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Knitting It Together

From the series just posted, the comment I loved the most was what Sanat Kumara says here:Sanat Kumara: For the grid of humanity at this time, there are specifically about 13 Universal Laws that you are working with. And I have mentioned one today — continuity and completion; completion and continuity.


But these are all inter-connected. They form a grid, a skating rink, upon which you move. And as you work with one law, your heart opens more fully in terms of divine alignment and knowing, and then it leads you to the next law and the next law. But your actions become referred reference points to the law rather than [to] some constructed reality or self, or some false grid or vasana. (1)

“Your actions become referred reference points to the law rather than to some constructed reality or self, or some false grid or vasana.”

Oh, my gosh. Thank you, Raj. I might never have seen that myself for years.

We develop a relationship with the universal laws, over time, a facility in living by them and applying them constructively.

Once we become familiar with the universal laws, we refer our actions to them.  To get us to become familiar with them is the hurdle.

Rather than a constructed self, built from vasanas, entrenched beliefs, conditioned behavior, etc., in time we have a self “hyperlinked” to the universal grid that the universal laws are.

Why am I such a hard sell here? I guess I thought that science was hopelessly opposed to spirituality and so I gave up here as well. Why get excited about … something that is genuinely exciting?

I invoked universal laws several times but can only remember two outcomes. (2) In one, I had an experience of abundance as a state of being. In another, I had the experience of hearing “Maestro!” which tripped a switch and landed me temporarily in a state of mastery.

What I discovered, with Kathleen’s assistance, was that living in alignment with the universal laws to the limited extent I had brought me to a place of peace and balance … well, to the Natural Self, really.  Here we are again by yet another route.

We settle down and then settle into being.

Sanat has just laid out the next steps on the awareness path, for me. I watch myself construct a self-serving story about my interest in the universal law, etc., but the fact of the matter is that my recent sorties into the area have convinced me that the subject deserves attention. Preferably before things get jumping.


(1) “Sanat Kumara: You’re Ready to Build Societies in Adherence with the Law,” April 23, 2013, at

(2)  My short-term memory is so bad that, if I haven’t written about an experience on the blog, there’ll be no other record of it.

My long-term memory is fine, as you can see. I can never remember what happened yesterday but I can remember a great deal of what Ramakrishna said.

Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days, Ahuramazda, Quetzlcoatl, etc.

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