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Flame Of Inspiration



Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Flame Of Inspiration

Flame Of Inspiration: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

“Your imagination is fertile at present and you soon feel inspired to create. As you tap into the infinite power of creativity you hold within you, new possibilities unfold. Keep an open heart and mind and be open to new ideas. Think outside of the square but do not take things too seriously. Make this a time of fun and exploration. Be in touch with your inner child, the true artist within you. An idea will come to you that will lead to an abundant and fulfilling future. Try to relax over the coming days. The more you relax, the easier it will be. Spend some time in nature and feel her fertile and healing energies. This can be a time of exploration and romance, and enchanted and magical time.


I hold infinite creative power.

I am inspired by life.

I keep an open mind and heart.

I am open to new ideas.

I am in touch with my inner artist.”*

This card is full of fire and passion; the woman on the card has faced her fears, represented by the Demons, and she is moving out of the fire, her gaze steady and focused. She is inspired, to move forward despite her fears; they no longer have the power to hold her back. You have had a creative idea brewing for some time, yet fear is holding you back from your full expression of it. Fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of past experiences coming to pass again. You must release this fear and take the leap of faith; ignite the flame of inspiration and let passion lead your way.

Often we get side tracked by what others want of us; what they see best for us, or how they wish to control us becomes our ideas for ourselves. It’s time to get back to you making decisions for yourself; lead by your heart, your dreams and your desires. When you stay true to your heart, and don’t allow fear of failure to block your way, you cannot fail. Break free from judgement, and see your life the way that you want it to be, with joy and enthusiasm. This activates the Law Of Attraction, putting it to work for your highest possible good. It allows you to bring your dreams to fruition with ease and grace, dodging fear and doubt once and for all.

It is ok to take a step back from those who do not support you, feel toxic, competitive or seem to be trying to hold you back. If someone does not have your very best interest at heart, they do not deserve a space in your life. If it is someone who you cannot completely release, set some boundaries, this is very important for you to be able to fully express yourself without fearing judgment.Know that you need to be able to trust your intuition when it comes to making these decisions, sometimes someone may seem ok at face value, but your gut is telling you differently. There is no room for anyone who cannot be true, honest and authentic with you.

Set your focus to find your tribe. Ask your angels to guide like minded and supportive people your way. Your angels want to see you joyfully supported and will send you the people who you need to help you fulfill your dreams. The people who truly care for you will want to see you succeed, they will be your cheerleaders and they will wish you only the best. There will be no reason for your true soul family to hold you back from chasing your dreams and following your heart.

Let your passion guide your way.



~Archangel Oracle

* Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


Going Where No One Has Gone Before – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Violet Ray Angel by Kim Wedel @ Devas Unlimited


Going Where No One Has Gone Before

Many people believe the “end times” will see much catastrophe. Many of their fears track back to the Book of Revelation.

The ancient prophecies, evidently, did apply until this planet’s population pulled out of its downward trajectory and re-embraced the Light.

I don’t know when that time was but I’m sure it took a mammoth effort to pull the plane’s nose up before we hit the ocean.

In a future post, I’ll look at what happened to the ancient prophecies and why they no longer apply.

Us lightworkers being here is part of that. The galactics and celestials participating in such large numbers, are another, major part of it.

Look how many times we’ve heard from the Divine Mother? When in human history has that ever happened?

Look at how many spiritual masters are here.

Then look at the significance of the occasion.

This is the first Ascension, if I’m correct, where we retain the physical body.

It’s the first time on Earth, anyways, that people did not have to die to ascend.

It’s the first time for us that Ascension has been a mass phenomenon. In the past people ascended individually.

We’re also going into an entirely-new space. It’s being created for us in “present” time.

We really are going where no one has gone before.

The rules have changed. All the vistas of dimensionality will be open to us. That wasn’t the case before now.

Coming at things from the afterlife, one could not have visited higher dimensions previously without help. And then one could only visit for a short while.

