Being the Observer – Kara Schallock

Being the Observer – 10-Jun-2017

Much Light is flowing into us and into Gaia. It reaches deeply into our chakras and DNA; it expands our consciousness; our Divinity-knowing. It weaves through our entire being and helps us be more of the new ones we’ve been intending to be. This may feel may a little strange, like you landed in a new place and you have no bearing or familiarity; like it’s completely new; and well, it is! Rest and meditate. Grounding outside, especially barefoot, greatly helps as does drinking lots of pure water and listening to what your body wants for you. As you move more completely from the old world, you may feel restless, for the doing that you have been so used to, doesn’t seem so urgent now. This Light is greatly helpful in dissolving long-held patterns and limitations. There are more and more synchronicities that may seem small, yet, pay attention. It doesn’t matter what they mean; just observe without the need to know. Realize too that we are building up to the Solstice. As we get closer, you may notice many changes within and around you.

As the old ways are dissolving, they also seem to be getting stronger. This is how Transformation works; there seems to be a last frantic breath that is taken by the old. So it may look, as you observe, that things are worse. Trust that this is simply a part of the process. Simplify your life as much as possible so that you aren’t distracted by too much busy-ness or by the goings-on in the old world. It is not worse; it is wonderful. As you observe, you may let go of judging whether things are good or bad or moving or stagnant.

There is a place where much is occurring, even when it feels all is so still in your life. It is the Great Void. Much happens here, for it is in the Void that all your highest potentialities are being energized. Being in the Void during meditation is a great experience of letting go and trusting. We are so used to planning and controlling that this can feel very strange. It can be described as a place of nothingness and yet, amazing things happen here. When you meditate and it is completely without visions, you most likely are in the Void. Having visions is great fun and it’s entertaining and yet it is not when big change occurs. So let go and allow yourself to just Be…no thoughts, no visions, no plan or purpose; no questions…just surrendering to the Void. Being in the Void also occurs outside of meditation. You most likely are in a state of โ€œI don’t knowโ€ and/or โ€œI have no idea about where or who I am or where I’m going.โ€ This is the Void. Relax; surrender; trust.

Be in a state of Curiosity and Discovery, for all is New and the best thing to do is to just observe without needing to do something. We are in a very powerful and vulnerable place, and part of us may want to fill the โ€œvoidโ€ with something; anything. Yet, if we do that, we most likely will fill up with things of old, for the New is not all the way manifest in form yet. Do not worry about doing something or lining up your intentions just so; trust you are riding a wave of Grace. Trust you are being carried. You have done so much purifying that it is O.K. just to rest and allow; in fact, it’s imperative that you do.

If you pay attention to how you feel, you may notice that you just cannot do certain things. Why? The energies are not aligned with doing them. As you wait, the world won’t crash down around you and there will be a time when all is aligned to act. In the old, we pushed our way through something; we claimed, โ€œI have to do this now!โ€ In the New, there is no โ€œhave to;โ€ there is a lot of waiting and observing. Let it be O.K. to be in this new space. There need not be a lot of rushing about; there is ease in everything. When it is time to act, you will feel it and then things flow effortlessly. This is for the tiniest chore to the biggest decision.

So much is different. Our perceptions are different; we are more conscious of our choices and the choices of others. We can see that a particular choice creates a particular future and yet, even this is not absolute. When we see or hear someone doing or saying a particular thing, we don’t automatically take it in to have it become a part of us; we feel into it. If it resonates, great; if it doesn’t, we move on. This is the Beauty of observing and feeling. Feeling tells us whether we resonate or not; we don’t judge or react; we observe and feel. In the old world there is judging and blaming. As an observer, you do neither. You are free to let go of all that is of duality and drama. There may be many in your life who thrive on duality and drama, yet as you stay in your authentic self of Love, they will cease trying to hook you into their โ€œside.โ€ Those who resonate and feel you will be with you. There is no proving or convincing or fixing or teaching; there is only being strong in who you are.

In the old, things were solid in that if you read or heard something, it was proof and that was that. In the New it’s very different. The New is about Flow; it changes and shifts and it is constantly reorganizing. We must flow with it, honoring each moment and then moving on to the next. This Flow helps us not attach to any one โ€œtruism.โ€ If you need to attach to something to feel safe, are you not trusting that all is in Divine Order? As our consciousness shifts, our reality shifts and everything else shifts. It cannot be otherwise.

I am also sharing a few short notes to ponder...

What does it say about you when you trust some and don’t trust others?

When you trust some and not others, there is still an aspect of the old energy of mistrust within you. When you trust all others, you have integrated the Soul Essence of Trust completely within, for all is a reflection of who you are within. When there is mistrust within, there is mistrust without. All is a refection of you.ย When you completely trust yourself, you will be trusted by others.

