Art: Adry del Rocio Garcia Hernandez



Dear friends and listeners,
this is a report of an experience of today while I was listening to some slow PsyTrance music.
I was in a trance or meditative state quickly like I am used to.

The journey and pictures I experienced have a deep profound meaning and so I decided to share them with you.

First I found myself in the astral worlds with all the glowing and winding plants, flowers and mushrooms, and sensed all the colourful beings here in all their diversity. Though I know from my own experience not all of them are always peaceful and fair and can play tricks on us or lead us astray, in this moment it was all peaceful and fine how I perceived it.
And I knew a change was ahead.

In this moment it began.
I sensed the divine white and golden planes appear above the astral planes, sinking deeper until they touched, like membranes would.
Golden sparkling god particles began to swirl and pass the membrane and sank into the astral world, more and more, deeper and deeper.
And divine beings shaped from these particles in the astral plane.

The inhabitants of the astral were backing away first in worry or fear, but quickly a playful dance and interaction began between the different beings.
I saw many mixes arising like with astral being bodies and divine golden heads or shines around their heads. And heaps of female astral beings with pregnant bellies.

Then I saw the whole picture from more far away. Above, the world the masters and the archangels in white, giving blessings and protection and guidance in this light infusion and merging.
The ball of the world of merging and blending planes.

The ground I sensed first with black- red beings and energy, trying to resist, yet not being able else than to engage too in this mighty divine dance and transformation.
The beautiful new creation, down to them and their plane, and they happened to bend and blend with these and become a solid indestructable base of the new earth.

And then bubbles with this glorious new energy and information popped up and began to sail into the universe to seed and help in other worlds where needed.

NOW the journey was not yet ending. There was a little pause,
and then I witnessed another amazingly beautiful and encouraging process of change.

I saw the beautiful living space crafts that are hovering above earth gather and our brother light beings starting to pick up people from the surface to stay in the crafts.
Also smaller crafts were landing on earth’s surface and then picked up people to bring them into the hollow earth with these crafts to stay there for a while.
All the other humans on earth were put into an altered state of being and consciousness, a more etheric state, so they were in a different plane and would not be affected and harmed by the following transformation of earth’s system, surface and energy.

Will you believe me what I was blessed to witness?

Earth was beginning a dance of extreme joy and ecstasy. She wirled in incredible colours on her skin, breathing deeply and lustful in all this new being of herself. It looked etheric but still solid structures were created. And earth’s axis was standing upright again.
From her poles exploded energy that looked like giant northern lights which were streaming over earth’s body up to the equatorial zone.

I saw then energy shooting upwards from the equator through all of earth’s spheres, creating a powerful energy shield around the globe.

Earth was created anew.
We cannot imagine this powerful vivid and blissful planetary being, awaiting the new life and existence to begin.

My trance and experience ended here.
Men will come back onto their marvellous new-born home then.

Dearest friends and listeners, I wish to share this with you because of the included feelings of joy and bliss I was allowed to witness, and the trust and happiness this awakened in me.

We can read a lot these days about earth’s evolving and transformation, and I do not claim to know all the truth and this is not another channelling, prophecy or personal interpretation.

These were my pictures and feelings while in deep connection with mother earth, yet they are for sharing hope and joy.
In spite of all the global, national and personal crisis, destruction and dramatic changes we all need to face and go through, we can focus on the beautiful outcome.

The feelings of joy and bliss awaiting us are meant to be our fuel to go on. They are meant to be activated and felt already as now they are here.

And I am in this too, sharing and feeling all from the deepest pain to the highest bliss. I would never suggest or advise anything I don’t know practically myself.

Thank you for listening.
I am here to care and share.
What is given to me is

May all beings in all worlds be happy.

Ulrike Kussike ….


I  am an inborn planetary mother consciousness, daughter of a green plant planet. I am also a conscious male walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin world Daenkus. Now, I am one. I am here to walk through all the human experiences with compassion and light to free and heal this world through myself and my own body. I breathe in all that is, I breathe out compassion and love and light.
May all beings in all worlds be free and happy.
Love and blessings to all of you forever

_ ♥ _ 


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