gatekeepers & Gridworkers: Please see the Newsletter for details on how to connect with me there.

In Love, Light and Service,

Chinese Japanese art Pinterest

unknown artist