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Ulrike Kussike


Radio Revolution

DeepSea Overdue

TIME OF THE LIFE HAS COME please do all join in dear friends hear my call:

We have built towers all over the world for communicating.

They are tall and powerful.

We can alter reality and use them to send love vibes. It is very easy to do. We simply need to focus on our hearts warmest memories and then imagine this energy to spread from the top of the tower.

We can also imagine our love to fill the top ball or expansion most towers have and power up its force and last forever.

Do so for your town or closest place with a tv or communication tower, no matter if in function or not.

This will build a highly intense net of love transmission towers around the whole globe. If you feel called by certain other towers do the same there.

I also dreamt of more this time.

This is the best time of great changes for our planet and life.

We can alter reality too by activating the deep sea force of creation.

I was led to find this tower and picture of the Tianjin tower standing in water.

By activating this one it is also meant to send the love vibes downwards through its base into the green water basin and from there into any more artificially made water basins and ways and then into any water on this planet and into deep sea at last.

Whoever is feeling a heart move when reading this can join by imagining to fill the base of this tower with your warm heart energy AND your whole stomach and womb energy.

When you feel the base is almost bursting of this energy open the locks at the bottom of yourself and that of the tower and let it all flow down into the earth and her waters.

More is not necessary.

You can do all this in a really relaxed physical and mental state.

Only your heart is truly required.

Love is the highest power and it comes naturally when we are truly and deeply connected.

Let yourself be flooded by your most precious heart memories and feelings first, then focus and spread.

I am so very grateful and happy you read and care and join.

And there is no start or end time or date. Time is not a point nor line.

It is a shared space.

Let us enter and fill this space!


Ulrike … โ™ฅ


Artist Appreciation: Gratitude to unknown artists … โ™ฅ

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