I received this message throughout the night; using it I could see a huge difference; of course! The message was from Soul; Gratitude and Surrender are aspects of Love…Soul Essences.

The old world is not letting go of you very easily. You cannot control this, yet if you surrender to what is and give Gratitude for all in your life, the death grip will loosen.ย Any time you complain or try to control things, the more you resist and as you know, what you resist persists.

Simplicity: We may be guided to continually let go of confusing, convoluting, and complicated extraneous things, people, plans, rules…anything that has a lot of steps, rules and complications.

Simplicity is Ascension.

As we settle our focus in our core (Coeur=Heart), we realize that life is simple. There are no steps to anywhere, for it is all here…within. There is no getting; for we know all is within. We don’t seek the Twin Flame, more money; more anything; there is no seeking; there is only knowing that all is within.

We have let go of so much, even if our intellects/egos tell us we are not enough or have enough. We are rich in our Abundance and our lives are so filled with Love, we need nothing else.

When we are in a wave of high energy, like we are now, we are able to let go of certain aspects of the old more easily.

Let us look at attachments. Attachments are also addictions and some attachments are not the typical ones we think of. So what about these:

~eating particular meals at particular times; i.e. breakfast before noon, lunch items around noon, etc.

~expectations surrounding certain holidays, like Mother’s Day or your birthday

~having dessert after a certain meal

~expectations about how a person (including you) should act

~roles you have or that others see you in

~how you label yourself as in “mother,” “healer,” “student,” etc.

There are lots more that we don’t even think about. Be aware and make sure you are conscious when choosing.


The Temple of Higher Perspectives ~ Elders June Solstice Transmission – Anrita Melchizedek

The Temple of Higher Perspectives ~ Elders June Solstice Transmission

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Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of June, as you experience the Solstice energies, and move deeper into the merging timelines of Unity Consciousness. What is further being experienced sweet ones, through the higher dimensional fields of consciousness is the collapsing and speeding up of time and space, as you deepen into the every present Continuum or Zero Point. These “future” time-space fields of Light are assisting you to access and anchor the higher dimensional templatings and dimensional octaves, as you merge with your “future” selves, your multidimensional selves and your Beloved I Am Presence, as well as experiencing a deeper sense of the collective I AM Avatar Consciousness along with Light Body And DNA activations and recalibrations.You have experienced this too sweet ones, through the Schumann Resonance field of Mother Earth accelerating, “the heartbeat of Mother Earth”, recently peaking to frequencies of 36 plus, wayย above its usual 7.83 Hz frequency, reflecting the Cosmic Consciousness of awakened Souls upon this sacred earth.

As you move up in octave or frequency sweet ones, this recalibration and integration is experienced on all levels of your beingness. Within the lower dimensional octaves, merging timelines require you to work with frozen miasms, karmic imprintings, artificial encodings, and the like. And as you do this work for yourself and others sweet ones, walking the path of Divine Love, you move into the next dimensional frequencies or octaves of Unity Consciousness. As you draw upon the New Earth Templatings within the Unity Grid and Solar Grid, as you move beyond, or rather,ย integrateย the planes of polarity through loving all that arises, this brings with it greater levels of manifestation, knowing and alignment to the Divine as you recalibrate the multidimensional aspects of yourselves into this Now moment.

However, through these frequency shifts, solar flares and magnetic changes, sweet ones, you are further experiencing a re-patterning of the physical brain, as well as a deeper activation of the pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus and thalamus glands. As the wounded Soul aspects are embraced within your Christed Heart, judgment of self and others is released as higher perspectives come into being, along with a deeper sense of No Time or the Now moment; although exhaustion, heart palpitations and anxiousness may increase, along with nervous system recalibrations affecting diet and sensitivity. ย For those of you on this sacred earth experiencing and understanding these energies ~ you can come to a place of stillness through your Christed hearts. And for those on this sacred earth working from the personality or wounded soul aspects, coherency of linear thought dismantles, creating more erratic behavior as they tap into the collective unconsciousness upon the planet.

What many of you have experienced in this last month, sweet ones, are increased levels of compassion for self and others, a deeper sense of your own divinity and a knowing of your worthiness, although perhaps still within the entanglement of shifting relationships, coupled with miscommunication, which has been a common theme.

And now, as you experience the energies of June, you enter into theย Temple of Higher Perspectivesย through the Overlighting of the Order of Melchizedek and Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. You can think of this too sweet ones, as theย “Path of the Sun and the Path of the Moon”. An alchemical marriage of the inner Divine Masculine and inner Divine Feminine Spirits taking you into Cosmic Christ Consciousness, into greater levels of appreciation of each Now Moment, into renewed balance and perspective on Life, with greater levels of Love and wisdom and Knowing being experienced and embraced, as well as the creation of the I Am Avatar Body of Light.

