Sanat Kumara: Wisdom from Our Beingness, Our Hearts, Our Love – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: Sanat Kumara


Sanat Kumara: Wisdom from Our Beingness, Our Hearts, Our Love

Sanat Kumara and I discussed … what else is there to talk about? … love today.  And lightwork. And a minute or two towards the end about the Reval (it’s underway; nothing more said).

Let me give you just a snippet because he was so eloquent all the way through the program:

“We have been engaging you in this series of conversations for years now.

“And …  we thank each and every one of you for listening, for opening your hearts and receiving, for coming to more fully understand the rules of engagement, the operating system for Nova Earth and Nova Being. And so much more.

“When I say that we are engaging you in a series of conversations, I do not simply refer to my sacred self. I refer to so many of us, who line up and take turns to share our wisdom, our information, our understanding, our beingness, our hearts as you would think of it, and our love. … I welcome you every moment of eternal existence. …

“And as I have said to thee before, beloveds, you are entering into a new realm of existence. When I have said to you that love is winning and that love always wins, this is what I have referred to. When I have suggested to you, ‘Why would you ever choose anything but the luminous glory of love?’, what do you think I am talking about?

“And I do not say this in the way of posing a quandary, a conundrum, an enigma. I say this to throw open my arms, yes, as your planetary logos, but also as your brother, as your fellow traveller in so many ways. And, yes, I have come to this

beautiful planet again and again and again. Simply because I am not manifest in form does not mean that I am not fully present with each and every one of you.

“What does it mean to be a lightworker, a lightholder, a lovebearer? We have introduced these terms years ago to…”

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Tune in for more.

Allow me however to say a further word about Raj, who has “come to this beautiful planet again and again.” Because I for one fall asleep on who it is I’m talking to. (1)

I’m tempted to have him back for a Summer Special, to discuss the many illustrious and majestic times he came to Earth and spoke as an exalted One.

His was the Word of God to Persians, Hebrews, and Hindus; the word of a revered master to Mayans, Aztecs, and Buddhists.

He was Ahuramazda, the Wise Lord, to Zoroastrians; the Ancient of Days to Hebrews and Christians; Subramanya and Skandha to Hindus; Quetzlcoatl to Mayans and Aztecs; and Dipamkara, the Lamplighter Buddha, to Buddhists.

If I wasn’t considered out of place, and as his friend, I’d like to know more details about these exalted missions – exactly what the Divine Mother asked of him, how he interpreted and applied that, and what he saw as the results of his various apparitions and incarnations – if we have time.

I go unconscious on who it is I’m talking to because they’re so friendly. But he whom I’m talking to was worshipped as a god by many in past ages.

In the show, I mentioned a meditation that Kathleen and I were doing. The description of it is posted below. (2)


(1) Remember how Arjuna fell asleep to Krishna’s majesty? He just couldn’t hold it in his awareness for an extended period of time.

(2) Kathleen suggested we do a month’s meditation along the lines Sanat suggested:

“If you wish to have an assignment, let me give it to you three ways. Choose a partner. It may be a family member. It may be a friend. This is over and above the millions that each of you are working with. It may be a stranger. Every day engage either mentally, esoterically or actually in a kind and loving exchange of relationship that is expressive and reflective and in alignment with how you love and treat yourself and, in reciprocity, how you love and wish to be treated every day.

Then formulate the same relationship with prayer, meditation, intent with your water and with your food. If you were to do these very simple and most difficult three things: individual, your water, and your food. Kind, loving, nurturing and gentle, for one month, and we, I offer you a date my friend. And we were to revisit this in one month, the shift upon your planet would be unbelievable. I do not say significant. I say unbelievable.

Because you would be breaking the old pattern and erecting, constructing new, ignoring what does not serve because it does not serve. And anchoring what does serve, what fills your heart with supreme gladness in form. That is why I am suggesting to each of you, to engage with a friend, a family member or a stranger and watch it blossom. Watch it blossom. Watch the old pattern smash away and the new that is underneath truly shine like the brilliant pattern of the Mother and the Father that it is.” (“Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us, An Hour With an Angel, January 26, 2017,” at


Art: Sanat Kumara

Meeting Your SELF @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Meeting Your SELF–Your Galactic Family–Through Sue Lie


Meeting Your SELF

From your Galactic Family Through Sue Lie

Our dearest Grounded Ones,

We commend you for hearing our message and for sharing them with others. We speak to you within this NOW to share with you that it is the Now for you to prepare. For we, your Galactic family, are now approaching earth.

