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Pure Ascension Mastery Training

Ascended Master Spiritual Channeling Message with Lord Saint Germain and Lady Master Lady Portia, Ray Chohan of the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order & Discipline (the Violet Purple Flame), share their expertise of Learning How to Own Your Power in Order to Embrace Your Oneness using the Wisdom of the Soul, transmitted by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden – Integrative Channel of Walking Terra Christa.

Greetings and Love to you,

I Am Lord Saint Germain, Mahachohan of the Rays of God, to help each of you to understand that the process of allowing your Mental and Emotional bodies to work in unison to bring forth the acceptances of your Inner Power to be shown in your outer world, is one that is extremely complex. This is due to the fact that within your physical self you may not have the ability to truly take yourself into the depths of your psychological self, which is the gateway to truly being One within all of your selves, meaning your Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies of light.

Understanding all aspects of your full body system is not something that is easily accessed within your physical consciousness. That is why it is imperative to take time to reflect through deep meditations to allow all of these bodies to work in unison.

This is the pathway of Mastery and it can only be achieved by accepting the fact that you, as the physical self, do not have all of the answers.

That is why as an Initiate, you must go through the steps of Self Realization by learning how to see not only with your physical eye and mind but to perceive through the actualization of your challenges to become the new reality that you want to embody.

Each lesson that you learn by walking through the initiations allows you to go through a series of checks and balances through each of your bodily systems. It is a process of remembering your soul’s essence, comprehending whether it is a positive or negative element that is held within your Subconscious (Mental Realm) while experiencing the awareness of that feeling level (Emotional Realm). This is how you decide in your present state of consciousness how you are going to react to the interaction of the energies occurring within you.

This happens for every moment you think and feel as the reactive energy within you will either be a positive or negative experience and it depends upon what you have already learned in your pathway.

You see that each time you realize a change needs to be made within your consciousness, you immediately interact with that level of exchange within your mental state, this determines how you experience pain or joy. So if you are very attuned to the ability to know when something does not align with what is inside of your consciousness, you will react to that situation.

Working through each of the initiations on a conscious level allows you to have the ability to know when something is in alignment with whom you are becoming. If it feels uncomfortable, then that is when it is important to take a step into a deeper part of your subconscious so it can reveal to you what may need to be changed. This is how the process of working through each of the seven steps of each initiation will work in your favor.

When you try to skip steps in order to push ahead, it will actually deter you from the desired goal.

It is like when you desire to speak with a certain individual and you are not truly prepared to show what is in your heart (not having the Mental and Emotional levels in balance), it causes you to feel insecure or uneasy about the conversation. Then you speak in a way that may seem clumsy or out of context. It can cause the other person to feel uneasy because you are projecting that energy out of your system.

What can happen through this process is that you may start to isolate and not show your true feelings.

It is only because you haven’t been taught that speaking coherently is about allowing the Masculine and Feminine selves to work in unison. What happens otherwise is it comes from the Emotion (Feminine) feeling level or the Mental (Masculine) thinking level. This is how a person becomes imbalance within themselves which results in the feeling of being powerless within yourself or with others.

The opposite way of experiencing your life would be not to feel about a given moment which results in acting out through the Lower Ego with control and aggressiveness. It still stems from the same element of feeling powerless within yourself but it is coming from the Masculine Energies and not any expression of emotion involved. This is how individuals mask who they truly are; they can feel the insecurities so deeply that a facade has to be developed within the personality.

As you learn to remove the mask of perfection within you, then you realize that the true you is a beauty and not a curse to have to prove to others who you are. You Become Who You Are within Your Soul’s Essence.

This then allows you to be fully empowered as you connect more deeply within your Spiritual Body, the Higher Self. This will take you into the step of Oneness so that you can fully embrace the higher part of yourself while allowing a deep healing to take place.

The only way to achieve Oneness Within is to allow your Higher Consciousness to be the ruling factor within your psychological self. It will take you on a journey of self discovery as you experience new things in your life that you previously did not allow yourself to feel or think about.

This process then takes your pathway into the initiations on a new level as you learn more about your spiritual self than you have allowed to be prevalent within your thoughts and emotions. A new doorway is opened that reveals a true diamond in the rough to be acknowledged within you.