Theย Temple of Higher Perspectivesย comes into being through the overlay of Yesod (Foundation) over Tipareth (Beauty) in Jacob’s ladder, and is expressed through theย third ray of Divine Intelligence.ย Theย third ray of Divine Intelligenceย is a beautiful golden yellow ray, associated with creative wisdom through the Mind of God. In connecting to the Mind of God, you receive the gift of “knowingness” sweet ones, and the ability to bring this knowledge into form through the Divine Unfolding Light of Mother/Father God. This Temple sweet ones, takes you into theย realm of the Christed energy and Divine, unconditional Love. It draws upon the templates of the New Earth and your multidimensional Selves through the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light, toย manifest your Soul purpose through wisdom, experience and knowledge, bringing through greater levels of your unique spiritual and ESP gifts as well as deepening your communication with the Divine through “Devotion to Great Work”.

As you move out of judgment of Self and others, and release comparative measures, you deepen into the ascension waves in Knowing, truth, surrender, devotion,ย  Divine Inspiration, centeredness, and ย appreciation of all Life, in direct communion with God and your Beloved I Am Presence.

This Temple sweet ones, is further experienced through the energy of the Sun and Moon. Taking you into Solar Crystalline Consciousness as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, you connect into the Unity Grid and the Golden Solar Sun Disc Discs within this Grid, re-activated at the time of the Solstice. Additionally you experience new rhythms, cycles and balance in your everyday lives with deeper levels of intuition, empathy and understanding.

It is also within theย Temple of Higher Perspectivesย sweet ones that Archangel Michael, Raphael and Gabriel come forward to bring through theย Angelic Golden Solar Disc Templates,ย so you experience the multidimensional upgrades and frequencies available to you all at this time. And in this session with you, we will focus on one of these six templates,ย the Crystalline Sun DNA Activationย process, as new timelines converge deeper into Solar Crystalline Consciousness.

So, let us move into this transmission now, to deepen this experience of Unity Consciousness through Higher Perspectives and merging timelines.


Let us start now with our sacred space setting, connecting to all these Illumined Beings of Light from On High that rejoice in the knowing, sweet ones, that you are effecting and creating change, as these physical vessels on this sacred Earth, and as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

So we start simply by breathing deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, and contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out, just deepening in observational awareness, into the physical body and into any area of discomfort. Simply sending your Love, and moving your body now until you find that gentleness and comfortableness for you in this Now, sweet ones. As you call in now the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, and all the Illumined Beings of Light from on High ~ Calling in the Christed Extra-terrestrials, calling in the Archangels and their Divine Feminine Counterparts, the Mighty Elohim, the Ray Masters, the Ascended Masters, the Sisterhood of the Rose, Melchior the Galactic Logos, Helios and Vesta the Solar Logii, Sanat Kumara the Bridge to Solar Christ Consciousness, Lord Buddha, the Trinity Lords of Light; Lord Michael, Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, and now, the Order of Melchizedek. Calling in now all other Beings of Light and Master Guides you personally acknowledge and that wish to join you now in this sacred space, along with your Beloved I AM Presence, as you merge now with your Beloved I AM Presence, the highest aspect of your Soul-Light within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

Good, sweet ones. You have a sense now of a grounding cord, any color of your choosing, coming from the sacral chakra. And as you take this cord now, deep into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, anchoring this cord deep into the Diamond Light clusters, you experience the activation ofthe Diamond Light Codes of Creation, of Purity, Innocence and Divinity, as you find yourselves surrounded in this Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness, Overlighted by the Order of Melchizedek.

Bringing a focus now to this diamond sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter around you and seeing within this, this beautiful gold Flower of Life expanding into the Fruit of Life, and within this now the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube. All the geometries, the numerologies, fractal geometries, star ki codes and templates available to you at this time through the Unity Grid, amplify now sweet ones, to a deeper experience of wisdom and Love leading up to the Solstice energies.


And now sweet ones, you take a moment through the Unity Grid to sense this polarity balance through the unconscious collective and what is coming up and being reflected within your reality, and what is being cleared for this sacred Earth, and all life upon this sacred Earth. Allowing yourselves to move deeper into emotional detachment now, into compassion, lack of judgment and higher perspectives. Good sweet ones.


You now see before you the Trinity Lords of Light ~ Lord Michael, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek, as they now activate their Shield of Light around this Diamond Sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter around you, sweet ones. They bring in this beautiful twelve pointed star with two infinity symbols embedded upon the star, one horizontal and one vertical, taking you deeper into alignment within the Divine Blueprints of Creation, and the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light.

You now state:ย “I activate the Trinity Lords Shield of Light around my body and energy field ~ Activate, Activate, Activate.”ย Good, sweet ones.