The rules of enlightenment seem also to have changed.  For instance, I haven’t been able to find any reference to cosmic consciousness, or sixth-chakra enlightenment, in any of our sources.

If, in our Ascension, we skip that stage, it’ll demonstrate that the administration of enlightenment, which lies in the hands of the archangels (and perhaps angels), is in fact elastic. The rules can change and they have.

That cuts the firm anchor of classical enlightenment theory and sets the boat adrift.

Here’s another twist on things for me personally that demonstrates that the rules can and have changed.

I’ve had numerous truncated experiences, some of which under normal circumstances would have been seventh-chakra enlightenment (Brahmajnana), a half-hour spent in the Seventh Dimension, and a very brief glimpse of a dimension beyond the Twelfth (exaltation).

But in every case, in one way or another, each experience lacked a vital dimension of enlightenment.

The Seventh-Dimensional time spent in my Oversoul lacked bliss. The two times that the kundalini completed its circuit in the seventh chakra, which should have resulted in Brahmajnana, only resulted in me watching the spectacle.

The two experiences lacked a deep, experiential dimension. It may as well have been an Imax spectacular.

Before mine, I’d never heard of truncated experiences. If I hadn’t gone through it myself, I wouldn’t know what anyone was talking about. What’s a truncated experience?

But when an experience of mine has been moderated, as Archangel Michael said mine are, the moderation or truncation is quite clear to me.

Michael wants me (read: us) to keep my (read: our) feet on the ground. I can visit the higher states but I can’t say there. He wants me to stay within the focus of my readers.

I imagine much of this is the same for many of you, with variations on a theme. We’re for the greatest part angels, here on a mission. That means that we’re all Transcendental Beings. I’m not sure many people really understand what that means.

Past Twelfth-Dimensional….  Shhhh… It’s a secret.

Don’t tell the terrestrial folks they’re being led by a legion of angels.  (2)


(1) The awareness path focuses on what we’re experiencing right now. You can see it in my writing.

(2) “You are angels in form dancing upon a planet which is an archangel.” (“Video and Transcript ~ Archangel Gabrielle: Cooperation Comes Before Love,” April 11, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/04/11/video-and-transcript-archangel-gabrielle-cooperation-comes-before-love/.)

“When you are not in form, sometimes you’re angelic; sometimes you are archangelic, seraphim, cherubim, ascended ones, enlightened beings, sheer energies, star beings. …

“So many of you say to me, ‘Well, Michael, Me-Kai-El! You’ve got it wrong. Get your legion and get down here because all I am seeing is hatred and greed and anger and fear and envy and chaos.’

“My beloveds, as your brother of peace, I gladly, joyously bring my legions. But do not forget you are part of that legion. And those of you who are not, are of the legion of Gabrielle, or Jophiel, or Raphael. All of you have multiple faces, multiple existences. But you are anchored in where you are by choice, by free will in service to the Mother.” (“Transcript: Archangel Michael Returns to AHWAA: What’s It Like to be an Archangel? March 17, 2016,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/03/27/transcript-archangel-michael-returns-ahwaa-whats-like-archangel-march-17-2016/.)

“Let me also step forward and remind each of you of your angelic heritage, of that seed of the angelic that rests within, around, each of you.

“For you have many faces. You have many aspects. You have had many realms and experiences of existence. And for most of you ― no, not all, but for most of you ― you have had existence as angelic of one kind or another. And you carry within thee this essence to this day.

“Now, why do I bring this forward as we begin yet again this conversation on the principalities, thrones, dominions and so on? Because it is important that you also realize that we do not merely speak about the bureaucracy of heaven, or the Company of Heaven. We speak about you, about who you are, and about this energy, this essence, this spark of light that took this form of angelic being once upon a time. And I would urge each of you to acknowledge, to embrace, and to dig and to bring forth your angelic self.” (“Archangel Michael: You are God Having an Experience of You,” June 27, 2014, athttp://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/06/27/archangel-michael-you-are-god-having-an-experience-of-you/.)


Violet Ray Angel by Kim Wedel @ Devas Unlimited