This is the road that will help you understand the depth of your subconscious thoughts as when you open this gateway it is a grand opportunity for new things to be realized. The more discipline you have to continue the journey, even when it becomes challenging, the more opportunity you will have to allow your soul to show you what life can be like in this new state of awareness.

The key is to be very diligent in your practice of your Higher Mind to be the controlling energy within your consciousness.

If you don’t already have a program in place, create one. Decide which tools you would like to use every day, in the morning and the evening before your sleep. Rely on this time to help you get through the difficult moments that arise during your day.

Work through the issues within your emotional body by accessing your Inner Child, the psychological self within you that holds the pain, anger, frustration, and sadness. This phase is very important because without it you will not be able to move forward in your initiations and your pathway. There will always be something lingering within you that holds you back.

Understanding what is behind the mask will help you accept that the way you thought you were acting with others, was not the true self within you. So many initiates are not honest within themselves of who they truly are inside their deep consciousness. This is because they are afraid that others will not like them but it is truly the opposite experience.

Once you decide to be vulnerable with yourself, admitting that you need to feel your wounds and true feelings, that is when the doorway that has been closed is now completely open for you to step into a deeper part of your consciousness. It brings forth a sense of freedom to realize that you can heal from these past feelings you may have been experiencing. It is a powerful movement into your Higher Self.

It is at this stage that you realize how much you have been holding within your Emotional body from previous timelines that still affect you in your present consciousness. It brings forth a sense of relief to see that it can be changed.

This is not an immediate fix as you will go through periods throughout your pathway to realize that more needs to be revealed into your physical self. Your Higher Self assists you to combat these challenges by utilizing the higher energies, specifically the Rays of God, to truly heal both the Mental and Emotional bodies so they can be fully realized within the Masculine and Feminine Divine.

It is a step-by-step process acknowledging all parts of yourself that need to come into wholeness that will assist you to realize the potential you have to Create Oneness within your four-body system.

I now would like to call upon the energies of Lady Portia, my dearest beloved, who is the Ray Chohan for the Violet-Purple flame to explain how these energies can be transformed through the process of the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order and Discipline.

Greetings and Love to Each of You,

I am Lady Portia and I want to share with you some important elements that I feel will help you to realize how important it is to allow your defenses to be broken down. It will allow the healing you are looking for to be realized and accept in all parts of your Light Body.

As you learn to work with the Rays of God, you will see that you can actually start to be those flames of light. Being in a physical body is not an easy task and walking the Pathway of Mastery is even more challenged. You are asked by your Spiritual Self to change what you have been, rip away the old elements that you thought were part of your existence and then experience walking through new doorways that at times can be scary and uncertain.

But each of you are here in these moments just to do just that for yourself.

I hear many times initiates saying that it is too hard, that they cannot do it, and become very overwhelmed by all of the challenges and experiences of being on this pathway. Those thoughts only come from your lower ego which does not want to change. It is part of your existence upon the third dimensional world, but yet something inside of you says that you do need to change.

So many souls think that initiating the higher realms of light will truly change them so that no work has to be done. But in fact, you must realize that you chose to come to this earth, to do what you are experiencing. It doesn’t mean that you haven’t come to this earth as a pristine being of light. In fact, it is just the opposite.

Mastery is only for those souls that have traveled far and wide as there is great knowledge that needs to be revealed. But you as this soul cannot get to this knowledge until you fully realize that the many lifetimes you have experienced is also riddled with great challenges that sometimes ended up very badly.

You still hold all this energy within you and it needs to be transmuted and transformed as it exists in your physical body. It is part of your present experiences and is the reason why you hide your true self from others as you have been hurt in your past. It’s not easy to allow vulnerability to be your guide, but it is something you must do.

I bring to you the Flame of the Violet-Purple which not only ignited the Violet Flame but the Purple essence is the grounding force of the flame. You cannot transmute without transforming yourself. Otherwise, you will continually have to experience the same elements to arise within your subconscious. It is part of the metamorphosis that each of you must experience each time an issue arises within you.

This is when you allow your Divine Self to be the controlling agent within your Mental faculties.

I call this Sacredness of Life; bringing forth the capability to become your own personal alchemist. Changing elements right in front of you so that they become the solution that you have been searching for within your pathway.

I am here to assist you to go through the metamorphosis of your old self into the Divine Self. To realize the potential you have from all that you have ever been so that your knowledge then becomes your Wisdom.