You are now ready to enter theย Temple of Higher Perspectives.ย And now, Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel appear to you, along with your Melchizedek Master Guide. Archangel Raphael now stands to the front of you, Archangel Michael to the right of you, Archangel Gabriel now stands behind you and now, your Melchizedek Master Guide stands to the left of you.

Good sweet ones.


As a portal of Light activates around your Shield of Light, you enter now into thisย Temple of Higher Perspectives.ย You are surrounded in this beautiful Golden Yellow, Golden-Silver and Diamond Flame of Light, hearing the chants ofย Shaddai El Chai, the Almighty Living One God. Aloah wa Daath,ย God the Strong.

As you experience these ray frequencies within theย Temple of Higher Perspectivesย sweet ones, you see that you are dressed in this beautifulย golden yellow ceremonial robe, with the symbol of the Flower of Life and the six-pointed star on the back of the robe, bringing a focus to the teachings of the Eye of Horus, the teachings of the Order of Melchizedek. And upon your left breast three flames appear; the Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness, the Silver-Gold Flame of Appreciation and Balance and the Golden Yellow Flame of Wisdom and Knowing. At the center of these flames is the symbol of a Golden Sun and Silver Moon.

Good sweet ones. As you look around you now, you see that you are in this beautiful Golden Sun Temple of Light. You see these beautiful streaming golden sun rays all around you, and now see these silver mirrors arching overhead, reflecting back to you what you are needing to see and know in this Now. As you just hold these visions, these images that may be coming up through the emotions sweet ones, you also start to experience a deeper level of Solar Crystalline Consciousness, as the sub-atomic particles within the body spin in these increased Light frequencies. Good.


Archangel Raphael now comes forward and leads you into this central altar made of gold, and upon it, you see these beautiful white, golden and silver roses. And now you see before you six spinning Golden Solar Discs. These Golden Solar Discs sweet ones, are theย Angelic Golden Solar Disc Templatesย taking you ever deeper into the ever-present Continuum and Now moment, bringing through many of the Ascension Templatings and Codes of Light.

And now, sweet ones, Archangel Michael comes forward and offers to you a Crystalline Shield of Light. This Crystalline Shield of Light is created through the templatings of the New Earth frequencies of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness. Additionally sweet ones, this Crystalline Shield holds your own individual key codes of Service and Higher Perspectives,ย opening you to the Knowing of the higher dimensional Fields of Light, which have been programmed within your individual Crystalline Shield of Light. And as you reach out and place this on your arm it merges into your energy, becoming one with you. As the subatomic particles within your body now spin in this increased Light frequency, a deeper level of Knowing now activates, as this Crystalline Shield of Light now activates around your entire body and energy field deflecting, protecting, shielding, activating and increasing your intuition and wisdom. Wonderful sweet ones.

Archangel Gabriel now comes forward and places within your third eye a balancing amulet. This amulet is an etheric golden disc upon which a symbol of a beautiful silver crescent moon now appears, spinning in a clockwise and now counter-clockwise direction respectively, creating changes through the physical brain and now through the pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus and thalamus glands, taking you deeper into balance and beauty and appreciation of this Now moment.

And now sweet ones, Archangel Raphael comes forward and creates an ethericย Healing Pyramid of Lightย around your body so you can work with any issues or sub-personality aspects of yourself that are coming up now to be embraced within your Christed Heart.


Good sweet ones. Archangel Michael now lifts his flaming sword of Light into the air, and you see that you are surrounded now by many Illumined Angelic Beings as well as Initiates of Light, all ready for you to experience the next level of your Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light.

You are now ready to experience theย Angelic Golden Solar Disc Template Activations. Archangel Michael now takes one of these beautiful Solar Discs and places it within your earth star chakra, 15 centimeters below your feet. This Solar Disc sweet ones, assists in the Crystalline Sun DNA Activation to Solar Christ Consciousness and deeper into the merging timelines, and as this occurs you now, you now get yourself comfortably relaxed as you now move into this Invocation and Activation of theseย Crystalline Sun DNA Templates.

You now state:ย “Surrounded in theย Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness,ย the Silver-Gold Flame of Appreciation and Balance and the Golden Yellow Flame of Wisdom and Knowing,Iย align into the inner Earth Sun, the Sun within my heart, the Sun, the Central Sun and now the Great Central Sun.

I call upon the Order of Melchizedek, Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge as I now merge with my Beloved I Am Presence.

I now request the activation of my Crystalline Sun DNA Templates through this Angelic Golden Solar Disc Template.

