Message from Archangel Zadkiel – Transmitted Through Linda Robinson “Your Shining Light”


Message from Archangel Zadkiel ~ October 2017

Transmitted Through Linda Robinson

“Your Shining Light”

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Archeia Holy Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love. Today, we wish to discuss your shining Light.

You have within you a beautiful shining Light. It resides in your heart center and contains a spark of the Divine. It is often referred to as your Divine Spark of Light. It is the part of you that connects you to All That Is. Your Divine Spark of Light was part of the Great Creator before you burst forth as a brilliant individualized Spark of Light.

When you were a part of the Great Creator, you were in perfect harmony with all of creation. You moved and flowed in a harmonic resonance with all other parts of creation. Your goal was highest good. You had peace and Love at the center of your Being.

When you burst forth as an individualized Spark of Light, you continued to carry peace and Love at the center of your Being. You were beginning your journey of highest good for all.

Throughout your many lifetimes, you have expressed this mission in many ways. You may have had lifetimes of power, and you may have balanced this with lifetimes of simplicity. Whatever your journey, you always carried within you the Divine Spark of Light, and it has enabled you to remain connected with All That Is.

Now, Beloveds, we are encouraging you to give increased focus to your Divine Spark of Light so that it may shine forth with brilliance for peace, Love, and highest good. There are many Souls who are seeking encouragement and hope on their path, and you have a special role to play by being an example for those around you.

When you increase the brilliance of your Divine Spark, your Light shines more brightly. Your essence of peace and Love radiates out from you, and your connection with the Higher Dimensions increases.

As you focus on your Divine Spark and the connection to the Higher Dimensions, you may receive inspiration and insights on ways to contribute to peace and harmony.

To begin the process of increasing your Light, you may wish to sit quietly and focus on your breath. This allows your attention to turn inward to your heart center, where your Divine Spark resides. As you continue this process, you begin to relax body, mind, and spirit.

Focus your attention on your Divine Spark and the qualities it represents – peace, Love, and highest good. The more you focus on these qualities, the stronger they become.

If you find any feelings that are less than peaceful and loving that are clouding this space, you can transmute them with the Violet Flame. This clears the space around your Divine Spark so that it can shine more brightly.

As you focus on your Divine Spark, let your attention include the Higher Dimensions and the interdimensional cooperation that exists all around you. This will help you remember the times when Divine harmony prevailed. We will assist you in this if you ask for our help. It is always your free will as to how you approach this process, and we can only assist when we are asked.

When you let your attention float to the Higher Dimensions, you may remember that in the original creation, there were many other Souls, or Divine Sparks, with you that were working together for highest good. Then, you realize that each Soul, whether incarnate or in the Higher Realms, continues to contain a Divine Spark.

This Divine Spark within each Soul forms a network of Light. When you tune in to your own Divine Spark, you can connect with the Divine Spark that is located within others.

Focusing on Love is the key. When you attune your vibration to Love, you are able to connect with others through their Divine Spark.

This connection of Love allows you to focus on peace and harmony for highest good. Even though there may be individual differences, the overall desire for highest good is the overriding factor, and a network of Light is formed through many individual Divine Sparks that are connected.

With this network of Love and Light, a vibration is formed that helps to lift humanity to a higher level of consciousness.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are focusing on your Divine Spark of Light and that you are connecting with the Universal Consciousness of Love and Light that is part of original creation. We are here to work with you as you call on us in this great network of Light.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love

And so it is.

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Art: Dorina Costras



Dearest friends and listeners,
this morning in my meditation a new kind of experience was gifted to me.
Like I have written in my latest post, The Prophecy, the new and meant experience for us humans is a truly physical, yet all integrating one.

I had started by sensing, seeing and feeling my chakras, beginning with the root chakra.
When I had finished connecting the root to the sacral chakra the experience started. I was led from this point on, no I or me did or wanted anything any more.
I realized a portal in my sacral chakra. I passed through it, feeling this.
After this point all that was experienced cannot really be described by words or depicted, and there was no I or me to perceive.
Yet I wish to share and so give it words and pictures.

I was led through my other chakras upwards, not as a single person or being but for witnessing divine law and truth in general.

The connection between heaven and earth, the spiritual and the physical, through the crown and the root. Our anchor and our eternal blessings.

