The Solarized Mind – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Art: Olga Vercholamova


There are those who believe that the mind is an obstacle when walking the Path. They proclaim that the mind is the β€œslayer of the real” and that it must be put aside so that the soul can be more fully realized and lived. Such beliefs assume that the rational tendencies of the mind deflect one from realizing the deeper truths of life. Yet essentially this is only a half-truth, for the mind is also recognized as the β€œRevealer of the Real.”

Essentially, the mind is dualistic, for there is both a higher and lower dimension to it. Indeed, the soul itself is a great agency of mind, and is often called the higher mind. Through the revelatory insights generated by the soul, each of us is gradually guided toward the gate of enlightenment. It is true that, at times, the lower mind (mind of the personality) can be an obstacle to spiritual living. Yet the higher mind is truly a treasured gift. Through the higher mind’s influence, ideas arise within consciousness and are recognized as wisdom. Regrettably, when using a broad brush to dismiss the value of the mind we inadvertently deny the mind of the soul, as well as the profound wisdom it conveys.

In the language of Esotericism, the mind of the soul has also been called the Solarized Mind. For just as the sun casts its light upon our physical world, the mind of the soul casts its lighted-wisdom upon the spiritual realms of consciousness. To recognize the light of the Solarized Mind is to awaken to the guiding ideations of the soul as they crest upon the shores of consciousness. When taking this into consideration, to sweepingly deny the value of the mind is both reckless and ill-advised.

William Meader

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