I am deeply grateful to be able to walk with each of you in the alignment of the Violet-Purple Flame creating a Spiritual pathway that you may have never known was accessible to you.

I am Lady Portia at your service.

Integrative Channel:  Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

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The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 5/5 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 5/5

(Concluded from Part 4, yesterday.)

Why are we discussing the universal laws now?

Sanat Kumara: One of the reasons that we are having this wonderful conversation — and I am so glad that you have invited me to do this — is that you are at a point in your transition, your Ascension, your evolution, collectively and individually, in tandem with the kingdoms and with Gaia, that you are ready to more fully embrace and understand, and build societies, a planet, that is in adherence and alignment with the law. (1)

What’s the difference between human and universal law?

Sanat Kumara: Human law is based on punishment and control. So they have no real divine essence, do they? And one could argue — and I can hear you already — saying, yes, but the underpinning of that is order and love and not taking advantage of some people. But that is not the nature of Universal Law. (2)

SaLuSa: We often speak of justice and refer not to Man’s but that which respects Universal Laws. (3)

Why are there a million and three interpretations of the laws?

Divine Mother: Are there a million and three interpretations of these Laws and values? Yes, because [the interpretations] are unique to you. But let us also suggest to you, just like us, that you are constant while you are also never changing and ever changing. (a) (4)

(a) The Self, Christ or Atman is constant and never changing while everything else is ever changing.

How does our star family use universal law?

SaLuSa of Sirius: We are bound by Universal Law to apply ourselves in a way that does not interfere with your freewill, so we cannot just speed up events by imposing ourselves upon you. The dark Ones know this and still interfere because they do not acknowledge the Laws as we do. However, if matters do not proceed within a certain time frame, we will be authorised to take more direct action. (5)

Ashira: The things these days – and when I say ‘these days’ I’m talking about the last thousand years – that we like to create is the expansion of what you often think of as the intangible. So we will use Universal Law, for example, to expand the quotient of Light and we have done that now coming on to two hundred and fifty years for what you would think of as the field of Gaia so that she is a beautiful bright pink. And we continue to bathe the planet in the pink.

So this is how we use and create these days. So, when we were doing that, what laws did we work with? We worked with the Law of Sacred Purpose because the original intent of Gaia was to be the planet of Love. Now, did we interfere with the human race and with the free will of Gaia? No. But what we did by invoking the Universal Law is we created an environment to support what the plan was.

To encourage, to nurture, to bring forth, we invoked the Law of Change and Transmutation so that the discordant energies that the illusion that was so strong during, can we say, the reign – and you one day will speak in this way – the reign of the old 3rd dimension, the distorted 3rd dimension with all the false grids, we invoked the Law of Change. And of course we are working in this undertaking, hand-in-hand with Sanat Kumara.

We did not invoke the Law of Elimination for this project until very recently because you were not ready for it, but we did invoke the Law of Completion. So you see, it was energy for the planet and everything upon her to make the transition.

Now, on a personal level, many upon our ship will invoke the Law of Change or Intent or Unification to work within their family structures so that the unity of the Universe and the unity of the family, the connectedness, the Love of say a family unit – and there is not that much difference between what we think of as a family unit and what you think of as a family unit.

So we would work on this so that the quotient of Love, of Light, and the connectedness of unity is so strong that the bond cannot be broken. Oh yes, you think and you pay lip service to bonds not being broken but, in fact, humans break bonds all the time and it is curious to us. (6)

Are universal laws in the end just thoughts in the mind of God?

Sanat Kumara: [They are] the thoughts or the existence. That is correct. It is not what you think of as random thoughts. It is a construct of creation. (7)

Does the angelic realm play a role in their formulation?

Sanat Kumara: No. The angelic realm does not play a role. …

The angelic realm adheres to Universal Law. They may have different emphases and different laws that they look at because they are operating in a different sphere. And therefore they are, shall we say, blessed or visited with different thoughts from the Source, One.

But, no, these are laid down, given, shared, however you wish to conceive of this, directly from the One. (8)

How can we work with the universal laws?

Sanat Kumara: Go to your still point. And simply call me. Practice your Divine Qualities, and, when you practice certain qualities, they more naturally align with different laws, with different thoughts, with different expressions, shall we say, of God, of the One. But it is already within you.

