Physical Body Ascension & Soul Embodiment – Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Physical Body Ascension & Soul Embodiment: Your Physical Body is NOT going to work like it did before… Ascension is not a dis-ease, it’s your Answer


So many keep trying to “fix” their body “back” to the way that they think it is supposed to be, keep trying to diagnose according to Earthly explanations (illnesses/dis-ease), keep trying to LABEL Ascension-HUGE-DNA changes as something other than what it is. Linear mindsets cannot understand ANY OF THIS.

Ascension is not a dis-ease, it’s not a symptom or a cause. It is your body WAKING UP and TRYING to recalibrate, re-configure, re-do everything FOR YOU…. to bring your body THROUGH to a higher dimension than the old linear fixed mindset/belief one you used to live in.

Your human will go to fear, try to fix, try to control, try to get an explanation from “others” to explain what’s going on. For human’s, finding a “disease” or “cause” is easier than OPENING UP TO BELIEVE and listen, honor, accept AND SUPPORT the body as it EVOLVES IN LIGHT and WORKS SO VERY HARD to become multi-dimensional here.

Your Body “things” are a RESULT of your own misunderstanding through being asleep before, from your “time” in a matrix program, from your own creation for a human experience of living beneath the veils (of amnesia). YOUR BODY IS WAKING UP… YOUR SOUL IS WITHIN…..

Everytime LIGHT ACTIVATES through your heart opening, your body may “go haywire” trying to purify/clear/cleanse… retuning itself, as your CELLULAR BODY has been BLASTED WITH DNA UPGRADES/ADVANCED LIGHT CODES to completely transform, reconfigure, re-do your whole BODY by releasing all of the suppression, all of the control, all of the not listening, all of the “not love”, all that is not pure, all that kept you asleep, all that kept you ANCHORED in a lower dimension of consciousness/asleep. YOUR BODY IS YOUR VESSEL that carries you from one dimension to another. As long as you are trying to control/fix it back to the old way, your body is going to “not work” like it’s supposed to….. pristinely, efficiently, exquisitely…. YOU ARE THE ONE that has to CHOOSE to LISTEN to your body and STOP….. STOP TRYING TO FIGHT A PROCESS of WAKING UP!

Your body has gone into RAPID ACCELERATION AND RELEASE… your human wants to “know everything BEFORE” so it can control a process that cannot be controlled. It functions from a place of fear and does not trust… this is what “causes” your “problems/issues”…. lack of honor & supporting your body the way that it needs…. to awaken with greater ease.

You do not have vertigo…. you have gravity going as you ascend. You have your linear mind being wiped, so non-linear can “move in”. Your memories go, they are supposed to, as your Akaskic Records clear. Your organs will come close to shutting down, possibly even will, as they purge all of the separation that you held FROM/AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT from within. Your glands, your body systems ALL HAVE TO GO OFFLINE and be brought ONLINE in a whole new way, through the activation of CRYSTALS (CRYSTALLINE) in your body, muscles, bones, teeth, brain, blood, skin/flesh, organs, eyes… absolutely every molecule of your body gets re-worked for you….

Your body does not operate here like it did before. It’s a very different existence LIVING & WALKING IN MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS…. you cannot bring the density/separation/unconscious programs THROUGH with you…. your body has to clear these completely and re-work HOW it functions…. nothing like you once knew/before. You will sleep when your body tells you too, as you BECOME A UNIVERSAL/UNIFIED BEING of LIGHT…. you will awaken in multiple realities, not fixed…. moving, breathing, fully conscious, alive… and it’ will BLOW YOUR MIND. It’s the most magical and amazing experience, yet your body has to BECOME THE COSMIC PORTAL and link BACK UP to an entire StarGate System that was disconnected when you ENTERED INTO your own Soul’s chosen human experience/experiment here.

Your neural pathways and a whole neural network is opened up/created (evolves) inside of your body. Nothing like before. All the suppressed pain that was anchored in your body must be released, and yes, it can be/is excruciating at times, dependent on how asleep you were. You do not WALK THROUGH THE GATES OF HEAVEN with the unconscious programs/density that you once held. All duality, judgment, grief, sorrow, hurt, hate, anger, blame, shame, guilt, fear (and non-belief of all of “this”… (separation)… it’s all got to go. You can not “get here” and hold onto that too. You have to choose if you desire to stop “suffering” and “causing” things to be harder for you.

