Cultivating Your NEW Earth Relationships, Built on a Whole NEW Foundation of Unity Consciousness Love – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art by Ginette Beaulieu


Cultivating Your NEW Earth Relationships, Built on a Whole NEW Foundation of Unity Consciousness Love


NEW Earth relationships look nothing like the old. They are built on an energetic foundation of the principles of Universal truths and “laws”. These “laws” are simple, pure and align all as Love. ♥

Each are now finding, or will, that NEW Earth Relation-Ships (shifts), require total inner-connectedness in order to create, unify and sustain. Birthing a relationship, building all through love, creating trust and holding honor, being the supporting one and keeping all in balance, these are just a small part of the bigger picture at play.

Each one of us came here to fulfill higher-service roles (Soul Purposes) and to accomplish/complete Galactic Missions/tasks. We are but a small semblance of the bigger picture, in one way, yet everything we do/are is important and affects everything.

There are Grand Plans that have been being loaded into Gaia’s and our Universal Body Templates for things we are all here to do. Access is granted as each evolves as a Soul and transcends the limits and separation once held within. As the body evolves and each’s Crystalline Structure comes online, a synchronization process occurs. This synchronization process is a part of a bigger picture too.

For each in an Earthly Body, these Advanced Light Encodements activate dormant DNA re-code your genetics, moving your physical body through an immense “Evolutionary Project” that takes years, your whole human existence to “complete”. Each completion phase (process/passageway), will activate a new initiatory phase, the next step in each’s process that needs to occur to move each into highest dimensional alignment and Galactic NEW Earth Existence here.

Evolving/moving/transitioning your linear carbon-based human body into a non-linear Silicon Plasma Crystalline Lightbody is a task that each agreed to, as a Soul, yet as a human won’t understand, until each reaches a part of the process where vision/access has been fully restored, through the opening of the Universal/Higher Self/Heart/Mind. This unification process occurs inside first, where you release the separation from all that you once held. As the veils of amnesia dissolve, you will REMEMBER and existences that are PURE. You will REMEMBER many things, through the activation of PURE SOURCE LIGHT and Christed/Galactic/God Consciousness (and more), which will bring clarity to your new existence, yet require a continual vibrational re-alignment process that you hold a great responsibility to participate in.

As a human and star Seed, you don’t like responsibility. You want fun. You want easy and you want the things that you “think” represent happiness, yet you will find this not to be true as you travel the journey of an Awakening Star BEing Soul.

This will be fun and it will be easy, so very easy, as you do the work. If you “think” that the purest infinite gifts of the Universe (and Galaxies) will be bestowed upon you while you hold separation, you are dead wrong. This is not how this works.

You will get to SEE what Heaven is like, what pure peace, bliss and magic are, what easy is… IF… you are TRULY READY to step into your roles that you came here for. You will experience the awesomeness and great opportUNITY too. You will see what is available… IF YOU DO. As you come on-board, you will see your own responsibility for all. You will see that as you come together, unite, support and share that this can be easy…

It is supposed to be easy, simple and infinite everything available to you. Yet, where you hold back, where you hold separation, where you are not ready yet… this will create parallel/alternate timelines (realities) to play out in your own physical reality for you to see/experience/learn/become aware of (realize), so that you can easier shift into a UNIFIED TIMELINE instead of a separated one.

Your human mind, your emotions, your physical body and your field…. all of these must be operating at your highest vibrational frequency and unified rotational spin. All discord, all unconscious suppressed programs held in your cellular body, all that you allow in your field, all that you held in separation inside before… all must constantly purify, cleanse and merge to bring/move/vibrate your body into a higher dimensional timeline/plane of existence where unconsciousness cannot sustain/live.

Portals of opportUNITY will open and if you are not ready yet, they may close. Others will open when you’ve resolved all of your own fear/lack/unconscious programming fully from within. Your physical reality aligns according to this.

This is a constant “proving process”. At first, proving to your human that “real” is not what you thought. Establishing new trust, it’s your human that must “prove itself”, for it’s what doesn’t hold the highest and purest vibration of Unity-Love-Consciousness yet. You are the one that’s going to prove to you (and all around you) that you hold the integrity, honor and vibration on a continual basis, that you can step-up/expand/come through. You are the one that is RESPONSIBLE for everything that occurs in your own physical reality world and every dimensional timeline is affected from this one here. The higher timelines will “arrive” (materialize), WHEN is determined by your overall vibrational frequency. HOW is determined by where you come from in what you “do’.