Our third eye, creating the seen world by way of our perception.
Our throat chakra, creating the connection to our world by the way of our expression and communication.
Our heart chakra, creating our personal connections and relationships by the way we are in love and compassion with ourselves,
our next and all that is.
Our solar chakra, giving the power into our creations, in direct relation to the power we allow ourselves to have.
Our sacral chakra, creating the material literally and physically, giving birth to our dreams.

And then I sensed all the many versions and developed states of myself;
in this life, and in all lives and existences, in the past, the present and future.
All these are still here, in my physical body, in its memory.

Anything that has been still is in form of this felt memory, and so I and you, we all are all these versions of ourselves at once.
The actual state includes all the others, the lower and the more evolved ones.

It is actually not having stripped off old versions but expanding. It is like our different bodies; physical, emotional, energetical and so on, which also include all the lower ones.

Feeling and realizing this we cannot longer judge and reject or even punish others for being less evolved.
We too are still also all that we see.

At this point of my meditation the experience widened and deepened to sense Mother Earth, yet I sensed and felt her inside my body.
I was physically one with her.
Now the same perception and experience began as with the human body, for the body of our dearest Mother Earth.
She has been through descending into darkness and rising again.
She also has been and still is One in her consciousness with other mother planets, deeply connected.
She is still in all these places, planes or timelines at once, like described for a human and his/her body.
Existing in each other, including each other.

It has always been all one; only now the full realization happens. It is like the recollection and recovery of split and scattered soul parts in the praxis of the shamanic tradition. The true healing through reunification of that what was never separated in the true reality.

When I experienced this reunification in my meditation, a mighty pulsewave ran through my body, and I sensed it expanding into the universe, giving a huge pulse and changing its movements into a movement back towards its inner.

It is impossible to find appropriate words.
It felt like everything existing was shaken up in its core and then moving backwards, towards source, and I felt all this in my body.

If we have multiple universes, which I believe but have not yet experienced, this aligning and the inclusion of the lower in the higher states is for certain happening here too.

Dear friends and listeners, 
this was my greatest and most moving meditative experience so far.

It might be hard to grasp, and I still want to share this here with you.
Mighty experiences like this are maybe not yet for a broad public, but they cannot be meant just for me either.

May my report give you light and trust and a sense for an even deeper connection with yourself and the world.

Thank you for listening.
I am here to care and share.

Love, Ulrike …


I  am an inborn planetary mother consciousness, daughter of a green plant planet. I am also a conscious male walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin world Daenkus. Now, I am one. I am here to walk through all the human experiences with compassion and light to free and heal this world through myself and my own body. I breathe in all that is, I breathe out compassion and love and light.
May all beings in all worlds be free and happy.
Love and blessings to all of you forever

_ ♥ _ 

Art: Dorina Costras

The Divine Mother: After the Reval, Go Where Your Heart Dictates – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


The Divine Mother: After the Reval, Go Where Your Heart Dictates
September 23, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Back in 2014, I had the most extraordinary conversation with the Divine Mother, (1) thanks to Linda. I just came across it today, in the course of editing a book on the Mother.

On An Hour with an Angel, I asked her for a charter for lightworkers who are participating in the Reval. I intend to commit her response to memory.

From “Hour with an Angel: The Divine Mother: The Table is Set; You are Ready for the Dance,” through Linda Dillon, Sept. 18, 2014 at

Steve Beckow: You talked about how we lightworkers are building Nova Earth and we’re creating the new environment.

We’re soon, we hope, going to be gifted by the Reval with significant abundance and many lightworkers have taken the opportunity to buy Zimbabwean dollars or Vietnamese dong. And they will then be using a part of that to create Nova Earth.

Can you give us a charter please of what you would like to see us do with that part of the money that’s going to go to that, in the five minutes that remain?

Divine Mother: First you take care of yourself and your family. You know that already from my beloved Michael.

SB: Yes.

DM: There is a term that I use frequently with all of you, and it is gentle and it is grace.

So when I say, “Take care of those around you, those within your community” — and yes, I do mean your lightworker community — who are in need, and then take care of what your heart dictates, there are some of you who immediately migrate to taking care of humans, and there are some of you that immediately migrate to taking care of the land, of the oceans, of the seas, of restoring Gaia.

