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Enlightenment in Context

I’d like to make a few spiritual distinctions here to assist us in later discussions.

I’m offering a cross-cultural perspective on what may turn out to be the “sudden” steps in our otherwise gradual Ascension.

This article may not be for all readers. Please feel free to put it aside if it’s too difficult to follow.

These are the conventionally-described levels of enlightenment up to and including the Fifth Dimension.

(1) The Mother has promised us a mass heart opening. This experience occurs when the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra.

Buddhism calls such a first-enlightenment experience, “stream-entering.” Hindus call it “spiritual awakening.” It fills one with hope and confidence.

(2) Next in classical enlightenment schemes is a sixth-chakra enlightenment experience which westerners call “cosmic consciousness.” Hindus call it savikalpa samadhi (samadhi with form). I don’t know what Buddhists call it.  I have not had this experience this lifetime and so I cannot comment on it.

(3) The first transcendental enlightenment experience occurs when the kundalini reaches the seventh chakra.  Buddhists call it becoming an arahant. Hindus call it Brahmajnana (God-Realization) and nirvikalpa samadhi (samadhi without form; i.e., transcendental samadhi).

(4) The arahant becomes a buddha, the Brahmajnani becomes a jivan-mukta (liberated while alive) when the energy moves farther and permanently and fully opens the heart. Not the heart chakra, but the heart. The hridayam or heart aperture opens as it did in the earlier heart opening but now remains open.

The resulting torrent of love incinerates the vasanas or core issues. In the earlier heart opening, which I imagine is not as strong as Sahaja, the vasanas were held at bay for the length of the experience. But they were not eliminated. Now they are.

This latter state is what classical scholars would call mukti or liberation. It’s what completes our Ascension experience.

(5) If we end up in the Fifth Dimension, that’s definitely not the final stop in our much broader Ascension.

Here’s an example of a statement made at a deeper level of awareness of the Self than I’ve reached.

“All creation,
“Streaming out of the Self,
“Is only the Self.” (1)

I cannot make such a statement because I don’t know what Ashtavakra, the author, knew. I’ve never experienced anything streaming out of the Self – not yet, that is.

(6) The final level of all our enlightenment, we think of as “Home.” We’ve now gone from God to God.  But even here, new knowledge is upsetting my accepted beliefs.

The Mother has suggested that we can “come Home” to her and the Father whenever we need replenishment. I think this is what is meant by the 13th Octave.

Until hearing that, I thought it would take endless lifetimes to return Home.

This seems to reflect what Archangel Michael has said, that all the rules of enlightenment have changed:

Steve Beckow: Is the realm that we’re building and taking our physical bodies with us to altogether new?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct.  (2)

Not only are we entering into an altogether-new realm, which we’re creating as we go along, but such important matters as dimensional access are being rearranged.

I’m having to drop matters right and left that I thought were “established” by the testimony of ancient sages.

Truly much of our old knowledge will no longer serve us. We’ll be finding that matters are actually quite different and letting the old views go.


(1) Thomas Byrom, trans. The Heart of Awareness. A Translation of the Ashtavakra Gita. Boston and Shaftesbury: Shamballa, 1990, p. 6.

(2)  Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2015.  On another occasion, I asked him about the need for repeated enlightenment experiences before Sahaja, as Sadhu Arunachala had asserted, and he replied:

“When [the text] was written it was absolutely correct. But, as you also know, the governing rules have shifted and changed.”  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, Feb. 17, 2017.)

St. Germaine has also said: “You see, all the rules have changed.” (“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings – St. Germaine on Where to Look for Results,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 15, 2014, at http://goo.gl/OxNpnG.)


Art: The Mystic Cat by A Andrew Gonzalez