Your bodies are SO MUCH MORE than you ever thought them to be. They are your form that holds the PURE DIVINE ESSENCE OF YOUR IMMENSE POWERFUL LIGHT, the form that you chose to embody as a SOUL here. As a human, you took them for granted, disconnected from them, didn’t love/appreciate/care for them. They were a “thing” you walked around in that you had identities too, judgments of and you didn’t have a clue. As you wake up (your SOUL awakening), inside of your body, your body has to evolve. Your Higher Consciousness DNA activates all that was dormant & asleep and your old unconscious programs are activated to start clearing your cellular body…. all that was embedded/buried deep within/hidden… you have to SEE it and choose to release it without getting caught up in the old belief systems again.

You are here to UNIFY with your body, to unite, to become ONE on a level that your human cannot understand. DIVINE UNION with your body is a PURE EXPERIENCE that is deeply intimate and profound. There is no external anything that can match this process, other than your Union with ALL AS ONE AGAIN… when your consciousness expands and merges with the consciousness of all again, energetically…. physical matter all around you will come to life again. It will move, breathe, speak, communicate in ways that your human mind cannot comprehend. Your CONNECTION tunes all to the highest frequency of PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE again. Your body is trying to do this too…. It needs you to listen, honor, assist, support and STOP TRYING TO FIX IT/MAKE IT FIT INTO THE OLD WAYS STILL……

Your body will not tolerate the old ways, it will at some point TAKE OVER and take your ability to control away…. if you are not ready to listen….

Let go of the words that keep you in a mindset that this is a disease, problem or something is wrong. Replace your words with ones that assist you with acceptance, understanding and appreciation for a process that is going to occur for you. When you surrender your human to your own higher self/Universe and stop fighting/resisting/trying to fit all back into the old unconscious boxes, your entire experience will completely change. Your body can do what it NEEDS TO DO – FOR YOU with greater ease. Your Higher Self/Soul can RESUME as you maintain appreciation/happiness/excitement for “FINALLY, I’VE WAITED FOR THIS ON A SOUL/MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LEVEL”. Even when there is discomfort/pain, you’ll get it and you’ll move through it in a whole new way.

Your resistence causes your suffereing, your fighting, not wanting to know, not wanting to honor a process that frees you from the old. Your human does not like change and it “needs” to understand everything first…. which for awhile, is not how this works. It can, if you are open and ready to listen to your own higher selves/universe … FINALLY….

Every human created “dis-ease” and body issue can be explained VERY DIFFERENTLY through higher consciousness and through ENERGY and Quantum Access to what all truly is. You have to be willing to open up/listen and decide how you want to do this journey consciously… or continue to do it unconsciously (suffering/harsher/rougher), as your body will have to correct/repair/fix everything you DO TO IT as an unconscious human…. It has to REVERSE EVERYTHING and re-code your DNA, remap your entire system and reconfigure your whole insides of your body to process a ridiculous amount of light with crystals that form inside of your body (and hurt like hell for awhile, itching every time we hit high solar winds ♫, meteor activity and other frequencies that hit a certain frequency for your crystals to evolve inside. This is a HUGE PROCESS that has been occurring our entire existence here. It is continual, every day and increases substantially as we go…. The EFFECTS you experience are your body ascending and the descension of your SOUL, to merge inside of your body, to integrate while you sleep, so that your GALACTIC ANGELIC CHRISTED GOD-SELF can walk from within you.

You are not to dismiss what is occurring in your body, you are to support & assist it THROUGH LOVE…. every thing going on inside of your body is an intricate process that NEEDS TO OCCUR and that you agreed to, before ever incarnating here. You are not a victim to anything. That is your human perception too. Nothing is wrong, your body is trying to repair the “damage” you did to it, during your “stay” as an unconscious human here. It was all part of the process, yet NOW IT’S TIME to STOP. Open your heart and minds fully to what is REALLY GOING ON. It’s not going to be what you”thought”, it’s not going to fit into an old belief or box and you can’t “treat” embodiment/evolution, becoming multi-dimensional…. It’s not a disease… it’s YOU becoming WHO YOU TRULY ARE. ♥

I write this because of the mega-high frequencies & vibrations we are in, are ENHANCED ADVANCED EXPEDITED ASCENSION for all on planet earth. DNA & Genetics being re-coded 24/7 at a surmountable rate now. If you keep trying to apply old mindsets, fears and beliefs to what is going on, then it will be a much rougher transition than is necessary…… Yet exactly as all is meant to be…. This is how all works here.

Love, respond, kindness, listening to, honoring, supporting, caring for, nurturing, nature… this is what your body “need” (requires) from you. ♥

I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Avatar Consciousness/Soul Embodiment/Multi-Dimensional Mastery/Quantum Existence

p.s. I have more coming on natural support that I’ve done for years, as each phase is different as to what our body needs to do this immense cellular/molecular/genetic/new DNA work here. ♦ Expand your consciousness from inside in order to open up fully and REMEMBER your own truth here.


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