Meet the Parents: Adam and Eve Kadmon – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Meet the Parents: Adam and Eve Kadmon – Part 1/2

Steve is on holiday until August 25,2017

The Adam Kadmon template (right)

We’ll actually be meeting people who look much like us. Why is that?

Well, for two reasons. First because the template that our bodies are based on – called the Adam and Eve Kadmon template – is common throughout the universe.

And second because the Company of Heaven is only allowing human … or humanoid as the CoH calls them … civilizations to approach us.

In this article, I’d like to focus on the first aspect of things – that the Kadmon is common throughout the universe.

The Kadmon is bilaterally symmetrical, upright, bipedal, two arms, two legs, two eyes located in the front of the head, stereoscopic vision, other physical senses, a large, bicameral brain, etc.

Here’s Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman describing what the Adam/Eve Kadmon Body is:

“The Adam/Eve Kadmon Body is your original individualized Seed Atom God-Self in a fully conscious Light Body form, created by the Elohim (Lords of Light/Builders of) as the archetype of humanity. The Adam Kadmon embodies the original complete Divine and spiritual nature of man/woman. It is not the same as your personal OverSoul Body of Light which is itself evolving towards Divine Consciousness.

“Your Higher Selves, your Spiritual/Oversoul Body, and your Sacred Triads are refracted Facets of your God Self, your original Light Body.

“The Kadmon Light Body has the ability to take on any form necessary to create and experience all forms of Creation in your Father/Mother God’s plan for this Universe. The Adam/Eve Kadmon is a spiritual-physical creation, which incarnates in the planetary worlds during all cycles of Divine Creation.” (1)

Sue Lie’s Arcturians tell us that theirs is one of the very Elohim civilizations which participated in the initial design of the Kadmon template, that Archangel Michael just referred to. They say:So the Kadmon body spans more than just humanity. It incarnates on planets during all cycles of creation.

“Arcturians are actually Elohim, as Elohim are builders and holders of form. The Arcturians participated in the initial model of the Adam Kadmon, the original human form of Lightbody. …

“The Lightbody is the bonding force that connects the vast energy field of our Multidimensional SELF with our lowest frequency of SELF.” (3)

Adamu explained to Zingdad that:

“Adam Kadmon is a related name [to Adamu]. And the Adam from the bible relates too.

“If you understand these words to be descriptions rather than personal names as you now use them, you’ll see that they all mean in their own way ‘the first man.’ The original one. The one from which copies were made. The blueprint, if you wish, for the male side of the population.” (2)

So the Adam Kadmon template describes the first man, the original one, the blueprint; the Eve Kadmon template, the first woman, the original one, the blueprint.

Archangel Michael tells us that angels frequently use the Kadmon template, but they don’t have to.

The Voyager Plaque: Another view of the Adam/Eve Kadmon Template

Steve Beckow: All angels for that matter, are typically represented in Adam Kadmon form.  Are they really in Adam Kadmon form?

Archangel Michael: More or less.

SB:  Really?  So is that is the form that is preferred throughout the universe?

AAM: Yes. Now take this understanding. The expression of form is the Kadmon.  Do we have other expressions?  You see, your definition, what is your native form?  We appear to you in this form. Do we appear to everyone in this form?  Do we appear to one another in this form?  Might I say, usually.

But I can as easily, as can any of us, appear as an orb, as streamer of color, a flash of light, a sound, a scent, as anything that can be perceived.  Your eyes are not the only sense you have.

So very often, what you have thought of as the Adam Kadmon form is used as a template on many planets but it is not exclusive or necessarily preferred.

When we go to a planet, for example, that does not use that form, we do not appear in that way.  So we adjust for whatever universe or dimension we exhibit in.  When we are simply, can I say home, which is beyond dimension, our true form is simply light. (5)

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


Depiction of Semjase

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