Shift in Satisfaction from Negative to Positive – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: Dorina Costras


Shift in Satisfaction from Negative to Positive

I’m willing to wager that what we call the Tsunami of Love ancient Christians and Hebrews would have called the fire of the Holy Spirit. (1)

The Tsunami of Love sweeps a person clean of everything that weighs them down. The fire of the Holy Spirit purifies. Both leave the person cleansed and restored.

I think the notions of baptism in the River Jordan, “fuller’s soap” and “refiner’s fire” are also references to this purifying process. (1)

The Divine Mother has promised the world a fourth-chakra heart opening. It’ll see us all experience a torrent of love, which we call a “Tsunami” of love.

Hindus call the experience, “spiritual awakening”; Buddhists, “stream entering.” Timing? The Mother’s.

From my own experience, this tsunami was a flood-tide of divine, real, or true love – Fifth- to Seventh-Dimensional love. It’s so far out of our ordinary experience that words don’t do it justice.

I’ve never been able to find any other words to say than “I love you” while in the experience of it.  I end up endlessly repeating it. We have no other words that convey the pure and simple experience.

I tried so hard some time ago to arrive at some intelligent words about it in articles and had to give the effort up.

I think a contributing factor is that our life here is so dense compared to the higher dimensions that we don’t rise up enough in vibration to feel these states. Our inability to do so is reflected in the words available. Our vocabulary is too limited to convey what these divine states feel like.

Kathleen said the other day that she felt such joy that she could see how the world would work if everyone were feeling the same way. Joy is a divine state.

It’s the same with divine love. If everyone were experiencing it, I guarantee the world would work.  No one would think a harmful thought.  We’d be unable to lift a finger against anyone else or ourselves.


For some people it helps to be in sacred partnership. For others it helps to live alone.  For some divine love arises out of their association with people. For others it happens alone or in nature or among animal friends. Or nature spirits. Or invisible galactics.

Ramakrishna used to say that the Mother makes different dishes from the same fish to suit the tastes of her children. For some she makes fish curry. For others, fish pillau. And for still others, a fish biryani. She makes a dish to suit the palette of each. So our Divine Mother makes a path to suit every inclination. But the destination is the same: Divine love and bliss.

One more? I so love Ramakrishna (who has reincarnated). What matters, he said, was to get into the lake of bliss. You can run in, walk in, jump in, or fall in. It matters not, as long as you get into the lake.

We’re all destined to get into the lake. Some will dip their toes in, some will wade in, and some will run in. But all are destined to fully submerge.


I grew up in the aftermath of World War II in the shadow of the atomic bomb – always worried and fearful – to this day and age when we look forward to a consummation that’s truly beyond words.

The shift in my satisfaction with life has gone from negative to positive. Everything we hoped for in the Sixties is coming true in the Teens. It’s hard to believe all that’s happening, hard to take it all in.

At the same time, “creative chaos” extends to whole cities and regions and descends right down to our own selves, friends, and family.  So many people are hurting. And yet we’re told that this is the last hour before the dawn.

It truly is the darkest hour for many people. Faith and faith alone is what’s buoying them up, who carry a heavy burden.

Soon we’ll help. Everyone hold on.  I believe we’re almost there.


(1) Malachi (3:2).


Art: Dorina Costras

Thoughts and Feelings ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’Aura Pleiadian

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Thoughts and Feelings ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Being centered in your Heart ~ feeling Bliss and Joyful Feelings ~ are the result of a  laser focused AWARENESS ~ of Being Present.

When there is a shift to thoughts of entertaining DOUBTS ~ leading to the process of recognizing fear that still exists within our own consciousness as active energetic thought patterns. We begin to recognize ~ the difference ~ between being present and not being present.

This is not to say ~ you have complete control over your thoughts. Or whether you are aware of being present or not.

Mastery does exists ~ through the TRUE realization ~ of what thoughts and emotions are. And why you are in whatever process you are experiencing.

Understanding the impact of not Being AWARE of What process one is in ~ may bring one to the place where surrender, becomes the NEW automatic RESPONSE.

Mastery through no control ~ mastery through awareness.  Of WHAT IS NOW ~ Going On.

Thoughts as energetic impulses may be the result of still activated frequencies, waiting to be cleared ~ AS the old pattern.

Soon obsolete ~ are the ways of communication based on past and future, fear and doubt.

The NEW WAY  of feeling and creating through the impulses of feelings energetically aligned through your Heart ~ are really not new. They are the result of being present.

Emotions not aligned with your heart ~ based on activated doubt and fear ~ are simply the old program playing out long enough ~ FOR YOU TO RECOGNIZE IT.

This is YOUR consciousness after all.

The program you ARE functioning through.

Consciously letting go of conscious fears becomes automatic when you are ready.

So no reason to add fuel to the fire, so to speak, yet if you do, it is there for you so YOU WILL RECOGNIZE IT.

There is no escape through battle.

There is freedom through harmony.

Harmony with your Heart. Being a coherent WAVE of conscious FEELINGS ~ that NOW FLOW through you ~ because you are now ready.

Recognize the battle is the battle.

The harmonious synchronizing of your Heart and Feelings ~ become the New communication and new Mastery.

Again this is not new.

The experience itself may feel new.

Because you have switched programs entirely.

The Old has lost its power.

As the forces of consciousness do PLAY their role.

Always ~ surrender ~ ALWAYS ~ feel what feels the greatest. Even admit old programs till playing out their course.

You ARE entering the New Way.

Although this may feel cryptic ~ it is WHAT is.

Which you are in.

Which is playing through you.

Which is now.

Love it ALL. EITHER WAY ~ it is still happening.

I love YOU!

With Love and JOY ~ with the Divine Council of Overseers. Playing out all now and now. So it is ~ NOW.

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