A Conversation between Steve Beckow and the Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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A Conversation between Steve Beckow and the Arcturians


Arcturian Conversation with Steve Beckow
Good evening everyone.  I’m Steve Bekow chief editor of the Golden Age of Gaia and Linda is away on Holiday and so I’m absolutely delighted to have Sue Lie here with us and through Sue I’ll be talking with the Arcturians. I’m looking forward to talking to the Arcturians about their society and their life style.

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Arcturian Society

Arcturians Conversation with Steve Beckow

SB:       Well, I’m looking forward to talking to the Arcturians about their society and their life style.  What do you think?

SL:       These are good questions.  I never thought of that, so we’ll just have to ask them. Whatever I say is what they say because I don’t have a clue.

SB:       (laughter) One that you don’t have a clue on.

SL:       The way that I experience them is like there’s a tapping inside of me and there is a   calling inside of me and other than that, I don’t really see anything. I feel it.

SB:       What do you feel?  Like when they come in what do you feel?

SL:       Unconditional Love.  Yes, there’s really a lot of unconditional love and a kind of trust.

SB:       So, fifth-dimensional love, seventh-dimensional love?

SL:       I’ve never asked what dimension it was.

SB:       Well, all love at a certain level is unconditional, right?  Love Is unconditional.  But, it would have to be unconditional love?  I understand.

SL:       Well, the Arcturians are multidimensional, but I think that they hang out more in the ninth or tenth and beyond dimensions.

SB:    We don’t really have a description of their society and lifestyle from them from themselves.  We have a lot of people talking about which I don’t get the sense is accurate.  So here we go.  We’ve got an hour to get all the details we can from them.

SL:       Okay

SB:       I’ll give you time to make your transition.

SL:       Yes, I really have to raise my consciousness for this one.

Arcturians:  Steve Bekow, we are very happy to have this communication with you.

SB:       We are very happy to have communication with you by the way.  We would like to spend this hour just listening to you describe where you come from, because some people say a planet.

Some people say a star.  Some people say it’s no place of form at all.  And so we don’t know anything about that.  We don’t know what your lifestyle is.  We don’t even know what form you have or take when you do take form.

I understand you’re multidimensional.  That’s all we know there.  So we know very little about you for sure and if you could, tell us about you as Arcturians.  I think the information would be very welcome.

Arcturian:  And, if you could give Suzille some help and ask some specific questions that would be helpful for her. What’s your first question?

SB:   First of all, where are you from?  Specifically, when you call yourself Arcturians, which implies that you’re from somewhere, where is that?

Arcturians:    We are actually from Arcturus, which is a star. And if you look at the handle of the Big Dipper and follow the handle out to the end, then you go off a little bit to the right and down a bit, you will see Arcturus.

This is a little story that was interesting.  When Suzille bought this house, her and her husband had to get as much out as they could because the moving vans had already left and they had to drive up through the night.

It’s a five-hour drive.  They arrived about two or three in the morning because they had to be there for when the moving vans were there to open the door.  So they got in and they went upstairs and looked out the windows and there was the big dipper and Arcturus right in the middle of window.

SB:    Wow, that’s great.

Arcturians:  There are no mistakes and there are no accidents.

SB:  So is it enough to know that you are from the constellation Arcturus?  Where in the constellation are you from?

Arcturians:    Well, it is difficult to put that answer in human terms because we don’t hold a “solo body” in the manner human’s hold a solo body.  We are multi-dimensional beings therefore we can resonate as low as the higher fifth-dimension and as high as the twelfth dimension and beyond.

The higher that the resonance rises, the less there is any sense of individuality.  In fact, what we would think of as “individuality” would not be at all what you would think of as individuality because our bodies do not have sharp edges.

SB:    When do you take a body?

Arcturians:  When we choose to, we can take a form.  There have been others that have channeled how they perceive our form, but it is partially their perception and partially our form. We would only take a form if a person really needs us to take a form. Then, we would be automatically reading that person’s needs and that would influence the forms that we would take.

SB:   I guess the implication of that, is that if any of the representations of you thus far are accurate, they’re only accurate in representing what’s in the person’s mind who is seeing, right?  You took the form that they could understand, that they want to see. Is that correct?