The path you take, how long you travel that path (timeline), how bumpy/intense it is… all of this determined by the unconscious programming (karma) that you still hold in your cellular body here. You as a human are not going to have any idea, for you can only see this human existence still. You must expand into your higher self/soul and see all existences in order to understand the vast undertaking that this entire process is.

Each chose a “human experience” as a part of the HUman Experiment to awaken to/through and transcend. BEyond that human experience is Physical Body Ascension, which is a decent of your higher selves INTO your physical form and a merging/integration process that never ends. Every aspect of who you truly are will be activated, every moment from activation of this consciousness will be a “proving ground” for you to overcome/transcend/dissolve all not yet/fully in-alignment with this vibrational aspect/energy. With each aspect, your ability to integrate, grows vaster and you won’t even recognize who you once were. Your old human identities, attachments and that which you labeled/used to describe will no longer be true. You won’t know who you are for awhile, because who you truly are is foreign to your human aspect you.

The Embodiment Process is soooooo vast, there are no words that create full comprehension of this. The human mind’s need to understand just can’t… it’s not possible, for its a full body experience that is both subtle and profound and will blow your human’s mind… it’s supposed to, for your higher mind to activate, neural pathways open up and to bring you further online so that full vision/access/understanding can be restored.

There will be so many aspects of you for awhile, that you won’t know which end is up or down. Your realities will contort, bend, stretch, dissolve… right before your eyes. NEW ones will enter your awareness, new everything will become available to you…. the next part of the process? What you do, where you come from… do you really truly care? Are you willing to let go of the old so that the new can come forth? Are you JUMPING through those portals that are opening or are you letting them close, because your human programming is still stronger inside?

What does it take for you to see, open up, come on-board and become a contributing, supporting “member” (participant) of our NEW EARTH Existence here? For some, it takes immense struggle, immense devastation and loss (words to describe what’s not really going on). For others it’s easier, because their heart is open, they are ready and they “get it” and are ready to commit, to do the work, to come together/work together, unify for the BIGGER PICTURE…. even if they cannot totally see it yet… they know…. and that’s what matters….

For some, their separation is so strong, that they “require” physical reality adjustments/re-alignments to occur FOR THEM to move them out of/beyond the old unconscious programs that represented separation within. For others, they will see the beauty of Creation, the magic that awaits, the possibilities and they are READY TO BE AN INTEGRAL PART of CREATION and holding NEW EARTH EVERYTHING in place.

These are the Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Frequency Holders, the Guardians, the Keepers of our Galactic/NEW Earth Codes. These are the ones that signed on to fullfill huge WAYSHOWING and SUPPORTING Roles… These are the ones that REALize that they are the NEW here. These are the ones that come together to create/BE the NETwork (Gridwork) of our Crystalline Consciousness Realities here. These are the ones embracing highest dimensional existence, ready to leave scarcity/lack behind. These are the ones ready to step fully into their Soul’s Roles & Galactic Missions by UNITING as ONE/WE Consciousness here. These are the ones taking full responsibility for everything they transmit out/do, for how they affect every timeline, not just the physically visible one here. These are YOU as you are truly ready…

These are the new Governing Bodies of our NEW Civilizations, along with everyone else doing this too. PURE Unity at our core, we come together to create/support/inspire/unite/share…..

Unity Vibrations open doors/portals/gateways for each of us to move/walk/travel through. Any separation within us can close these instantly, until we resolve all within us to open them/new ones again. Sometimes a portal will stay open for awhile, yet if we’ve previously proven that we can’t be trusted, we can’t come through, we are self-serving first, we are separated, we don’t hold honor, we can’t support, we can’t come together/come through, then we have to go through a whole new proving process again. The difference now is that our vibrations speak for us, so if we are not ready/fully committed/on-board, this speaks for us… we don’t have to speak. Super Consciousness gives us the ability to READ THE FIELD energetically and all information/data be translated by our Crystalline Body Structures for us…. everything is visible/understood… and human words are only to explain what an unconscious human aspect cannot understand yet.

Words are used to teach/explain/deliver encoded frequency light. Energy is how we connect. When all are on the same page, synchronized, words are not necessary, except to excite, explore, inspire, create more awesomeness to come forth for everyone full on-board too.