Please realize that inter-galactic Earth has always existed in the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, fifth dimensional Gaia is already alive and well. In the same manner, your fifth dimensional expressions of SELF are alive and well in the fifth dimension and beyond.

The challenge is not to become fifth dimensional, as you always have had a higher dimensional, expression of your fifth dimensional self as a component of your Multidimensional SELF.

More and more of you are remembering, and regaining, your fifth dimensional awareness of SELF. This remembering is an important component of your ascension process.

The higher and higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF that are NOW serving, and have always been serving as the planetary ascension team, are calling for their third dimensional representatives to remember who they are, so that they can join them in their Multidimensional Mission.

It is a great honor to be a member of Earth’s “Planetary Ascension Team.” And, all of you who resonate to this message are indeed members of this team. We say, “team” because a team is when many work as One, and that is what we ask of you.

We ask that all of YOU, who remember your own higher dimensional, fifth dimensional selves to serve to assist others to remember their higher dimensional, Multidimensional self.

As you expand your consciousness to encompass your fifth dimensional SELF, you will simultaneously expand your consciousness to encompass your fifth dimensional perception. Your fifth dimensional perception are very important, as it through your fifth dimensional perception that you will perceive the fifth dimension as a real place.

As you increasingly focus on how to activate your fifth dimensional perceptions in daily life, you will begin to consciously perceive our communications with you. We say, “perceive our communication,” as there are many ways to perceive the fifth dimensional reality, and each of you will find YOUR way.

We are communicating with you now because we want all of you to have some time to think, meditate, and dream about the impending reality that you are moving into/creating. Yes, “moving into” is the same state of consciousness as “creating.”

As you remember to call this higher dimensional reality into your daily life, by remembering to expand your consciousness, you will begin to consciously perceive your fifth dimensional reality.

We will assist you by asking you a few questions that you can ponder. We, the Arcturians and your Galactic Family are giving you “time” to ponder your answer, for it will be the answer that you, as a Multidimensional Leader will give to those whom you are teaching.

Therefore, go into your life and write your story, for you will be telling your story again and again to those whom you will teach. When you tell your story, you make others feel safe.

You make it seem possible that they, too, can expand into and return to their true Multidimensional SELF. Also, when you know your story, which is the precursor to your sharing, you will always be prepared to share with anyone whom you recognize as wanting to know more.

Then you will be fully prepared when the Ships begin showing themselves for all to see. Therefore, we ask you to ponder, when the landing begin, How will you proceed? What will you share?

Take a long moment within this NOW to imagine that you are in this unknown future situation. In this unknown future situation, the Ships are identifying themselves to humanity in one of many different ways.

Some of the ways they will identify themselves you may have thought of, but some of the ways you may not have thought of. Therefore, you may be as surprised as the others that are around you.

However, within your heart and within your mind, you will feel the Unconditional Love beaming from these beings, as well as from our Ships.

Yes, you may be one of those who recognize a Pleiadian walking down the street. Pleiadians will be amongst our first landing team, for they look very human. They look like tall blond handsome, lovely human beings.

However, they have a very strong resonance around them that even the most asleep person will suddenly turn their neck and think, “What was that? Who was that? Why does that person seem so different?”

Fortunately, they won’t be frightened because the Pleiadians will radiate a feeling of Unconditional Love. Also, the Pleiadians have taken many incarnations on earth so that they can understand how difficult it is to live on a planet that goes from war to war, inflation to depression, anger to sorrow, birth to death.

We are so amazed that you, the representatives for your Earth have done so well, and that you have maintained love, held your dignity, and sought to heal and assist others. Also, many of you have gathered into groups, so that we, your Galactic Family, can speak to all of you as ONE.

We want to have you practice the situation in which all of you will be getting the same message, but each of you will run that same message through your “individual filter.”

Each of you has your “specific filter” because of the “separation consciousness” of your third-dimensional reality. Also, are all of the experiences that you have had in this life, as well as all of your lives, and all of the emotions that you have ever had in any of your incarnations, all of the thoughts that you have had in any of your incarnations.