There are some of you that are moved to reinstate systems, institutions, cultures that support ethical behavior. So do that, because it is always in alignment with your mission and purpose.

There are some of you who are moved to take care of the barking animals because they are hungry.

Now, in the new world, many species that have been extinct will return. Your cities will become places of fresh air and play and gardens. And so some of you will wish to take care of that and be part of that creation.

So go where your heart pulls you.

Many of you have come to work with your star brothers and sisters, because, do not forget, we know the attention in the moment is on the Ascension and the completion of this wondrous, wondrous anchoring of love.

But the next phase, dear heart, is the ripple effect out into my universes. So many of you will be focused on working with your star brothers and sisters and the next Ascension.

Go with my love. Farewell.

The next Ascension is apparently happening in around 200 years and will have an impact throughout the universe, according to Archangel Michael. (2)

I take her words as the Divine Mother’s express statement of what she looks to me for: A graceful and gentle expansion of generosity, radiating outwards, always built on the stable platform of seeing to those around me (service to others).

What she recommended was take care of:

(1) Yourself and your family.

(2) Those around you.

(3) Your lightworker community.

(4) What your heart dictates.

From the center outwards. From my heart to the world. From home to the outside. From the local to the global. Start small, as Archangel Gabrielle once said, and expand outwards.

And to follow our hearts in that. That’s what we all want to do anyways, isn’t it? If it doesn’t bring us joy, don’t do it, right?

But to hear it from the Divine Person who birthed the universe – and all of us – is endlessly comforting.

If we all observed that one guideline – to follow our hearts, to follow our bliss, in our financial wayshowing and everything else – in my opinion, the world would work. (3)


(1) The Divine Mother is called by many names – Shakti, Kali, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, Aum, the voice crying in the wilderness, etc.

The Divine Mother apparently incarnated as Mary, the Mother of Jesus; hence Linda’s name for her, “the Universal Mother Mary.” All of these names point to the same One, sometimes called Mother/Father God.

(2) Apparently many worlds will be ascending in 200 plus years, based on what Archangel Michael has said to me:

Steve Beckow: The next assignment is in the Seventh Dimension?

Archangel Michael: You will have a choice of planetary systems and this is just the warm-up for [that] Ascension. [That Ascension] is to bring a further rising of vibrations to those throughout the Universe. (Personal Reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow, Sept. 16, 2011.)

Archangel Michael: As I have said to you, when you complete this mission, you are allowed to have 200 years off. But what you do with that is up to you, dear one! (Personal Reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Dec. 18, 2012.)

(3) Now add to that what she said in 2017:

“Build what is divinely beautiful. I give you my divine authority to do so. I will guide you. I will help you. But I entrust this to you as well. …

“We are helping you. That gateway is open and you are being flooded and you are being assisted and you will be assisted every step of the way.” (“Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority, AHWAA, February 23, 2017,” February 28, 2017, through Linda Dillon, at

Priceless guidance, from my point of view.

You will find readings on the Reval itself and post-Reval subjects here:

GAoG will not be answering financial questions after the Reval. No one here has the expertise to do so. We will however highlight other blogs whose mission includes that and post general, philosophical discussions of financial wayshowing and stewardship.

ARTIST APPRECIATION: Gratitude to artist


Maryada Purushottam (Ram) by Bhargav08 @ DeviantArt



This is my experience, humbly shared in the interest of Wisdom with you.

To touch the Light of God in our hearts is simply reaching out to our self with Love and Kindness and embracing all that we are.

The One Shared Heart has many forms to guide us there, with some more suitable for us than others, just as the sun’s rays find different spots on Mother Gaia’s body to shine, each of them just as beautiful and filled with wonder.

We often begin with inspiration driven by love and passion for something or someone.

It ignites our inner fire.

The fire is the Light activating.

The signs and synchronicities are ways of the Light and our Light Body “illuminating” our path by going into our future and making sure we wouldn’t miss the important relationships.

Because in the ultimate continuum there is no past present or future.

We have done all this before and we have fulfilled all the conditions already for awakening in our future.

We just need to remember.

Saraswati in the Asakusa shrine, Tokyo

An opening or awakening of the heart begins and a desire for Union (yoga, Tantra, Alchemy) with someone or something arises.