I request the activation of the fire letters, geometries, key codes and numerologies through each one of my 12 Strands of DNA, as well as the merging into the future timelines of my multidimensional Selves of One Unity Consciousness.ย 

I request the activation of my first strand DNA through the anchoring and activation of theseventh ray of Ceremonial Magicย as I now focus on the breaking down of old structures, paving the way for this new Golden Age of Light.


I now request the activation of my second strand DNA through the anchoring and activation ofย the sixth ray of Devotion and Idealismas I focus on devotion and my connection to Mother/Father God and the Legions of Light from On High.


I now request the activation of my third strand DNA through the anchoring and activation ofย the fifth ray of Concrete Knowledgeas I focus on the balancing of polarities, the realignment of the left and right hemispheres of my brain, and now, the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands.


ย I now request the activation of my fourth strand DNA through the anchoring and activation ofthe fourth ray of Harmony through Conflictas I focus on harmony and my creative gifts and service work in this Golden Age of Light.



I now request the activation of my fifth strand DNA through the anchoring and activation ofย the first ray of Will and Poweras I focus on empowerment and aligning my will to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God.


I now request the activation of my sixth strand DNA through the anchoring and activation ofย the third ray of Divine Intelligenceas I focus on wisdom through knowledge, linking my higher mind into the Higher Mind of Mother/Father God.


I now request the activation of my seventh strand DNA through the anchoring and activation ofthe second ray of Love/Wisdomas I focus on Divine Love, experiencing Divine Love through my Heart’s Temple, and feeling this Love for all Creation.


I now request the activation of my eighth strand DNA through the anchoring and activation ofย the eighth ray of Transcendenceas I focus on transmutation, transformation and transfiguration, releasing any limiting beliefs and patterns, and youthing my body through the increased Light frequencies of all Creation.


I now request the activation of my ninth strand DNA through the anchoring and activation ofย the ninth ray of Highest Potentialsas I focus on purpose, passion, joy and my heart’s dreaming.


I now request the activation of my tenth strand DNA through the anchoring and activation ofย the tenth ray of Divinityas I focus on Divine Equality and the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom.


I now request the activation of my eleventh strand DNA through the anchoring and activating ofthe eleventh ray of Illumined Truth and Divine Loveas I focus on compassion, forgiveness, insight, understanding and Divine Love.


I now request the activation of my twelfth strand DNA through the anchoring and activation ofthe twelfth ray of One Unity Consciousnessas I focus on Christ Consciousness.


I now request the merging with my multidimensional Selves, my Soul and Star family and friends of Light, and now, the I AM Avatar Consciousness, this collective of Light workers and Christed Beings assisting in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth in this Golden Age of Light.


I request the merging with all Life in One Unity Consciousness with the knowing of myself as a Christ Conscious Being of Light and sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love, assisting all Life in this Golden Age of Light, and co-creating Heaven on Earth.


I now request the activation ofย the 33 Silver Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs.I understand theseย Silver Cosmic Christ Holographic Discstake me into the Christed Timelines and these fifth dimensional frequencies ofย  zero point energy, the energy of Divine, unconditional Love and the ever-present Now.

Theseย Cosmic Christ Holographic Discsnow activate through my spinal column, through the 33 vertebrae along my spinal column. As this occurs, I experience the activation of these high-vibrational templates which carry the mapping, remembrance and restoration of the Cosmic codes for my multi-dimensional bodies.”


Wonderful sweet ones. And now, you just have a sense ofย the Golden Solar Sun Disc Discsactivating at the time of the Solstice as you now join in this invocation with all these Initiates of Light.

“We wrap Mother Earth and all her Life inย the Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness, the Silver-Gold Flame of Appreciation and Balance and the Golden Yellow Flame of Wisdom and Knowing.ย 

With the assistance of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, the Archangels and the Order of Melchizedek, we request the activation and actualization ofย the Golden Solar Sun Disc Discswithin and around the 144 Unity and Solar Grid to activate now so that all Life on this sacred earth can access the dimensional octave of Solar Christ Consciousness.


We bring our focus to the Pinnacle Mountain in Arkansas as we energetically activate thisย first Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


We bring our focus to Saint Tomas des Letres, to Minas Gerais in Brazil as we energetically activate thisย second Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


We bring our focus to Lake Titicaca in Bolivia as we energetically activate thisย third Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


We bring our focus to the Roslyn Chapel in Scotland as we energetically activate thisย fourth Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


We bring our focus to Ural Mountains in Russia as we energetically activate thisย fifth Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


We bring our focus to Siberia. To Lake Baikal in Russia as we energetically activate thisย sixth Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


We bring our focus to Giza in Egypt as we energetically activate thisย seventh Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


We bring our focus to Kilimanjaro in Africa as we energetically activate thisย eighth Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


We bring our focus to Xi-an Pyramids in China as we energetically activate thisย ninth Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


We bring our focus to Moorea in the French Polynesia as we energetically activate thisย tenth Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


We bring our focus to Uluru in Australia as we energetically activate thiseleventh Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


And lastly, we bring our focus to Sri Lanka as we energetically activate thisย twelfth Golden Solar Sun Disc Disc.