Arcturians:    We would take a form that they could understand. We are not concerned with whether or not they would want to see it because, if they don’t want to see us, we would know that we wouldn’t be communicating with them.

SB:   So form is not a big consideration in your minds. I was going to say that on a normal day, but you don’t have days so it’s just not a big consideration with you. Is that correct?

A:    Yes, a form is not – it’s an essence.  Instead of saying that we have a body, we would say that we have an essence.  And, there is some variation within our essences.  There really isn’t a male/female gender type of essence.

But, some of us when we say, Arcturus, we mean the star Arcturus and there are, as you can imagine, many different stars and each star has different planets.  So there are many different versions of different realities in which we live.  And, just as one might travel around the United States, we would travel around our galaxy of Bootes.

SB:    So, when we use the word Arcturian are we referring to a galaxy, or a constellation? I think a constellation is bigger than a galaxy, isn’t it?  I’m not sure.

A:    There is a constellation of Arcturus and galaxy of Arcturus.  And the words, again there are words that are created from a human mind where it is on form and labeling.

SB:   Right, I imagine if I asked you the name you use for yourselves, I probably couldn’t understand it because your language would be different.  Is that correct?

A:     Yes, it would be something that you would instantly receive within you.

SB:     Would I be able to make sense?  Some languages are hard for us to even hear because we’re not used to thinking of that as a language.

A:      Well, we the Arcturians are kind of accustomed to speaking in human language.  And also there is a galactic language, which is basically telepathy where everybody reads each other’s minds.

We work with the Pleiades and the Sirians and many of the other beings.  We’re constantly interacting with all the beings – primarily the Pleiaidans, the Sirian and the Andromedans, even though they are not of Earth’s galaxy they’re still very helpful and we all work together because the galaxy in which you live is going through a beautiful transition.  A beautiful transition!

SB:   Do you want to say a little bit more about that transition?  It will take us away from our main subject, but if we could talk about it for just a wee bit.  So, the whole Galaxy is going through a transition?

A:     That answer could be infinite.  So ask a specific question about it?

SB:    Are there more planets in the galaxy that are going through this transition that we’re going through?

A:     Yes it is quite normal.  Just as it is in the human form when one ‘dies’ – they don’t die they just move into a higher frequency of reality.  And, the higher frequency of reality have a greater freedom in terms of time and space.  Time and space is limited to third dimensional, fourth dimensional conceptions. Even in the fifth-dimension – that’s the transitional dimension.

SB:  From duality to non-duality, is that correct?

A:     Well, from “time and space” to “here and now.”

SB:    Okay, thank you.

A:      Yes, there’s only here.  There’s only Now.

SB:     You have observed our life style, have you not?  It of course is dependent upon food, so we do a lot of eating or preparing, or shopping or things like that. But, you see and of course we have time and space and therefore we have these nights and days and circadian rhythms.  What do you say about your own lifestyle?   What can you tell us about your own life style?

A:      Our lifestyle is one of service.  And, we don’t have a need for jobs.  We don’t have a need for food; we don’t have a need for a home.  We don’t have a need for a profession.  We don’t need any of these third dimensional things.

Blessing, We are the Arcturians

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My Awakening – Spiritual teacher Adyashanti describes the day he awakened

Buddha Bamboo Lotus Zen by Lynda Luburic @ Fine Art America


My Awakening

Spiritual teacher Adyashanti describes the day he awakened.

Before I had my final awakening years ago, I was crazed for enlightenment. You have to be a little crazy to seriously study Zen. My teacher used to say, “Only the crazy ones stay.” One way my craziness worked was that before I went to sit with my teacher’s group for a couple of hours on Sunday mornings, I would get up early, at 5:00 or 5:30 a.m., and do extra sittings. I would sit in a little room meditating and freezing to death.

This article is reprinted from the book Emptiness Dancing.
Adyashanti, Emptiness Dancing

Sitting there on one of those particular mornings, two things happened, one after another, and they seemed very paradoxical. The first one was a spontaneous seeing that everything was one. For me that manifested as hearing a birdcall, a chirp, in the front yard, and from somewhere inside me the question arose, “What is it that hears the sound?” I had never asked this question before. I suddenly realized I was as much the sound and the bird as the one hearing the bird, that the hearing and sound and bird were all manifestations of one thing. I cannot say what that one thing is, except to say one thing.