So working with the law is being in your heart consciousness and being discerning, considering. You live in a world, and I distinguish myself, not the planet, but a world, that has become very busy. Now, it is not that you need to judge busy as good or bad; it is indifferent. But in that busyness, busy is a very good place for ego to live.

And in that busyness, and in the feeling of self-imposed struggle — because busyness is a form of struggle; it is not a sense of smoothness; it is self-imposed — you do not take time always to discern, “Is what I’m doing directing me to my core essence and to my Self, to my I Am Presence and the I Am Presence?” It is as simple as that.

When you stop and ask the question, the guidance is already there. Because your beauty, your heart, your soul, however you conceive of that knowingness is divinely intelligent. It knows.

And in the knowing, you can shift from busy to being, and being does not mean that you are not taking action and building Nova Earth. You are, and it is well under way, I am happy to say. (9)

Are there any final comments you wish to make?

Hilarion: Continue in your efforts and your observations of the workings of the new laws that are making your lives better in all ways. This will require your faith and belief until you recognize this working within your daily experience.

Be in joy with it, Beloved Ones, accept this new way and become the walking Ambassadors of this new way of Being. Let your every action, word and deed reflect this godliness as you daily labor. (10)

SaLuSa: In the future you will have much more knowledge and understanding of the Universal Laws, and with full consciousness you will have no problem in adhering to them. It can all be summed up by living from a point of Unconditional Love, and although a great challenge in your present circumstances it will become easier as you ascend. (11)

Kathleen is better qualified than I to discuss how to invoke and use the universal laws. 

I want more to lay the case out for them, as much as the Company of Heaven has discussed them in as many discussions as I’m aware of.

What’s offered here may most usefully be seen as a slice from the loaf or a snapshot in time. Sociologists would call it a structural/functional view.

The sources are I hope among the best we have to offer. I hope mine to be a representative sampling of them.

Living in alignment with the universal laws, our sources say, brings us to the peace and balance of the Natural Self. That reward alone dwarfs its many other gifts.


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The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 4/5 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: Forgiveness and The Goddess of Compassion by Baraka Robin Berger Fine Arts


The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 4/5


(Continued from Part 3, Friday.)

What happens when we work with the laws?

Sanat Kumara: What happens when you truly engage with the Universal Law is that it removes the illusion upon which so much of human experience has been based. (1)

Archangel Michael once said that Universal Law is the framework on which everything hangs, not just the bumper rails.

Sanat Kumara: Yes, because you have questioned my dear friend Michael about this issue of the Universal Law simply being the guardrails so that you do not go off the supernova highway. And he has corrected you in making sure that you understand that is not simply the guardrails; it is the entirety.

So when you are operating, when you are breathing, when you are acting, when you are feeling, when you are processing, when you are praying, when you are creating, you are operating on that framework, on that tapestry, on that grid of Universal Law.

You cannot absent yourself from this framework. It is not possible. And the Universal Laws that I speak to you of, today and in the future, are not simply Universal Law that is applicable to humans. It is the Universal Law that we all adhere to. And that is where you are headed. That is your inter-dimensional shift. It is that heart knowing, love alignment with the law. (2)

Are the universal laws interconnected?

Sanat Kumara: All of the Universal Laws that I speak of are interconnected. So it is not a matter of simply working or understanding one, individual law. That is not sufficient. (3)

When you look at it, if you look at the individual laws, what you have come to think of as individual laws, whether it is attraction, or give or receive, or karma, it is primarily about balance. And it is achieving balance both within thee, within your sacred being, and not just within one life or one day or one time frame, but also throughout time lines, even though it is all simultaneous, and in all realms. That is why we talk about above, below, within, without. That is why we talk about balance so frequently.

Because when you are in that place of love, when you are in that collective understanding, when you have reached the place within your being, of simply acknowledging and being love, then that is it. You are in adherence, you are in alignment, with the universal law. …

What you are doing so often in your mental, collective, human bodies, [is that] you are trying to pick the laws apart. … But that is not the spirit, not the energy of the law. So you are often picking at various fragments. It is like trying to break things down when in fact the entire purpose of universal law is unification.

It is to bring together, not fragmentation. So when you think of universal law and yourself, we want you, we guide you to think of universal law, how we, how Mother/Father, how He/She, Source, All One, how we beckon you back to join with us.