BEing the NEW Earth Gridwork, replaces how we used to function with all new ways that are beyond simple and easy here. The only complication: our own separation/human’ness…. and it’s up to each one of us to work through this/figure this out from within….

How easy this will be, will be determined by the separation/unconscious programs still held. You will find that full consciousness will require that you “tow the line” completely….

Where you could not unify/come together before, then something will “occur” to assist you in working through all of this within yourself so that you can have (vibrate into) a lighter density vibrational reality to experience too! As you are ready, open and care about each other, fully… then new portals and RELATIONSHIPS will open up for you. Your new part/role to play in these NEW EARTH Relationships are very different than before. You won’t be here to save or be saved, to take anything, to fill a hole or void or to get what you need first…. you’ll be here to “do your part”. You’ll be here to receive in response to how PURE you are, how much you truly care, how open you are with communication, AS LOVE and a fully re-Empowered Light BEing, standing on your own two feet with something to offer/contribute to the whole. You’ll be a part of something BIGGER, more AWESOME and MAGICAL because this is where you function from. You will love and respect yourself on a deep Sacred Level, so that you can connect with others who hold this capability too. Your Capacity for Love, Unity, Kindness, Honor, Integrity, Compassion, Peace, Harmony, Bliss, Magic, Inspired Creation is Infinite…. and together more INFINITE everything is available too. You’ve transcended your old limits and together you/we all intentionally bring forth more. Vibrationally we keep all fully aligned ourselves, so things don’t get out of alignment anymore. If they start to, we stop and we deal, we see what’s not in balance and we bring it all back into balance on a higher dimensional plane/timeline ourselves….

Y/Our NEW Earth Relation-Ships (WE all have our own ship here!) sustain themsevles easily and effortless most of the time. If there’s a bump, we deal with it, resolve it… through love and we return all to PURITY again.

Relationships are only challenging when there is human’ness still involved. We each work through this together/separately/within ourselves and we unite for many purposes here. When those contracts are complete, then the productive purpose/benefit of the current relationship/Soul contract is too. Here we are constantly shifting the purpose of our relationships, writing new contracts and the purposes/benefits of why we come together too. If if we reach a space where space (time/distance) supports a necessary experience to learn/understand/open us up, then we will choose this path for awhile. Sometimes its a week, month, year/years, for “time” is vibrational here. We exist in a SPACE of NO TIME, where everything is infinite/always present/never present here.

When we each achieve unity/a certain vibration, then we may come back together (or we may never “at this time”). Each time we “check to see” if everyone is on the same page (frequency bandwidth) for full synchronization to occur. If not, then we see the purpose of the current exchange and we again go our own paths…. for awhile, we come in and out of each other’s human lives here, sometimes the separation is so vast, that it takes awhile…. and this is okay/necessary for the “bigger picture” to unfold and come together “later” on a higher dimensional plane/timeline when all are ready to commence with what we all came here for. ♥

The “Grand Design” encodments have been being encoded in our body templates (once original template is restored). This is continuing. For me personally, it’s come through in increments and it’s part of my “role” to type this up and share it for all. I’ve been working on it since January, yet it’s a vast project to complete. There are schematics, implementation practices/processes and more for each of us here.

Each one of us have huge roles for all of HUmanity/Galactically on a Soul Level here. Each one of us to EMBODY our highest aspects/versions and walk as these, function as these, fully…. in everything we are and do. The human Ego must completely dissolve and all duality be dissolved too. A unified existence means that you are the one that’s holding this with every breath, so that your own physical REALity can take new form and materialize this vibrational MATCH for you to experience here.

Everything is always available, the vast wonders, magic and physical abundance too. It’s only sustainable when you’ve rebuilt your entire existence in full alignment and you maintain this in all that you are/do/act/be/transmit/say….. Sustainability is key (key code). Where it’s not yet sustainable, it’s because there’s still something inside that holds separation and keeps you from achieving this….

