What Do You Do? Suzanne Maresca @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: A Feather of Me – Lucy Campbell


What Do You Do?

It feels appropriate to share this message from a reader, in part because it demonstrates that each of us is having a different experience of ascension.  We all have our respective and unique missions to attend to and it can certainly seem sometimes as though we’re alone in that work or at least isolated from others doing a similar job.

Well I personally found this share to be refreshing, because my energy work often reaches into the realm of the previously unknown and when I contemplate sharing whatever experience I’ve had, it seems unrelatable so I don’t write it up.  I can only imagine how many of us have been feeling a bit uncertain about what our work is, that it makes a difference or maybe even that it’s okay to do.

Perhaps all we’re wanting is a permission slip to be able to relax into our own heart’s urgings without second-guessing ourselves.

The truth is that nobody knows better than we do what’s right for us, as long as we’re following inner guidance.

The Share ~

I awoke to my particular mission 4 years ago with the activation of my lightbody, and began what has become a personal labor of love clearing and transmuting energy on the astral plane and repairing the earth energy grids.

I awoke to a full on hallucinogenic (no drugs) vision quest where I connected with the ancient shamans and I was able to have full clairvoyant vision through my pineal gland into these timeline fractals from both the linear past and probable futures and interact with them. It was fascinating!

I became aware that this lightbody of mine was a multi-dimensional vehicle and that I (or we, that is me and my monadic entity) had made a soul promise/contract to help the earth ascend.

My pineal gland stays wide open 24/7, and when I close my 3d eyes, this lightbody unfolds, reaching out about 50 feet in all directions around me.

It looks like thousands of feathers that twist and turn or literally fly as it appears like a huge flock of birds (I finally found a picture of it from the ancient Mayan ruins).

The material of these feathers I can only describe as like a very flexible “graphite” which magnetically attracts the energy, spins and reshapes it, changing it molecularly. It’s amazing!

What drives the lightbody is a series of words and tones sung at different octaves which I can hear, and I finally figured out they were coming from my own vocal cords.

I can feel the electrical connection from my brain to my throat. When I look down at my body in the Astral, it looks amazingly like pure light.

As we move through the Astral Plane and across the earth energy grids, we are repairing DNA, transmuting and reengineering dark energy, thoughtforms and everything in between.

We go into these time fractals, clear the energy and collapse the timeline. This has been an ongoing investigation and as you can imagine, we have encountered everything from alien implants to occult sacrificial alters.

The DNA has been badly mutated which is why we have so much disease.  Also as we know, energy is alive and it communicates.  This has greatly impacted our cellular memories.

It’s amazing to watch the energy respond in relative joy to our arrival, it all knows exactly what to do and is very lovingly transmuted and released.

It’s all so very important, and together we’re weaving and creating the very tapestry of ascension.

As you know, there is no ascension manual and we’re all learning as we go, because Spirit loves the journey and never gives us all the answers.

It’s ours to discover and create.


Art: A Feather of Me – Lucy Campbell


A Right to the Work – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Krishna painting.

Krishna painting – unknown artist


A Right to the Work


Krishna makes a fine point, which may assume much greater importance and relevance after the Reval than it does now.

He explains that we have a right to the work, but not to the fruits of the work.

His saying is a puzzle that one has to be with for a time until it makes itself plain.

We have the right to ask to serve and to serve. We have a right to the work.

But we don’t have a right to expect one thing over another as the fruits of our service. Or anything at all. We don’t have a right to the fruits of the work.

If we were merely for hire, of course, we’d have a right to expect the fruits of our work – good pay for good work, paid by results, etc. But there would be no real opportunity for growth. These are people of whom it could be said that they have their reward already.

But we’re spiritual aspirants. As far as I’m aware, we want growth, evolution, and won’t settle for being mere hired laborers.

For us there’s a different set of rules that hinges on seeing how the universe works.

The first thing we notice about the way it works is that what goes around comes around. When we notice that, we seem to want to pay more attention to the way we behave with others. And make changes in our behavior. We also may feel curious about whether there are other laws.

There gradually arises in our view a universe that works by growth, by improvement. We now can construct a game to play where before all was the drudgery of hired labor. We delve deeper.

As I saw in my vision, (1) and we know from the Company of Heaven’s teachings, life is designed to draw us forward in the practice of the divine qualities, ultimately aimed at bringing us to the throne of the One, at last to merge again.

This ends our journey from God to God.  This ultimate merge is the aim of all life; our getting there is the work of all our individual lives.

If we get attached to the fruits of our labor – money, possessions, experiences, OK, sex – then we give no attention to the purpose of life. We dally in the pleasures of life. We become like the god who incarnated as a swine and really liked it. We dawdle and have to be coerced back to Heaven.

So I personally welcome the waning of the desire for earthly pleasures, as is happening at the present time in me. It makes my desire to be One with the Ultimate much more powerful.



Why will the matter of the fruits of our work assume greater importance after the Reval? Because our sense of entitlement could soar as our abundance grows.

And if we don’t keep our spiritual priorities straight, we could get swept away in a tide of self-indulgence. It isn’t a “scenic detour” to get stuck in six inches of thick mud.

This is one attempt to keep my (possibly our) spiritual priorities straight in the area of working for the Divine.

We have so many homilies in this area. Man proposes, God disposes. The final decision rests with God.

Hindu proverb: God smiles at two men – the landowner who says “this land is mine” and the doctor who says “I will save your baby.” Neither matter is ours to decide.

We’re to become financial stewards for abundance provided by the Divine Mother for the purpose of irrigating humanity and preparing the world for what comes after. All of this goes on in the context of building Nova Earth.

We have a right to the work of building Nova Earth, but we have no right to the fruits of our labor.

In my opinion, if we want a reward of evolutionary consequence, rather than simply temporal significance, we need to not settle for the fruits of our labor. We need to leave it up to the Divine to decide on all questions of reward. We need to concern ourselves only with the requirements of our service.


(1) “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/13/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment-ch-13-epilogue/