So it is a unifying factor. That is what it is called “universal” law. It is encompassing. It is embracing. It is to bring you and us and all together. And the more that you are in alignment, not with the understanding as if you are a legal scholar, … [but] with your multidimensional, universal, human, starseed, Earthkeeper Self, in alignment with the law, then the more you are in alignment not only with all but also with who you are.

And the more you are in alignment with who you are, the more you are contributing to the absolute Ascension of the collective. (4)

Can anyone escape the reach of the universal laws?

SaLuSa: The Laws of the Universe are quite clear and irrevocable, and both the dark and Light must obey them. (5)

SaLuSa: The Laws of the Universe are sacred and apply all through it, and we are those who will make certain that they are carried out. (6)

SaLuSa: The Laws of the Universe still apply [in the higher dimensions] but at your higher level of achievement and understanding, you would not do anything that would go against them. (7)

SaLuSa: The Laws of the Universe are immutable, and be sure any soul that has erred in their judgement and actions will face the truth of the consequences. (8)

How many of the universal laws are we working with at this time?

Sanat Kumara: For the grid of humanity at this time, there are specifically about 13 Universal Laws that you are working with. And I have mentioned one today — continuity and completion; completion and continuity.

But these are all inter-connected. They form a grid, a skating rink, upon which you move. And as you work with one law, your heart opens more fully in terms of divine alignment and knowing, and then it leads you to the next law and the next law. But your actions become referred reference points to the law rather than some constructed reality or self, or some false grid or vasana. (9.)

(Concluded in Part 5, tomorrow.)


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Art: Forgiveness and The Goddess of Compassion by Baraka Robin Berger Fine Arts


Evolving More – Kara Schallock

unknown artist


Evolving More – 30-Jul-2017

We are and have been in a powerful transition in the last month especially. (Of course, we have been transitioning from the old to the New for a very long time…lifetimes.) We have been preparing in the last month for the eclipses and the 8-8-8. Eight is symbolic for Power, so expect a leap up in your personal Power, which means that you take Responsibility for all in your life. There is no acting small or deciding something or someone else is to blame for any perceived shortcomings you might see yourself having (the Truth is that you have no shortcomings). What makes you happy? Nothing makes you anything. Your Joy is within; your Power is within; your Knowing is within. You need nothing outside of yourself to prove who you are. There is no need; therefore, you’re not needy. You are a powerful, sovereign being of Love.

During this particular preparation, we have had an Opportunity to dive deep into ourselves, which has led to more uncovering of the Truth; if you took this Opportunity, that is. Leo symbolizes the Power of the Heart and wow; do we get to roar out who we are! We not only got to dive deep into the layers of us, to core issues; we also have been receiving powerful downloads of Light at the same time. The downloads of Light help shine a light onto that which we still need to let go of and to who we truly are.

Our physical bodies are adjusting; and this is nothing new. Do realize that nothing will go back to the way it was. This is not the new norm, for things continue to shift and you do as well. Nothing remains the same. We are continuously evolving; there is no stopping place. As we evolve, our consciousness shifts higher and therefore, life continues to reflect this high place to us and continues to shift. What helps is to let go of any desire to control your life, simplify and meditate. Being in Nature, even if it is just to step outside your home, greatly helps. We are purifying through elimination, becoming an empty chalice so that the chalice we are fills with nothing but Love.

As we become more and more Love, we recognize our Godness/Divinity. We are urged to let go of all identification, which means letting go of labels and words that separate. As Divine, we are One with all and we need not define anything, for definition limits evolution. It places things in a box with immovable walls. Everything flows according to resonance. All the surrendering we have been doing helps prepare us for our Godness. Be aware that unless you make room for the New and unless you trust the process, nothing changes. Trust and stay committed to the path you’re on.

Do you wonder how shifting to being crystalline, your DNA being replaced with New DNA and activations to your Pineal Chakra affect you? Have you doubted these things, looking at life and not finding “proof” for your intellect to wrap itself around? These things are real. We are becoming New, as Earth is. They affect each one differently, based on their Soul’s Wisdom and the choices they make. Generally speaking, you may feel very tired. You may find yourself bubbling over with anger or depression or sadness when there is no “reason” for it. Others may react to you differently; you may even seem invisible to others. You might feel lost and directionless. All of these things could be going on for a long time or not at all or for a short period of time. They all have to do with your ascensional shifting.

