Building Slowly and Building Well – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Quine of White Lotus Painting by Anna Ewa Miarczynska


Building Slowly and Building Well

I’m amazed, when I look back over years, at the transition in my thinking about post-Reval initiatives. Here are two areas they’ve radically changed in.

I’ve moved from planning on many companies being created and funding everything in sight – people and projects – to moving further up the abundance chain and funding far fewer but much larger initiatives.

This makes it possible to conceive of myself participating in humanitarian philanthropy, without losing my ability to write.  The task becomes manageable.

All of this was set in motion by Archangel Michael’s repeated request to restrict myself to five or six people reporting to me.

He made it again in my Aug. 2 reading: “You’re going to have adequate staff to run these projects – you are only to deal with a handful of people.” And later, “yes, still with only handful of people reporting to you.”

Events that I’ve been through since he said that have consistently shown me why this guidance – and others he’s given me – make sense.

In my case, my desire to continue writing is stronger than my desire to play a large role in financial wayshowing.  That is beginning to determine more and more of my involvement.

Here’s a second way I’ve radically changed my viewpoint.

My previous plans involved many companies, all sorts of initiatives, birthing projects right and left. Then I moved further up the abundance chain and that offered me some sense of lightening my load. But now I’m even retreating even from the notion of creating many large companies.

Not that large companies should not exist. But that I would be creating them. I now see I will not.

More generally speaking, Archangel Gabrielle advised us to start small.  I now agree.

I’ve retreated to the opposite end of the spectrum. I presently intend to begin matters with just myself and the President of the Michaelangelo Fund and for us to reach a place of understanding and get our feet wet in the area together first and then to gradually, gradually expand.

I want each piece of the process to be built on the basis of a good and clear understanding between me and the next level down of what it is we’re doing, who it is we’re doing it with, and where it is we’re going before we go on to the next step.

I know I risk looking as if I’m micromanaging. I think everyone will be setting up companies and this may be accepted as simply the way we’re setting up ours. I hope it is. I have no interest in micromanaging anyone; just the opposite.

This new direction is a complete turnaround for me, but given the unconventional nature of my enterprises (that they’re all in service to the Divine Mother and Gaia and that I’m in co-creative partnership with an archangel), I believe it’s vital to ensure that we’re all enrolled in the vision (cooperating with the Company of Heaven to build Nova Earth).  My spiritual beliefs will underpin everything we’ll be doing. (1) I can’t see a way around it.

This represents a turning away from my earlier concept of hiring, hiring, hiring and going to town. I’m now hiring one. And one will hire two. And so on. I’m now going to build slowly and build well.


(1) I’m not saying that others need to think or worship the way I do. They don’t.

I’m simply saying that these companies will be formed in partnership with celestials, serving Mother God.  I don’t want to have to struggle with employees to establish that context for the company.

The vasana at play here is that I’ve been denied two Ph.D. degrees because I went outside the box of empirical materialism – the belief that only what we can see, hear, touch, etc. is real.  Reality, as it turns out, is too big to fit into the empirical-materialist paradigm.


Quine of White Lotus Painting by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

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