I opened my eyes, and I found the same thing was happening in the room—the wall and the one seeing the wall were the same thing. I thought that was very strange, and I realized that the one thinking this was another manifestation of that. I got up and began to move around the house looking for something that wasn’t part of the One. But everything was a reflection of that One thing. Everything was the divine. I wandered into the living room. In the middle of a step, consciousness, or awareness, suddenly left everything, whether it was a physical thing or body thing or world thing.

All in the step of a foot, everything disappeared. What arose was an image of what seemed like an infinite number of past incarnations, as if heads were lined up one behind another as far back as I could see. Awareness realized something like, “My God, I’ve been identified with various forms for umpteen lifetimes.” At that moment, consciousness—spirit—realized it had been so identified with all these forms that it really thought it was a form right up to this lifetime.

All of a sudden, consciousness was unconfined to the form and existed independently. It was no longer defining itself by any form, whether that form was a body, a mind, a lifetime, a single thought, or a memory. I saw this, but I almost couldn’t believe it. It was like someone just stuck a million dollars in my pocket, and I kept pulling it out as if I didn’t believe I had it. But it couldn’t be denied either. Even though I am using the word “I,” there was no “I,” only the One. was write my wife this odd note. It said something like, “Happy birthday. Today is my birthday. I’ve just been born.” I left it for her, and when I drove past our house to go to my meditation group, I saw her standing there waving the note in her hand. I don’t know how, but she knew exactly what it meant.

I didn’t tell my teacher anything about the experience for about three months because it seemed pointless. Why would anyone need to know this? I felt no need to tell anyone or be congratulated. It seemed totally sufficient in and of itself. It was only later that I learned that my experience corresponded to what my teacher had been talking about all along. I realized that this awakening was what all the teachings were about. In a very real way, that experience, which continues and is still the same today, is the foundation of everything I talk about.

When we really start to take a look at who we think we are, we become very grace-prone. We start to see that while we may have various thoughts, beliefs, and identities, they do not individually or collectively tell us who we are. A mystery presents itself: we realize that when we really look at ourselves clearly and carefully, it is actually astounding how completely we humans define ourselves by the content of our minds, feelings, and history. Many forms of spirituality try to get rid of thoughts, feelings, and memories—to make the mind blank, as if that were a desirable or spiritual state. But to have the mind blank is not necessarily wise. Instead, it is more helpful to see through thoughts and to recognize that a thought is just a thought, a belief, a memory. Then we can stop binding consciousness or spirit to our thoughts and mental states.

With that first step, when I realized that what was looking through my eyes and senses was awakeness or spirit rather than conditioning or memory, I saw that the same spirit was actually looking through all the other pairs of eyes. It didn’t matter if it was looking through other conditioning; it was the exact same thing. It was seeing itself everywhere, not only in the eyes, but also in the trees, the rocks, and the floor.

It is paradoxical that the more this spirit or consciousness starts to taste itself, not as a thought or idea or belief, but as just a simple presence of awakeness, the more this awakeness is reflected everywhere. The more we wake up out of bodies and minds and identities, the more we see that bodies and minds are actually just manifestations of that same spirit, that same presence. The more we realize that who we are is totally outside of time, outside of the world, and outside of everything that happens, the more we realize that this same presence is the world—all that is happening and all that exists. It is like two sides of a coin.

The biggest barrier to awakening is the belief that it is something rare. When this barrier is dropped, or at least you start to tell yourself, “I really don’t know if my belief that awakening is difficult is true or not,” then everything becomes instantly available to you. Since this is all that exists, it can’t be rare and difficult unless we insist it is. The basis of all this is not theoretical, it is experiential. No one taught it to me, and no one can teach it to you.

What is so beautiful about awakening is that when you are no longer functioning through your conditioning, then the sense of “me” who was living that life is no longer there. Most people are familiar with the sense of a me living this life. But when this is seen through, the experience is that what really runs and operates this life is love, and this same love is in everybody all the time. When it is working its way through your personal stuff, it gets dissipated, but it is still there. Nobody owns this love. Everybody is essentially the manifestation of this love.