Of course, there are other things you could be feeling like feeling very amped up, even when you’re tired. You could feel stress due to the release of old patterns, especially if you try to keep things the same as they always have been. If you feel depressed, often this is the grief that comes up when you release a lot of the old. You might experience panic. This occurs when the separate ego is unsure of the future. Therefore, Trust is essential, as is staying in the Moment so you can consciously choose your next step; one that is aligned with how you want to feel.

Do remind yourself that you are not powerless. Any vulnerability helps you keep your Heart open, so if you protect yourself from “hurt,” stop. No-one can hurt you. And besides, if you do feel hurt by someone, surely there is a message for you within that “hurt” and you most likely carry victim energy. It’s an illusion that anyone can do anything to you or make you feel a certain way. Your eating patterns may shift too, so listen to your body. It may ask for things you have decided are not healthy. For instance, if you have rules about eating vegan or vegetarian only, make sure you are not doing it because someone said it’s the right thing to do or you do it to feel better than meat-eaters. Make sure you are choosing freely. Your body will guide you. All food is Light and there are no rules in the New. You may have certain pains or vibrations in different parts of your physicality. These may be adjusting energies as well as a release of emotional or physical toxins. Don’t judge it as good or bad; it simply is. Some of the pain can be in your spine. This makes sense, as most of your chakras are located along your spine and it is where your Kundalini is located and rises. You could also have skin eruptions, Heart phenomena, digestive issues, headaches…or not. It just depends on where you are in your Ascension/Transformation.

I could go on about how your body is shifting; only you know how you are experiencing the physical, emotional and mental shifts. You need not compare your process with others, for your path is uniquely your own. Suffice it to say that the electromagnetic fields are shifting higher, which affects us and the Earth. And they affect our consciousness, which affects all areas of life. Christ energy is infusing us and the Earth and this increases our vibration even more; it affects all our chakras and aura and some may feel a rising of their Kundalini, as it spirals upward through the chakras.

The high vibrational energies flow into the Pineal Chakra, then travel down the many Ka channels that flow through the aura. Then this Light flows into your cells and DNA, uplifting all of who you are into the higher realms of you. Do you see how everything is interrelated? Not only are we One with all of life; our bodies are One with the higher frequencies and dimensions.

As we receive more and more Light, the lower frequencies are transformed. However, this isn’t automatic; we must do our part by taking Responsibility for all our choices. Through Light downloads, our current DNA is replaced by New DNA, so we don’t just supplant the New with the old. The New DNA holds the crystalline consciousness. You know what crystalline consciousness is, don’t you? Visualize a crystal; it is clear and it is multidimensional and holds its own vibration and consciousness. Do you see how we are becoming this? We are becoming clear channels of Source; with new perceptions, new ways of being and new potentials.

Do know without doubt that the New Earth Grid is anchored as is our New Body Grid. All that is required is for us to hold a high frequency and weave our own consciousness and Soul Essences into both grids. This requires each of us to keep our vibration high and clear without the drag of the old 3D duality. Light downloads not only infuse us, but Gaia as well, through the New grids. It helps to merge with Soul/Highest Self, as things become easier when you do; they flow. Each of us brings with us our original Home Dimension, which we deposit into the New Earth Grid. This is not all done in a second; it takes one step at a time, for when we are slow and do things with intention and purpose, we build a strong foundation to which the New is anchored. This gives us a sense of Balance and Stability.

Continue to be the observer as you evolve and trust that no matter how things look, all is evolving according to Soul Plan.



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Physical Body Ascension & Soul Embodiment – Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Physical Body Ascension & Soul Embodiment: Your Physical Body is NOT going to work like it did before… Ascension is not a dis-ease, it’s your Answer


So many keep trying to “fix” their body “back” to the way that they think it is supposed to be, keep trying to diagnose according to Earthly explanations (illnesses/dis-ease), keep trying to LABEL Ascension-HUGE-DNA changes as something other than what it is. Linear mindsets cannot understand ANY OF THIS.

Ascension is not a dis-ease, it’s not a symptom or a cause. It is your body WAKING UP and TRYING to recalibrate, re-configure, re-do everything FOR YOU…. to bring your body THROUGH to a higher dimension than the old linear fixed mindset/belief one you used to live in.

Your human will go to fear, try to fix, try to control, try to get an explanation from “others” to explain what’s going on. For human’s, finding a “disease” or “cause” is easier than OPENING UP TO BELIEVE and listen, honor, accept AND SUPPORT the body as it EVOLVES IN LIGHT and WORKS SO VERY HARD to become multi-dimensional here.

Your Body “things” are a RESULT of your own misunderstanding through being asleep before, from your “time” in a matrix program, from your own creation for a human experience of living beneath the veils (of amnesia). YOUR BODY IS WAKING UP… YOUR SOUL IS WITHIN…..

Everytime LIGHT ACTIVATES through your heart opening, your body may “go haywire” trying to purify/clear/cleanse… retuning itself, as your CELLULAR BODY has been BLASTED WITH DNA UPGRADES/ADVANCED LIGHT CODES to completely transform, reconfigure, re-do your whole BODY by releasing all of the suppression, all of the control, all of the not listening, all of the “not love”, all that is not pure, all that kept you asleep, all that kept you ANCHORED in a lower dimension of consciousness/asleep. YOUR BODY IS YOUR VESSEL that carries you from one dimension to another. As long as you are trying to control/fix it back to the old way, your body is going to “not work” like it’s supposed to….. pristinely, efficiently, exquisitely…. YOU ARE THE ONE that has to CHOOSE to LISTEN to your body and STOP….. STOP TRYING TO FIGHT A PROCESS of WAKING UP!

Your body has gone into RAPID ACCELERATION AND RELEASE… your human wants to “know everything BEFORE” so it can control a process that cannot be controlled. It functions from a place of fear and does not trust… this is what “causes” your “problems/issues”…. lack of honor & supporting your body the way that it needs…. to awaken with greater ease.

You do not have vertigo…. you have gravity going as you ascend. You have your linear mind being wiped, so non-linear can “move in”. Your memories go, they are supposed to, as your Akaskic Records clear. Your organs will come close to shutting down, possibly even will, as they purge all of the separation that you held FROM/AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT from within. Your glands, your body systems ALL HAVE TO GO OFFLINE and be brought ONLINE in a whole new way, through the activation of CRYSTALS (CRYSTALLINE) in your body, muscles, bones, teeth, brain, blood, skin/flesh, organs, eyes… absolutely every molecule of your body gets re-worked for you….

Your body does not operate here like it did before. It’s a very different existence LIVING & WALKING IN MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS…. you cannot bring the density/separation/unconscious programs THROUGH with you…. your body has to clear these completely and re-work HOW it functions…. nothing like you once knew/before. You will sleep when your body tells you too, as you BECOME A UNIVERSAL/UNIFIED BEING of LIGHT…. you will awaken in multiple realities, not fixed…. moving, breathing, fully conscious, alive… and it’ will BLOW YOUR MIND. It’s the most magical and amazing experience, yet your body has to BECOME THE COSMIC PORTAL and link BACK UP to an entire StarGate System that was disconnected when you ENTERED INTO your own Soul’s chosen human experience/experiment here.

Your neural pathways and a whole neural network is opened up/created (evolves) inside of your body. Nothing like before. All the suppressed pain that was anchored in your body must be released, and yes, it can be/is excruciating at times, dependent on how asleep you were. You do not WALK THROUGH THE GATES OF HEAVEN with the unconscious programs/density that you once held. All duality, judgment, grief, sorrow, hurt, hate, anger, blame, shame, guilt, fear (and non-belief of all of “this”… (separation)… it’s all got to go. You can not “get here” and hold onto that too. You have to choose if you desire to stop “suffering” and “causing” things to be harder for you.

Your bodies are SO MUCH MORE than you ever thought them to be. They are your form that holds the PURE DIVINE ESSENCE OF YOUR IMMENSE POWERFUL LIGHT, the form that you chose to embody as a SOUL here. As a human, you took them for granted, disconnected from them, didn’t love/appreciate/care for them. They were a “thing” you walked around in that you had identities too, judgments of and you didn’t have a clue. As you wake up (your SOUL awakening), inside of your body, your body has to evolve. Your Higher Consciousness DNA activates all that was dormant & asleep and your old unconscious programs are activated to start clearing your cellular body…. all that was embedded/buried deep within/hidden… you have to SEE it and choose to release it without getting caught up in the old belief systems again.