Sustaining, growing, nurturing, maintaining and respecting your highest realities, means you do this within you first. When you disconnect, the ability to sustain will be severed until you reconnect inside again. Your physical realities are constantly re-aligning, so where you hold onto separation, this disconnect can collapse/re-configure your physical realities and move you into a different vibrational reality for however long it takes for you to resolve this and unify fully within yourself. Once you realign, the physical may be vastly different again…. This is how vibrational realities work… they re-shape/re-align for you…

Your unconscious program or conscious programs dial very different coordinates that activate encoded sequences to basically tell your reality how to take shape for you. You receive/vibrate into/materialize in the physical reality relative to those galactic/soul codes/coordinates dialed. Our enhanced StarGate Systems align with our physical body to “carry us” from reality to reality constantly. The physical reality we experience is the one that our overall everything dials for us…. When you are commanding/driving/flying your Ship, you set these coordinates yourself. It is that easy. ♥

Today we have Body-Field alignments with StarGates activating strongly, where everything is realigning again. This has become an everyday thing now. All day every day. Sometimes it’s stronger/faster/easier than others, other days we shift into template cleansings/body detoxing the template at a rapid rate to burn-off old programming at a high rate fast. The increasing high amounts of Crystalline and Plasma energies activating in our bodies/inner Earth/atmospheres 24/7 are speeding up processes that used to occur over years. We’ve had 3 of these cycles within the last week. They used to occur linear years apart. This will explain how strong/fast things are evolving now as our Earth Ship evolves exponentially, we simultaneously do too. ∞

I love you! Keep integrating and holding the NEW fully from within. Come together. Do your part. You are not here to rely on anyone or them rely on you. You are here to show yourself you can do this and be the ONE, be your Ascended Fully-Connected You. WE all are. A fully sustained new cohesive and flourishing system, built on the ENERGIES OF NEW EARTH and held in place by us all here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Art by Ginette Beaulieu

The Magdalene Portal in Venice – Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

The Magdalene Portal in Venice


By Mercedes Kirkel

In early June I began my most recent journey to Europe, traveling with my close friend, Martine.

On our first flight we had two remarkable experiences. The first involved a woman who I saw several times prior to boarding and who seemed familiar to me. To my surprise, we ended up sitting next to each other on the plane. I told her she seemed very familiar and asked her if I knew her, but neither of us could remember having met before. She inquired as to what I did. Hearing that I channeled Mary Magdalene, she seemed quite affected. When she asked my name, she recognized me as a Magdalene author. She then told me she had an entire collection of Magdalene books she’d been guided to read, but mine was the only one she resonated with as authentic.

The woman seemed quite amazed to find herself sitting beside me on the plane, suddenly experiencing me in her life as a very real person, rather than her previous, more abstract relationship to me as “an author.” For me, it was joyful to meet someone who’d been touched by my books. It also felt like the magic of the journey had begun, that the two of us had been seated next to each other and discovered our connection through Mary Magdalene.

The other powerful experience that day happened to my traveling companion, Martine. At one point during the flight she closed her eyes to meditate and went into a deep space. She sensed she’d entered another dimension. In this space, she was surrounded by loving beings who she was familiar with and who had quartz crystals with them. The beings gave her a band that encircled her head. Attached to the band were golden rectangular plates. She intuitively understood that the plates were for healing and protection. The experience was exceedingly peaceful, uplifting, and full of light.

After our first flight, we flew to the south of France, where I was leading the MAGDALENE HEART PATH IN FRANCE 2017 retreat, in which Martine was both participating and assisting. Immersing ourself in this magical region, with its profound connection to Mary Magdalene, I felt myself enter a profound higher-dimensional space. My impulse to communicate verbally receded far away as the days, and then weeks, merged together.

Two and a half weeks later, the retreat came to a close and Martine and I continued our journey in Venice. This was the realization of a dream for me, as I have past life memories of having been a courtesan in Venice and have longed to re-visit this place I once knew so well.

We stayed in a marvelous, old-style Venetian apartment, four stories above the lovely canals, with gondolas constantly passing below. I found myself magnetized to the windows, from which I waved and threw rose petals to the floating gondoliers and passengers below, calling out “buon giorno” and applauding the operatic arias and romantic music.

Yet sooner than we’d planned, we were ready to leave. We’d enjoyed the feeling of the city, especially the sacredness of the water and the sweetness of the neighborhood we were staying in—with its plaza, church, fountain, pizzeria, gelato, and outdoor restaurants. But the “attractions” of Venice hadn’t spoken to us or moved us the way we’d hoped and we were feeling somehow unfulfilled. We both had experiences of feeling angry when visiting the famous churches, which for me had to do with how patriarchal the churches felt (and perhaps, too, with memories of past-life interactions with the Church, which I suspect had ended badly for me). I also felt a growing frustration that the courtesans seemed to be completely written out of the present-time story of Venice. But we decided to stay, mostly because it was too last-minute to do anything else.