We see the path unfold in front of us and a variety of Union Paths or yogas are revealed.

These yogas could include Deity, Emptiness, Kriya, Inner Fire, Illusory Body, Clear Light, Consciousness Transference, Transfer Into Other Bodies, Dream, Divine Consort and Intermediate State or Bardo Yoga (which is the direct perception of reality that occurs between death and rebirth).

Fundamentally most of us follow similar practices to these in our paths of pathlessness.

We prepare the mind and heart with initial practices like mindfulness and heartfulness of the Sacred Breath.

“Breathing in I am aware I am breathing in Love, breathing out I am aware I am breathing out Love”

Which simplifies to “Breathing in, Love, Breathing out, Love”

We receive initiation in some manner from a physical guru or teacher or our own inner guru or God within or without.

This enables us to purify negativities and enter a mandala or realm of protection with our Light Family.

Many realizations awaken at this point.

Visions arise, elements dissolve within, winds activated by the sacred breath are absorbed into the central channel or sushumna in our spine of Light and healing manifests in ourselves and others.

The Inspiration of the Inner Light fills our Being and we receive many initiations and guidance from the teachers within or without.

We begin to transform death from awareness of the present, or Presence and we gain insights into our many births and arise as a divine being, a Christ, Divine Mother or Buddha.

We see the true nature of the body/mind and their value to our practice in this incarnation as a human being.

We awaken the Diamond Body, practice keeping this human body healthy, merge the channels and chakras into the One Chakra and manifest Light Language, Blissful Syllables and Light Mandalas within the One Chakra to help liberate others.

These are interdimensional pathways that allow us to walk between worlds and draw upon our many modes of existence without grasping or attachment.

The Sacred Breath or God Breath through Presence and Divine Magnetism attracts Great Beings to breathe within us as we begin to invite All the Buddhas and Wisdom Mothers within us.

The Inner Fire liberates us into the Mother and Child of Clear Light, the Pure Light of Being, the Holy Spirit, as we realize that everything that happens to us “good” or “bad” is merely our perception, is our co-creation, is the same One Essence, and that we are simultaneously birthing Great Bliss and Divine Wisdom from this Emptiness, non attachment and surrender.

Art: Truth by Qahira Lynn


We become and realize I Am that I Am (אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה, ehyeh ašer ehyeh) Vajradhara, the Diamond Consciousness, I AM Presence, Pure Love Incarnate.


My practice these days is very simple.

I see each living being I meet as the Buddha or Divine Mother, each step I take is on a Lotus Mandala of Light, each breath is a sacred breath of enlightenment in the Heart of One.

There is a certain “pace”, a rhythm or frequency your Light Body and physical body interact with in this dimension on earth, that you need to walk and breathe in, so as to be fully aware of all the Buddhas you meet and all the Lotus Fields and Pure Lands you walk in.

See if you can find it.

Thich Nhat Hanh speaks about this as the “universal gate” or the “universal door”. Where the actions of an enlightened being, an Avalokiteshvara/Guan Yin, can respond to the needs of any being and any circumstance, can cover all ground, all time and space.

To enter this gate and alleviate suffering requires Presence.

Presence requires being totally present in the now, slowing down to your natural, divine pace, free from the distractions around you, able to look deeply and attain the insight to free yourself and all others around you.

You do that when you can really hear the sounds of the world, can see the Buddhas, and walk on its Lotus Fields.

For example, mine is the exact speed of the Heart Sutra chanted by the Dalai Lama.

As I write this, in this very instant, the Dalai Lama, who has just started streaming live, appeared on my desktop in confirmation, teaching Tsongkhapa’s “Concise Stages of the Path to Enlightenment”.

A Sign on the Path.

When I walk I chant, breathe, see and liberate.

We carry the sacred flame of enlightenment, the inner fire of bliss, within us.

Let it shine.

This is the mantra of the Heart Sutra, the Prajnaparamita Sutra, the Sutra of the Blessed Mother.


Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

Go beyond your self, go beyond what you know, go beyond the breath, empty yourself, bathe yourself in the fire and bliss of Divine Love and Light.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother …

_ ♥ _


Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:
Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.


A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.
Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekina