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Art: by Socrates Geens


Love Respects Our Free Will

Just as the celestials and galactics will not violate our freewill, so love respects our mind’s free will.

I could have said the heart respects the mind’s free will. But it really is love itself.

If the mind chooses to erect walls of belief that prevent love from being recognized and known, love respects its right to do so and departs.

Every time sacred love has arisen in me, it’s required me to recognize its presence after which, at lightning speed, I “become it.” Or it fills me up.

It doesn’t ask my leave or state its intentions. It doesn’t tell me afterwards what it’s done. I have to put words to it as best I can. I know that, for as long as it lasts, separation ends between me and love.  I become love.

I think one of the difficulties we have with that statement is that you may think that I mean “me the body” when I say “I become love.” No. I mean “I as a point of awareness” that we more often call “the witness.”

The persona through which the witness is seeing the world – the filter – switches from whatever it was (bored, irritated, resentful) to a field suddenly flooded by a torrent or tsunami of transformative love. The tsunami submerges everything. It fills up every space – in, out, up, down.

The witness is unchanging. But the persona shifts from unloving, perhaps irritated, perhaps frustrated, definitely incomplete to extremely loving, happy, satisfied, and complete. And love floods my field of awareness.


Dissolving the walls of belief involves raising our beliefs to awareness. Fortunately that’s all it takes. Awareness does the rest, dissolving the hold the belief has on us.

My most recent example of this is a wall of belief that suddenly dropped away from me.

In a moment of insight, I became aware that I was talking about my Higher Self (the Seventh-Dimensional Oversoul, “Big Steve”) as if it was over there and I was over here. Just becoming aware of that was enough to cause some unnoticed barrier to collapse.

I had no idea there was a barrier there. I asked myself what it was. Everything seemed to go silent. Could it be the mind chatter? Yes. Could it also be described as the Constant Critic? Yes? The entire background commentary or thought bubble that we live in all day long? Yes.

I now saw that me and my Higher Self were not separate. We were like one long Slinky and he was one flight of stairs above me.

When I felt bliss was when I knew he was near me. Only a wall of my own making separated us.


Ramana Maharshi said something very significant (everything he says is, but):

“Sahaja is the original state so that sadhana amounts to the removal of obstacles for the realization of this abiding truth.” (1)

Sahaja is the level of enlightenment that marks the end of our Ascension journey. It’s a permanent heart opening. It’s beyond Brahmajnana or God-Realization (seventh-chakra enlightenment).

Hindus call it mukti, liberation from birth and death. And in fact, because we’re liberated from the Third Dimension, there is no need any more to be reborn so this is mukti.

But the part that interests me more is that here is one of the few terrestrial sages who actually had experienced Sahaja (take away the avatars) and he says that all that is necessary is the removal of obstacles.

Let’s get that down to our bones.

All that’s necessary is the shedding of vasanas. All that’s necessary is the letting go of conditioned behavior.

All that’s necessary is, as Kathleen says, the letting go of judgment.  All that’s necessary is what Ajahn Sumedho said: Let go, let go, let go.

If we can just get that, then all seeking, all forward motion might stop.

It isn’t about getting anywhere. It’s about leaving our baggage at the station. It’s about leaving everything unworkable, unhelpful, and unethical at the door and walking forward into the incredible lightness of being without it.

That much is within our power to do. All the rest – the awakening of our DNA, the formation of our crystalline bodies, abundance, etc. – is arranged for us.


(1) Ramana Maharshi in Paul Brunton and Munagala Venkataramaiah. Conscious Immortality. Conversations with Sri Ramana Maharshi. Rev. ed. 1996, n.p.


Art: by Socrates Geens