As we deepen into unconditional Love and “Fire the Grid” at the time of the Solstice, we collectively enter into Solar Crystalline Consciousness; Into the knowing of our preciousness and magnificence as these Solar Crystalline Beings of Light and deeper into empowerment, knowing, wisdom and Love.

Shaddai El Chai, the Almighty Living One God. Aloah wa Daath, God the Strong

And so it is.”


Wonderful sweet ones. We will take you through the full sixย Angelic Golden Solar Disc Template Activationsย in our monthly telewebinar transmission with you. For now, know that these activations are very powerful, and are creating new portals and vortices of Light into the higher dimensions as well as anchoring this sacred Earth and all her Life ever deeper into the every present Continuum of Divine unconditional Love.

Just breathe deep into the body now, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in and contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out. Good.

You are now ready to come back to your sacred space. You experience a portal of Light activate around your Trinity Lord’s Shield of Light, and you now find yourselves back in your sacred space. Youย ground into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, feeling this connection to all Life in Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness. Wonderful sweet ones.

We thank you for your service work and with this, we bid you a most magical day.


Transcribed by Eadie Miller

Suggested Reading

You are ON a Multi-dimensional Earth NOW – Everything is different – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Wrap your mind around MULTI-Dimensional Earth… You are not on a single dimensional earth PHYSICAL experience anymore. (We have not been since 2012). The physical is DIFFERENT in each dimension… none of us have the same REALities anymore.

Our unconscious/veiled/sleeping human aspect cannot perceive what this means. It’s mind is way to linear (and body too). To “it”, everyone experiences the same PHYSICAL REALITY, with the same parameters applied. Linear mindsets need physical proof to believe, focus on a physical thing to see, believe words and mis-perceive everything, because of assumptions or prior beliefs/mentalities that affixed during their linear human experience/experiment here.

Their mind cannot grasp the ENTIRETY of what all of this means. They still live in a reality of “this is the only truth” or “proof”… which binds them to the linear/fixed/old matrix reality and they have not got a clue.

PHYSICAL REALITIES are vibrational that materialize in the physical in RESPONSE… to our own cellular programs and memories and current state of expansion available to each one of us. My physical REALity on 5D+ and above is very very very different than the physical reality of a 3rd/4th dimensional human and vice-versa.

The Earth looks very different in each dimension and it’s dying or thriving, just as we are. Colors are different, abundance is different, interactions are different, experiences totally different…. dictated by how anchored we are in the different dimensions. Our physical body dictates the density of the plane of existence we actually walk in/on. The Earth… not just one…. NEW Earth and Earth 3, then we get into even more than that…. and yes, we are already experiencing these here (for linear years).

This is not NEW… just our ABILITIES (CAPabilities) to anchor these higher dimensional timelines are up to each one of us. We must let go of “thinking” that everyone is in the “same place” or has the same physical reality, same beliefs… stop assuming and start REALizing this is all vibrational, with our entire whole physical body/being.

Our Merkaba allowed us to physically ascend the 3rd/4th Dimensions and “arrive”/vibrate into the 5th Dimension, in the physical… We can observe the other dimensions, yet we are not affected and rarely see/experience them because they are not where we LIVE anymore. We left there when we transcended these limits from within.

Ourย StarGate Bodies allow us to Super Quantum Shift, move, travel beyond the limited physical realities of even the original 5th Dimension we first ascended to. Years of intentional SOUL aligning, years of dissolving the old, years of BUILDING a whole new FOUNDATION, CONSTRUCTING all new realities in accordance with HIGHEST LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS and activated encoded DNA, living as Christed BEings linked up to the Crystalline Matrix of NEW Earth/Gaia/Galactically, Mastering & ENGINEERING the PHYSICAL as ALCHEMISTS and constantly intentionally collapsing timelines so that new/higher ones can take their place. Years of anchoring light into our physical forms, years of forming matter, years of focusing all of our ENERGY on what others could not see/access yet.

As Multi-Dimensionals, we LIVE/Exist across all dimensions/space-time, we maintain expansion ALL OF THE TIME and as intentional Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers we have an entirely different reality than those who still hold a human grid system in their physical bodies/form.

The outside does not dictate truth. WE do. And truth is subjective, truth shifts and changes in every moment, depending on the vibration present… the only TRUTH is PURITY inside, for we are not tainted by unconscious programs anymore.

The human will look “out there” to prove it’s truth and to try to convince others that “this is the only real truth” too…. Not having a clue that they are solidifying their own limited beliefs and everyone else who believes it is a part of “that collective” too.

