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Art by Sangeetha Bansal


Looking Back

July 24, 2017 by 

The experience of every divine space I’ve been allowed to visit up till now – sacred love, bliss, peace, and abundance – has deepened over time. In computer terms, the experiences just keep “unpacking.”

I don’t see why that wouldn’t be the case with this latest experience of maestro – a term which could mean a leader or a master.

I always need to add that, in my opinion, we lightworkers are all ascended masters who’ve agreed to come back and cool our jets to assist others to awaken and re-build Nova Earth.

If I want my experience to deepen, I have to do my part and open to it, take responsibility for it, and get behind it.

I’ve had a concrete demonstration of the value of mastery. The stress I felt was almost enough to do me in.

But when I re-awakened to the state of being called “mastery,” the stress fell away. Everything became manageable. My consciousness returned.

I find it requires courage to even discuss the subject. Watch for someone calling me the “self-styled master.”

I’m not enlightened. (Just a taste of it.) I’m not a spiritual master. Nor do I wish to be one. I’m a writer.

I discussed the matter with Archangel Michael a few years back:

Steve Beckow: Can you help me make sense of returning to my interdimensionality while not becoming a guru figure?

AAM    It is very simple: Visit; don’t stay.  So what you are doing, you are pulling into the 5th, into what you think of as your reality the qualities of mastery without setting yourself apart from the masses.  (1)

We lightworkers call this wayshowing. I think what he says here to me will soon be relevant for all of us. All of us are maestros-as-ascended-masters, with no recall of it. We’re all of us soon to be maestros-as-leaders.

If we don’t lead, Michael has said, others won’t have the necessary experience to fill the void.


The term maestro is used most often to refer to an orchestra leader. But a master chef or violinist might also be called one.

The meaning deepens until we reach the spiritual master. If by that term you mean, ascended in another lifetime, then all of us are masters.

We’re here to straddle dimensions. To bring the higher energies into the lower and take those in the lower to the higher. Largely, we do it by example.

We’re here to behave as masters balancing Seventh-Dimensional Christ Consciousness and Love (not just Fifth), while remaining in a physical body.

We’re here to create new templates, try on new hats, and devise new ways of being, doing, and having.

Anyone who’s still looking for a spiritual master at this late date has declared them-self still to be seeking: that is, still in the student phase of life. There’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s just that lightworkers have another mission. They’ve come to Planet Earth from higher dimensions not to seek – not this lifetime – but to re-build.

Ask me if I’m interested in being a spiritual master? I’m not. I’m here to write and I’m here to build.

What have I built?

Systems of thought. Concepts of patterning in human behavior. Antidotes to things like vasanas, conditioned behavior, entrenched beliefs, masks, acts, numbers, etc.

Dictionaries that lay out the purpose of life, the existence of a Divine Plan for us all, what the the path looks like from God to God, what the afterlife looks like, what a common vocabulary and cross-cultural spirituality for religions might be … Gosh, I don’t know what else.

I’m satisfied. I could stop now and go off in a completely new direction. Or I could continue because there’s nothing else I’d rather do.

I’m at rest.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 6, 2013.


Art by Sangeetha Bansal


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