On our final day, we both woke up exceedingly happy and filled with love. Checking my email, I found an invitation from another Magdalene author, inviting me to participate in a peace ceremony for Mary’s upcoming feast day on July 22nd. The ceremony was centered around a labyrinth in a San Francisco church.

I was moved that this woman had reached out to include me in this celebration. I felt drawn to participate, yet also unsure about the form of the ceremony. I’d never felt a connection to the practice of walking a labyrinth and didn’t feel that as part of my path in relation to Mary Magdalene. I decided not to respond immediately, to give myself time to clarify what I wanted to do.

Shortly afterward Martine and I headed out to spend our last day in Venice. We wanted to take one last boat trip along the Grand Canal to do a water blessing. The weather was gorgeous, in spite of predictions for thunderstorms, and we found ourselves merrily traveling along new streets, trusting where our bodies were guiding us.

Before long, we realized we’d missed the bridge we were intending to cross. But we were enjoying the way we were going so much that we didn’t care. We continued on, not knowing where we were. Suddenly Martine pointed to a church in front of us. She felt drawn to the architecture of the church, which was round with a dome on top. Even more, she felt attracted to the striking symbol above the door of an upward-pointing triangle with a circle woven through it.

I was struck by something else. I immediately noticed it was the Church of Maria Maddalena, or Mary Magdalene, which I hadn’t even known existed in Venice.

We excitedly approached and opened the door. But neither of us was prepared for what we found on the other side.

Stepping inside the church, we immediately felt the sacredness of the simple, six-sided building, with light streaming into the center from the cupola of the dome. It reminded me of the remains of the Temple of Isis we’d seen in France. But the most amazing part was what was on the floor, right in the center of the circular space. We had walked into a church with a full-size labyrinth created from 888 large rose quartz crystals, with 5 very large, clear quartz crystals in the center.  Around the labyrinth were 6 golden rectangular paintings, each about 6 feet tall, with a seventh painting at the front, covering the altar, which was black with a luminous, very fine “X” painted through it.

It turned out that the paintings were a creation by the artist Slater Bradley titled “Sundoor at World’s End.” Bradley calls the paintings “solar shields,” which he says are a conduit for dimensional energy exchange. I couldn’t believe I was in a Magdalene church, with a rose quartz labyrinth, and giant paintings dedicated to exchanging dimensional energy—hidden in the middle of Venice! And only that morning I’d been saying I didn’t feel a connection between Mary Magdalene and labyrinths.

Martine excitedly began whispering to me that the paintings had the same images she’d seen in her meditation on our first flight of the trip, which had been on the plates attached to her headpiece!

We spent a very long time in the church. We slowly circumambulated from painting to painting, deeply taking in the transmission from each one. One at a time, we walked the labyrinth, even more slowly. My mind was completely empty and my walking was a whole-being prayer of communion with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

The center of the labyrinth felt like a portal to the fourth dimension. There was exquisite, inter-dimensional music playing softly and I began to tone my sacred mantra, with sound reverberating through my body and filling the domed, circular space. I have no idea how long I was there as time seemed to have stopped. Then ever so slowly I re-walked the labyrinth, sensing it’s different quarters as the quadrants of my brain and body.

I walked over to the bench on the side of the labyrinth and sat down. Across the church was a huge picture of Mary Magdalene. As Martine walked the labyrinth a second time, I fell into a powerful trance, in which Martine seemed to be an antennae sending me the full power of the labyrinth. I felt kundalini energy powerfully moving throughout my body. I became so tired I could barely hold myself up and had thoughts of laying down on the church floor to sleep (which I somehow resisted because I didn’t think the Italians would appreciate my doing that). Martine completed her second round and then another woman began her journey through the labyrinth, with me having yet another experience of receiving the power of the portal projected through this woman to me.

Finally Martine and I looked at each other, communicating without words that we were completely full and ready to move on. We floated out of the church, feeling amazed at what had occurred. I felt that Spirit had guided us to the real reason we’d come to Venice and we’d been given exactly what we needed.

Even now as I write this, I feel filled with gratitude and awe for having received this wonderful gift.

©2017 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety, nothing has been changed or altered in any way, and the post includes 1) the title, 2) “Received by Mercedes Kirkel” beneath the title and above the body of the post, 3) this copyright notice (full paragraph), and 4) Mercedes Kirkel’s website (