The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 1/5 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia



The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 1/5

Kathleen has awakened my interest in universal law.

Poor Raj (Sanat) has come on Hour with an Angel or Heavenly Blessings every year to press us to learn how to work with the laws. And I for one have not really taken him up on the subject, at least so far.

However, having actually invoked various of the laws and gotten positive results, I’m beginning to get just an inkling of how matters in this area might work.

I look forward to posting more on the individual laws the Company of Heaven says are important to our ascension.

Here, we begin with a series introducing the divine laws.

I use the question-and-answer format to cover as much ground as possible, as quickly as I can.

Why do we have Universal Law?

Sanat Kumara: Why do we have Universal Law? It is the rules … of how things work, and they do not change.

So one of the issues that you are working with is you are in an environment, a situation, of constant change, whether you acknowledge it or realize it or not. And so, when you refer to the law, you have a framework within which to work with that constant change, and to go to the place of balance. (1)

Sanat Kumara: Universal Law is … the framework upon which you come to understand how things work. It is part of the universal grid. It is part of the understandings of how things happen or don’t happen, and the alignments that one can gain in terms of your own process of Ascension and return to the source of One.

So it is the framework upon which creation, what you have called the Divine Qualities, everything hangs. It is the grid upon which you come to understand how things work.

It is peculiar, is it not, that you have, as a human collective, of all breeds, such an obsession with this word “law”? You have judicial law. You have laws of mathematics, quantum physics, but you do not have, and you have not aligned fully or completely with, Universal Law.

And yet it is the starting point and it is the finishing point. And when you are in alignment with Universal Law, you come to a place of understanding of how to position yourself, particularly within time and space, how your actions, or inactions, or sense of being, can be measured and reflected. (2)

Sanat Kumara: When we said to the Mother, and the Mother said to many, “How will the beings, not only on Earth, not only upon this beloved jewel, Gaia, how will they understand how to construct, how to proceed?” it was the understanding of the law, of how things work. Just like your scientific or natural law.

Now, you do not go about every single day thinking, or feeling, “Am I in alignment with the law?” whether it is human law or natural law. It is the way of being.

Now, many of the human laws that have evolved are not at all in alignment with Universal Law. And that is where things have gone awry and where false grids and paradigms have grown up, and actually assume the illusion of solidity.

But they do not have a reference point in the heart of One. And then people become disenchanted, disillusioned, disappointed, because they think they are adhering to law, and it is not having the results of creation that they desire. But it is because they have not taken the time — this is not a criticism; now is the time – to understand this body of law. So the law as it exists, to answer your question, to assist you and many far beyond Gaia to understand how things work, is actually very simple. (3)

(To be continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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Leo – The First and Fifth Rays – William Meader @ Emergent Light


Art: The Zodiac: Leo by Fyreling @ DeviantArt



~ The First and Fifth Rays ~

When we consider the influence of Leo, we normally associate it with such things as strength, generosity and a tendency to love the limelight. As a broad generalization, Leo is often viewed as a more extraverted sign, and as one of the fire signs it holds much power. Yet, underlying these typical traits are two sacred energies that form the matrix of consciousness for those who have Leo strongly accented in their charts—they are the first and fifth rays.

It is not surprising to find that the First Ray of Will is foundational to the sign of Leo. In addition to accounting for the courage often associated with the Leo individual, in this sign the first ray manifests as the will to be. Essentially, underpinning the consciousness of the Leo individual is an inner search to find him/herself. When an individual has not yet stepped onto the Path, this psychological urge consolidates the lower ego—the personality. Yet when the Leo individual has awoken to the soul, deep within, it is then the higher ego (soul) that serves as the centerpiece of self-realization.

Though the fifth ray is often called the Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science, another name given to it is The Dividing Sword. When considering the life of the Leo individual, it is this title that is most fitting to use. The psychological effect of the fifth ray helps to clarify that which is true from that which only seems to be true. It is the force that divides truth from pseudo truth, wisdom from knowledge and love from desire. And in Leo, it is the ray that helps the individual clearly discern the authentic Self (soul) from the artificial self (personality).

William Meader


In That Higher-Dimensional Space Lies the Answer – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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In That Higher-Dimensional Space Lies the Answer

How do we balance our work lives and our partnerships and our friends and relatives? How do we make time for it all?

I could wrack my brain for hours coming up with advice to myself.

But the truth of the matter is, as I know, in a higher-dimensional space, these matters resolve themselves. There’s no dilemma, as Da Free John said years ago, in the space of the permanently-opened heart (which brings mukti, liberation, sahaja, ascension) and awakened consciousness.

It’s all so very simple. But coming into that space is not very simple.

Once I came into the experience of “real” love, I found I could “surf” on any feeling of love or bliss that came along and excite the divine state within me again. That’s not so much the case at the moment because of stress.

The good news is that we’ll all come into it upon ascension. But we can still create a “growth game” here by pretending that it’s better to have it earlier than later. It’s not. But the game results in growth, expansion, and unfoldment.

If we experience – or, better, realize – any of the divine states like sacred love, bliss, joy, integrity, abundance, peace, or mastery, we immediately see what the prophets and sages have been talking about. They glimpsed or inhabited a higher state of consciousness, the one we’re gradually “ascending”  to. (1)

The only path I know to it, and I’m not a spiritual guide, is to cleanse ourselves of our unfinished business (2) and all the other mental baggage we carry and to substitute in its place sacred practices friendly to love and bliss, etc. To open to these spaces and states of being.  I think the angels do the rest.

Of course I’m enthusiastic about the subject. I’ve never known a person who, having consciously experienced a higher state of being, temporarily or permanently, did not want to communicate it or see if others could be helped to experience it.  Look how many highly-enlightened beings turn around and come back as teachers.

So for me, the main question is not how do I balance work, partnership, and the rest, but how do I release my consciousness from everything that holds it back  and allow it to soar?

In that higher-dimensional space lies the answer.


(1) In consciousness only. What happens to the physical world, I can only imagine.

(2) Kathleen has shown me that that may involve, not simply processing, but also apologizing, asking for apologies, and forgiving.


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