You have experienced moments in your life, whether or not you are aware of them, when you momentarily forgot the “I” with which you have been identified. It can happen spontaneously at a beautiful sight, or it can occur from egoic forgetfulness. People usually discount these moments. After experiencing the “nice moment,” you then reconstitute your familiar sense of identity. But actually these opportunities are like little peepholes through which the truth is experienced.

This article is reprinted from the book Emptiness Dancing.
Copyright © 2004, 2006 Adyashanti.

Adyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings.

New Metatron Channel – Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn – The Grid is Rebooting Reality

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New Metatron Channel

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

The Grid is Rebooting Reality


Reality Change !

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light. I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service….and we embrace you in an energy of unconditional love!

Masters, a planetary ‘Reality Reboot’ occurs at major ‘shift’ points along the sequence of human life on earth. It can be crudely compared to you upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 12, or should we say 2012 ! Your present shift is an upgrade. However, reality reboots can also be downgrades. For example, the planet experienced a reality downgrade at the final fall of Atlantis.

The Grid system is in fact the primary program, the driver of reboots. In the peak of the Golden Age of Atlantis, an incredibly complex geo-grid was in place. It allowed for the interactions between dimensions and other ‘worlds’. The final ‘Fall’ of Atlantis was in essence a new beginning. And the new era was primitive in comparison, a time phase in which great focus was to not only rebuild, but also just to survive. This required a new, less complex reality template to better accommodate the ‘starting over from scratch’, period.

Each new grid program, loses, erases or replaces much of the ‘memory’ of the prior ‘reality’ system. A very stressful period occurs in the early stages between reality program transfers. It is as much a period of stress and confusion, as it is a time for learning to operate in the new program.

The reality reboot brings vast modification. The original structure, which had been altered then no longer contains the codes and programs from which its specific reality relied, and the ‘old program’ the memory banks of the old system can never be recovered or restored; it has been forever changed.

Our point is to emphasize that the planet rebooted in late 2012, and you are in a purposed timing of adjustment. The old parameters are fading, and all of you are adjusting, all of you are feeling, to varying degrees, the stress of the ‘reality program’ change.

You are in for a fascinating, but challenging ride. It may well get harder before it gets easier, but all of you have the tools to deal with the pressures., and it is important to use them. And we assure you that there are incarnate & manifested masters among you on the planet to assist in guiding the wise thru the torrents.

In the phase of 2017 to 2038 you will be tested. You are experiencing a necessary nebulous phase for the next 10-14 years. The crystalline electro-magnetics are shifting into the appropriate earth nodes and the ‘new’ earth codes & currents will not be fully in place, fully optimal until 2038.

This means the polarity aspects of the planet are re-structuring. And in this phase, the normalized parameters are not yet reached. To phrase this differently, Pandora’s Box is open for the next two decades.

Do not misunderstand ! We are not sharing this to frighten you, rather to assure you that the changes taking place do lead to a better program. But the program it will not be fully functional until 2038. There is however, sufficient coding in place to assure the Ascension. Rest well on the knowledge that the doomsday predictions will not materialize.

The Shift is Happening !

Masters, whether or not you accept it, you are in an extraordinary shift, a phase of an evolutionary leap. And despite the chaos around you, you must know and believe that the ascension of humanity is on-track. Make no mistake, shift is happening in your now. You are in an Earthplane paradigm revolution. You knew before coming in, that it would not be easy. And it is not.

Such transitions are difficult, as humanity are forced to confront and contend with anomalous physical, psychological & dimensional paradigm changes. Reality, as you have known it, is drastically reorganizing & remodeling itself. This is realized by the savant few, unrecognized by most and misunderstood by the masses.

Editing of Reality

The fact is that the ongoing editing of reality is affecting all ‘human-kind’ in ways & areas that you may have not considered.  The present ‘leap of evolution’ is creating a temporal imbalance in the mindset and expression of life. Stability is much harder to achieve in such times of change. And in overview, this ‘instability’ has influenced a great increase in chaos, confusion, melancholy, and depression.

We have told you on many occasions that you are in a cleansing phase of ‘Crucible Astrology’. A purge is occurring, all unresolved is surfacing, in order to recalibrate ‘reality’ into a Golden Era. And we realize the light at the end of the tunnel is hard to see amidst the smoke and fire.