You are here to UNIFY with your body, to unite, to become ONE on a level that your human cannot understand. DIVINE UNION with your body is a PURE EXPERIENCE that is deeply intimate and profound. There is no external anything that can match this process, other than your Union with ALL AS ONE AGAIN… when your consciousness expands and merges with the consciousness of all again, energetically…. physical matter all around you will come to life again. It will move, breathe, speak, communicate in ways that your human mind cannot comprehend. Your CONNECTION tunes all to the highest frequency of PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE again. Your body is trying to do this too…. It needs you to listen, honor, assist, support and STOP TRYING TO FIX IT/MAKE IT FIT INTO THE OLD WAYS STILL……

Your body will not tolerate the old ways, it will at some point TAKE OVER and take your ability to control away…. if you are not ready to listen….

Let go of the words that keep you in a mindset that this is a disease, problem or something is wrong. Replace your words with ones that assist you with acceptance, understanding and appreciation for a process that is going to occur for you. When you surrender your human to your own higher self/Universe and stop fighting/resisting/trying to fit all back into the old unconscious boxes, your entire experience will completely change. Your body can do what it NEEDS TO DO – FOR YOU with greater ease. Your Higher Self/Soul can RESUME as you maintain appreciation/happiness/excitement for “FINALLY, I’VE WAITED FOR THIS ON A SOUL/MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LEVEL”. Even when there is discomfort/pain, you’ll get it and you’ll move through it in a whole new way.

Your resistence causes your suffereing, your fighting, not wanting to know, not wanting to honor a process that frees you from the old. Your human does not like change and it “needs” to understand everything first…. which for awhile, is not how this works. It can, if you are open and ready to listen to your own higher selves/universe … FINALLY….

Every human created “dis-ease” and body issue can be explained VERY DIFFERENTLY through higher consciousness and through ENERGY and Quantum Access to what all truly is. You have to be willing to open up/listen and decide how you want to do this journey consciously… or continue to do it unconsciously (suffering/harsher/rougher), as your body will have to correct/repair/fix everything you DO TO IT as an unconscious human…. It has to REVERSE EVERYTHING and re-code your DNA, remap your entire system and reconfigure your whole insides of your body to process a ridiculous amount of light with crystals that form inside of your body (and hurt like hell for awhile, itching every time we hit high solar winds ♫, meteor activity and other frequencies that hit a certain frequency for your crystals to evolve inside. This is a HUGE PROCESS that has been occurring our entire existence here. It is continual, every day and increases substantially as we go…. The EFFECTS you experience are your body ascending and the descension of your SOUL, to merge inside of your body, to integrate while you sleep, so that your GALACTIC ANGELIC CHRISTED GOD-SELF can walk from within you.

You are not to dismiss what is occurring in your body, you are to support & assist it THROUGH LOVE…. every thing going on inside of your body is an intricate process that NEEDS TO OCCUR and that you agreed to, before ever incarnating here. You are not a victim to anything. That is your human perception too. Nothing is wrong, your body is trying to repair the “damage” you did to it, during your “stay” as an unconscious human here. It was all part of the process, yet NOW IT’S TIME to STOP. Open your heart and minds fully to what is REALLY GOING ON. It’s not going to be what you”thought”, it’s not going to fit into an old belief or box and you can’t “treat” embodiment/evolution, becoming multi-dimensional…. It’s not a disease… it’s YOU becoming WHO YOU TRULY ARE. ♥

I write this because of the mega-high frequencies & vibrations we are in, are ENHANCED ADVANCED EXPEDITED ASCENSION for all on planet earth. DNA & Genetics being re-coded 24/7 at a surmountable rate now. If you keep trying to apply old mindsets, fears and beliefs to what is going on, then it will be a much rougher transition than is necessary…… Yet exactly as all is meant to be…. This is how all works here.

Love, respond, kindness, listening to, honoring, supporting, caring for, nurturing, nature… this is what your body “need” (requires) from you. ♥

I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Avatar Consciousness/Soul Embodiment/Multi-Dimensional Mastery/Quantum Existence


p.s. I have more coming on natural support that I’ve done for years, as each phase is different as to what our body needs to do this immense cellular/molecular/genetic/new DNA work here. ♦ Expand your consciousness from inside in order to open up fully and REMEMBER your own truth here.


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