So many still use the old words that keep them (and all others in “that collective”) bound to those mentalities and beliefs. A sense of ego separation and “special’ness” that will also dissolve when each expands their consciousness beyond this “need”. Each will go “through their ego” to build their inner power and “get themselves out there” to be visible and then this too will dissolve. Our gifts become a natural aspect of who we are and we don’t ‘try’ to use them, they “just are”. As are WE.

So many still using “healing” or “healer”, empaths or sensatives, the terms “is it mine or theirs? (collective), not realizing everything we experience is ours, on a cellular level and “that” is OUR collective until we’ve dissolved/collapsed the program to leave it and shift/move to a different collective (NEW Earth) where UNITY-LOVE-PURITY is our CORE and where we function from all of the time.

We learn (REMEMBER) to use different words that free us, that don’t bind us to anything other than the absolute highest state of love that there is. We learn that “that is my reality in my dimension/timeline” and “that is their reality in theirs”. We learn to RESPECT each’s different realities and THEN we can start to REALIZE that we actually can live/exist on different dimensional planes of existences and vibrate in/out of different PHYSICAL REALITIES here.

Old Earth is a programmed survival reality, has death, pain, fear and lack, manipulation, conspiracy stories, scarcity, needs proof to believe… there is suffering, chaos, hurt and hate and blaming/pointing the finger, assuming and insisting instead of deep sacred love and respect. NEW Earth is ALIVE, inner-connected, vibrant, fully abundant, blissful, magical and pristine. The animals are vibrant and alive, there is UNITY and LOVE within all, there is abundance abound, each working together in unity too. There is full support and everything you “need” is provided and comes to you. Each earth is vibrational, the only difference is that NEW Earth is a conscious choice and old Earth is an unconscious one.

Old earth is proving and against. NEW Earth we don’t care to prove anything, because EXPERIENCES do this for each. When each grows tired (clears all of that separation energy) of fighting, proving, insisting, trying to manipulate, control and struggle and constantly living in a loop cycle of emotional and physical suffering/pain/doing without, then the programs that created that to start with will dissolve so that each can shift/vibrate onto a higher dimensional plane.

First it occurs through consciousness, and expansion and must be maintained so each’s cells can actually vibrate at that frequency/spin to carry the body to an alternate physical dimension. Where each still holds linearity in their bodies/structures, then they will experience these limits still.

Old Earth had a linear body, NEW Earth has a non-linear one. So do each one of us. The linear body must completely dissolve too for each’s non-linear body to emerge. Our Fields and our Bodies must sync-up and the encodments must be embedded into our physical form. Bones, muscles, blood, flesh, skull, teeth… every minuscule particle must be “re-done”.

Each one of us have our own MATRIX system that must be deconstructed and reconstructed totally, inside and out. At first this is the 3D/human matrix system of unconsciousness & separation and it’s held within our muscles & bones and own field. As these ultra-high “new” higher light encodements flood THE/OUR FIELD, they shut our bodies down to re-do our matrix, taking us offline from the Old Earth System and bringing us online with the NEW Earth One. This is a deeply intricate process that involves what the human aspect cannot comprehend. NEW Earth is a whole new MATRIX GRID SYSTEM, consisting of Diamond & Rainbow Light Encodements and Sequences that embed into our physical body and synchronize through our Fields. Where our minds “get in the way”, this creates a distortion/disruption in this process that now “has to occur” for all.

NEW EARTH’S MATRIX SYSTEM revamps our whole physical body make-up, how it works/processes and links us UP to our own individual CRYSTALLINE STAR GATE SYSTEM — continually now.

Old Earth was “physical focused”, whereas NEW EARTH is ENERGETIC FOCUSED…. they are opposites and are CREATED through “opposite” realities too. NEW Earth is always moving, shifting, changing, re-coding, re-calibrating, re-structuring, re-everything and the more CONNECTED WE ARE, the more WE are continually too. Our realities are very different than the human’s. We don’t function anything like we used to. We are Star Beings & Light Keepers and we HOLD the highest dimensions & timelines in place, from within our physical body structure and with everything that we ARE and DO.

Deep Sacred love, connectedness and respect are at our core. Deep appreciation, gratitude and consideration are as well. Our POWER COMES through OUR LINKAGE SYSTEM and the amount of Pure Christed Source Light that we HOLD… we do not waver or compromise on integrity or honor anymore. WE HOLD REALITIES IN PLACE… which are not affixed/fixed to anything solid at all. They shift, change and re-shape/re-form based upon a NEW EARTH VALUE SYSTEM that is PURE. The solidity comes through holding the highest vibrations (Embodiment) and rebuilding all new realities in accordance to absolute highest light consciousness and aligning all in the physical on a Galactic Soul Level here. Our realities are not tainted by ego separation, the need to compete or prove… There is not once ounce of “victim” here, because we’ve REMEMBERED why we chose this and what we are here to BE & DO…. and WE DO IT, we don’t wait for others/anyone else…

WE CREATE the SPACE of UNITY and LOVE and we HOLD it ALL OF THE TIME. We do not succumb to the separation of human’ness anymore. We recognize it and call it out and we DEAL with REALities as Love. We don’t avoid or hide anymore… we came here to ANCHOR HEAVEN ON EARTH, in the physical for us ALL.

