THIS IS A PROPHECY – Ulrike Kussike

Art: Sea of Serenity by Freydoon Rassouli



I have not done this before.
I might never do it again.
I need to.

I am called to.
Hear my words please.
Earth is evolving as we know.
She is shaking off old wounds and pains like we all do as we are one with her.

Now let me tell you how and what is meant to be.
We understand a lot already of unity.
But most of us do not realize the true nature of unity, with our mother earth and all that is. It is not only a matter of consciousness. It is a very substantial matter of being.

As we all are made of the same source of being, we are in the most literal meaning one.
Do you understand this?

What is really going to happen is the reunification of all beings in a quite physical way. We will really feel it, mentally, emotionally, and physically!

The new earth is going to be a deep loving reunification of the spiritual and the physical. And the best about it is and will be the unbelievable easiness and grace in this.

You cannot imagine this dearest friends as it is beyond our limited imagination. Though we all know it, deep inside.
We all are sealed with this, it is written in our genes and is only waiting to be read and revealed and lived.
And it will. It is meant to happen since the beginning of time.

This is a prophecy, this is the promise we gave ourselves at the beginning of our journey.

Here ends the Kali Yuga, the illusion of separation, the reason for war, hatred and suffering.

Don’t believe in these old pictures any longer.
Instead, create the world anew.

We are meant to be wake dreamers of the new.
The horizon is the gate to the endless possibilites.
Let us cocreate in unity and mutual trust and respect and love.

Believe in yourself.
Believe in unity.
We are back to natural peace.

In eternity

Love and peace and happiness for all beings in all worlds.

I am in deep gratefulness to feel all this and the call to share with you.

Ulrike … β™₯


IΒ Β am an inborn planetary mother consciousness, daughter of a green plant planet.Β I am also a conscious male walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin world Daenkus.Β Now, I am one. I am here to walk through all the human experiences with compassion and light to free and heal this world through myself and my own body.Β I breathe in all that is, I breathe out compassion and love and light.
May all beings in all worlds be free and happy.
Love and blessings to all of you forever

_ β™₯ _Β 

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