So, at first when a Pleiadian – as that will be the most likely be a ‘tall human that you will see.’ You will be called on to look in to that person’s eyes. And when you look into their eyes that is the beginning of communication via Light Language. Communication via Light Language doesn’t need a vocabulary, doesn’t even need words. Communication via Light Language is a ‘feel’. It is an energy package that you share.

So perhaps they might send you an energy package. You will feel that energy package, you will react to that energy package, and it will naturally go back to the Pleiadians who will receive the energy package, act on the energy package, and send it back to you. Then, it will continue in this fashion.

So you could be standing on a major busy street, talking to this very handsome tall blond person, but it looks like you are just looking at each other. Maybe the Pleiadian will put up a glimmer to make you believe that you are old friends. Which is true in that you are friends on the fifth dimension.

Now, what we mean when we say “put a glimmer around it,” which is an old ancient, magic term, but it still stands for today. The Pleiadians still have to put a fourth dimensional energy field around their communication with you. This fourth dimensional energy package will send back to the receiver what it is they want to see.

In this manner you, and your Galactic Self with whom you are speaking, will seem to be having a daily conversation. Also, we say your “Galactic Self” rather than using the dimension to which that being resonates because we wish for you to remember how to “read the energy field” of the one to whom you are speaking.

On the Ship, we do not differentiate between one’s between a person’s galactic self and human expression on Earth, or that person’s mother or father. On our Ship, everyone is related to everyone. Everyone is everyone’s parent, and everyone is bonded and merged as members of the ONE galactic family that they all share with.

We are all here to share our galactic family with you. We want you all to know that you are ready and, therefore, if anything occurs that a part of you might be a little shocked or perhaps a little surprised, please remember that You Are Ready.

When you fully realize you are ready, you will be able to see through that glimmer. Then, instead of seeing what other people might want to see, you will see what ‘is.’

And ‘what is’ is that we are coming. We are coming because you have called us, and we are coming because we want to personally meet you. We want to take you to a visit to our Starship home, so that you can meet our/your family, just as we want to meet your/our family.

At first, the meeting on the Ship will appear to be different than the meetings on Earth, but as you become accustomed to these meetings, the “when and where” will transmute into “NOW.” Blessings, we will send more messages to you in this fashion.

We look forward to the day when we can meet each other on the street to openly and obviously shake hands. Think of that world where you can perceive a Galactic walking down the street and you go up and say,

“Hello, my name is _________, I know that I am a Galactic in my higher expression, but right now I am also wearing this earth vessel.”

Then, we Galactics will say, “Yes we perceive you as a member of our Family. We thank all of you have been doing to prepare humanity for our Multidimensional Assistance and Unconditional love!

Blessings to you and yours, and we will see you again soon.

Your Galactic Family

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Revelatory Light – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Third Eye Painting – Melissae – by Asia Morgenthaler @ Fine Art America


Revelatory Light

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~ The Soul’s Perceptual Gift ~

There are many aspects of soul consciousness that are easily recognized within our day-to-day lives. Such things as the inner experience of loving wisdom, sensing the underlying unitive field, and the urge to selflessly serve, indicate that the soul is shaping our perceptions.  Yet one of the most powerful perceptual gifts of the soul is its ability to awaken our minds to the realization of revelatory light.

Light is known by what it reveals. This is an occult platitude of enormous importance. When considering physical light, for example, this notion can be easily recognized. For when we look at a tree, it is the light reflecting off it that engages the eye. As such, the tree is revealed to us through the agency of light.  However, this notion is not only applicable to physical light, but to a wide variety of subtler lights as well. The light of love, the light of beauty and the light of idealism (to name just a few) are also revelatory in their nature. They each give to us a deeper understanding of reality and the soulful truths that underpin human life.

Just as physical light is delivered by way of the human eye, so too is an organ of perception needed in order to sense the soul’s revelations. Sometimes called the Eye of Vision (third eye), this organ of subtle sight gives one a deeper understanding of spiritual truth, and an ability to convey it in service to others.  Invariably, the revelatory light conveyed by the soul transcends the considerations of the personality.  Instead, it sheds light on the spiritual dimension of life, and our intimacy with the Great Life. Such is the nature of the soul’s revelatory light.

William Meader


Third Eye Painting – Melissae – by Asia Morgenthaler @ Fine Art America