A Vasana Rooted in Past-Life Memory – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Gratitude to unknown artist


A Vasana Rooted in Past-Life Memory

I was on my way to a meeting that was being held in a church.The meeting would involve sharing.

And I realized, as I walked towards the meeting, that I had fears about public speaking in a church.

The matter has never arisen for me in this lifetime.  However, I know that, in a past lifetime in the Middle Ages, I had a quite active relationship with the Church and I have to admit that the mere thought of speaking in one is arousing strong feelings.


I see flashing before my eyes people tortured, in the name of religion. I sense politics and intrigues and power plays, all in the name of religion. I see people assassinated and wars being fought, all in the name of religion.

Yes, this is a vasana. But curiously enough, it seems to be a past-life vasana. Archangel Michael told us last year these would start occurring.

“In terms of these past life memories, you are being reminded of what is important for you.

“So many of you will have these flashes of memory and that is because it is to assist you. So do not stay stuck in that one memory. Look at it. Enjoy it. Incorporate it. Simply knowing that you are being given – not just the information but the knowing that is going to serve you as you progress in your own progression and becoming, in your journey back to the One – but also in the anchoring and the co-creation with us, in partnership, of this Nova Earth, what we will call a system.” (1)

In my case, the memory is traumatic. Probably nothing will serve me as well as releasing it. But it does remind me of what’s important, in Ascension and the overall journey.

My heavens, the next lifetime after the one bleeding through I was instrumental, not in the invention of the printing press, but in making it into a printing technology and enterprise. And the first thing we printed was the Bible, getting it out to the masses for their own study.

And now this lifetime.

I feel tremendous revulsion at the mere thought of being in a church. I’ve never felt this way before in this life.

Also, I’m almost falling over with lethargy and fatigue. Our density today is nothing compared to the density in the Middle Ages.

I have to say that the anchoring of this memory in a past life is unmistakeable. Even though I can’t bring back the details, nor do I necessarily want to, still I’m alive to the feeling of fear as if it were today. It’s very present for me.

I can just switch over into the upset clearing process and clear this. I can invoke the universal laws of change, transmutation, and elimination and eliminate it. I’m not worried.

But this must be the very first time I’ve encountered a vasana rooted in a vivid past-life memory.


(1) “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts, AHWAA, October 20, 2016,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/11/02/archangel-michael-come-touch-hearts/


Gratitude to unknown artist



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