Archangel Michael: The New Form of Sacred Partnership – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael: The New Form of Sacred Partnership

Back in 2014, Archangel Michael gave Kathleen and I a talk on sacred partnership. His words are meant for everyone contemplating sacred partnership or in one. We’re all of us setting the new template. We certainly know what didn’t work. Now it’s time to find out what does.

Can you describe the form of the new relationship please?

Archangel Michael: It is the form of sacred union and partnership where you truly come together, unique, individual, diverse. We are not trying to meld your hearts, your souls, your personalities, your talents, your abilities, but they tend to complement one another, and yes, at times and places to conjoin and to co-create. …

Sacred union is one of truly engaging, not only in a relationship that is based on freedom, liberation, love .

That is where I have begun with you this day – being love, loving, and being the love, being in love, allowing yourself to love, allowing yourself to be loved, to allow this love to spill from you to the collective, to utilize the energy of that love to create and to co-create both in the very large sense and in the very individual sense of your family. (1)

It is a new level of participation, of being truly united in heart. It has not ― well, it did in the very beginning, but ― it has not existed, or it has existed by exception rather than the rule, since the demise of the third dimension. …

In the beginning, when creator race came to the planet, this was the way in which sacred union worked. …

Then came the false grids, the paradigms, the illusions – can we say the fall from grace, in many ways? …

And so it is not that this type of union never existed on planet. It did here and there, now and then, but it most certainly was not the norm. It was not even truly aspired to, because it was not conceived of. …

One of the primary elements in the new form of partnership is not merely freedom. It is a sense of selflessness. And I use this word not to mean sacrifice, in any way, shape or form.

But merely a sense of selflessness insofar as… not that you lose yourself, but the importance of the soul as defined previously by ego [i.e., self-importance] disappears. And that is also part of the ascension, as you well know. … (2)

I am talking about being the truth of who you are. …

It’s not compromise. It’s not settling. And so, yes, that is the new form, and that is what you are doing. So think of what you are involved in, if you so choose.

What you are doing is working or laying down the template. Because there are new forms, new patterns of behavior, of interaction, of being in partnership, of being in love.

Now, the new form does not in any way eliminate what we would call the bliss and zing factors. … So we are not suggesting that in any way these are pushed to the side. They are not. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Archangel Michael, through Linda Dillon, May 28, 2014.)’


(1) I probably did not get the full import of what he was saying here at the time, but less than a year later, I had a fourth-chakra experience of the heart opening and, after that, I can understand perfectly what he’s describing. Not only is it true, but love pours out of one’s heart and flows out to the world, without our going through any steps in our mind. Whoosh! And out the tsunami of love flows out to all and sundry.

It isn’t “universal” love. Love itself is universal. There is no other kind of love.

(2) I’ve never noticed a trace of ego while I’m in a higher-dimensional state. It may be there but I didn’t feel it. It isn’t that I’m doing something. The space of sacred love or bliss allows no room for it.

The dropping of self-importance en-lightens a person. It makes them lighter in every way. They become more natural and that in itself triggers spiritual awarenesses and experiences.

By dropping self-importance, we drop one of the heaviest drags on our consciousness. When all our baggage is gone, we stand revealed as the Natural Self – loving, abundant, masterful, peaceful, blissful, etc. – which was always there; just obscured.

Repeated spiritual experiences of our Natural Self, no matter how transitory they may be, prepare us for the larger “snaps” or “ignitions” that Michael talks about.

In my opinion, we’re going along a gradual path to Ascension, with scattered “ignitions,” all of which prepare the physical body slowly (in our time) to make the transition into light body.


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