For years now, we barely see the old dimensions (it’s just peripheral). We are aware they exist for those who still exist in them. The unconscious cannot see or understand fully yet, so they “believe” we all LIVE on the same “one dimensional Earth” and in the same timelines still. They hold everyone else to “their reality” as the “only one”. This is the limited human mind that will relax as this encoded photonic light bombards the consciousness of all.

These enhanced advanced Light Encodements of Soft Christed Light and Powerful Source Frequencies continually cleanse/purity/upgrade all. What was complicated before is easy and simple, when we ALLOW THIS to be our own physical reality world.

I’ve included two previous writings to expand on this even more. Expand your MIND to SEE that REALites are a BELIEF first. When we stop insisting on “what is the only truth” and open up to a multitude of truths, when we realize there are a gazillion collectives (each program has one, and these are infinite too), then we stop limiting ourselves to realities and we open up to INFINITE REALITIES which then give us the ability to CHOOSE….

This is a very physical experience of cleansing deep core everything, in order to function from/as/through the Great Central Sun and Galactic Core again too. Access is granted again when each is TRULY READY…. and chooses to stop playing unconscious human games in order to shift into magical realities where anything and everything imaginable continually occurs!

Collectives now ascend and leave the strength that the old unconscious matrix program held. This is scary at first, for it doesn’t make any logical sense that the structures of realities dissolve, collapse and completely re-shape as they do. A linear human doesn’t easily accept/function non-linear realities. This is a process of dismantling those structures held in place from within. This is a process of dissolving the beliefs… which is what these vibrational frequencies expedite now.

Intentional Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers have access first, sometimes years before collectives do. This is because it’s their chosen job/role/responsibility as a Galactic Soul here to open portals, traverse gateways and hold these open for all (and continually go on). We don’t wait and we are not all in the “same place”. We each have different access and gifts and reflect this by that which we share and AS WE EMBODY here. Each Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper is an anchor point for the dimensions that they’ve access/hold thus far too. This is our fulfilling our own purposes/missions here. Each is a NEXUS POINT, which I will explain further when I finishing writing up the SCHEMATICS for our GALACTIC NEW EARTH Civilizations here (that embedded in my own physical body template in January). These NEXUS POINTS are a Galactic Center that will have mini-galaxies where all work together/in unison/unity to anchor these highest dimensional timelines here for us all. Different timelines still come into play until all have converged on the same highest physical dimensional plane. This is how all works here…

As each comes together to unify, support, contribute and bridge through creating opportUNITIES and actually work together for the bigger picture/whole, the IMPLEMENTATION of our highest timelines will become more palpable and easier to accomplish for us all. The old earth functioned out of self-serving motives and agendas. Here there is none of that. Here each REALIZES how their contributions and support matters in making a difference together for us all. โ™ฅ

As each is truly ready to answer their own Soul’s Clarion call to step-up/forth to learn to fully share and truly care again. Not from a place of lack… from a place of pure love and appreciation for what is now available for us all. NEW EARTH is an intricate NETWORK and Gridwork of all of us. We ARE the STRENGTH, the new systems, the new everything…. It takes awhile for each to realize their responsibilities and roles, as they have to overcome (get over/dissolve) their own separation energy inside. The old beliefs, mentalities, emotions and structures of realities dissolve as the ego does. When one’s heart/mind fully open and their entire energy body shifts, then the physical reality can re-materialize with different mathematical equations and geometric structures than before.

Stop the loop of repeating/regurgitating/insisting and telling yourself the old stories and trying to PROVE anything at all. All you are doing is affixing yourself to a reality that will shift and change once you realize “that is not true” anymore. Multi-Dimensionality obliterates the old everything and each is no longer bound by anything other than what they choose to believe and their own access to every dimensional timeline available here.

Change your words, change your mentality/reality. Release those limits and that which you hold onto that keeps you bound. Unanchor/untether, relax and let go… float, fly and vibrate into another dimension/timeline completely. It’s magical, amazing and fun!!!
Lisa Transcendence Brown โ˜ผ
Galactic Guardian of Our NEW Earth, Gatekeeper, Gridkeeper, Intentional Anchor of Highest Light


Art: Susan Farrell