But to be clear, the purging around you, is not only because of astrology. Rather, from highest aspect, it is because you chose to Ascend, to expand. And that decision coded & moved astrological gravities, which are indeed highly conscious, and attuned to humanities movement.

There are dimensional shifts taking place, and the mechanics of this expansion are effecting duality. And indeed, are dramatically effecting the core-magnetics of your polarity realm.

The electromagnetic grid, is declining, as the crystalline grid superimposes the planet, forming a new ‘template’ of reality. Many of your metaphysical leaders refer to how this effects humanity as ‘Ascension Symptoms’. Perhaps a more apt description could be termed as ‘magnetic withdrawal’. But indeed, what is happening is not metaphysical ‘woo-woo’ …there are laws of physics involved.

Your sun changes its magnetic poles very 11 to 12 years. North and South, anionic and cationic solar poles flip, changing positions. In the beginning and ending portions of each 12 year cycle, bipolar energies become somewhat neutralized and distorted. In a manner of speaking, the Earthplane dimensional matrix, since December 2012, has been undergoing a dimensional polarity break up & temporal distortion, somewhat similar in aspect to the Suns Polar shift, in the sense that distortion is occurring from an energetic disruption. It is quickening in the now.

Ascension Symptoms & Magnetic Withdrawal

Although unrecognized by your present scientists, this temporal distortion is effecting humanity in myriad ways, far beyond your rather sweeping, simplistic explanations of ‘Ascension Symptoms’. For beneath the ascension, are changes in the mechanics of magnetics and gravities which have explanations in science & dimensional physics. Explanations your ‘main-stream’ science will neither ‘see’ nor understand for many decades. These distortions, however temporal, affect every aspect of ‘human’ life on earth; influencing emotions, mental states, physiology and indeed the planetary environ.

There are ways to deal with these changes, but pre-requisite is realizing the changes are in fact actually occurring. This understanding, teamed with a basic knowledge of what they are and how said changes may mal-effect you, is important.

Physical Identity – Multidimensional Overbleed

Sexual Orientation

A Sense of Lack

Loss of Well-Being – Increased Worry

Increased Fear, Panic, Irritability

Emotional Instability – Highs and Lows – Over & Under Reactions

While these are temporal symptoms of change, they are quite real and very stressful on the nervous system. These can mal-effect physical & mental balance. These can disrupt ones sense of well-being, cause hostility in relationships, and lead to a dark pessimistic attitude. … illogical panic reactions to normal issues and challenges.

Past Recall & Linear Time

The new template of reality can also trigger a shaking of collective cognizance of linear/dimensional time sequence. Accordingly, both past memory & short term memory recall, are effected. Some of you may be experiencing a loss of time placement in this slurry. An obscure event or experience that you had decades earlier, may suddenly pop into your mind, with no rhyme or reason. Events that occurred 2 days ago, or 2 weeks ago, may seem strangely distant, and rather blurry.  The template of chronological time recognition is being ‘rewound’.

This is further exacerbated because in the process, all of you are in the confusing initial stages of exploring other dimensions and potentials within differing time structures, in the new expanded dimensionality available on the earthplane.

The new paradigm is shuffling ‘linear’ time as you know it. The illusion of linear time, is electromagnetic in nature and as the polarity moves, time in kind shrinks and expands in the ongoing oscillation & temporal neutrality of polar magnetic reduction.

The New Paradigm

We tell you that in 2017, year five of the New Earth, all of you are in a swift current of prolific development & profound discovery of your capacities and potentials.  You are in a long planned prophesized era that you have yearned for.

It is a time to wake up, and hear the clarion call, and put into action all you have studied & learned over eons of sojourns.

Remove the Fear – The Sky is Changing, But Not Falling!

What is an end to one stage, is ever the beginning of another. Listen not to the naysayers who tell you that all is lost and crashing destruction lies ahead. 2017 is time to turn over a new leaf, and co create hope & high expectation through expressions of mastery. We assure you change is the nature of reality and reality ever evolves. Ride the wave in the direction it is going. Embrace the new reality, for it is here and expanding. Deny the fear-mongers, deny not the shift.

Shift & The Earth

The Earth, and all of her kingdoms are highly aware of the ongoing changes. The conscious energies and spirits of the earth are intimately aware that an incredible evolution is quickening, and rapidly so. But unlike humanity, there is not an unknown ‘fear- factor’, in their intuitive knowledge of transition. The Earth Kingdoms, including every particle and atom flow in a state of subtle wisdom, are actually projecting the message that ‘All is Well’. Indeed this message is broadcast to humanity in every conscious ‘power-node’ & ‘sacred site’ on the planet….yet few take the time to listen, and fewer still truly hear.

The vibration & veracity of the planetary kingdom message can surmount, trumps & supersede any ‘doomsday’ fear & panic admonitions, for the living Earth and all of her kingdoms recognize the changes as the natural up-shift of the planet. The ‘doomsday message’, per sei, does not exist in the natural kingdoms of the earth, other than in the realm of human-kind. But of course, it is only you humans who are gathering for the morning and evening news and hearing daily negative reports of global chaos and environmental destruction. We are not advocating hiding your head in the sand when we encourage all of you to find solace in nature. Nature will assist you in rediscovering well-being amidst the ‘attention-shock’ modality & programming of fear that constantly occurs in your media. But it is imperative that you realize, most modern media is slanted and sensationalized in order to gain attention.

We assure you the earth is alive and well, and is an incredibly conscious and powerful being. Mankind cannot destroy the earth, nor does the earth need mankind’s salvation. This does not mean that you are not to strive to be loving   stewards of the Earth Kingdoms,

Discernment & Choice

The years between the present and 2038 will be embraced by some and feared by others. And let us be clear, ones attitude matters, and attitude is your choice. Yes, it makes sense to ride the horse in the direction it is going, but make sure you know the direction before mounting. Choose to ride forward toward well-being, not into the flames of fear. For fear is ever the great static, the great blinder. Running blind, the frightened herd heads to the edge of the precipice, to the cliff.

In the verdant valley of well-being you will find hope is not only alive, but flourishing in the times of transition. Always, there is the choice of where to go on the planet of free-will.

The advocates of fear, the ‘Sky is Falling’ & ‘End is Near’, preaching’s have been present on the earth since the final days of Mu & Atlantis.  It has been brought forth in many religions, finding fertile ground in the minds of humanity. Indeed mankind’s collective cellular memory includes the subtly embedded knowledge of many catastrophic floods, sinking’s & quakes. But also embedded in the savant, is the knowledge that the earth is a purposed illusion, and all roads, however arduous, eventually lead to enlightenment.

The Ascension will occur, it is beyond the point of probability. Humanity have chosen this reality. But it is important to understand that Ascension occurs one heart at a time until critical mass is achieved. It begins in 2038 !

Meantime, individually in the new earth, you will draw to self, that which you dwell upon. In free will paradigms, if you choose to believe the earth is headed for final destruction, the economy is headed for a catastrophic crash, and beyond repair, you can create individualized versions of this probability in your life experience. This is part of the Law of Attraction. One fearful negative thought pulls in another negative thought. The same applies to positive thoughts, but it is essential to understand that one powerful thought of positive creativity is exponentially more potent than ten dozen of a destructive vibration. Such is the key to this purposed illusion called Duality. You must learn responsible creation.

Polarity is Changing

Polarity is changing, bending duality. Positive and negative are changing from vertical extremes into horizontal juxtapose, no longer on opposite ends.

The planet earth is unique in its incredible & diverse solar system. And the changes occurring on the Earth are also occurring in the solar system. Your sun is changing, strobing into a new light, a light of unconditional love.

The change is quite real, and far more vast that you may imagine. The epochs of time, of your linear past, will not only change, but in a real sense, gradually disappear, as the new reality takes hold. In truth the future will no longer be created from the past, rather the future will be created from the future. The light that has been above the vision of 3d, will eclipse and bring forth a new paradigm, a new spectrum of hope and clear vision.

It is there on the horizon Masters. Do not despair, for the hope and belief of one soul can brighten the vision of thousands.

I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these Truths. We are ever with you. You are Beloved.

And so it Is…And it is So

 The above channel is Copyright Protected  © All Rights Duly Reserved 2017 to James Tyberonn  & Earth-Keeper Publications



Art: Stay Gold by Charlie Bowater @ DeviantArt